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Table of Content: 18 September 2010; 5(18)

September 2010

Applying bass model and KK model to forecast multinational diffusion in LCD TV industry: Empirical evidence from Asian and North America

In this high-tech era, the internet, globalization and multinational companies are causing increasingly rapid changes in the environment. They are also affecting the economic patterns of the global market, changing consumer purchasing behavior. Due to research and marketing process of a new product or new technology development, enterprises are no longer the focus of the single market strategy. Enterprises are...

Author(s): Li-Min Chuang and Cheng-Keng Hsu

September 2010

Advanced technologies for archaeological documentation: Patara case

The documentation of cultural heritage has been ongoing for several decades. In parallel with the progress of technology, the conventional techniques are slowly being replaced with more advanced ones. In particular, the advances in digital photogrammetry and laser scanning systems present significant improvements and opportunities for those working in this field. Hurmalik Bath and Palestra Complex reside in Patara...

Author(s): Feray Ergincan, Alper Çabuk, UÄŸur Avdan and Muammer Tün

September 2010

Data communication for real-time positioning and navigation in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)/continuously operating reference stations (CORS) networks

Today, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), real time differential correction techniques, CORS networks, GNSS user equipments, wireless communications and networking (WCN) systems, cellular systems, mobile navigation and Internet GPS are the systems used for different purposes in scientific, commercial and daily life areas. The latest innovations and developments in these systems play vital role in human life....

Author(s): Taylan Öcalan and Nursu TunalıoÄŸlu

September 2010

Effects of dexamethasone on expression of heat shock protein 70 in the liver of rats with traumatic shock

It is still unknown whether glucocorticoid has certain effect on the HSP70 expression and structure, and function of the liver after traumatic shock, so in the present study, we investigated the effects of dexamethasone on heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) expression, liver structure and function in rats with traumatic shock. However, a hemorrhagic shock model was established by inducing bilateral femoral fractures in male...

Author(s): Donglin Luo, Baohua Liu, Jihong Zhou, Xiaobao Ren, Renping Xiong, Tao Li and Guangyan Li

September 2010

RMS and power measurement using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform

Measurement of signal’s effective values and calculation of active-reactive-apparent-distortion powers using these measured effective values are one of the most important tasks in the energy systems. Calculations of the effective values and powers by using the classical methods are based on the Fourier transformations. On the other hand, due to the Fourier transformation having some disadvantages such as...

Author(s): Fahri Vatansever

September 2010

Evaluation of geotechnical properties of the salt layers on the Lake Tuz

In this study, a soil survey of Lake Tuz was performed to determine the equipment to be used to collect salt from the saltpans of Lake Tuz. Moreover, the shearing and bearing strengths of the related salt layer were calculated considering the salt production and the salt quality, and the effects of the soil contamination in the lake were investigated. For this purpose, salt blocks were cut from the Cihanbeyli-YavÅŸanli...

Author(s): Mustafa Yildiz and Ali Sinan SoÄŸanci

September 2010

Mapping of electromagnetic pollution at 1800 MHz GSM (global system for mobile communication) frequency in Konya

Mobile phones are a vital part of daily life; thus, the rate of usage of mobile phones is increasing on a daily basis. Because they work in connection with base stations, number of base stations has to be boosted as long as the trend in the use of them continues. Because each base station runs by radiating electromagnetic waves, this is a disturbing condition for people from a medical point of view. Thus, it is...

Author(s): S. SavaÅŸ Durduran, Osman Uygunol and Levent Seyfi

September 2010

Investigation of critical bus values in electric power system using simulated annealing and Tabu search algorithms

The critical values of a power system are the limit values of voltage stability. These are: the values of the highest active power that load busses can take and the values of voltage amplitude and angle of the busses in this condition.  In this research, the critical values in electric power systems are defined with Simulated Annealing (SA) and Tabu Search (TS) algorithms. These algorithms are known as heuristic...

Author(s): S. Tosun, A. Öztürk and M. A. Yalçın

September 2010

Policy challenges towards potential climate change impacts: In search of agro-climate stability

This study focuses on climate-related vulnerability for Malaysian agriculture. We use an analysis of impacts based on observational records of inter-annual variability in precipitation and warming climatic factors. The assessment involved General Circulation Models (GCMs) together with the Stern Review study to represent a range of plausible climate scenarios and economic outcomes. This study investigates the major...

