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IJEAPS Articles

Shared governance: Determining faculty members’ current level of participation in institutional decision making in Shaqra University and TVTC

November 2018

University shared governance refers to the control and administration of higher education institution in which faculty members, administrators, and trustees share equal responsibilities. Currently, shared governance between faculty members and administrators inside academic institutions is still an unending point of concern in the educational realm worldwide including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus, this paper wants...

Author(s): Mansour A. Al-miman  

Effect and snags of provision of in-service education and training for teachers in basic schools for the deaf

November 2018

Regular and effective provision of in-service training for teachers is a necessary practice for the educational development of any country. The provision of effective in-service training and education for special teachers is however bedeviled with many challenges. To appraise the effect and problems of in-service training in Ghana, a survey involving 90 teachers from three schools for the deaf namely: Savelugu, Wa and...

Author(s): Cecilia Alimatu Issaka  

Stress coping strategies used by the management staff of colleges of education in Nigeria

November 2018

The study examined stress coping strategies used by the management staff of colleges of education in Nigeria. A descriptive research of the survey design was used for the study. The sample of the study consisted of 1500 respondents, comprising 294 principal officers, 294 deans of schools and 910 heads of departments. Purposive stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select the sample. A...

Author(s): YUSUF, Musibau Adeoye, AFOLABI Festus Oluwole and ADIGUN Johnson ‘Tayo

Applying business models to higher education

October 2018

The purpose of this qualitative study is to understand how operating models and organizational structure impact the effectiveness of higher education institutions for students, faculty, administrators and the broader community. In this case study, the researcher uses the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria (MBNQAC) to understand core values and the concepts of those seven criteria which are: 1) leadership...

Author(s): Sibel Ahi  

Examination of the competencies of the pre-service teachers studying at the education faculties about the educational program literacy

October 2018

Teaching programs are the basic elements and guides of the education-teaching processes. The correct understanding of the content of the teaching programs reveals the concept of the educational program literacy. The aim of this research is to study to identify the competencies of the educational program literacy of the pre-service teachers studying in the education faculties by arithmetic mean of the answers given to...

Author(s): Okan Sarıgöz and Yavuz Bolat  

Educational policies and programmes implementations: A case study of education funding, universal basic education (UBE) and teacher education

August 2018

The present state of the Nigeria education system brings worry to the hearts of all stakeholders because education goals such as producing skilled and professionally competent graduates, basic education for all, education for technological advancement, all to fulfil the dream of national development and prosperity, are yet farfetched from being a reality. Literatures were reviewed on three of the policies in education,...

Author(s): R. I. Osarenren-Osaghae and Q. O. Irabor  

Universal basic education (UBE) policy implementation challenges: The dilemma of junior secondary schools administrators in Nigeria

July 2018

The study examined the challenges hindering implementation of the universal basic educational (UBE) policy in Nigeria. The study is a descriptive survey research. The population of the study comprised all the two hundred and twenty one principals in Ebonyi state public junior secondary schools. Proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used to select 100 principals for the study. Instrument used for data...

Author(s): Aja S. N., Egwu S. O., Aja-Okorie U., Ani T. and Amuta N. C.  

Comparative investigation of alternative assessment methods used in Turkey and United States elementary 4th grade mathematics curriculum

July 2018

This study investigated the applicability of alternative assessment methods used in 4th grade mathematics curriculum in Turkey and the United States with the intent of implementing these methods more effectively in elementary schools. The sampling included six elementary schools with twelve teachers in Adıyaman in Turkey; four elementary schools with twelve teachers in Pittsburgh, PA in the U.S. Qualitative data were...

Author(s): Mehmet Demir, Cynthia, A. Tananis and UÄŸur BaÅŸboÄŸaoÄŸlu

Anatomy of pay in decentralisation by devolution in Tanzania

July 2018

Decentralization has become an eminent discourse for boosting people’s participation in decision making. Arguably, one of the pillars to boost good governance. Nevertheless, various levels of governance, which have resulted from decentralisation by devolution have varied perspectives on rewards for the work they perform especially the lowest namely village and ward levels. The contestation is on who deserves to...

Author(s): King Norman A. S.  

Factors associated with organizational commitment of academic employees in Botswana

June 2018

Organizational commitment is a major determinant of organizational effectiveness and desirable employee attitudes and behaviours. Highly committed academic staff are the backbone of universities since they play an important role in the success of their institutions. This study investigated factors associated with organizational commitment among academic employees of a university in Botswana using a representative sample...

