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Table of Content: 18 June, 2011; 5(12)

June 2011

The exploration of internet marketing strategy by search engine optimization: A critical review and comparison

  With the rise of internet, internet marketing has become an important issue, for increasing internet business competitiveness. Recently, SEO (search engine optimization) techniques have become one important technique for improving website ranking. Meanwhile, social networking sites are getting more and more popular. Using keywords effectively can secure a higher ranking website, and increase site traffic and...

Author(s): Chen-Yuan Chen,, Bih-Yaw Shih, Zih-Siang Chen and Tsung-Hao Chen

June 2011

Geo-metadata in spatial data infrastructure and e-governance

  In the whole world the need of the spatial data has been increasing and much more people want to reach the spatial data via internet. At this point, the importance of spatial data for e-government projects is indisputable. SDI provides a basis for spatial data discovery, evaluation, and application for users and providers within all levels of government, the commercial sector, the private sector, academia and...

Author(s): Guler Yalcin

June 2011

Are Chinese stock markets mature and open? Evidence from mature stock markets

  The maturity and openness of Chinese stock markets can be measured by price impact of other mature stock markets on them. The article uses wavelet analysis to eliminate noise in stock price signal and  analyzes to what degree Shanghai stock market is affected by volatility of stock markets of Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and London by using Structural Vector Auto Regression (SVAR), impulse response...

Author(s): Yu Zhao, Yu Zhang and Chunjie Qi

June 2011

Strategic outsourcing investment in high technology industry

  In a highly competitive industry, especially high-tech industry, a firm needs to have appropriate outsourcing strategies in order to survive. However, a firm used to have a strategic dilemma between supplier-oriented strategy and production-oriented strategy. Because of increasing complexity in the socio-economic surroundings along with rapidly changing technologies, how to have a suitable outsourcing...

Author(s): Hsing Hung Chen and Xiaoqiang Xing

June 2011

Contemporary marketing practice in large manufacturing firms in Iran

  The 21st century is bringing dramatic changes in the marketing environment that is leading to a rethinking of the marketing discipline. For example, as markets are becoming mature and customers become scarce resources, the notion of relationship marketing (RM) has increasingly become important (Day, 2000; Dwyer; Gummesson, 1999; Gronroos, 1991; Morgan and Hunt 1994; Webster, 1992). ButConditions in...

Author(s): Hashem Nikoomaram and Pejman Jafari

June 2011

Tourism in South Africa- time series persistence and the nature of the shocks: Are they transitory or permanent?

  This paper deals with the analysis of several time series related with the tourism sector in South Africa. We examine the orders of integration of the series in order to determine if they are stationary or nonstationary, and, more importantly, if the shocks affecting them are of a permanent or a transitory nature. Policy implications based on the results obtained are derived.   Key...

Author(s): Luis A. Gil-Alana

June 2011

Analyzing the purchase motivation of online shopping for health food

  For the fact that health awareness is on the increase and there is improvement in medical technology, the health food industry is vigorously developing. In the past, traditional physical store was the major means of selling health food, but at present e-commerce has induced the traditional physical store to threat gradually. According to MIT, the growth of online shopping market in Taiwan reached $ 8 billion...

Author(s):   Chang-Hsien Hsu and Chia-Hui Chen          

June 2011

International students' choice criteria for selection of higher learning in Malaysian private universities

  This study evaluates and extends research on the choice criteria that influence international students’ choice of Malaysian tertiary education providers. Based on an extensive review of both the education services and international marketing, a series of in-depth interviews generated many of the choice criteria. These were tested on a sample of international students from a few private universities on...

Author(s):   Rohaizat Baharun, Zubaidah Awang and Siti Falinda Padlee          

June 2011

Inventory model for items with imperfect quality under announced price increases

  Previous research for determining ordering policies in response to known announced price increases assumed that the items received were of perfect quality. However, in practice, the above assumption may not be true because the manufacturer’s production process quality is often not perfect. Therefore, the study develops a new model in response to an announced price increase, in which defectives could be...

Author(s):   Tien-Yu Lin        

June 2011

From city branding to e-brands in developing countries: An approach to Qatar and Abu Dhabi

  The United Arab Emirates and Qatar both lack natural attractions, their system of governance is almost identical and their efforts at diversification are very similar. For this reasons, in order to compete with the rest of the world, the gulf countries are developing an assertive branding strategy focused on tourism targets, aviation, real estate and high class events and exhibitions in order to put their...

