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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 November, 2013; 8(21)

November 2013

A study of self-regulated learning strategies as predictors of critical reading

The study examines the effects of use of self-regulated learning strategies on critical reading performance among second year distance education students taking critical reading course. It also analyzes correlations of the variables treated. In this study, 140 participants, who were interested to participate, were included. To gather data, scales and tests were used. Both descriptive and inferential statistics, namely,...

Author(s): Bekele Birhanie Aregu

November 2013

The meaning of fatherhood as perceived by Turkish police fathers and their young children

The purpose of this study is to provide insight and understanding of Turkish police fathers’ and their young children’s conceptualizations of fatherhood. Data for the present study came from 21 police fathers and their 4-to-6 year old children.  We asked the participant fathers to respond to a broad question of “What kind of father am I?” in writing. We used Kinetic Family Drawing, a...

Author(s): Özkan Özgün, Münire Aydilek Çiftçi and Åžule Erden

November 2013

The impact of teachers’ and supervisors’ involvement on students’ skill and affective development in service-

The study reported an assessment of a university-wide curriculum-based service learning program and, based on the assessment data, analyzed the impact of teachers’ and supervisors’ involvement on students’ skill and affective learning outcomes. The study (n=750) showed that in general the students agreed that their participation in service-learning enhanced their communicative and problem-solving...

Author(s): LEE Leemen

November 2013

An assessment of the metacognitive knowledge of Botswana ESL university student writers

This research explored metacognitive knowledge of the University of Botswana (UB) students taking the Advanced Writing Skills course, and related this knowledge to their writing performance. The specific objectives of this study were:  (a) To explore the metacognitive knowledge of the Botswana students taking the Advanced Writing Skills (GEC 211) course; (b) To examine the relationship between the metacognitive...

Author(s): Joel M. Magogwe

November 2013

A study on the effect of a program teaching healthy sexuality values on adolescent sexual awareness and sexual behavior

This study was conducted to explore the effectiveness of a program teaching healthy sexuality values on adolescent sexual awareness and sexual behavior.  For this study, the present researcher, along with two other professors, developed a 4-h program on 4 different subjects, and conducted the full education program through four different 4-h sessions for the same 160 students. This study obtained responses from 160...

Author(s): Sang Huy Moon

November 2013

Micro-political analysis of the principal selection in a Taiwanese elementary school

This paper aims to investigate the micropolitical actions and strategies employed by the principal in the researched elementary school located in Northern Taiwan. Firstly, the author argues that the mechanism of the principal selection in Taiwan is the product of educational reform affected by policy borrowing. Secondly, drawing on ethnographic method the study illustrates the micropolitical dynamics of principal...

Author(s): Hsin-Jen Chen

November 2013

Trends in enrollment, graduation and staffing of science and technology education in Nigeria tertiary institutions: A gender participation perspective

Prominence has been given to science and technology (S&T) education of women in recent years.  This is because they constitute a critical mass of non-harnessed potentials in the country that if given the opportunity, would contribute to national development.  Thus the objective of this work was to study the enrollment, graduation and staffing pattern of the male and female gender in S&T fields in...

Author(s): Aderemi, H. O., Hassan, O. M., Siyanbola, W. O., Taiwo, K.

November 2013

Competent governance for sustainable development in Africa: A philosophical reflection

Africa has been known to be the bedrock of numerous natural resources. However, it seems to be the home of the poorest of the poor in the world. Much of the situation is pathetically characterized by hunger, extreme poverty, corruption, and insecurity. All of these offer the greatest compromise to any hope of change. Aware of this scenario, this paper delves into the issue of governance as one of the crucial factors in...

Author(s): Misia Kadenyi, Kegode George, Mwaka Marcella and Wambua B. Kyalo

November 2013

ICT and higher educational system in Nigeria

This paper examines the integration of ICT in higher education in Nigeria. The possibilities and reach of information technologies can tear down territorial boundaries and make available equal information and knowledge of different categories as soon as necessary data are fed on the website. Nevertheless, Nigeria as a nation is yet to take full advantage of the possibilities of ICT-driven education. This paper...

Author(s): Adeyemi I. Idowu and Mary Esere

November 2013

Budget planning and the quality of educational services in Uganda public universities: A case study of Kyambogo University

This paper examines the relationship between budget planning and the quality of educational services at Kyambogo University in Uganda. We argue that the manner in which the university’s budget planning activities are conducted determines in a significant way (by 76.8%) the quality of the services offered by public universities in Uganda. The findings are original and contribute to the body of education quality in...

Author(s): Benon C. Basheka and Addah Nabwire

November 2013

Does teaching-experience matters? A study on female teachers involved in engineering-education through ODL mode

Irrespective of discipline and trade-boundaries, pedagogy of Engineering-Education demands specialty in most of the cases. Teachers’ style of assisting in the process of students’ learning accords influence of sequel of factors and variables some of which may be clubbed under ‘psychopedagogical attributes’. Among the many other factors, these include professional-stress, professional-interest,...