Author(s): Thabo T. Fako, Esther Nkhukhu-Orlando, Debra R. Wilson, Ntonghanwah Forcheh and James G. Linn

Administrative challenges and principals’ managerial effectiveness in Ogun State public secondary schools

May 2018

This study examined administrative challenges and principals’ managerial effectiveness in Ogun State secondary schools. The study population was 13,123 teachers in the state’s secondary schools from which a sample of 900 teachers was drawn from 35 schools using simple random and proportionate random sampling techniques. A self-developed instrument tagged Administrative Challenges and Principals’...

Author(s): Olorunsola E. O. and Belo F. A.

Longitudinal changes among adolescents`well-being at school and the importance of gender and overweight

May 2018

The experience of well-being at school, both in the recesses and at school lessons, is of great importance for all students. The Norwegian school laws confirm that every student has the right to experience well-being at school, which will lead to healthiness and good learning. Literature search indicates that there is a lack of longitudinal studies in relation to the development of students` well-being at recesses and...

Author(s): Grandemo Liv Iren and Lagestad Pål Arild

Erosion of autonomy: The pitfall of educational management in Nigeria universities

April 2018

This study examined the concept of autonomy and its effect on the management of universities in Nigeria. Four major dimensions of university autonomy were investigated. An instrument titled Erosion of University Autonomy Questionnaire (EUAQ) was used to collect data. The instrument was administered for four universities. The study employed a descriptive research of the survey type. The data collected ware subjected to...

Author(s): Edith O. Olorunsola

An examination of teacher candidates’ attitudes towards teaching profession

April 2018

Teaching profession is one of the hardest jobs of today. Teachers who raise the safeguards of our future, that is, our students should be aware of the principles, methods and techniques needed for teaching; should have taken the pedagogical formation training, should have enhanced communication skills and should closely follow science and technology with a mind open to modernization. Teachers also must carry the feeling...

Author(s): BaÅŸ Muhammet and Okan Sarigöz

Creating change in the use of information and communications technology by female Islamic studies teachers in Saudi Arabia

March 2018

The range of research undertaken in the area of the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the teaching-learning process indicates the importance of the need for such a tool. Paradoxically, there is lack of emphasis on Islamic teachers and specifically female Islamic teachers. This study was conducted in 2017 using a range of quantitative methods and analysis involved 87 female participants who...

Author(s): Majed Alsharidah  

Building the capability of non-formal education teachers to develop a learning society for promoting lifelong education in Thailand

February 2018

This study aims to study Thai non-formal education teachers’ perceptions of their opportunities to obtain knowledge about the learning society; identify the knowledge of non-formal education teachers need about the learning society which could be obtained through a distance learning package; and to develop and evaluate distance learning package on the learning society for the non-formal education teachers. The...

Author(s): Sumalee Sungsri  

Influence of instructional resources in learning agriculture in secondary school on employment creation in Vihiga County, Kenya

January 2018

The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of instructional resources in learning agriculture in secondary school on employment creation in Vihiga County, Kenya. The study was conducted in Emuhaya Constituency, and it adopted qualitative research design using descriptive survey method. The target population was the youth who learnt agriculture in secondary schools. The study purposively sampled 150 youth...

Author(s): SERAPHINE Sherry Aholi, JACOB J. J. Ochieng’ Konyango and JOASH K. Kibett

Absentee rates in physical education in high schools: The importance of gender and study programmes

December 2017

Little is known about absenteeism in high school physical education (PE) in relation to study programme and gender. This study investigated the impact of gender and study programme on absentee rates in PE by analyzing data, using non-parametric statistical analyses, from the absentee registers for all 6928 students in Nordland Country. The results showed that the absentee rates in PE differed among four categorized...

Author(s): Pål Lagestad, Boye Welde, Vebjørn Rånes and Hege Myhre

Challenges of implementing the contributory pension scheme in public universities in Nigeria

December 2017

This study discussed the challenges of implementing the contributory pension scheme in public universities in Nigeria. The rationale, objectives, and features of the contributory pension reform act of 2014 (amended) were discussed. Secondary sources of data were used for the discussion and the views of other scholars as it concerns the implantation of the contributory pension scheme. The identified challenges includes:...

Author(s): Onukwu James

Importance of knowledge management at Mauritius Institution of Education

November 2017

This paper aims to explore the permeability of the knowledge management (KM) concept at Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), a leading Higher Education Institution (HEI) in teacher training established five decades ago. HEIs consolidate their strengths in a number of ways but managing the quality and quantity of knowledge and education can leverage its competitive advantage. Looking thoroughly at KM concepts in HEIs...

