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Table of Content: August; 4(8)

August 2009

Apricot culture in Turkey

Turkey is divided into nine agro-ecological regions with mountainous terrain in the periphery, a relatively flat central plateau and a narrow coastal strip. This country has diverse environment with mountains, valleys, plains and numerous rivers and lakes. Over a quarter of the country is covered with forests and woodlands. This results in marked variations in climate and vegetation around the country. Turkey and Iran...

Author(s): Ercisli, S

August 2009

Problems of land readjustment process in Turkey

Land readjustment is a method providing alternative potentials for both its implementing authorities and the property owners. Thus, the consistency of the legal framework which determines the way of the method used is of great importance. However, how the method is applied in Turkey is considered problematic. The main problems in the method are; exclusion of property owners from the participative process, calculating...

Author(s): Rahmi Erdem and Mehmet Caglar Meshur

August 2009

Comparison of the efficiency of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite as nutrients in the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water

The role of Aspergillus niger (fungus) and the use of 0.2 M sodium nitrate and 0.2 M sodium nitrite as nutrients on the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water was investigated in this study. 2 samples of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water each had 0.2 M NaNO3 (aq) and 0.2 M NaNO2 (aq) and A. nigeradded and a control was monitored over a period of 49 days for...

Author(s): K. O. Obahiagbon and  E. O. Aluyor

August 2009

The effect of crude oil on microorganisms and dry matter of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis)

The effect of crude oil on microorganisms and dry matter of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) was investigated. The soil was treated with different levels of crude oil: 0% (control), 1, 3 and 6% v/w. There was no significant different in bacteria count after 35 days in all the treatments. The mean fungi count of 4.5±0.4 x104 and 3.3±0.5x104cfu/g in the 3% and 6% pollutions, respectively. Pumpkin...

Author(s): M. A. Ekpo and C. J. Ebeagwu

August 2009

Improving the performance of bubble sort using a modified diminishing increment sorting

Sorting involves rearranging information into either ascending or descending order. There are many sorting algorithms, among which is Bubble Sort. Bubble Sort is not known to be a very good sorting algorithm because it is beset with redundant comparisons. However, efforts have been made to improve the performance of the algorithm. With Bidirectional Bubble Sort, the average number of comparisons is slightly reduced and...

Author(s): Oyelami Olufemi Moses

August 2009

Transfer of gentamicin resistance genes among enterobacteriaceae isolated from the outpatients with urinary tract infections attending 3 hospitals in Mubi, Adamawa State

300 urine samples with significant bacteriuria collected from 3 hospitals in Mubi were analysed for presence of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria. 187 urine samples comprising 68.9% female and 31.1% male yielded Enterobacteriaceae bacteria growth. The isolates...

Author(s): E. E. Akortha and J. Filgona

August 2009

A comparison of problem-based learning and traditional lecture students’ expectations and course grades in an introductory physics classroom

The purpose of this study was to compare problem-based learning (PBL) and traditional lecture students’ expectations about physics and physics learning and course grades in an introductory physics classroom. A total of 264 (PBL, n = 100; traditional, n = 164) freshman engineering students of Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) in Izmir, Turkey participated in the study. Student expectations were measured through the pre...

Author(s): Mehmet Sahin and Nurettin Yorek

August 2009

The role of satellite remote sensing data and GIS in population census and management in Nigeria: A case study of an ea in Enugu, Nigeria

The paper examines the nature of census operations in Nigeria and identifies the contribution of satellite remote sensing (SRS) data and geographic information system (GIS) to the contingency planning, mapping and management of census (attributes) datasets in Nigeria.  Enumeration Areas (EAs) of a site in Enugu, Nigeria was mapped. The census datasets were modeled and presented as an ideal process. This was...

Author(s): Chijioke G. Eze

August 2009

Environmental mitigation and regeneration through sustainable farming and food security

We recognized the farming practice of the communities around Keyo hills in Kilak, which is a complex and fragile ecosystem, as being purely dependent on annual food and cash crops production system and rain fed agriculture in nature. There are noticeable decline in food and cash crops production in the area. There are regular reported cases of mild to severe famine in the northern and eastern parts of Uganda. The...

Author(s): J. H. Pen-Mogi Nyeko

August 2009

Effect of the computer based game on pre-service teachers’ achievement, attitudes, metacognition and motivation in chemistry

The purpose of this study is to explore whether the support of traditional teaching methods with computer based games has any effect on students’ achievement in chemistry course, their attitude towards chemistry, their metacognition level and motivation. For this aim, before the application, Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT), Chemistry Attitude Scale (CAS) and Metacognitive Activities Inventory...

Author(s): Cengiz Tüysüz

August 2009

The effect of mineral admixture type on the modulus of elasticity of high strength concrete

In this article, 2 sources was studied , rich in reserves, pumice and zeolite’s effects on elasticity modulus which is an important criterion of high strength concrete (HSC), for this reason, HSC was produced by pumice and zeolite’s replacement for the concrete in proportion of “0, 5, 10 and 15%” to the binder mass. Deformation controlled compressive strength tests was performed on concrete...

Author(s): KürÅŸat Yıldız and Latif Onur UÄŸur

August 2009

Gifted students’ opinion about physics education in science and art centers

The aim of this study was to investigate the gifted students’ opinion about physics education in the Science and Art Centers. This study has been conducted for three years on 178 different students who got their education in the Aydın DoÄŸan Science and Art Centre. Gifted Students’ Opinions toward Physics Education Inventory was applied to gifted students’ in Science and Art Center. The results of the...

Author(s): Yunus Karakuyu

August 2009

Mode of joint action response to binary mixtures of three refined petroleum products by Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings

The toxicities of three refined petroleum products and their binary mixtures based on predetermined and equitoxic ratios of 1:1, 1:6 for petrol-kerosene; 1:1, 1:2 for petrol-diesel and 1:1, 1:3 for diesel–kerosene respectively were evaluated against the fingerlings of Oreochromis niloticus, in laboratory bioassays. The interactions between binary mixtures showed significant departures from the action of the...

Author(s): L. O. Chukwu and B. O. Okhumale

August 2009

Screening of organophosphorus pesticides in a Taiwanese agricultural community college

Two schools in Southern Taiwan, one college school in an agricultural area and another senior high school in a metropolitan area, were selected for assay of 46 organophosphorus pesticides in air during July 2007. Analytical results for samples collected outside the classroom in an agricultural area showed that chlorpyrifos had the highest detection frequency (50%) and its median and arithmetical means of measured...

Author(s): C. C. Cheng, S. M. Lin and F. H. Chang

August 2009

Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) among pregnant women in Akwa metropolis, Southeastern Nigeria

This study reports the bacteriological aetiology and incidence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics at hospitals in Akwa metropolis, Southeastern Nigeria. A total of 100 mid-stream urine samples were collected and cultured for the presence of bacterial pathogens, 54 showed significant bacterial growth while 46 showed no significant bacterial growth. Bacterial agents...

Author(s): C. H. Obiogbolu, I. O. Okonko, C. O. Anyamere, A. O. Adedeji, A. O. Akanbi , A. A. Ogun, J. Ejembi and T. O. C. Faleye