Author(s):   Hanan Hazime      

June 2011

Local government efficiency evaluation: Consideration of undesirable outputs and super-efficiency

  The efficiency of the personnel involved in local government is considered to be critical for significant progress in global competition and development. This study adopted a super-efficiency Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model with undesirable outputs to evaluate the operating performance of Taiwan’s local governments. We also employed the concept of the Sharpe ratio to combine desirable and...

Author(s):   Sheng-Chieh Pan Shiao-Yen Liu Chia-Jui Peng  and Po-Chin Wu      

June 2011

The cascading effect of top management’s ethical leadership: Supervisors or other lower-hierarchical level individuals?

  In the past two decades, both academics and practitioners have dedicated great efforts to successfully implementing organizational ethics. Nevertheless, the understanding of how ethical leadership of top management influences the average employee behaviour is still very elusive. Although it is expected that top management’s ethical leadership will affect individuals when it is made perceptible, a...

Author(s):   Pablo Ruiz, Carmen Ruiz and Ricardo Martínez          

June 2011

Analysis of the factors that influence venture capital fundraising: An empirical study in China

  China is now in a period of economic transition and the promotion of the venture capital (VC) industry embodies the national strategy of building an innovation-oriented country. A sufficient supply of fund capital is a prerequisite to the development of the VC industry, as it is essentially engaged in fundraising activities. It is thus of considerable significance to investigate the supply of the funds...

Author(s):   Ching-Yi Chang, Fanghua Wang, Jie Chen and Hsin-Pin Fu      

June 2011

Emotional intelligence and employee participation in decision-making

  This study was conducted to explain the effect of emotional intelligence on employee's participation in decision making. The sample size was 50 employees on different managerial levels. Questionnaire was made on Likert scale to check the effect of emotional intelligence on employee's participation in decision making. The data were analyzed by using SPSS in which correlation and regression test were...

Author(s):   Asif Kiyani, Muhammad Haroon, Asim Sohail Liaqat, Mohammad Arif Khattak, Syed Junaid Ahmed Bukhari and Rabia Asad      

June 2011

Smart specialisation and global competitiveness: Multinational enterprises and location-specific assets in Cape Town

  Multinational enterprises can play an important role in increasing the global competitiveness of cities through knowledge spillovers. The extent of spillovers depends on firm strategies, created assets and other local attributes. The paper focuses on six key sectors that account for a large share of the Cape Town metropolitan economy in South Africa. Forty -four lead firms were interviewed to assesses...

Author(s):   Jo Lorentzen, Luke Muller, Antonia Manamela, and Michael Gastrow        

June 2011

Developing a strategy for Mobin Petrochemical Company by using Balanced Scorecard attitude

  Petrochemical industry as one of the largest and most important sectors is in need of the application of new managerial tools for strategic planning. There are different models and tools for strategic planning. The model of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been noticed by various organizations in recent years due to its special attention to intangible assets of organization like customer, internal processes,...

Author(s):   S. Ali Hadawy, Naser Poursadegh, Nader Bohlouli Zeinab and Reza Khavandi    

June 2011

Optimal promotional time for maximum sales response with an initial market share in internet marketing

  Most products usually have an initial market share at the beginning in marketing. In order to increase and maximize sales response, sellers can set an optimal promotional time limit. This paper aims to explain how an existing initial market share with vital parameters affects the range and shape of sales response curve to reach optimal promotional time. We use two opposite negative exponential growth...

Author(s):   Chiun-Sin Lin, Chi Chiang, and Shun-Peng Chin        

June 2011

Exploring factors that influence customer loyalty among Generation Y for the fast food industry in Malaysia

  The consumption of western fast foods has been on the upward trend. As such, it is vital to identify the determinants of the customer loyalty among Generation Y in Malaysia, especially in the western fast food industry. The aim of this research is to evaluate and validate the determinants of the customer loyalty in the western fast food industry. The study also evaluates the roles of perceived switching cost...

Author(s):   Kwek Choon Ling, Yeong Wai Mun and Hiew Mee Ling      

June 2011

Using the Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) approach to measure the service quality of mobile application stores in Taiwan

  The key purpose of this research is to apply importance-performance analysis (IPA) approach to empirically study the service quality of mobile application stores in Taiwan based upon the customers’ perspective. To facilitate the main issue for evaluating service quality of mobile applications stores in Taiwan, a list of thirty-six service quality attributes is summarized. Then, the IPA approach in...

Author(s):   Li-Jen Yang, Tzu-Chuan Chou and Ji-Feng Ding      

June 2011

Women in informal cross-border trade: Evidence from the Central Africa Region

  Following the 1980s economic crisis and the implementation of structural adjustments, several people shifted to the informal sector with the hope to earn a living. Among such groups are the cross-border traders. What are the opportunities offered through informal cross-border trade-ICBT? What are the business and institutional constraints hindering the achievement of these opportunities? What are the coping...

