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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 December 2014; 9(23)

December 2014

The evaluation of synchronous distance ear training compared to the traditional ear training

It is clearly seen that distance education, spreading all over the world recently, is increasingly used in music education process. That the method brings great flexibility to the teaching-learning process destroys the limits depending on time and space and it can easily reach wide audiences and so on outstanding features are the main factors behind its choice. The applicability of this important method for the Ear...

Author(s): Ahmet Suat KARAHAN

December 2014

Effect of core training on 16 year-old soccer players

Core trainings have been widely used by trainers recently in order to improve  performance of soccer players. In this context, the aim of this study is to examine the effect of core training on some motoric capabilities of 16 years old soccer players. Thirty certified soccer players who were 16 years old from  B.B. Bodrumspor Club in 2013-2014 seasons participated voluntarily in the research. Weight and height...

Author(s): Yakup Akif AFYON

December 2014

Opinions of literature teachers related to academic training, in-service training and organizational socialization process

One of the utmost important functions of Turkish Education system is to teach Turkish Language at pre-schools, elementary schools, junior high schools and higher education institutions effectively. In this respect, at high schools which comprise the secondary schools, it is clear that Turkish Language and Literature teachers have paramount roles. In terms of Turkish language education, the principal function of junior...

Author(s): Arslan Mahmut Abdullah

December 2014

The effect of hidden curriculum on the criteria parents use to select schools and teachers

A framework of school and teacher qualities has been established by research. The need to identify families’ school and teacher selection criteria, in particular, is the main motive behind the present study. It mainly aims to identify the criteria parents use when selecting schools and teachers, or the influence of hidden curriculum on school and teachers’ selection. The study adopted the descriptive...

Author(s): Hasan Hüseyin ÅžAHAN

December 2014

The relating level of teacher candidates based on scientific information with their daily lives: A case of Atatürk and Caucasian universities

The aim of this research is to determine and compare candidate teachers’ level of relating scientific information with their daily lives. The teachers were studying in the 1st and 4th classes in Atatürk and Caucasian Universities, Education Faculty, Elementary School Science Teaching Department during the 2012-2013 academic year. The research was carried out on a sampling group made of 120 individuals. Survey...

Author(s): Murat KURT

December 2014

The evaluation of micro teaching method used in the training of primary school teachers in Turkey

Micro teaching, one of the most frequently used methods in the pre-service education of teachers, is used in many lectures for the training of teachers in the faculties of education in Turkey. Micro teaching is a teaching method which is especially used in the pre-service training of teachers and it aims to train prospective teachers by making systematic trials in terms of their teaching behaviours. However, because of...

Author(s): TaÅŸkaya Serdarhan Musa

December 2014

Measuring Technology Acceptance level of Turkish pre-service English teachers by using technology acceptance Model

The aim of this study is to investigate technology acceptance of prospective English teachers by using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in Turkish context. The study is based on Structural Equation Model (SEM). The participants of the study from English Language Teaching Departments of Hacettepe, Gazi and BaÅŸkent Universities. The participants are 213 pre-service English teachers. In order to collect data, Computer...

Author(s): Özkan Kirmizi

December 2014

The differences in the conceptualizations of autonomy by English language instructors regarding some variables

With the changing trends and approaches in education various new concepts have emerged. Of these, learner autonomy stands out as a major concept. This study examined how Turkish instructors of English conceptualize learner autonomy and what they do to promote learner autonomy in their particular teaching contexts. Additionally, the study aimed at investigating the differences in the conceptualizations of autonomy by...

Author(s): Oya BÜYÜKYAVUZ

December 2014

Education in Dede Korkut’s stories: Qualification of bravery in Boghach Khan and Uruz

Dede Korkut’s stories, one of the most important works in Turkish literature, are distinguished with their feature of reflecting the Oghuz culture. In this respect, it is possible to obtain information about children and their education in the light of the works. In the study, it is intended to reveal the education of the characters called Boghach Khan and Uruz in acquiring the qualification of bravery and the key...

Author(s): Hatice Firat