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Table of Content: 29 August, 2012; 6(34)

August 2012

3-D performance evaluation system as an alternative hybrid model

The golden rule in today's market does not only mean doing your business in the right way. The essential thing is to provide an added value to the organization you work with. For this reason business-oriented classical performance evaluation systems have been using their validity day by day. A performance evaluation of the correct functioning must be a potential for the future and promised, collectively produced,...

Author(s): Hasan Ä°BÄ°CÄ°OÄžLU and Umut Can ÖZTÜRK

August 2012

The influence of airline cabin service satisfaction on ethnic group travelers

The rapid global economy and mushrooming aviation transportation had unleasheda soaring number of air travelers worldwide. To stay competitive, airline operators competed for cheaper prices against greater service. A global level of service from an aggressive airline now featured ethnic group differences and cultural diversifications. This research focused on C airlines, profiling its customers into four...

Author(s): Te-Chang Liu

August 2012

Doing well by doing good, or doing ill by doing good? An integrated model of consumer responses to corporate disaster relief giving

This study aims to build an integrated model to explain why purely altruistic corporate disaster relief giving may result in different (both positive and negative) consumer responses and the study is based mainly on expectation-satisfaction theory. The method of backward reasoning is adopted in this study. Using this method, we build the expected model by taking three steps. The study found out that consumers have...

Author(s): Yongqiang Gao

August 2012

Dynamic intraday relations between order imbalance, volatility and return of jump losers

This study adopted intraday return instead of daily return used by previous researches to examine the effect of order imbalance not only on the individual stock return but also volatility among jump losers. The study also built up order imbalance-based trading strategies to earn abnormal return. A contemporaneous order imbalance-return relation was examined by GARCH (1,1) model and time-series regression model. The data...

Author(s): Han-Ching Huang, Yong-Chern Su and Yen-Tzu Chen

August 2012

Evaluating factors that cause problem in implementation of knowledge management in Iran’s oil and gas industry

Knowledge management is a process that develops, stores, and disseminates information in an organization to have better business performance and gain competitive advantage. Nowadays organizations realized the importance of managing knowledge within organization as a necessity to survive in today’s competitive market. There are several barriers for implementation of knowledge management due to culture and...

Author(s): Ehsan Borousan, Azin Hajiabolhasani and Roozbeh Hojabri

August 2012

Employee ownership and management: The case of Kardemir iron and steel mill industry

The information which was obtained through in-depth interviews with several informants on the general evaluation of the Kardemir privatization indicate that, whether or not Kardemir was introduced as a permanently successful model, its success was realistic at least until the year 2001, notwithstanding the fact that the present state of affairs seems to run counter to the general logic of labor unionism. The article...

Author(s): Yesim Pinar SOYKUT-SARICA

August 2012

The mediating role of organizational commitment between emotional exhaustion and turnover intention among customer service representatives in Pakistan

This study scrutinizes the relationship of emotional exhaustion and organization commitment to dependent variable turnover intention. The study also tested the effect of organization commitment as a mediator between emotional exhaustion and turnover intention among customer service representatives in Pakistan. Standardized questionnaire was used to compute the relationship of variables. For this purpose, data was...

Author(s): Omar Rehman, Faisal Karim, Muhammad Rafiq and Adil Mansoor

August 2012

The mediating role of trust in teammates in the relationship between differentiation in leader-member exchange (LMX) and work attitude: An empirical study in China

A fundamental principle of leader–member exchange (LMX) theory is that leaders develop different quality relationships with their employees. However, little research has investigated the impact of LMX differentiation on employees’ work attitude. Therefore, this study examines the mediating influence of trust in teammates on the relationships between perceptions of LMX variability within a team and the work...

Author(s): Ni Yuan and Lin Jian

August 2012

Local factors on global people: The effects of cultural differences and similarities on South Korean expatriate managers’ relationships with their home and host countries

The increasing globalization of firms has given rise to an increase in the number of international assignments of human resources. The effect of cultural factors on the relationships of expatriate managers with the cultures of their home and host countries will be explored in this paper. The subjects of this study are the relationships of South Korean expatriate managers with their home and host countries who are...

