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  • Start Year: 2006
  • Published Articles: 2006

Table of Content: 10 July, 2014; 9(13)

July 2014

Problems encountered by future teachers in community service practices course and solution offers

The course titled “Community Service Practices” has been taught since 2006 to 2007 academic year in all of the faculties of education in Turkey. At Marmara University, future teachers of the French Language Teaching Section of the Department of Foreign Language Teaching at the Atatürk Faculty of Education take this course in the first semester of their 3rd year. This study was conducted on 47 future...

Author(s): Yaprak Türkan Yücelsin-TaÅŸ

July 2014

Relationship between the short-term visual memory and IQ in the right- and left-handed subjects trained in different educational programs: I- general assessment

The relationship between mean intelligence quotient (IQ), hand preferences and visual memory (VM) were investigated on (N=612) males and females students trained in different educational programs in viewpoint of laterality. IQ was assessed by cattle’s culture Fair intelligence test-A (CCFIT-A). The laterality of the one side of the body was assessed by a questionnaire with 20 items. For VM, word lists with 15...

Author(s): Yavuz Yilmaz and Yalçın Yetkin

July 2014

The examining of prospective teachers’ views about renewable and non-renewable energy sources: A case study of Turkey

The aim of this study is to determine prospective teachers’ views about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. To collect data, a questionnaire with 5 open-ended questions was conveyed to 463 prospective teachers selected from Agri Ibrahim Cecen University. The results showed that almost three fourths of the prospective teachers tend to denote hydroelectric energy sources. Also, the number of students who...

Author(s): Mehmet Akif Haşıloğlu

July 2014

Which elementary school subjects are the most likeable, most important, and the easiest? Why?: A study of science and technology, mathematics, social studies, and Turkish

The present study was conducted first to identify which school subjects were most liked, most important, and most difficult, as well as least liked, least important and easiest as perceived by elementary school students and second to explore the reasons why students most/least liked, considered as most/least important, and considered as most difficult/easiest the school subjects identified. The data were collected from...

Author(s): Åžahin Dündar, Meltem Acar Güvendir, Oya Onat Kocabıyık and Erdal Papatga

July 2014

Analyzing the value priorities of families, students and teachers

The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent families and teachers required students to have or not the values and to what extent students give priorities to these values. The study group of the research chosen through random sampling model included 79 teachers, 136 parents of students, and 149 students from 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades studying at secondary education schools affiliated to Aksaray...

Author(s): TahiroÄŸlu Mustafa and Aktepe Vedat