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Table of Content: 10 August, 2013; 8(15)

August 2013

An assessment of the implementation of national development plans in Kenya: The case of education sector programmes

This study assessed the success or failure of plan implementation in Kenya by investigating the extent to which planned estimates for educational projects were actually attained. Using six sets of five-year national development plans, we calculated an implementation ratio for each program showing actual expenditure as a ratio of planned expenditure. Our results indicated that out of the 78 implementation cases examined,...

Author(s): Seth Omondi Gor and Kennedy O. Osoro

August 2013

Evaluating the Turkish Version of the Discipline Efficacy Scale (DES): Translation adequacy and factor structure

The aim of this study is to adapt the discipline efficacy scale to Turkish language, and conduct the validity and reliability analysis of the adapted scale. The scale was applied to 157 teacher candidates. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were conducted to reveal the construct validity of the scale. The results of the exploratory factor analysis indicated that the scale was composed of two dimensions,...

Author(s): Hakan Kurt and Gülay Ekici

August 2013

Anxieties, preferences, expectations and opinions of pre-service teachers related to physics laboratory

Science anxiety, which is one of the affective dimensions in science learning, is one of the factors affecting success in Science and has been studied for 35 years. The existence of considerable negative attitudes towards Physics courses, which is one of the basic branches of Science, is a fact.  This research has been designed to identify the anxiety of Physics pre-service teachers related to the physics...

Author(s): Nilüfer Cerit Berber

August 2013

Conceptual model on application of chi-square test in education and social sciences

Whenever you think you have an idea of how something works, you have a mental model. That is, in effect, a layman's way of talking about having an hypothesis. The hypothesis needs to be tested for how closely it fits reality - and reality is the data collected from an experiment. So the data is collected on the few and compared with a few controls. Is there really a difference between the two...

Author(s): Sureiman Onchiri

August 2013

The relationship of reading comprehension success with metacognitive awareness, motivation, and reading levels of fifth grade students

This research aims to investigate the relationship between meta-cognitive awareness, reading motivations, reading levels and reading comprehension success of fifth grade students using comparative relative scan model. There were 577 students. In the result of the research, in which data were collected with four scales, it was concluded that reading comprehension level of independent level readers was high and anxiety...

Author(s): Aysel MemiÅŸ and Metin Bozkurt

August 2013

The importance of games in teaching foreign languages to children

In teaching French as a foreign language, there is  a constant development from traditional methods to action-oriented approaches. This development has arisen as a result of students’ needs and of innovations in technology. Particularly in the last decade, there has been increasing interest in teaching foreign languages to children. Because of this increasing interest, much is expected...

Author(s): Melek ALPAR

August 2013

Views of students about visuals used in Turkish language course and workbooks

Turkish course books and workbooks delivered to the second grade primary students are the most important course materials. The visual factors in these materials help the students know and understand the elements such as main theme, plot, scene, setting, characters and existence in a text. They help students develop their thoughts about the texts they have read or listened to. The visual elements integrated into the text...

Author(s): Talat AYTAN

August 2013

Preferences of Turkish language teachers for the assessment - evaluation tools and methods

The aim of this study is to determine the rate of teachers’ use of assessment and evaluation tools given in 2005 curriculum of Turkish language teaching. To this end; we presented a list of assessment and evaluation tools on the basis of random sampling to 216 teachers of Turkish who work in Ordu, Samsun, Ankara, Trabzon and Istanbul provinces. The obtained data were analyzed via SPSS 15.0. We observed that...

Author(s): Nail GÜNEY

August 2013

Awareness and practice of professional ethics amongst librarians in Nigeria

This study is focused on the awareness and practicability of Librarianship ethics amongst librarians. Survey questionnaire was designed to identify the degree of awareness of librarianship ethics amongst librarians in Nigeria, whether the ethics are feasible and being utilized by librarians in their day to day library management, and to find out measures towards enhancing the awareness and practicability of the ethics....

Author(s): Igbeka, J. U. and Okoroma, F. N.

August 2013

Symbolic notations and students’ achievements in algebra

This study focuses on symbolic notations and its impact on students’ achievement in Algebra. The main reason for this study rests on the observation from personal and professional experiences on students’ increasing hatred for Algebra. One hundred and fifty (150) Senior Secondary School Students (SSS) from Ojo Local Education District, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria formed the sample population for the study. Three...

Author(s): Ebiendele E. Peter and Adetunji A. Olaoye

August 2013

Investigation of the effect of sport on submissive behavior and communication skills of high school students

This study was carried out to detect the differences in submissive behaviors and communication skills of high school students in terms of sports activities and relationship between communication skills and properties of submissive behavior of high school students who are actively involved in sports activities. In this respect at the study, 728 (284 females, 444 males) disadvantaged high school students whose families...

Author(s): Ugur ABAKAY

August 2013

Comparison of blood lipids, blood pressures and left ventricular cavity dimension between soccer players and non-athletes

In this study, it was aimed to compare the investigate the effects of regular exercise on blood lipids, blood pressure and left ventricular cavity dimensions function between soccer players and  non athletes in football players. This study consisted included a total of 30 subjects, including an experimental group including 18 soccer players footballers who were training on a regular basis at least 2 h a day, 3 days...

Author(s): Ismail Gökhan, Recep Kurkcu and Resul Çekin

August 2013

An evaluation of grades 9 and 10 mathematics textbooks vis-à-vis fostering problem solving skills

This study sought to evaluate the adequacy of integration of problematic situations and general problem-solving strategies (heuristics) in grades 9 and 10 mathematics textbooks. Grade 9 and grade 10 mathematics textbooks were used for analysis. Document analysis and interview were used as data gathering instruments. Document analysis was carried out on the two textbooks using Mathematics Material Analysis Instrument...

Author(s): Alemayehu Buishaw and Assaye Ayalew

August 2013

The effect of DBAE approach on teaching painting of undergraduate art students

Author(s): Mina Hedayat, Sabzali Musa Kahn, Habibeh Honarvar, Syed Alwi Syed Abu Bakar and Mohd Effindi Samsuddin

August 2013

Investigation of the values ​​found in primary education science and technology textbooks in Turkey

In this study, the value types of 6, 7 and 8 class text books which take place in the primary education science and technology education program, have been targeted for investigation for the present rate of these values ​​in different textbooks, and, whether they changed in accordance with class variables (class, subject content, and divisions of the unit). For this purpose, science and technology activities in...

Author(s): Elif Benzer