Author(s): Abul Quasem Al-Amin, Mohammad Nurul Azam, Mahbuba Yeasmin and Fatimah Kari

September 2010

Effective improvement depth for ground treated with rapid impact compaction

Ground improvement has been used on many construction sites to densify granular material, in other word, to improve soil properties and reduce potential settlement. This paper evaluates the efficiency of rapid impact compaction (RIC), which is an improvement on the process of deep dynamic compaction, in ground improvement. In this technique, ground improvement is achieved by impacting the ground with a 7 tone weight, 35...

Author(s): M. Mohammed Mohammed, Roslan Hashim and A. Firas Salman

September 2010

Numerical simulation of dynamic side impact test for an aluminium alloy wheel

A great number of wheel test are requited in designing and manufacturing of wheels to meet the safety requirements. The impact performance of wheel is a major concern of a new design. The test procedure has to comply with international standards, which establishes minimum mechanical requirements, evaluates axial curb and impact collision characteristics of wheels. Numerical implementation of impact test is essential to...

Author(s): Muhammet Cerit

September 2010

Energy and exergy analyses of a serial flow four cyclone stages precalciner type cement plant

In the present work, an alternative method to investigate the irreversibility in thermal systems was presented by applying in a cement plant. The method developed can also be applied to other thermal systems. Energy and exergy balances were calculated for whole system and its sub-units, which consist of clinker cooling, rotary kiln, calciner and preheater cyclone units. In the analyses, irreversibility sources are...

Author(s): Ahmet Kolip

September 2010

Isolation and molecular sub typing of Salmonella enterica from chicken, beef and street foods in Malaysia

This study was conducted to determine and identify Salmonella isolated from chicken meat, beef and street food (poultry and beef products) and the genetic diversity of Salmonella by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Eighty-eight non-repeat Salmonella isolates from 300 food samples were isolated and characterized using conventional culture, biochemical and serological methods and...

Author(s): Shabnam Modarressi, and Kwai Lin Thong,

September 2010

Effects of Cbfa1 on osteoanagenesis during avascular necrosis of femoral head

We observed the effect of Cbfa1 on bone regeneration and microvessel density (MVD) in the process of avascular necrosis of femoral head (ANFH). Imageology and morphology were taken to verify the success of the ANFH models. Meanwhile, real-time PCR was performed to observe the dynamic expression of Cbfa1. The surface cartilage of the femoral head and the subchondral bone began to degenerate since 4 weeks post-operation;...

Author(s): Li Zhang-hua, Liao Wen, Cui Xi-long, Chen You-hao, Liu Tian-shu, Liu Ming and Yang Yi

September 2010

Relationship between destructive and non-destructive method of concretes containing natural zeolite and blast furnace slag

This paper reports the results of a study conducted to evaluate the influence of natural zeolite (NZ) and blast furnace slag (BFS) and both NZ+BFS on the ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV), compressive strength, flexure strength and density of concrete. In addition, the relationship between UPV and destructive compressive strength are evaluated. NZ, BFS and both NZ+BFS are used as the mineral admixtures in replacement of...

Author(s): Ali Oz and Ibrahim Turkmen

September 2010

Comparing lifestyles, social support, body mass index and history of menses between Mashhad University of Medical Sciences students with and without primary dysmenorrheal

Dysmenorrheal is a common gynecological disorder in women of reproductive age that causes social, physical, psychological and economic problems. As the risk factors affect dysmenorrheal therefore this study is performed to compare life style, social support, BMI and history of menses between Mashhad university of Medical Sciences Students, with and without primary dysmenorrheal. In this descriptive analytical study...

Author(s): Gholamreza Jandaghi and Zohreh Khalajinia

September 2010

Numerical investigation on reinforcement requirement for piles embedded in clay

In this study the necessity of reinforcement in concrete pile (bored or driven) is assessed. The soil was assumed to be unsaturated and homogeneous clayey soil. Throughout the study, a finite element computer program was developed and the pile was modeled as a beam-on-elastic foundation. The soil is represented by discrete spring. The stiffness of each spring is considered to be linearly variable with depth. The moment...