Author(s): Nazeerah Sheik Abbass

Longitudinal changes and predictors of adolescents’ enjoyment in physical education

September 2017

Longitudinal studies on adolescents’ enjoyment in physical education (PE) are lacking. This study examined students’ self-reported enjoyment and predictors of enjoyment in PE in school among students from age 14 to 19, using questionnaires and interviews. From the results, enjoyment in PE increases among girls during high school, while students that participate weekly in organized sport report greater...

Author(s): Pål Lagestad

Leaders’ underestimation, overestimation or alignment: Perspectives in program implementation

August 2017

Leadership is critical to shaping and supporting individual teachers’ endeavors to integrate new programs into their teaching. To determine the necessary support, leaders must be aware of the needs of the school and its individuals. In understanding their needs, leaders can then support teachers through appropriate professional development and the discussion of identified issues to sustain improvements in teaching...

Author(s): Veronica Steffen and Angeles Bueno Villaverde 

Challenges and gaps in children’s transition from early childhood development to grade one in Zimbabwe

July 2017

The study focused on challenges and gaps faced by children during the transition period from early childhood development (ECD) to primary education and possible solutions to them. It adopted the qualitative methodological approach through the use of Focus Group Discussions with councillors, education officials, child care workers, chiefs, parents and teachers. Document analysis provided an additional layer of transition...

Author(s): E. Chikwiri and J. Musiyiwa

The mediating role of job satisfaction on the relationship between teachers' perceptions of supervisor support and job performances

July 2017

The main purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between teachers' perceptions of supervisor support and job performances and the mediating role of job satisfaction in this relationship. The study group consists of 206 teachers working in the public high schools in the Giresun province centre during the 2016-2017 academic year. The study group has been determined by simple randomized sampling method. In...

Author(s): Tevfik UZUN and Güven ÖZDEM 

Enhancing the standard of teaching and learning in the 21st century via qualitative school-based supervision in secondary schools in Abuja municipal area council (AMAC)

June 2017

The study focused on enhancing the standard of teaching and learning in the 21st century via qualitative school-based supervision in secondary schools in Abuja municipal area council. To guide the study, two null hypotheses were formulated. A descriptive survey research design was adopted. The sample of the study constituted of 270 secondary schools teachers in Abuja municipal area council. The study employed...

Author(s): Ebele Uju F. and Olofu Paul A.

Cluster supervision practices in primary school of Jimma Zone

May 2017

The main objective of this study was to assess the supervisory practice of cluster resource centre (CRC) supervisors in Jimma Zone primary schools. To achieve this purpose, the descriptive survey design was employed. Data were collected from 238 randomly selected teachers, and 60 school principals with a response rate of 98.6%. Moreover, 12 CRC supervisors and 6 woreda supervision coordinators participated through...

Author(s): Afework, E. A., Frew, A.T. and Abeya, G. G.  

Relationship of the cognitive functions of prospective science teachers and their knowledge, knowledge levels, success and success levels

April 2017

This study reveals the transformation of prospective science teachers into knowledgeable individuals through classical, combination, and information theories. It distinguishes between knowledge and success, and between knowledge levels and success levels calculated each through three theories. The relation between the knowledge of prospective teachers and their cognitive functions is defined through the results gained...

Author(s): Yilmaz Ismail 

Personal reflections of comfort and upset moments in leadership journey

April 2017

Leadership is one of the key factors for development of all organizations be they small or large. This study describes the feelings and thinking of the author on leadership aspects basing on his own practical experiences from being a University of Dodoma Academic Staff Association’s Leader. The author was elected as a chairperson of the University of Dodoma Academic Staff Association (UDOMASA) in October 2010, and...

Author(s): Paul Loisulie 

Inclusion in public administration: Developing the concept of inclusion within a school of accounts and administration

March 2017

This study originates from ongoing action research that aims to develop institutional opportunities to reflect on and take decisions about inclusion in the School of Accounts and Administration of Rio de Janeiro’s State Accounts Office. The research was organized in three phases. The first phase was an in-service course to sensitize professionals about inclusion. The second stage comprised the reformulation of the...

Author(s): Mônica Pereira dos Santos, Sandra Cordeiro de Melo, Mylene Cristina Santiago and Paula Nazareth 

Women’s role and their styles of leadership

March 2017

This research had three objectives: determining the level of participation of women in the academic leadership of Addis Ababa University (AAU), specifying the types of leadership styles women leaders demonstrate, and tracing the factors that led to those styles. Two key research instruments were used: questionnaires and interview. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected using the instruments. Means were used in...

