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Table of Content: December 2009; 3(12)

December 2009

Antiplasmodial activity of various parts of Phyllanthus niruri according to its geographical distribution

Extracts of Phyllanthus niruri L., collected from three different areas in the Congo (Kisantu, Kimwenza and University of Kinshasa), used for malaria treatment were tested in vitro in order to evaluate their antiplasmodial properties. Whereas the whole plant is traditionally used, aqueous extracts of the various parts of the P. niruri plant (stems, leaves and roots) tested on the...

Author(s): P. Njomnang Soh, J. T. Banzouzi, H. Mangombo, M. Lusakibanza, F. O. Bulubulu, L. Tona, A. N. Diamuini, S. N. Luyindula and Françoise Benoit-Vical,

December 2009

Design, Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel acridine-polyamine conjugates against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in men, aged 85 and over. Androgen receptor, a single polypeptide with three functional domains is very important during initiation and progression of the disease. In this study, a DNA intercalating agent, acridine is linked to the testosterone via a polyamine linker to obtain a compound with trifunctional characteristics, where the acridine intercalates...

Author(s): Hildebert B. Maurice, Rodger Phillips and Nazira Karodia

December 2009

Evaluation of anti arthritic potential of Hybanthus enneaspermus

The effect of alcoholic and aqueous extracts of the whole plant of Hybanthus enneaspermus Muell (Violaceae) on freund’s adjuvant induced arthritis was evaluated. The percentage of yield was found to be 12.8 and 10.6% for alcoholic and aqueous extracts respectively. Both the extracts significantly (p < 0.001) decrease the paw thickness at the end of 30 days treatment. Though in acute phase inflammation...

Author(s): S. Tripathy, S. P. Sahoo, D. Pradhan, S. Sahoo and D. K. Satapathy

December 2009

Comparative effectiveness of Glycyrrhiza glabra vs. omeprazole and misoprostol for the treatment of aspirin-induced gastric ulcers

The aim of the study was to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) root decoction vs. omeprazole and misoprostol for the treatment of aspirin-induced gastric ulcers in rats. Animals were randomly assigned first to the “prophylaxis” and “treatment” groups and then to the test and the control groups. Liquorice decoction (25 ml/kg; i.g.); omeprazole (2.3...

Author(s): Mesut Sancar, Thaer Hantash, Betul Okuyan, Sule Apikoglu-Rabus, Zeynep Cirakli, Mine G. Gulluoglu and Fikret Vehbi Izzettin

December 2009

Acute and sub-acute toxicological evaluation of the methanolic stem bark extract of Crossopteryx febrifuga in rats

Crossopteryx febrifuga (Afzel.) Benth. (Rubiaceae) widely used in Northern Nigeria for management of trypanosomiasis, malaria and pain, has been previously shown to possess analgesic, anti-pyretic and anti-plasmodial effects. In the present study, acute and sub-acute toxicity studies of the methanolic stem bark extract of C. febrifuga were carried out in rats. Using modified lorkes (1983) method. In the...

Author(s): O. A. Salawu, B. A. Chindo, A. Y. Tijani, I. C. Obidike, T. A. Salawu and A. James Akingbasote

December 2009

In vitro antiviral activities under cytotoxic doses against herpes simples type-1 and parainfluensa-3 viruses of Cicer arietinum L. (Chickpea)

The objective of this study was to evaluation antiviral activities of the extracts from the seed, fruit skin and aerial parts of ten registered varieties Cicer arietinum (Chickpea) against Herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and Parainfluenza-3 (PI-3) viruses. Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney and Vero cell lines were employed for antiviral assessment of the Citer arientinum L. extracts,...

Author(s): Asuman Kan, Berrin Özçelik and Murat Kartal

December 2009

Rapid and sensitive fluorometric analysis of novel galactosylated cationic liposome interaction with siRNA

RNA interference (RNAi) is being harnessed for application in the gene knockdown approach to the treatment of disease conditions. Targeted delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) is however an important consideration for application of this technology. We report here on the preparation of two new hepatocyte-directed liposomes designed for this purpose, containing the cholesteryl cytofectins 3β[N-(N’,...

Author(s): Shantal Dorasamy, Moganavelli Singh and Mario Ariatti

December 2009

Effects of indigenous medicinal plants of Bangladesh on blood glucose level and neuropathic pain in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

We investigated the effect of freshly prepared aqueous extracts of Psidium guajava,Momordica charantia, Coccinia indica leaves and their combination on blood glucose level and neuropathic pain in hyperglycemic rats. Streptozotocin (STZ; 65 mg/kg, Iv) was injected to albino rats to induce diabetes. Oral administration of freshly prepared aqueous extracts of each of the leaves and their combination...

Author(s): Kazi Rafiq, Shamshad J. Sherajee, Akira Nishiyama, M. A. Sufiun and Mahbub Mostofa

December 2009

Stability- indicating HPLC method for the determination of efavirenz in bulk drug and in pharmaceutical dosage form

A rapid and accurate isocratic HPLC method was developed and validated for the assay of Efavirenz (EFA) in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms. The chromatographic conditions comprise of a Novapak phenyl column. A mixture of phosphate buffer and Acetonitrile was used as mobile phase. Quantitation was achieved by UV detection at 247 nm. A linear response (r2 ≥ 0.999) was observed in the range of 0.05 - 0.15...

Author(s): B. Udaykumar Rao and Anna Pratima Nikalje

December 2009

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous root extract of Cassia sieberiana D.C. (Caesalpiniaceae)

1Laboratoire de Pharmacologie, Faculté de Médecine, de Pharmacie et d’Odonto-Stomatologie, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, BP 5005, Dakar-Sénégal 2Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie et Botanique, Faculté de Médecine, de Pharmacie et d’Odonto-Stomatologie, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, BP 5005, Dakar-Sénégal

Author(s): Guata Yoro Sy, Alioune Dior Fall, William Diatta, Malick Gueye, Khady Badji, Emmanuel Bassène, Babacar Faye