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Table of Content: 29 February 2012; 6(8)

February 2012

A review and practical manipulation for a mobile e-invoice system and multipersepective information management system-design

The purpose of this study is to describe a practical mobile e-invoice system which can be applied by physical retail channels, managed by the users and accessed via the internet. During the checkout part of the operational procedure, the cashier scans the customer’s identification card. The transaction details are delivered through the system to a rear-end data base. The record of process details forms the...

Author(s): Chin-Jui Chang, Tsung-Hao Chen, Pei-Yin Chung, Huai-Chien Kuo and Chen-Yuan Chen,  

February 2012

Historical development of Islamic institutions: A case of Malaysian government

Malaysia is a modern postcolonial state with a written constitution which clearly states ‘Islam as religion of the Federation’. The state gained its independence on August 31, 1957 from the British. This paper aims to discuss the establishment of significant institutions in Malaysia that became significant catalyst to develop the country within its multi-religious population. In the beginning of the 1980s,...

Author(s): Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor, Ahmad Termizi Abdullah, Abdul Karim Ali and Mohamad Fauzi Zakaria

February 2012

Firm competition and industrial organization for international tourist hotel industry

The mark-up test (Bresnahan, 1982; Lau, 1982) is adopted to examine the competitive behavior in Taiwan’s international tourist hotel industry. The most important findings are that the industry was operating in a competitive environment, and that the average international tourist hotel had no market power to affect the market price over the study period (1981 - 2006). The “lack of market power” finding...

Author(s): Jung-Hui Liang, Pang-Tien Lieu, Li-Mei Wang,

February 2012

Studying the structure of economic and modelling of economic growth on the basis of Solow model

Investigation on the effective factors that have some effects on economic growth is an important task. Although a considerable number of studies have been placed on economic growth in the world, it receives little attention in Iran. In this article, estimating growth regression, we try to investigate the supply side economic growth in Iran. The results show that there had been negative significant relationship...

Author(s): Mirnaser Mirbagheri Hir, Behnam Azadi, and Sharareh Azadi

February 2012

Factors affecting the performance of furniture organizations in Turkey

With the increasing importance attached to the competitive power in recent years, there has been great increase in the number of the studies dealing with competition and competitive power. As the dimension of the competition has been in a constant change, the concept has been variously interpreted. In the present study, the aim is to determine the factors affecting the performance of the furniture industry which is one...

Author(s): Mehmet Colak

February 2012

The application of dynamic programming to control wafers inventory problem

In the field of production and operations management, inventory problem has always been considered as an important topic. This paper studies the control wafers inventory problem in wafer fabrication factories. A single-period, multi-product inventory problem with reentry and downward substitution was examined in a pulling control production environment. The control wafers inventory problem is firstly constructed as a...

Author(s): He-Yau Kang, Chun-Mei Lai, Amy H. I. Lee and Nai-Hua Chen

February 2012

National bank as insurance supervisor in Serbia as a developing country

Serbia is one of the few countries where the central bank has been entrusted with the supervision of the insurance industry. Specifically, this institution carries out supervision of the entire financial sector. The same applies to five African countries. In the aftermath of the crisis of 1990s, marked by the break up of Yugoslavia, civil war and severe economic crisis, the Serbian insurance found itself in...

Author(s): Nebojsa Zarkovic, Milimir Lisov and Dragan Mrksic

February 2012

Modeling the exchange rate volatility, using generalized autoregressive conditionally heteroscedastic (GARCH) type models: Evidence from Pakistan

Increasing role of foreign exchange (FOREX) rate in corporate decision making is becoming famous in the developing economies, where FOREX rate volatility occupied a central position all over the world in investment decision. In a scenario, where FOREX rate volatility is equally helpful in many micro as well as macro economic decision-making (remembering historical roots of some of the financial crises were traced in the...

Author(s): Yasir Kamal, Hammad-Ul-Haq, Usman Ghani and Muhammad Muhsin Khan

February 2012

Key issues relating to management information systems from the perspective of managers of Iran’s agricultural extension providers

The purpose of the paper is to investigate issues relating to the management information systems of agricultural extension providers in Iran. A survey study was applied as a methodology of research work. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire that addressed evaluating managers’ responses with regard to management information system (MIS) key issues. All issues had mean score greater than five as...

Author(s): Abdolmotalleb Rezaei, Ali Asadi and Ahmad Rezvanfar

February 2012

Benchmarking performance assessment of irrigation water management in a river basin: Case study of the Susurluk river basin, Turkey

Irrigation water management is facing organisational changes worldwide. At the beginning of the 1990s, Turkey started an accelerated transfer program in which management, operation and maintenance (MOM) responsibilities for the irrigation schemes were transferred to water users, who were mostly organized as irrigation association (IA). This study aims to benchmarking performance assessment of water users’...