Author(s): Mekasha Kassaye Gobaw

Demographic variables and students use of e-learning resources in public secondary schools libraries in Rivers State of Nigeria

February 2017

The applications of e-learning resources to studies, teaching and learning by both staff and students have been investigated. However, the provision of e-learning tools for stake-holders is a modern goal to improving as well as achieving the quality of educational system in the twenty first century is imperative. Students’ demographic variables and the use of e-learning  resources in selected public secondary...

Author(s): C. N. Owate, M. Afolabi and P. C. Akanwa 

The perils of bureaucratic complexity: Education for all in Nigeria

January 2017

This paper reports research which investigated the issue of access in the Universal Basic Education (UBE) and sought to know why access to education remains the biggest challenge with over 10.5 million school-aged children out of school in Nigeria (NUT, 2004; UBEC, 2004; UNICEF Report, 2015). Data for this study were collected through document analysis and interviews with 30 bureaucrats responsible for implementing UBE...

Author(s): Stephen Dele Bolaji, Glenda Campbell-Evans and Jan Rosemary Gray 

The use of problem-solving techniques to develop semiotic declarative knowledge models about magnetism and their role in learning for prospective science teachers

November 2016

This study aims to develop a semiotic declarative knowledge model, which is a positive constructive behavior model that systematically facilitates understanding in order to ensure that learners think accurately and ask the right questions about a topic. The data used to develop the experimental model were obtained using four measurement tools applied to the participants’ efforts teaching science to 1st-graders....

Author(s): Yilmaz Ä°smail 

Value chain, stakeholders analysis and technology: A holistic and integrated approach for determining the cumulative added value of education

October 2016

The research problem addressed in this study focused on the students’ assessment issue. Although the assessment of student learning should form part of the curriculum of school programs, many educational institutions do not make student assessment part of their teaching and learning routines. A holistic and integrated framework, which encompasses an interdisciplinary approach, to determine the cumulative added...

Author(s): Saud Abdullah Ben Khudair and Abdalla Khidir Abdalla

The impact of Cambridge and the determination of fair use in educational settings

September 2016

The Fair Use exemption to copyright infringement is a difficult concept for those within the legal community because of its unique “case-by-case” application.  Without any red line rules, providing guidance to typical users is even more challenging. This paper reviews several recent cases regarding the application of Fair Use and how the interpretation of Fair Use varies across the Federal Circuits. The...

Author(s): Timothy D. Shields

Development of a training program for enhancement of technology competencies of university lecturers

September 2016

The objectives were: (1) the components of the technology competencies of university lecturers were studied. The researchers also described and analyzed (2) the development of a training program for enhancement of the technology competencies of these lecturers. Also, the researchers evaluated (3) the program they had constructed. The sample population consisted of 859 lecturers with academic ranks at government and...

Author(s): Chomsupak Cruthaka and Ouen Pinngern

Effect of distributive leadership behaviours of foreign language schools’ principals on the job satisfaction of instructors

September 2016

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of distributive leadership behavior of foreign language schools’ principals on the job satisfaction of instructors. Sample size of 416 instructors working in foreign language school for the academic year 2013 to 2014 was used in the study. The data was gathered using questionnaires tag “Leadership Practices Inventory” by Kouzes and Posner and...

Author(s): TanrıöÄŸen, A. and Ä°ÅŸcan, S.

Is work-family balance a possibility? The case of Kenyan female teachers in urban public schools

August 2016

Young mothers in Kenyan public schools experience a high level of work-family conflict. Currently, there are no formal family-friendly policies, despite declining levels of extended family support and rising cost of hiring domestic workers. A total of 375 female teachers from three towns and Nairobi city filled open-ended surveys to examine the informal work-family balance support offered by the supervisors and...

Author(s): Gladys Muasya

Questioning the scholarly discussion around decentralization in Turkish education system

July 2016

From the beginning of Turkish Republic till date, Turkish Education System (TES) has been steered by a handful of politicians and civil servants, who enjoy maximum centralized authority. Over the years, therefore, centralized management has repeatedly been blamed for the deadlocks hampering progress in the TES. Turkish scholars often seem to find intellectual shelter in extolling decentralization, supposedly the exact...

Author(s): Soner Onder Yildiz

Enhancing access to and quality of basic education through head teachers’ leadership functions

July 2016

Basic education is the fundamental requirement for idiosyncratic and societal development. The individual child needs to have access to it and acquire it qualitatively. The sum total of all the knowledge attitude, skills and competences that the Nigerian child today acquires have been declared to be on the decline. Every stakeholder: teacher, pupil, community and government / proprietor have its own blame to share....