Author(s): Sumeyra Alpaslan Danisman and Rana Ozen Kutanis

August 2012

A longitudinal analysis of the corporate strategic stance and actions employed by South African banks in response to the global economic crisis

The South African financial sector largely proved resilient to the consequences of the global financial crisis and did not experience the financial upheaval seen in advanced economies. This paper investigated and compared the strategic stance and actions employed by eight South African banks listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange in response to the global crisis. The research was conducted through content...

Author(s): Mari Jansen van Rensburg and Peet Venter

August 2012

Relationship between workplace bullying and organizational cynicism in Turkish public universities

The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of organizational cynicism on workplace bullying and to identify the types of workplace bullying faculty members at the universities face based on their status. In this study, quantitative research design was used and data was gathered from 320 volunteer faculty members who are working in different universities. Faculty members have negative attitudes toward their...

Author(s): ÇiÄŸdem APAYDIN

August 2012

A model of employee satisfaction amongst health-related professionals in South Africa: The case of Western Cape Province

The study’s main objective was to come up with a model of employee satisfaction for the health-related professionals in South Africa. Among the reasons for this were high levels of health-related professional attrition and low levels of employee satisfaction within the health-related professions of South Africa. This original study derives its relevance on the basis of lack of a model for measuring employee...

Author(s): Chux Gervase Iwu, Charles Allen-Ile and Wilfred I. Ukpere

August 2012

Asymmetric dynamic hedging effectiveness: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Index Futures

This study examines the asymmetric dynamic hedging effectiveness the Taiwan stock index futures by extending the concepts of naive hedging effectiveness and dynamic hedging effectiveness proposed by Choudhry (2003). Based on the minimum-variance hedging portfolio, static hedging models and dynamic hedging models are also compared in terms of hedging effectiveness, dynamic hedging effectiveness, hedging effectiveness of...

Author(s): Chung-Chu Chuang, Yi-Hsien Wang, Tsai-Jung Yeh and Shuo-Li Chuang

August 2012

Risk in financial decisions and gender differences

This work focus on the study of gender differences in financial decision making. One of the main findings of this research is that women are more risk averse than men in various contexts of risk. However, some studies could not find strong evidence for this claim. This article analyses the main contributions to the understanding of gender differences in relation to financial risk. It then details the results of an...

Author(s): Montserrat Casanovas and José M. Merigó

August 2012

Turkish consumers’ purchase attitude and behaviours towards Kahramanmaras type ice cream as a local branded product

The consumption trends of Kahramanmaras type ice cream of Turkish consumers have been considerably increasing for the last decade due to improvements related to the consumers’ purchase powers, a rapid progress in ice cream technology, and dietary and health concerns. The aim of the study is to determine the main factors affecting the consumers’ perception and preferences of Kahramanmaras type ice cream, and...

Author(s): Yavuz TOPCU and Ahmet Semih UZUNDUMLU

August 2012

Quality of strategic decision making: An empirical study of behavioral variables

Pressure across companies to succeed in an atmosphere of constant, systematic and uninterrupted change has brought to the fore; the increasing importance of strategic decision-making as a crucial element for competitive advantage. However, empirical evidence shows that decisions fail half time. An empirical study was carried out among a sample of 88 companies in Chile to test the relationship between the quality of...

Author(s): Emilio Rodríguez-Ponce and Liliana Pedraja-Rejas

August 2012

Emergency supply chain management: Case study of Taiwan

Disasters did not happen often, but when they occurred, noticeably, the governor belittled and delayed rescue actions due to poor preparations at peacetime; consequently, all residents suffered huge damages and losses in human lives. The disasters always include tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, terrorism, tornadoes, and earthquakes etc. When the disasters occurred, in order to rescue injured patients on time,...

Author(s): Shuo-Yan Chou and Dayjian Chen

August 2012

Construct validity of competency dimensions in a leadership assessment and development centre

The issue of construct validity has become a contentious issue in the study of assessment centres around the world. The purpose of the study was to investigate the construct validity of assessment centre dimension ratings through correlation and factor analysis. The sample consisted of 138 individuals who participated in a two-day assessment centre for selection as partners/directors in an auditing firm. Twenty-one...

Author(s): Zovuyo Nako and Antoni Barnard