Author(s): Rajarshi Roy and Anjana Paira

November 2013

Demographic information sources and utilization as determinants of educational policy making in South Western Nigeria

The paper examines demographic information sources and utilization as determinants of educational policy making in South West Nigeria. Using validated and structured questionnaire, the study population of 398 officers in the ministries of education in the affected states were enumerated. The study establishes population census, vital registration, sample survey and internally generated technique as main sources of...

Author(s): Belau Olatunde Gbadamosi

November 2013

The impact of peer tutoring on librarians in training at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Peer tutoring plays a very significant role in teaching and learning, its gain is not limited to positive academic performance but extends to social life development. This work seeks  to identify the impact peer tutoring  has on librarians in training at the University of Ibadan, including the motives and strategies of the participants, the benefits derived and the way forward in peer tutoring. Questionnaire...

Author(s): Francisca N. Okoroma

November 2013

Metaphors of primary school students relating to the concept of global warming

The purpose of this study IS to reveal the metaphors of primary school students (n=362) relating to the concept of global warming. Data collected by completing the expression of “global warming is like…, because…” of the students were analysed by use of qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. According to findings of the study, students generated total 148 valid metaphors, and...

Author(s): Mustafa Dogru and Esra Sarac

November 2013

Self-efficacy and attitudes of the teacher candidates who participated in pedagogical formation training

This study was performed to investigate the perception of self-efficacy and attitudes towards teaching profession of the teacher candidates who participated in the certificate program of pedagogical formation training with regards to such variables as gender, age and graduated undergraduate programs. A descriptive survey model was utilized. The study group consisted of 141 teacher candidates who participated in the...

Author(s): Harun ÅžAHÄ°N

November 2013

Academia-industry-government linkages in Tanzania: trends, challenges and prospects

This paper analyzed trends, challenges and prospects of academia-industry-government linkages in Tanzania. Using case study design, and documentary review to gather the required data, the study sought to answer three research questions: (1) what are the trends of academia-industry-government linkages in Tanzania?, (2) what are the challenges facing academia-industry-government linkages in Tanzania?, and (3) what are the...

Author(s): Gasper Mpehongwa

November 2013

On the concept of “Respiration”: Biology student teachers’ cognitive structures and alternative conceptions

In researches, the subject of respiration has been determined to be among subjects about whom participants from all educational levels struggle to form their cognitive structures and have many alternative conceptions. This research was carried out in order to determine biology student teachers’ cognitive structures and alternative conceptions related to the concept of respiration. The qualitative research method...

Author(s): Hakan Kurt, Gülay Ekici, Murat AktaÅŸ and Özlem Aksu

November 2013

Evaluation of articles related to program development in education published in the journal of primary education i,11

The purpose of this study was to make an overall assessment of articles related to program development in education that appeared in the Journal of Primary Education, which had been published between 1939 and 1966.  For this purpose, the articles in the journal were analyzed by using content analysis, and evaluated in terms of program development in education. The general structure and the problems of training...

Author(s): Mustafa GÜÇLÜ

November 2013

The effect of creative drama activities on personal development of housewives

This research was conducted with the purpose of determining the contribution of creative drama to the personal development of housewives. The study group consisted of 17 housewives who attended the Creative Drama Course in 2009 at the Contemporary Drama Association (ÇaÄŸdaÅŸ Drama DerneÄŸi) in Çankaya, Ankara. The qualitative method was employed in this research. As the data collection instrument, the...

Author(s): Murtaza AYKAÇ

November 2013

Teacher recruitment in Turkey: Analysis of teacher selection exams in comparison with Revised Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives

The purpose of the study is to analyze the content validity of Public Personnal Selection Exam (KPSS), which is used for teacher recruitment in Turkey, in accordance with the teaching profession courses and Bloom’s revised taxonomy of educational aims. For this purpose, the study was designed as a descriptive survey model. The data were obtained through document analysis. 720 questions asked in KPSS in the last...

Author(s): Oktay Cem ADIGUZEL

November 2013

The effect of reading strategies on reading comprehension in teaching Turkish as a foreign language

The purpose of this study is to determine which reading strategies students use while learning Turkish as a foreign language and investigate the effects of these strategies on reading comprehension skill. Conducted in compliance with “pretest-posttest control group model” as the experimental design, this research involved totally 36 students who were learning Turkish as a foreign language at Istanbul...

Author(s): Fatma BÖLÜKBAÅž

November 2013

The role of ICT in the teaching and learning of history in the 21st century

This paper examines the role of Information and Communication Technology in the Teaching and Learning of History in the Senior Secondary School in the 21st century. The new Information and communication technologies of internet and multimedia which have led to positive impact in the field of education in most developed countries are still at infancy or not used at all in the classroom instruction in the developing...

Author(s): Adesote, S.A and Fatoki, O.R

November 2013

Making learning and teaching a richer experience: A challenge for rural Fijian primary schools

The purpose of the study was to determine teachers’ perception of the availability and adequacy of resources for the provision of a richer learning and teaching experience to children in a rural Fijian primary school. Analysis of the data gathered from the teachers shows the school to be in dire need of such resources as textbooks, science materials, library books, sports equipment and curriculum materials for...

Author(s): Govinda Ishwar Lingam and Narsamma Lingam