Author(s): Hayrettin KuÅŸçu

February 2012

Price volatility in China’s soybean futures markets based on piecewise seasonal-EGARCH-AR model

Research on price volatility is a basic and significant work for investment decision and risk management. Considering the short-term memory, seasonal effect, structural change associated with time, information effect, leverage effect and volatility clustering effect of the price volatility series, the article set up a piecewise seasonal-EGARCH-AR model, then measured the price volatility characteristics of China’s...

Author(s): Yu Zhao, Kun Zhang and Xiaoming Zou

February 2012

Developing reference rate of return based on real sector economy: A case of Malaysia

This paper develops a benchmark return based on real sector for the Malaysian economy. In the modern financial system, the benchmark return, henceforth referred to as reference rate, such as interbank lending rate, overnight policy rate and sovereign debt rate, is used in investment decision and monetary policy tool. With the development of Islamic financial system, there is a consensus among Islamic finance and...

Author(s): Noreha Halid and Radziah Abdul Latiff

February 2012

How does Turkish stock market respond to the external shocks? Pre- and post- crises analyses

This paper analyzes the impact of current financial crisis on Turkish stock market movements and external linkages with selected developed countries. We employ the multivariate co-integration method and structural break analyses using daily stock market indices of Turkey, the US, England and Germany. Our empirical result indicates that Turkish stock market has significant co-integration relationship with selected...

Author(s): Ugur Ergun

February 2012

Managers’ roles in web content management system

Modern education demands the usage of modern methods of education. Students’ lifestyle and learning largely depends on information obtained by using the internet and social networks. Managing this information represents a very complex process.  In this paper, the roles of managers in learning management system will be presented. Also, the research results of applying WBMS developed at Technical Faculty...

Author(s): Dijana Karuovic and Dragica Radosav

February 2012

A review of the literature of perceived risk and identifying its various facets in e-commerce by customers: Focusing on developing countries

With the increasing spread of internet and its application in various business processes and its profit by saving time and reducing place limitations via the web, a better observation was made for the several forms of trade boom to take better. However, this situation deals with a variety of risks with their various forms. Some studies show that these risks create negative attitude in users and they are the most...

Author(s): Heirsh. Soltanpanah, Reza Shafe&#;ei and Vala Mirani

February 2012

A survey on the relationships between customer satisfaction, image, trust and customer advocacy behavior

The main purpose of this paper is to develop a new model to investigate the effects of customer satisfaction, image and trust on customer commitment and explore the impacts of customer commitment on customer advocacy behaviors, including word-of-mouth referrals, increasing repurchase intentions, sharing information and marketing research support. In this new model, an online survey was used with a sample of 466 students...

Author(s): Seyed Alireza Mosavi and Mahnoosh Ghaedi

February 2012

Environmental factors affecting tourists’ experience in South African national parks

This study, the first of its kind involving South African National Parks, aimed to determine which environmental factors in these parks have a negative effect on tourists’ experience, and whether tourists who visit parks frequently are more aware of environmental impacts than those who visit only occasionally. The findings will help to inform South African National Parks (SANParks) management about the impacts of...

Author(s): Me. Liezel du Plessis, Peet van der Merwe and Melville Saayman

February 2012

An empirical study on corporate social responsibility in Malaysian aviation industry: A case study

This research has provided a basic understanding on the factors influencing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in Malaysian aviation industry. There are four factors which have positive relationship, four plausible factors and one factor with negative relationship and it is safe to mention that this research has met its objective that is, finding out the factors influencing CSR activities. This research...

Author(s): Tharmaraj Selvarajh, Jayaraman Munusamy, Shankar Chelliah and Sivamurugan Pandian

February 2012

The functional relationship between quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in the airline industry in Iran

The main purpose of this study is to develop a new model to investigate the antecedents of airline relationship quality from the customer’s perspective. This survey examines the relative impact of trust, customer orientation, expertise, communication and service recovery on relationship quality, and explores the effects of relationship quality on customers satisfaction and loyalty. The new model of relationship...

Author(s): Seyed Alireza Mosavi and Mahnoosh Ghaedi

February 2012

Fama and French three factor model: Empirical evidence from financial market of Pakistan

The purpose of this research is to empirically evaluate the efficacy of Fama and French three factor model with respect to asset pricing and expected portfolio returns for stock in financial sector in Pakistan (listed on Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)). Multivariate regression analysis is applied on the six portfolios made on the basis of size and book to market value. Monthly data of 20 banks were taken for the period of...