Author(s): Firas A. Salman, Mohammed Y. Fattah, Mohammed M. Mohammed and Roslan Hashim

September 2010

Wound healing potential by hyaluronate gel in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

This study was conducted to investigate whether topical application of Hyaluronate gels could improve the impaired wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Four groups of adult male Sprague Dawley rats, 2 cm full-thickness skin wound were experimentally created on the posterior neck area of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats (STZ). Wounds of Group 1 animals were topically treated with the vehicle, gum...

Author(s): F. Al Bayaty, M. Abdulla, M. I. Abu Hassan and M. Masud

September 2010

Demographic features of acute drug poisoning admitted to Inonu University Hospital in Malatya, Turkey

In this study, the patients appealed to Emergency Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Inonu, Malatya, Turkey because the acute drug poisoning in the period from 01/01/2008 to 31/12/2009 were evaluated retrospectively. Demographic features of the patients, the agent responsible for poisoning and hospitalization rates were assessed. In this aim, we evaluated 178 patients, ages ranged from 18 to 77.79...

Author(s): Hakan Oguzturk, Muhammet Gokhan Turtay, Esra Pamukcu and Osman Ciftci

September 2010

Heat gain through Trombe wall using solar energy in a cold region of Turkey

In this study, heat gain from solar energy through Trombe wall was investigated in Turkey. The wall materials, reinforced concrete, brick and autoclaved aerated concrete, were taken into consideration with various surface colours. The passive heating potential of Trombe wall was estimated by using unutilizability method which is used in the designs of passive systems for heat gain. The results indicated that the annual...

Author(s): Türkan Göksal Özbalta and Semiha Kartal

September 2010

Analysis of visibility level in road lighting using image processing techniques

In this study, visibility of objects on the road is tested using image processing techniques over the photo of an illuminated road. Visibility level standard of the international commission on illumination was used was for this test. Through software developed for this purpose, a correlation was established between the qualitative values of pixels and photometric units over the road photo using image processing...

Author(s): Ismail Serkan Üncü and Mehmet KayakuÅŸ

September 2010

Agro-ecological aspects of groundwater utilization: A case study

Groundwater is an important source of irrigation and public supplies in Bangladesh. It is the main source of water available in Trishal upazila during dry season. The experimental soils were heterogeneous ranging from clay to silty clay loam. The results indicated that on an average soil pH, percentage nitrogen, organic carbon and sulphur were low and phosphorous was high in all land types. The lowest water level...

Author(s): S. M. Shirazi, Shatirah Akib, Firas A. Salman, U. Johnson Alengaram and Mohammed Jameel

September 2010

Social determinants of using healthcare services by Spanish women with disabilities

Historically, women with disabilities perceive their health status as worse than women without disabilities. Also, women with disabilities require healthcare at higher rates than nondisabled women and are at increased risk of developing secondary conditions if their healthcare needs are not met. For these reasons, the main aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of several social factors in the use of healthcare...

Author(s): María-Leticia Meseguer-Santamaría, José Mondéjar-Jiménez and Manuel Vargas-Vargas

September 2010

Early growth and survival of Avicennia alba seedlings under excessive sedimentation

A field study of growth and survival of Avicennia alba seedlings was conducted at a reforestation site where excessive sediment accretion resulted in seedling burial. A nearby natural habitat, where the sedimentation was not active, was also monitored as control plot. Seedlings height and number of leaves increments and survival rates have been measured monthly as indicators of the growth performance....

Author(s): Nur Arina Muhamad Affandi, Babak Kamali, Rozainah MZ, Noraini Mohd Tamin and Roslan Hashim

September 2010

Multi sensor data fusion for change detection

When performing post-classification comparison using images of different sensors, change detection is still possible even if images have different resolutions. However, in this case, change pixels are detected in the pixel size of coarser resolution image. This problem can be solved using higher resolution aerial photographs or panchromatic images if available. In multi sensor image fusion, images of higher resolution...

Author(s): O. Gungor and O. Akar

September 2010

Material-form relationship in traditional residential architecture and its effects on façades

Knowing and learning the values and meanings of historical environments, and determining the cultural riches and keeping them alive in order to preserve these environments are very important for the cultural continuity. In order to do this, first of all such physical elements as documents with historical characteristics must be analyzed and evaluated. To this end, the center of Sürmene district of the city Trabzon...

Author(s): Reyhan  Akat, Birgül ÇakıroÄŸlu and Nurgül Ay