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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 June 2015; 10(11)

June 2015

Relationship between problem-solving style and mathematical literacy

Currently, mathematics education is focused on ensuring that students can apply the knowledge and skills they learn to everyday life; students are expected to develop their problem-solving abilities to face challenges by adopting various perspectives. When faced with a problem, students may employ different methods or patterns to solve it. If this assertion is true, then how are the various types of problem-solving...

Author(s): Wen-Chun Tai and Su-Wei Lin

June 2015

Development of metacognitive skills: designing problem-based experiment with prospective science teachers in biology laboratory

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of designing problem-based experiments (DPBE) on the level of metacognitive skills of prospective science teachers. For this purpose, pre test-post test design, without control group, was used in the research. The research group of the study comprised 113 second-grade prospective science teachers who studied at the Faculty of Education of a state university, which...

Author(s): Huriye DENÄ°Åž ÇELÄ°KER

June 2015

The investigation of problem solving skill of the mountaineers in terms of demographic variables

The aim of this research is to investigate problem solving skills of the individuals involved in mountaineering. 315 volunteers participated in the study. The research data were collected by problem solving scale developed by Heppner and Peterson and the Turkish version of which was conducted by Åžahin et al. There are totally 35 items and only 3 items are not scored. The scale adapted to Turkey consists of six items....

Author(s): Burak Gürer

June 2015

DIF analysis across genders for reading comprehension part of English language achievement exam as a foreign language

The purpose of this study is to carry out differential item functioning (DIF) analysis for content areas of a reading comprehension subtest using four area indices within Item Response Theory (IRT) framework. The differences in the magnitudes of the area indices were compared based on the subject areas. The DIF analysis was carried out across gender groups only. The item level data of the English reading comprehension...

Author(s): Tuncay ÖÄŸretmen

June 2015

Primary school teachers’ vıews about supervisional deviant behaviours

This research examines supervisional deviant behaviours depending on the primary school teachers’ view in Izmir, Turkey. Organizational or workplace deviant behaviours have been studied in number of studies and these types of behaviours are determined. It is obvious that solving the problems of orgaizational deviance contribute to meet organizational objectives. Since the supervision process which aims at...

Author(s): Ali AKSU, Halil GUCER and Asli ORCAN

June 2015

Investigation of high school students’ reading compherension levels according to various variables

The purpose of this study is to investigate the level of reading comprehension of high school students in their fields of study and learning strategies to explain the relationship between the level of reading comprehension. This working group is composed of 11th grade high school students.  In this study, relational model was used. In the study group 155 male and 85 female students are included....

Author(s): Dilek Ceran

June 2015

Application of total quality management system in Thai primary schools

The present study seeks to develop a total quality management (TQM) system that can be applied to primary schools. The approach focuses on customer orientation, total involvement of all constituencies and continuous improvement. TQM principles were studied and synthesized according to case studies of the best practices in 3 primary schools (small, medium, and large) I Inputs were defined as) organizational leadership...

Author(s): Setthiya Prueangphitchayathon, Kowat Tesaputa and Kanokorn Somprach

June 2015

Music teachers’ computer anxiety and self-efficacy

This study aims to examine the computer anxiety and self-efficacy of music teachers in terms of different variables. The research is implemented on 124 music teachers. A personal information form and scales of Computer Anxiety and Self Efficacy are implemented on 124 music teachers. Data are analyzed with one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Pearson correlation coefficient. The results of the research show that...

Author(s): Deniz Beste Çevik KILIÇ

June 2015

How to classify the diversity of seventh grade students’ mathematical process skills: An application of latent profile analysis

The researcher applied latent profile analysis to study the difference of the students’ mathematical process skill. These skills are problem solving skills, reasoning skills, communication and presentation skills, connection knowledge skills, and creativity skills. Samples were 2,485 seventh-grade students obtained from Multi-stage Random Sampling. Each student was measured by the mathematical process skills test...

Author(s): Chanapat Kaosa-ard, Waraporn Erawan, Suntonrapot Damrongpanit and Poonpong Suksawang

June 2015

Veiws of instructors on the use of textbooks in Turkish education departments

Textbooks have a great importance in instructing and sharing experiences by the use of theoretical information. This study aims to present views of instructors regarding the selection and use of textbooks in Turkish education departments. For that purpose, the participants in this survey composed of 15 instructors officiating in the Turkish Education Departments at Çukurova University and Hakkâri...

Author(s): Ömer TuÄŸrul KARA