Author(s):   Ousmanou Njikam and Gérard Tchouassi   n.    

June 2011

Estimating exchange curve for inventory management through evolutionary multi-objective optimization

  Inventory management involves trade-offs between conflicting objectives such as cost minimization and service level maximization. The trade-off analysis of cycle stock investment and workload, so called the exchange curve, possibly dates back to several decades ago. These analyses seldom formulated inventory trade-offs as a multi-objective optimization problem and their solution procedures were all based on...

Author(s):   Ching-Shih Tsou, Dong-Yuh Yang, Jyun-Hao Chen and Ying-Hao Lee    

June 2011

Distinguishing between state dependence and unobserved heterogeneity in a discrete choice model

  This paper proposes a methodology to distinguish state dependence from unobserved heterogeneity in the estimation context of a discrete choice model using household scanner panel data. With traditional maximum-likelihood approaches, the individual effects become correlated with the covariates. In contrast, the proposed estimation method formalizes the correlation structure and thereby enables its...

Author(s):   José M. Labeaga-Azcona and Mercedes Martos-Partal      

June 2011

Scheduling in flexible job-shop manufacturing system by improved tabu search

                      Key words: Flexibility, job-shop, sequencing, scheduling, tabu search, meta-heuristics.  

Author(s):   Abbas Toloie Eshlaghy and Seyed Ahmad Sheibatolhamdy      

June 2011

The impact of hospital brand image on service quality, patient satisfaction and loyalty

  In the competitive health care industry, the impact of hospital brand image on the attitudes and behaviours of patients towards hospitals has become an important issue. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship among hospital brand image, service quality, patient satisfaction, and loyalty. Survey data gathered from large private hospitals in Taiwan are used to test the relationship. The results...

Author(s):   Chao-Chan Wu    

June 2011

The quality of service level of mass passenger public transport station

  This paper presents a model for defining the quality of service level of mass passenger public transport (MPPT) station for passengers and vehicles. Comprehensive studies were conducted regarding passengers and vehicle operations at multi-modal interchange stations in MPPT system in Belgrade, Serbia during morning and afternoon peak hours. The paper gives the results of model implementation in real system...

Author(s):   Slaven Tica, Snežana Filipović, Nebojša Bojović and Vojkan D. Jovanović        

June 2011

The role of quality management for effective implementation of customer satisfaction, customer consultation and self-assessment, within service quality schemes: A review

  Quality management is mainly examined in a business and service context. Therefore, the determining parameters of defining quality schemes are the business and services provision, the customer satisfaction, the effective assessing of information, as well as the successful monitoring of all participating managerial systems within the business environment. In the present study, references of Quality Management...

Author(s):   Grigorios L. Kyriakopoulos    

June 2011

Valuation of investment on a firm with trade credit under uncertainty: A real options approach

  This paper intends to propose a corporate valuation framework by incorporating both the stochastic product price and the stochastic interest rate in a delay payment context. By using Ito-Isometry theorem, we derived the analytical solution for corporate value, based on which sensitivity analyses and further simulations for the real option value are performed. Some critical factors were considered in the...

Author(s):   Po-Yuan Chen, Horng-Jinh Chang and I-Ming Jiang    

June 2011

The role of information searches in investment choice variation: Digital information, advice seeking and heuristics

  Purchasing risky investments can be a means to maximize individual wealth; but when faced with uncertainty about the investment outcome, individuals search for information on risk-reducing strategies. Most studies focus on digital information and advice-seeking information. This study extends the investigation of information search to discuss heuristics reliance, a simplified information search method. We...

Author(s):   Shun-Yao Tseng and Chyan Yang   Institute of Business and Management / Department of International Trade National Chiao Tung University / College of Hsing Wu, , Section , Chung-Hsiao West Road, Taipei , Taiwan / , Sec., Fenliao Rd., LinKou Township, Taipei County , Taiwan (Republic of China). Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University , Section , Chung-Hsiao West Road, Taipei , Taiwan.    

June 2011

A novel nonlinear forecasting model for output of bike industry by Grey model and Taguchi-differential evolution algorithm

  Global marketing status shows that over 120 million bikes are being produced around the world yearly. Taiwan applied a cross-strait division of labor to manufacture about 30 million bikes in 2009. Since many study applied forecasts are basic inputs for many kinds of decisions and policy in business and government. This paper proposed a novel nonlinear forecasting model, known as Taguchi-differential evolution...

