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The Effect of Trade Openness on Economic Growth: Case of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Countries: A Panel Data Approach.

The relationship between trade openness and economic growth has been extensively investigated yielding mixed and inconclusive results. This paper examines the effect of trade openness on economic growth for Sub Saharan Africa Countries covering the period 1996 to 2015. The study employed a method of Feasible Generalized Least Square (FGLS) model and the results of this empirical analysis have led to the conclusions that...

Author(s):Sisay Fikadu Heyi

Article in Press

Gender, Participation and Employment Status in Non-farm Activities in Ethiopia: The Case of Shebel Berenta Woreda, Amhara Regional State

Abstract Women play an immense role in rural non-farm economy. However, historically much of women’s work is undervalued and their contribution in non-farm activities is overlooked. Having this rationale, very little is known about women’s participation in non-farm activities and their employment status in rural economy of Ethiopia. Hence, objective of this study was to assess women’s participation in non-farm activity in...

Author(s):Eyuky Eyayu

Article in Press

Market Chain Analysis of Potato: The Case of West Gojam Zone, Ethiopia

The study was conducted in South Achefer and Jabi Tehinan districts of West Gojam Zone with the objectives of identifying the major potato marketing channels, analyze potato marketing cost and margins, and to analyze determinants of producer’s potato supply to market. The study took a sample of 100 producer, 70 traders and 40 end consumers randomly. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed through...

Author(s):Kassa Wondim Awoke

Article in Press


The livelihood diversification increases sources of income and smoothes consumption by promoting rural food security. In our country little attention has been given to livelihood diversification and the numerous factors that determine the abilities of rural household‘s choice of different livelihood activities. Thus, the objective of this study is generating location specific data regarding the livelihood diversification...

Author(s):Bealu Tukela

Article in Press

Determinants of Smallholder Farmer’s Livelihood Strategies in Wogera District of Ethiopia.

Due to land scarcity, recurrent droughts, population growth, decline of agriculture capacity to attain food and livelihood security, smallholder farmers in the study area have been widely engaged in and pursue a range of livelihood strategies. The aim of the study is to identify livelihood strategies adopted by smallholder farmers and to assess the determinants of smallholder household decisions to choose diversified...


Article in Press

Structure, Conduct and Performance of Bambara nuts Marketers in Southern part of Taraba State, Nigeria

This work is an analysis of the structure, conduct and performance of bambara nuts marketers in Southern part of Taraba State, Nigeria. Descriptive statistics was used for its analysis. Sample was selected using multi-stage random sampling techniques. A structured questionnaire was used to collect the data. 60 copies of the questionnaire were given to 60 bambara nuts marketers. Descriptive statistics like marketing margin,...

Author(s):Audu., I. A, A.A.U. Jongur and Filli F. B

Article in Press

Micro-financing and rural poverty reduction: a case of Rima microfinance bank in Goronyo Lga, Sokoto State, Nigeria

The study examines the impact of Rima Microfinance Bank on beneficiaries’ income and poverty in Goronyo Local Government area of Sokoto State, Nigeria. A multistage-sampling technique was used to draw the sample and structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics (means, frequency, and percentages) and Foster, Greer and Thobecke (FGT) poverty index. The result...

Author(s):Abubakar Ngaski Abdullahi, Mohammed Bashir Mustapha, Balarabe Ibrahim Yusuf

Article in Press

The Role of Crop marketing In Improving Food Security among Smallholder Crop Producer Farmers: The Case of Ada’a Wereda, Central Ethiopia.

This study has assessed crop market situation of crop producer farmers with the association of food security in Ada’a Wereda, central Ethiopia, through descriptive statistics incorporating with histogram graphs, local polynomial smooth graphs, one sample T Test, and One Way ANOVA tests and identified the factors affecting crop market participation intensity using ordered logit regression model. Moreover, the study has...

Author(s):Chalachew Belay

Article in Press


The accessibility of a good financial service is considered as one of the engines of economic development and the instruments to break the vicious circle of poverty. The aim of this study was to analyze determinants of credit use and loan repayment performance of smallholder farmers in Mana woreda. As a specific objective, this study assessed determinants of credit use, purpose of loan and factors affecting loan repayment...

Author(s):Abebaw Abebe

Article in Press

Analysis Of Rice Production In Rice Production Center Area Muaro Jambi Regency (Cobb-Douglas Production Function Analysis)

This research aims to analyze : (1) The determinants affecting rice production in rice production center area Muaro Jambi Regency, (2) Return of Scale conditions of rice production in rice production center area Muaro Jambi Regency, (3) Socio-Economy conditions of rice farmers in rice production center area Muaro Jambi Regency, (4) Prompt strategy to increase rice production in rice production center area Muaro Jambi...

Author(s):Faradina Zevaya

Article in Press

Analysis of wheat market chain; the case of North Gondar zone, Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, cereal production and marketing are the means of livelihood improvement for millions of households. Wheat is the major crop grown on the study area for consumption as well as for market. However, marketing aspects of wheat commodities, which have high demand and production potential, was unresolved. Therefore, this research attempted to examine the analysis of wheat market chain the case of North Gondar zone...

Author(s):Abebe Birara Dessie, Tadie Mirie Abate, and Taye Melese Mekie

Article in Press

Smallholder Agricultural Finance in Nigeria: The Way Forward – A Literature Review

Aim – The aim of this paper is in two levels. First, is to review various literatures on agricultural financing in Nigeria and study the various streams of financing that are available to the smallholder farmers and the impact of these funds on the smallholder farming in Nigeria, and secondly is to propose a direction for future research in enhancing the utilization of these funds for higher impact on smallholder farming...

