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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 November, 2014; 9(21)

November 2014

EFL teachers’ self-initiated professional development: Perceptions and practices

This study assessed perceptions and practices of secondary schools (Grade 9-12) EFL teachers’ self-initiated professional development. A questionnaire of likert scale items and open-ended questions was used to gather data from thirty-two teachers. The teachers were asked to fill out the questionnaire at Bahir Dar University during their registration for pursuing their second degree in English education. The...

Author(s): Birhanu Simegn

November 2014

Assessing knowledge levels of secondary school physical education and sports teachers about inclusive education

The purpose of the research is to assess knowledge levels of physical education teachers in inclusive education in secondary schools. For the research, the survey method was employed. It consisted of 55 physical education teachers employed in 47 secondary schools included in inclusive education program under Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education. Field experts (faculty members) and the related general...

Author(s): MenÅŸure Aydin

November 2014

The development of will perception scale and practice in a psycho-education program with its validity and reliability

In this research, we aim to develop a 5-point likert scale and use it in an experimental application by performing its validity and reliability in order to measure the will perception of teenagers and adults. With this aim, firstly the items have been taken either in the same or changed way from various scales and an item pool including 61 items highly comprimising significant and probable testing areas have been...

Author(s): Özen Yener

November 2014

The analysis of psychological counselors’ work satisfaction in terms of some variables

In this research, it is investigated whether there are job satisfaction differences among school counselors working at private elementary schools, state elementary schools, and guidance and research centers in Ä°zmir (Türkey). Additionally, the differences among the levels of job satisfaction are examined according to some demographic variables. The sample of the research consists of 258 school counselors in...

Author(s): Yener ÖZEN

November 2014

Knowledge inertia and organizational learning as the explanation of organizational performance

Knowledge is an important concept for individuals and organizations both as a power and source. Thus, knowledge management has become important subject for researchers. However, when people encounter problems, they usually try to produce solutions by utilizing their previous knowledge and experience. Such problem solving strategies are called “Knowledge Inertia”. Purpose of this study is to test the level of...

Author(s): Cemal AKÜZÜM

November 2014

Exploring intercultural competence in teacher education: A comparative study between science and foreign language teacher trainers

This study investigated the intercultural outcomes of short-term study visit programs for Foreign Language and Science teacher trainers. A mixed method including quantitative and qualitative data was used to compare the differences between the two groups’ intercultural development in terms of their study field. Fantini’s questionnaire was used for the quantitative data and as for qualitative data individual...

Author(s): Kadriye Dilek Akpinar and Ä°hsan Ünaldı

November 2014

A Model of e-Learning by Constructivism Approach Using Problem-Based Learning to Develop Thinking Skills for Students in Rajabhat University

This research aimed to develop a model of e-learning by using Problem-Based Learning–PBL to develop thinking skills for students in Rajabhat University. The research is divided into three phases through the e-learning model via PBL with Constructivism approach as follows: Phase 1 was to study characteristics and factors through the model to develop thinking skills, Phase 2 was to construct the model to develop...

Author(s): Werayut Shutimarrungson, Sangkom  Pumipuntu and Surachet  Noirid

November 2014

Thinking styles of teachers, principals, and inspectors

Much of current studies focus on the investigation of the thinking styles of students and teachers. However, exploring school administrators' and inpectors' thinking styles is also critical for increasing students’ achievement at school.  For that purpose, this study was performed to determine the thinking styles of teachers, principals, and inspectors who work in primary education. Thinking Styles...

Author(s): Özlem YeÅŸim Özbek BaÅŸtuÄŸ and Bünyamin Çelik

November 2014

A critical look at lifelong learning

Education, which is a fundamental right of human being, has been transformed into a kind of lifelong prisoning by marketing step by step under the name of lifelong learning. Adult education as one of the most crucial parts of the educational system has also been affected by the global trend of an international actor, the European Union through its lifelong learning approach discoursed in EU official documents...

Author(s): H. Eylem Kaya

November 2014

Organizational justice as a predictor of organizational silence

In this study, relation between teachers’ perception for organizational justice and their organizational silence was examined. Sample of this study consists of 300 teachers who work at elementary schools in Siirt. Relational Scanning model was utilized in performance of this study. In this study, Organizational Justice Scale and Organizational Silence Scales were benefited from. For confirmative factor analyses...

Author(s): Çetin Tan

November 2014

Pre-service teachers’ cognitive competencies to use the approaches in mathematics teaching: Discovery learning

This study aims to present the cognitive competences of the pre-service teacher about discovery learning approach in mathematical education. The study was conducted with 37 mathematics pre-service teachers who study Special Teaching Methods lesson in a state university in Turkey. Throughout the lesson, the approaches used in learning were examined with the pre-service teachers. Afterwards, some open-ended questions...

Author(s): Rezan Yilmaz

November 2014

The difficulties of the bilingual social sciences teacher candidates in educational activities: A case of Agri Ibrahim Cecen University

This study aims at determining the difficulties experienced by bilingual teacher candidates in education. The study has a qualitative design, semi-structured interview is used and data are obtained with content analysis method. The study group of the research includes 117 students studying at different classes in Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, Faculty of Education, and Department of Social Sciences Teaching in 2013-2014...

Author(s): Songül KEÇECÄ° KURT