Author(s):   Ming-Chang Zheng and Jyh-Horng Chou        

June 2011

Religiosity as a moderator of work-family demands and employees’ well-being

  The current study was conducted to examine: (1) the relation of work-family demands, that is, long working hours, inflexible work schedule, office work overload, household work, issues related to children and husbands with employees’ well-being, and (2) the role of religiosity as a moderator of work-family demands and employees’ well-being. The following hypotheses were proposed: (a) work-family...

Author(s):   Meguellati Achour, Ali Bin Boerhannoeddin and Aqeel Khan      

June 2011

Social capital and entrepreneurship: An exploratory analysis

  This study explores the relation between social capital and entrepreneurship. We construct a measure of social capital which incorporates indicators of; trust (generalized and institutional); associational activities (passive and active membership); and civic norms. Self-employment is used as a proxy for entrepreneurship. Before empirically testing the relation between social capital and entrepreneurship,...

Author(s):   Soogwan Doh and Edmund J. Zolnik      

June 2011

Assessing the opinions of social studies teacher candidates in relation to their definition and features of a democratic citizen

  The objective of the study is to determine the opinions of social studies teacher candidates about the definitions of democratic citizen. The study was conducted with 50 teacher candidates enrolled in a social studies teaching program in a state university in the province of Ankara. In the study, which is of a general scanning type, an open-ended data collection tool was used. According to results of the...

Author(s):   ÇiÄŸdem Kan    

June 2011

Empirical study on personality traits, job satisfaction, and reward system preferences

  This paper empirically examines the relationship among personality traits, job satisfaction, and preference for reward system using a sample of direct selling employees. A survey is administered to 318 salesmen of direct selling in Taiwan. These findings include 1. If a direct seller’s personality trait is more agreeable, he/she will have higher job satisfaction. 2. If the direct seller’s...

Author(s):   Yi Hua Hsieh      

June 2011

The ability of EVA (Economic Value Added) attributes in predicting company performance

  In this study the major question is, can positive EVA (economic value added) outperform negative EVA in predicting company performance and either the period of study may play a vital role in explaining the variation of the stock return. The study found that neither value creator nor value destroyer had a relationship with stock return, as both models prove to be statistically insignificant. This finding...

Author(s):   Issham Ismail    

June 2011

A study of intellectual capital’s impact on listed banks’ performance in China

  This paper uses Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and the intellectual capital measurement to study the impact of intellectual capital on the performance of China’s banking industry and propose changes to improve the efficiency of the banking industry. The conclusions are as follows: capital employed efficiency (CEE) and structural capital efficiency (SCE) have a negative correlation with the technical...

Author(s):       Xiaopeng Zou and Tzung-Cheng Huan

June 2011

Designing fuzzy multi criteria decision making model for best selection of areas for improvement in European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model

  In a growingly competitive business environment, numerous organizations adopt the total quality management (TQM) approach, to struggle for business excellence. To monitor the progress towards business excellence, thousands of organizations across the world use self-assessment on a regular basis. There are a few popular business excellence models, that provide standard criteria against which an organization...

Author(s):   Javad Dodangeh, Rosnah Md. Yusuff , Napsiah Ismail , Md Yusof Ismailand Mohammad Reza Beik Zadeh and Javad Jassbi    

June 2011

A look out for academic impacts of Social networking sites (SNSs): A student based perspective

  This study implies the exploration of relationship between SNSs usage and educational performance of the student users. A sample of one thousand students was selected from different universities of Pakistan. In first step of Multistage Sampling Technique, simple random sampling technique was used to select 6 universities i.e. 2 from private sector and 4 from public sector. To form clusters, these universities...

Author(s):   Ishfaq Ahmed and Tehmina Fiaz Qazi        

June 2011

Technical transfer in the mold industry: Grey theory and extension engineering

  For a long time, the low price of mold industry is the major marketing competitive advantage on Taiwan. At the same time, the lower productive cost in Asian country will replace Taiwan's low-price advantage. This research indicates that the parameters’ influence is to discuss the competitive ability for mold industry, including day of test mold for middle mold, day of test mold for small mold,...

Author(s):   Chui-Yu Chiu, Yi Lin, and Yung-Kang Shen,    

June 2011

Can supportive management contribute to the well being of Muslim working women in Malaysia?

  The trend of married working women in Malaysia will become an increasingly common scenario. This is because the current statistics show that women comprise 50% of the workforce, and that 70% of them are married working women. Hence, bringing more women into the workplace is not a choice but a necessity for economic and global competition. Nevertheless, many studies in both the West and the East have only...

Author(s):   Sabitha Marican, Surena Sabil, Roza Hazli Zakaria and Asmak Ab Rahman