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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 23 November, 2014; 9(22)

November 2014

Job satisfaction levels of secondary school Physics, Chemistry and Biology teachers

The purpose of this study is to determine the job satisfaction levels of the teachers participating in the study and to investigate whether their job satisfaction levels differ with respect to certain variables. The participants of the study were 297 science teachers (physics: 104, chemistry: 105, biology: 87 and 1 N/A) from secondary schools in the city of Diyarbakir (Turkey). The research data were collected with a...

Author(s): A. Kadir Maskan

November 2014

Prospective teachers’ views about video-enhanced general biology instruction

The aim of the study is to determine the views of the prospective physics and chemistry teachers about the video-enhanced General Biology instruction. The participants included 19 second-year prospective teachers (10 in Physics and 9 in Chemistry Education) at Necatibey Faculty of Education, Balikesir University, Turkey in the 2011-2012 academic years. Data were collected using semi-structured interview technique and...

Author(s): Gülcan Çetin

November 2014

Teachers’ views on the new measurement and assessment approaches with regard to Mathematics curriculum reform

The aim of this study is to investigate teachers’ views on the new measurement and assessment approaches within the context of secondary school mathematics education reform. With this purpose, the factors which affected the implementation process were determined. The research data were obtained from two teachers via in-depth interviews, observations, and researcher’s notes and case study throughout an...

Author(s): Meral CANSIZ AKTAÅž and Adnan BAKÄ°

November 2014

The effect of concept mapping- guided discovery integrated teaching approach on Chemistry students’ achievement and retention

This study investigates the effects of Concept Mapping-Guided Discovery Integrated Teaching Approach on the achievement and retention of chemistry students. The sample comprised 162 Senior Secondary two (SS 2) students drawn from two Science Schools in Nasarawa State, Central Nigeria with equivalent mean scores of 9.68 and 9.49 in their pre-test. Five instruments  were developed, validated  and used by the...

Author(s): Fatokun K.V.F. and Eniayeju P. A.

November 2014

Who are ‘non-traditional students’? A systematic review of published definitions in research on mental health of tertiary students

The term ‘non-traditional students’ is commonly used in higher education research and yet its definition has been unclear. This study systematically reviewed 45 definitions of ‘non-traditional student’ in mental health research conducted within the higher education context using a standardised data extraction and appraisal tool. Findings suggested a wide range of variations on how this term was...

Author(s): Ethel Chung, Deborah Turnbull and Anna Chur-Hansen 

November 2014

Individual literacy activities with hearing-impaired children in the preschool period

The ability to recognize sight words, phonological awareness, syntax, semantics, and pragmatic skills begins to develop during the preschool period, and is important for formal reading education. The purpose of this study was to define individualized studies that support the development of literacy skills among hearing-impaired preschool children. A qualitative case study methodology was used in this study. The...

Author(s): H. Pelin Karasu

November 2014

Medicine for somewhere: The emergence of place in medical education

Until recently medical education has been largely silent on those aspects of the physician’s life, both professional and unprofessional, that differ from place to place. This has contributed to health inequity through an undersupply of health care workers to many communities. A growing movement for social accountability in medical education has made consideration of place an emergent topic in the field.  We...

Author(s): Brian M. Ross, Kim Daynard, and David Greenwood