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  • Start Year: 2006
  • Published Articles: 2006

Table of Content: 23 March, 2017; 12(6)

March 2017

The effect of literature on personality development of individuals using some variables

The aim of this work is to investigate whether literature has effect on the personality development of individuals or not. This works aims to provide answers to the following research questions: "Does literature have effect on individuals’ general harmony level, their social cohesion levels, personal harmony level, self-actualization level, emotional stability level, neurotic tendencies, psychotic symptoms,...

Author(s): Kasim TatlilioÄŸlu

March 2017

Collaborative network management for enhancing quality education of primary schools

This research aims to study the network and collaborative factors that enhance quality education of primary schools. Different methods were used in this research work: (1) Related approaches, theories, and research literatures and (2) Scholars were interviewed on 871 issues in the form of questionnaire, and the collaborative network factors were verified by 10 experts. Confirmative factor analysis was used for the data...

Author(s): Wisithsak Chaikoed, Chaiyuth Sirisuthi and Kochaporn Numnaphol

March 2017

An investigation of lexical progress of teaching foreign languages (TFL) learners in terms of part-of-speech

In the related literature, it has been discussed that issues related to foreign language lexicon have been ignored; therefore, a solid theory of foreign language lexicon has not been constructed yet.  In the framework of Turkish as a foreign language, the literature lacks both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. To this end, this longitudinal study tries to find out the lexical progress of learners of Turkish...

Author(s): Arif Çerçi

March 2017

Investigation of critical thinking attitudes and reading habits of teacher candidates

This study aims to define reading habits and critical thinking levels of pre-service teachers, who study at departments of classroom and physical education and sports teaching, and presenting the differences between these. The variables of the research were designed in accordance with descriptive research model. In 2016 to 17 academic year fall semester, the universe of the research consists of 250 students. All of...

Author(s): Ali Kizilet

March 2017

Prospective teachers’ lifelong learning tendencies and information literacy self-efficacy

The purpose of this study is to determine the correlations between prospective teachers’ lifelong learning tendencies and their information literacy self-efficacy. It is also to find out if such properties differed significantly in terms of gender, grade, computer usage skills, achievement perception, and willingness to pursue an academic career and workplace belief in achievement. Participants in this study were...

Author(s): Melek Demirel and Buket Akkoyunlu

March 2017

The pedagogical challenges of English for specific purposes (ESP) teaching at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia

The current study explores the challenges faced by English for specific purposes (ESP) program at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Indonesia. As a part of their commitment to improvement, this university is working to better prepare students for employment so that they may function well in their workplaces.  Currently, many English Department graduates apply and are accepted as ESP teachers. However, their...

Author(s): Dwi Poedjiastutie

March 2017

A comparison of burnout levels of preschool teachers in terms of having integration students in their classes or not

The aim of the present study is to compare burnout levels of preschool teachers who have integration students in their classes and those who do not. The sample of the study consists of 185 preschool teachers working in Isparta city and town centers. The data of the study were collected using the Burnout Inventory developed by Maslach and Jackson (1981) and the personal information form designed by the researchers. The...

Author(s): Ümit ÅžAHBAZ and Nazife KOYUTÜRK KOÇER

March 2017

Improving the achievement of second year natural resource management students of Madawalabu University through cooperative learning

The purpose of this action research is to improve the achievement of students in general and, to examine the perception of students and teachers about cooperative learning, to identify major factors affecting the implementation of cooperative learning and to identify the possible strategies used to improve cooperative learning in Madawalabu University, School of Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, particularly...

Author(s): Mohammed Mussa Abdulahi Hakim Hashim and Mohammed Kawo

March 2017

The current teacher education programs in Ethiopia: Reflection on practice

This study threw light on the current practice of Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Program at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. The study focused on the enrolment, graduation and attrition proportion of Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching candidates in the year 2011 and 2015. The 2011 and 2015 academic years have been purposively selected because the in-out-in and in-out training modalities were introduced in these...

Author(s): Geberew Tulu Mekonnen

March 2017

A study on the views of preschool teachers and teacher candidates about the concepts of learning and participation

This study was conducted in order to examine the views of preschool teachers and teacher candidates about the concepts of learning and participation, and to explore how they perceive the relationship between the two. The study group comprised of 10 preschool teachers working at formal preschools located in Afyonkarahisar and affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and 10 teacher candidates who were senior students at...

Author(s): Semra Erkan and TuÄŸçe Akyol