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Table of Content: 23 December, 2017; 12(24)

December 2017

Observing the technological pedagogical and content knowledge levels of science teacher candidates

This study was planned to observe the technological pedagogical and content knowledge of teacher candidates. The study group consists of 4th grade students of Firat University Faculty of Education who were asked to describe any desired topic in the secondary school science curriculum, using the methods and techniques of their choosing. Teacher candidates talked about topics they had chosen in front of their peers with...

Author(s): Gonca Keçeci and Fikriye KırbaÄŸ Zengin

December 2017

Predicting effective course conduction strategy using Datamining techniques

Data analysis techniques can be used to analyze the pattern of data in different fields. Based on the analysis’ results, it is recommended that suggestions be provided to decision making authorities. The data mining techniques can be used in educational domain to improve the outcome of the educational sectors. The authors carried out this research study by devising a mathematical model and tool to determine...

Author(s): Parkavi A, K. Lakshmi, K.G. Srinivasa

December 2017

Unpacking instructional strategies of early childhood teachers: Insights from teachers’ perspectives

Even though previous research points to the significance of early childhood teachers’ practices that take into consideration the nature of children and how they learn, there is limited research regarding how instructional strategies impact children’s development in diverse ways. To close this gap in literature, a qualitative multi-case study into the perceptions and classroom practices of four kindergarten...

Author(s): Mumuni Thompson

December 2017

Views of pre-service teachers following teaching experience on use of dynamic geometry software

The study aims to determine the views of final-year pre-service mathematics teachers towards their experience of the use of dynamic geometry software in teaching, following the implementation processes that they carried out when using this software in a real classroom environment. The study was designed as a case study, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study was conducted with four pre-service...

Author(s): Kardelen Günes and Menekse Seden Tapan-Broutin

December 2017

Assessment of in-service training activities for junior high mathematics teachers

The current education system aimed to train active deliberative individuals who learn to learn with the adoption of the constructivist educational approach. Based on this objective, there have been significant changes in the roles of teachers. To assist the development of teachers, the Ministry of Education organizes several in-service training activities every year. The present study aimed to assess an in-service...

Author(s): Eyup Izci and Özlem GöktaÅŸ

December 2017

Investigating female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport

The purpose of this study was to investigate female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport in relation to the variables of grade level, the state of having done sport in the past, the reason for not doing sport in the past, the state of doing sport regularly, the level of interest in sport and the existence of a family member doing sport. Participants included 383 pre-service preschool teachers...

Author(s): Osman Dalaman

December 2017

Examining teaching of professional concepts in teacher training and investigating students’ cognitive structures regarding professional concepts

The study aims to determine education faculty students’ cognitive structures regarding professional concepts, and to reveal the views of the students and faculty members about conceptual teaching. The participants of the study, which was designed as a case study, were determined using the criterion sampling method. In the study, which was carried out with a total of 69 education faculty second grade students and...

Author(s): Memet KarakuÅŸ and Fatma KarakuÅŸ

December 2017

Evaluation of teacher candidates writing skills

In this study, 200 volunteer students who were in Faculty of Education printed free essay compositions and the compositions were evaluated by descriptive statistics and content analysis. Content analysis is to interpret similar data within specific contexts and themes. The students were free to choose their own writing topic. The reason for this is the possibility that the person writing in freelance writing is feeling...

Author(s): Bilge BAÄžCI AYRANCI and Filiz METE