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Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

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  • ISSN: 2006-9820
  • DOI: 10.5897/JTEHS
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: July 2011; 3(7)

July 2011

Cadmium toxicity exposure – Induced oxidative stress in postnatal development of Wistar rats

Effect of cadmium on ovary increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) was studied in rat. Lipid peroxidation and the reactive oxygen species, hydrogen peroxide were increased in the ovary of Wistar rat administered with cadmium (50 and 200 ppm) in drinking water on 45 and 65 days of post natal development. Elevation of reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation is suggestive of tissue damage in the rat ovary due to...

Author(s): P. Dailiah Roopha, J. Savarimuthu Michael, C. Padmalatha and A. J. A. Ranjit Singh

July 2011

Frequently-used agrochemicals lead to functional and morphological spermatozoa alterations in rats

It is known that agrochemicals alter male reproductive functions. Previous studies from our lab have demonstrated the relationship between male fertility dysfunction and oxidative-nitrative stress. In this work, morphological and functional spermatozoa parameters were studied in a rat model sub-chronically (5 weeks) intoxicated with low doses (i.p. 1/250 LD50) of a mixture of dimethoate (D), glyphosate (G) and zineb...

Author(s): Hurtado de Catalfo Graciela, Astiz Mariana, Alaniz María J. T. de and Marra Carlos Alberto

July 2011

Design of pilot device for municipal solid waste composting

A mathematical model was developed for static composting process of municipal solid waste (MSW) based on the thermodynamics, kinetics of microbial growth, and hydrodynamics. A pilot scale aerobic ferment device was designed without leachate and malodor discharging. Its reasonable size, leachate collecting and recycling system, air distributing, and malodor recycling system were determined by the model and local...

Author(s): Hua Li,Xianlai Zeng, Qina Sun, Baoquan Huo, Changyong Jing, Hongfen Wang and Liyun Wang

July 2011

Toxicity of Aluminum sulphate (alum) to Nubian goats

This study was conducted to investigate the toxic effect of Aluminum sulphate (alum). Nine Nubian goat kids were divided into 3 groups, each of three goats. Group 1 animals were the undosed controls. Test groups were given alum at dose rates of 1 and 20% respectively for groups 2 and 3 for a period of 10 weeks after an adaptation period of two weeks during which the animals were X kept under ideal experimental...

Author(s): Medani A. B., El Badwi S. M. A. and Amin A. E.