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Table of Content: 23 May 2015; 10(10)

May 2015

Development of the play experience model to enhance desirable qualifications of early childhood

The objectives of this research were to develop the play experience model and to study the effect of usage in play experience model for enhancing the early childhood’s desirable qualification. There were 3 phases of research: 1) the document and context in experience management were studied, 2) the play experience model was developed, and 3) the effect of usage in play experience model for enhancing the early...

Author(s): Watchara Panpum, Wimonrat Soonthornrojana, and Thatsanee Nakunsong

May 2015

Investıgatıon and procedure accordıng to some varıables and attıtudes toward teachıng

The aim of this study is to reveal the attitudes of students to the teaching profession in terms of self-esteem, altruism, social comparison, life satisfaction, humor style, a five-factor personality types of the students of the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program (PFECP), and to determine the relationships if there is between them. According to the results obtained, we found that though there is no...

Author(s): Fikret GÜLAÇTI

May 2015

The “Contextual Contact” in grammar microteachings in teaching English as a foreign language: A teacher training perspective

The grammar microteachings carried out by trainees in teacher education is a critical issue due to the fact that the teaching of grammar has always been a controversial issue throughout the foreign language teaching (FLT) acculturation. There is always some negative reaction to isolated teaching of grammar in communicative language teaching fashion. Traditional and mechanical ways of teaching grammar are always popular...

Author(s): Ä°skenderHakkı Sarıgöz

May 2015

Problems of implementation of strategic plans for secondary schools’ improvement in Anambra State

This study investigated the extent of problems of strategic plans implementation for secondary schools’ improvement in Anambra State, Nigeria for quality education provision.  The study used a descriptive survey design paradigm. Respondents comprised 217 principals. There was no sampling. All the principals were used. Data were collected using ‘Schools’ Strategic Plan Implementation Problems...

Author(s): Fides Okwukweka Chukwumah and Carol Obiageli Ezeugbor

May 2015

Is giving scholarship worth the effort?Loyalty among scholarship recipients

To stay ahead of competition, a significant factor has now become of significance; student loyalty towards higher learning institutions. Hence, scholarship recipients have the expectation to demonstrate a certain degree of loyalty towards their education sponsor. In addition, they play an important role as opinion leaders and walking advertisement for these institutions. However, the challenge that is plaguing...

Author(s): Ismail Nurlida

May 2015

Comparing levels of professional satisfaction in preschool teachers whose classes ınclude or do not ınclude a special-needs student

The purpose of this study is to compare the professional satisfaction of the preschool teachers in whose class there is a student with special needs to the preschool teachers in whose class there are not any students with special needs. The research study group was composed of 185 pre-school teachers who work in the city and county center in Isparta. Reseach data were collected by the researchers by having the...

Author(s): Nazife KOYUTÜRK and Ümit ÅžAHBAZ

May 2015

Pre-service teachers’ motivations toward teaching profession and their opinions about the pedagogic formation program

The present study aimed to investigate pre-service teachers’ motivations toward teaching profession and their opinions about pedagogical formation program. In this study descriptive and correlational research methods were used. It was carried out with (a) graduate students doing a master’s program without thesis, (b) undergraduate students participating in the pedagogic formation program. The total number of...

Author(s): Hasan Åžeker, Sabahattin Deniz  and Ä°zzet Görgen

May 2015

An examination on the quality of contents of the cartoons that children aged 3-6 years preferred to watch: ‘The cartoon I like most’

In this study it was aimed to examine the content quality of cartoons preferred to watch by 3-6 years children. The content quality of the cartoons in current study was investigated under two titles: ‘themes and futures of characters’. Themes of the cartoons were analyzed under three subtitles: reality status, contents and types of messages. Features of the characters in the cartoons were analyzed under four...


May 2015

Opinions of instructors about reading skills of Syrian students learning Turkish

The outbreak of domestic turmoil in Syria in 2011 forced Syrian people to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries, one of which was Turkey. This situation brought many problems, the primary of which was language. In this sense, teaching Turkish to Syrian students became a necessity. Therefore, conducting research on language skills was seriously important.  This paper focused on educating Syrian students on...

Author(s): Mesut GÜN

May 2015

Study on the validity and reliability of Melbourne Decision Making Scale in Turkey

This study is to analyze the validity and reliability of Melbourne Decision Making Questionnaire (MDMQ). The sample consisted of 650 university students. The structural validity of the MDMQ, as well as correlations among its sub-scales, measure-bound validity, internal consistency, item total correlations and test-retest reliability coefficients were determined. A confirmatory factor analysis found that the measure was...

Author(s): OÄŸuzhan ÇolakkadıoÄŸlu and M. Engin Deniz

May 2015

Self-compassion as a predictor of psychological entitlement in Turkish University Students

The purpose of this study is to examine the predictive role of self-compassion on psychological entitlement. Participants were 331 university students (205 women, 126 men, M age= 20.5 years.). In this study, the Self-compassion Scale and the Psychological Entitlement Scale were used to assess self-compassion and psychological entitlement. The relationships between self-compassion and psychological entitlement were...

Author(s): Sahranç, Ümit

May 2015

Pre-service science teachers’ reflective thinking skills toward problem solving

The purpose of the present study is to investigate the pre-service science teachers’ reflective thinking skills toward problem solving and the effects of gender, grade level, academic achievement, type of graduated high school and father and mother’s education level on these skills. The study was conducted through the survey method with the participation of 126 pre-service teachers attending the department...

Author(s): Sendil Can

May 2015

Development of program for enhancing the ideal desirable characteristic of basic school administrators

The objective of this research is to develop a program for enhancing ideal desirable characteristic of basic school administrators. An in-depth interview was done with experts. The opinions of school administrators, assistant school administrators, and teachers as the chiefs of academic work were found out. A total of 330 persons participated in this work. Questionnaire was used as instrument for collecting data from...

Author(s): Chettha Khakhlong, Suwat Julsuwan, Kanokorn Somprach and Samrit Khangpheng

May 2015

The development of web-based collaborative training model for enhancing human performances on ICT for students in Banditpattanasilpa Institute

This research aimed to develop the model of Web-based Collaborative (WBC) Training model for enhancing human performances on ICT for students in Banditpattanasilpa Institute. The research is divided into three phases: 1) investigating students and teachers’ training needs on ICT web-based contents and performance, 2) developing a web-based collaborative training model, 3) assessing the model effectiveness from...

Author(s): Natawut Pumipuntu, Pachoen Kidrakarn, and Somchock Chetakarn

May 2015

A digital storytelling study project on mathematics course with preschool pre-service teachers

Digital storytelling technique is based on a presentation of course content in a story form using multimedia tools. In this study, digital stories were designed for mathematics instruction with preschool pre-service teachers. At the end of the six-week study, preschool students viewed the digital stories created. The study aimed to determine the effects of digital storytelling technique on the views of preschool...

Author(s): Cemil Ä°NAN