Author(s): Oni, J. O., Jegede, A. A, Osisami, R. A., Illo, C. O., Lawal, R. O., Fabinu, F. A.

A comparative study of the influence of head teachers management styles on pupils performance in K CPE in public and private primary schools in Nakuru municipality, Kenya

June 2016

The purpose of this study was to compare the influence of management styles of head teacher’s on pupils’ performance in private and public primary schools in Nakuru municipality at Kenya Certificate of Primary Education level. The population comprised of teachers and head teachers in public primary schools. The study adopted the ex post facto survey research design and used a sample size of 70 primary...

Author(s): Margaret Nekesa Shibo

Exploring levels of job satisfaction among teachers in public secondary schools in Tanzania

May 2016

A case study on the role of extrinsic factors (hygiene factors) and socio-demographic factors in determining job satisfaction among teachers in public secondary schools in Tanzania was undertaken. Biographical variables pertaining to teachers’ age, sex, marital status and work experience were investigated to determine whether they had any significant contribution on the level of job satisfaction experienced. The...

Author(s): Ombeni William Msuya

Funeral benefits in public higher education institutions: How do they explain employees’ perception of equity?

April 2016

The study examined the government and three campuses of a higher public education institution’s funeral policies with a view to determining how these policies explain employees’ equity perception. Three research questions guided the study: (1) what does the government’s funeral policy say about the burial of government employees and their dependents? (2) How has the government’s funeral policy...

Author(s): Aneth Anselmo Komba

Education and poverty correlates: A case of Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya

September 2015

Education is widely accepted as the main backbone of growth and development of individuals and the nation. However, its achievement continues to elude many who are poverty stricken. Government of Kenya introduced free primary education in 2003 and tuition free secondary education in 2008. It is estimated that about 3 millions children are not enrolled in primary schools. For the children who enrolled in grade one, only...

Author(s): Julius Maiyo

Study of the relationship between study habits and academic achievement of students: A case of Spicer Higher Secondary School, India

September 2015

The studies on the correlation of academic achievement have paved way for control and manipulation of related variables for quality results in schools. In spite of the facts that schools impart uniform classroom instructions to all students, wide range of difference is observed in their academic achievement. The study sought to determine the relationship between study habits and academic achievement of students. A...

Author(s): Evans Atsiaya siahi and Julius K. Maiyo

The challenges of educating the visually impaired and quality assurance in tertiary institutions of learning in Nigeria

September 2015

This paper focused on the challenges in educating the visually impaired and modalities for ensuring quality assurance in tertiary institutions of learning in Nigeria. It examined the global challenges in the higher educational system and made it clear that the visually impaired are those with visual problems be it partial, low vision, or total blindness, as such need higher education to be liberated from the shackles of...

Author(s): Omede Andrew A

Self assessment in higher education: An empirical evidence from the Department of Business Administration of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

August 2015

The paper aimed to explore the self assessment practices in higher education in Bangladesh with special reference to Department of Business Administration of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. For self assessment purpose the researchers have collected opinion from students, alumni, employer and faculty members on eight areas. In collecting data the study used a semi-structured questionnaire on four point...

Author(s): Nazrul Islam and Mohmmad Ashraful Ferdous Chowdhury

Students’ satisfaction with service delivery in federal universities in South-south geo-political Zone, Nigeria

July 2015

The study was designed to investigate the level of students’ satisfaction with service delivery in federal universities in South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria in terms of educational, library, security, medical, transport, hostel, and ICT services. Survey design was used to carry out the study, the hypothesis was formulated and literature reviewed. Using the stratified random sampling technique 1,700 students...

Author(s): Roseline M. Akpoiroro and James E. Okon

Do small rural high schools differ from larger schools in relation to absentee rates in physical education?

June 2015

The aims of the study were twofold: (a) to investigate how school size affects absentee rates in physical education (PE) and (b) to examine the experiences of students and teachers at a small rural high school in relation to attendance in PE at their school. The absentee rates in PE among all students (N = 6928 students) in a county in Norway were collected, and interviews with 15 students and two teachers at a small...

Author(s): Pål Lagestad, Vebjørn Rånes and Boye Welde

Professional development needs of school principals in the context of educational reform

June 2015

Retraining and upskilling of human resources in organizations are deemed vital whenever a reform takes place, or whenever a huge policy is being implemented on a comprehensive scale. In an education system, officers, principals, and teachers need to be retrained so as to enable them implement and manage new changes, which are manifested in the form of new policies and strategic development plan mooted by the government....

Author(s): Sufean Hussin and Saleh Al Abri

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