Author(s): Zeeshan Hamid, Ch Asad Hanif, Shehzada Saif ul Malook and Wasimullah

February 2012

The effect of taxes on dividend policy of banking sector in Pakistan

The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of taxes on dividend policy of banking sector in Pakistan. The data obtained from the financial reports of 21 banking companies listed on Karachi Stock Exchange over a period of five years (2006 to 2010) is used in this study. Pearson correlation and regression is used to find the relationship of tax and dividend income. The results show a significant correlation...

Author(s): Zeeshan Hamid, Ch Asad Hanif, Shahzada Saif-Ul-Malook and Wasimullah,

February 2012

Intangible assets, innovation and value creation: Elucidating the triad for small enterprises

How can businesses truly derive value from innovation? This remains a fundamental question especially in the context of small enterprises (SEs) located in developing countries. Most industries/sectors in these countries are characterized by primitive technologies, limited resources and poor infrastructure. These are the conventional tangible assets that have remained the prime focus of research work on understanding...

Author(s): Muhammad Nouman and Shahid Ali

February 2012

Organizational ethics and job satisfaction: Evidence from Pakistan

he main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between organizational ethics and job satisfaction. Data was collected from a convenience sample of 230 bank employees working in both public and private sector. Based on organizational justice and organizational cognitive dissonance theory, the results indicate that egoistic climate for ethics and job satisfaction are negatively related, and that both...

Author(s): Bashir Ahmed, Ikramullah Shad, Raheel Mumtaz and Zaighum Tanveer

February 2012

Perception of employers and employees regarding the attitude of businesses toward the environment: A qualitative analysis

Commitment and involvement from the different members of an organization are two key elements for an organization to achieve its environmental excellence. Firstly, businesses are aware of the close relationship between their activities and the environment, for they are not only polluting agents but also agents with the capacity to reduce adverse environmental impacts. Secondly, the fact that employees can play a...

Author(s): María José García-López, Carmen Avilés-Palacios and Manuel López-Quero

February 2012

Stock market development and economic growth: A comparative study of Pakistan and Bangladesh

This paper examined the relationship between stock market development and economic growth of two Asian developing countries, that is, Pakistan and Bangladesh, after the liberalization period of 1990s. The relationship measured were in terms of size (market capitalization), liquidity (total value of stocks traded and stock turnover ratio) and volume (total number of companies listed in the stock exchange of each of the...

Author(s): Zahid Ahmad, Ather Azim Khan and Anam Tariq

February 2012

An innovative supply chain management strategy for green smart light emitting diode (LED) industry

Economic development has led to increased demand for energy; however, energy consumption has also led to continued worsening of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. After the Kyoto Protocol came into effect, advanced nations worldwide pledged to actively expand national strategies in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On June 5, 2008, the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China passed a Sustainable Energy...

Author(s): Ta-Sheng Hung, Kuei-Kuei Lai, Yun Ken, Nai-Yuan Pai, Wei-Ting Lin and Chih-Hung Wu

February 2012

Comparison of forecasting the cost of water using statistical and neural network methods: Case study of Isfahan municipality

Prediction of total cost of water helps the Isfahan municipality to optimize the water usage in its 14 urban zone. The total cost of water, basically, depends on different parameters. Generally, the analytically prediction of the total cost is very difficult if not impossible. Thus, applying intelligent systems such as neural network models can be a good alternative. In this paper, using multi-layer perceptron neural...

Author(s): Amir Mohammadzadeh, Nasrin Mahdipour, Arash Mohammadzadeh and Mohammad Ghadamyari

February 2012

The perception of self-esteem and self-efficacy as transforming factors in the sources of role stress and job satisfaction relationship of employees: A trial of a staged model based on the artificial neural network method

This study aims to investigate the relationship between sources of role stress (role conflict-role ambiguity) and job satisfaction, and to determine what role the self-esteem and self-efficacy perceptions of employees can assume in trying to make this relationship positive. Within the scope of the study, a questionnaire with  proven validity and reliability was applied to 309 nurses employed in Kirikkale Provincial...

Author(s): Kursad Zorlu

February 2012

Capturing the stock price movements at Karachi Stock exchange: Are macroeconomic variables relevant?

Stock market is a greatly important type of financial system of an economy; and development of the stock market plays a vital role in the development of financial system and economy on the whole. This study builds the ARIMA model to identify the relevant macroeconomic variables that cause stock price movements. This study finds a negative and significant impact of inflation and exchange rate on the stock prices and a...

Author(s): Zahid Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad, Muhammad Sarfraz Khan and Usman Javaid

February 2012

The impact of using e-business technologies on organizational collaboration and performance in supply chain

Internet technologies have enabled the realization of revolutionary treads in business world by creating a global online marketplace. As a result of this, in recent years, e-business has become an unignorable concept related to good business practice results. Different design and application fields have been revealed and significant acquisitions in functional and nonfunctional business fields have been achieved in...

Author(s): Aydın KAYABAÅžI and Yusuf GÜMÜÅž

February 2012

Literature review on total rewards: An international perspective

The objective of this research endeavour is to design an expatriate reward strategy for the employees based in China, as they are the blend of UK/European offshore nationals and Chinese locals. It aims to identify the likelihood of “total rewards” for a diverse workforce. Companies have to draw a compensation strategy in order to attract, retain and motivate expatriates considering the existing concept of...

Author(s): Tahira Nazir, Syed Fida Hussain Shah and Khalid Zaman

February 2012

An experimental design of service failure, recovery and speed analysis in cloud service

This experimental study examines how the severity of service failure, level of service recovery, and speed of recovery influence consumers’ attribution processes, post-recovery satisfaction and behavior outcomes in a cloud services setting.  A 3×3×3 between-subject factorial design is utilized that manipulates the severity of service failure, the level of service recovery, and the speed of service...

Author(s): Wan-I Lee, Chia-Chi Liu, Cheng-Wu Chen and Chieh-Shan Cheng

February 2012

Project scheduling in supply chain environment

In this paper, we study scheduling of several projects in supply chain environment; activities of these projects are performed by some contractor companies. We present a new practical model for solving project scheduling problem in supply chain environment. A genetic algorithm and a simulated annealing algorithm are proposed for solving our model. The elements of genetic algorithm such as generation, mutation,...

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Heydari and Shahram Shadrokh Sikari

February 2012

Regional human development index and performance of social security hospitals in Iran

Social security is a public right and in this regard hospitals play an important role in the health sector of the society through serving therapeutic and health services. The goal of this research is to answer the basic question of, what relationship is there between the human development index (HDI) of the regions and the efficiency level of hospitals working in those specified regions. The data envelopment analysis...

Author(s): Hamid Sepehrdoust and Elham Rajabi

February 2012

Compensation factors and coping styles: Cross country study on faculty members

Researches of the past have given several findings on whether “money or compensation” is a factor which influence one’s decision to continue or leave any organisation. Many research reports support the argument with a “yes”, while others support with a “no”. In order to apply those findings and accept such reports as authentic, a study was conducted on postgraduate faculty...

Author(s): Dileep Kumar .M

February 2012

The relationship between enhancement of human resource productivity and knowledge management in Iranian libraries: A correlation analysis

Knowledge and human resources are levers of competitive advantage in the present complex, dynamic and global environment. Individuals and knowledge are two indiscrete concepts; human beings are creators and final carriers of knowledge. The objective of the present survey is to study the relationship between effective factors on enhancement of human resource productivity (empowerment, quality of work life, individual...

Author(s): Ali Attafar, Maryam Soleimani Ali Shahnazari and Arash Shahin

February 2012

Observation of organizational change in the hotel industry

The objectives of this study are to apply change schema to organizational change in hotels and to consider the antecedents and consequences of organizational change. Employees have been identified as a potential source of resistance to change; therefore, with this study, we evaluate the impression of organizational change of front-line employees in hotels. The sample group was drawn from 84 hotel employees in Kurdistan...

Author(s): Fakhraddin Maroofi and Mohammad Nazaripour

February 2012

The contribution of institutional quality to lowering company compliance costs

This article addressed the contribution of quality to compliance costs in the work and procedures of employment and environment institutions, and its indirect contribution to productivity. Relations within two structural equation models were assessed using data collected on businesses in Slovenia. The study results, based on the structural equation modeling, indicated that public institution quality is negatively...

Author(s): Renata Slabe-Erker and Maja Klun  

February 2012

Comparison of the main price forecasting methods in Iran commodity exchange

Price is the most important economical factor which suppliers and demanders in each market, especially in organized markets such as commodity exchanges, base their decisions on. According to the importance of amount and direction of price changes, forecasting its future values is necessary for market participants. The aim of this study is forecasting the future values of prices in Iran commodity exchange, based on...

Author(s): Rasoul Keshtkar, Seyed-Ali Hosseini-Yekani and Hamid Mohammadi