Author(s):Oluwamayokun Anjorin Fadeyi

Article in Press

Cost and Returns of Soybean Production in Assosa Zone of Benishangul Gumuz Region of Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the demand for soybean product is increasing as a result of increasing population growth, agro-processing and urbanization. Research needs to provide farm level evidence that could guide informed production decision-making. This research was conducted to assess costs and patterns of input use and determine the profitability of Soybean production in Assosa Zone of Benishangul-Gumuz region. Data for the study...

Author(s):Afework Hagos and Adam Bekele

Article in Press

The patterns, determinants and contribution of nonfarm activities in the rural rift valley areas of Oromia regional state of Ethiopia.

The sources of income of the rural household is not limited to the agriculture sector, but also the nonfarm sector. Despite the crucial contribution of the sector for the resource poor and marginalized section of the rural households, little attention has been given to enhance the contribution of the sector. In light of this, this research paper aimed to study the patterns, determinants and contribution of the nonfarm...

Author(s):Daniel Masresha Amare

Article in Press

Rural Land Certification Process in Ethiopia: Impact on Land Security and Its Contribution to Land Enhancing Investment

Ethiopia has been implementing one of the largest low cost and fastest land certification program since 2003. The first-time land certification process was fast, large in scope and less costly in its transaction. After the whole process of public awareness creation, measurement, demarcation and registration land certificate was issued to holders. Though there are ongoing debates on the current land policy of Ethiopia,...

Author(s):Genene Tsegaye Mekonnen

Article in Press

Demand for Smart Agricultural Practices in Smallholder Production Systems in Kenya: Count Model Analysis

We determine factors that influence higher demand for the Climate Smart Agricultural practices among smallholder farmers in this study. A survey of 384 randomly selected farmers was conducted in Teso North sub-county, Busia county of Kenya. CSA practices identified were grouped based on usage in a principal component analysis and factors influencing their demand were determined using Poisson regression model. Results...

Author(s):Oscar Ingasia Ayuya

Article in Press

Factors determining small ruminant market participation decision and marketed surplus in Tahtay Adyabo District, Tigray, Ethiopia.

This study was aimed at analyzing factors determining farmers’ participation in small ruminant marketing and marketed surplus in Tahtay Adyabo District. The data were collected from a randomly selected 138 sample households. Heckman two step procedures was used to identify factors affecting farmers’ participation decision in small ruminant marketing and quantity marketed in the study area. The result indicated that small...

Author(s):Zemeda Desta

Article in Press


Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy. It contributes about 33% of Kenya’s total foreign exchange earnings and supports 75% of the country’s overall population living in rural areas that derive their livelihood entirely from farming. Kenya’s agriculture sector is highly dependent on rain-fed production systems. Climate change and variability is harmful to the Kenyan economy since it threatens its only asset that...

Author(s):Irene Nambuya

Article in Press

Does fertilizer adoption enhance smallholder’s output market participation? An endogenous switching regression model from northern Ethiopia

The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors behind smallholders’ decision to adopt inorganic fertilizer and the causal impact of this technology on output market participation in rural Tigrai, northern Ethiopia. The data used for this study come from a cross-sectional survey of 626 farm households from the 2014/15 cropping season. We use a censored tobit model to estimate factors explain fertilizer use per hactor...

Author(s):Menasbo Tesfay

Article in Press

Impact of Soil and Water Conservation Technology Adoption on Smallholder Farms in South-western Uganda

The link between poverty and land degradation is of great significance, especially where the agricultural sector supports a majority of the population as in Uganda. Soil and water conservation technologies are a recommended means of reducing degradation rates. However, ex-ante and ex-post analyses of the impact of these technologies remain few. Using survey data collected from 338 households in the Kabale district of...

Author(s):Alice Turinawe

Article in Press

Economic Viability of Newly Introduced Chicken Ecotypes at Village Level in Tanzania

This study investigates the economic viability of introduced chicken ecotypes relative to available chickens at the farm level in selected agro-ecological zones in Tanzania. Introduced chicken ecotypes are Kuroiler and Sasso ecotypes. The study adopted developmental research design involving provision of 25 six weeks to selected farmers. The distributed chicks were pre-brooded, vaccinated against Mareks and Newcastle and...

Author(s):Rogers Andrew

Article in Press

The impact of entrepreneurial spirit on performance of Youth and Women cooperatives. A case of some selected cooperative societies in Eastern Cape

Rural youth and women are the major victims of poverty caused by deprivation. Both group members of population lack access to land, financial capital and participation in decision processes in the family and community levels. One way of overcoming this challenge is through the formation of cooperative societies. Cooperative societies are groups that have the primary goal of providing needs to their members and enhance the...


Article in Press


The paper examined the comparative economic and technical efficiency of resource utilization in cray fish production in oil and non-oil producing communities of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, using a production function approach. Data for the study were obtained from a cross section of 40 respondents each from both oil and non-oil producing areas using a multi-stage sampling procedure. Regression results indicated that capital, fixed...

Author(s):Nyong Eteyen Edet

Article in Press

Do Micro Finance Institutions Lift More Urban Households Out of Poverty? Case Study at Yeka Sub City, Ethiopia

Financial investment in urban business is one of development interventions to improve per capita income and consumption of urban population. This study is initiated with objectives of analyzing the impact of ADCSI (Adiss Credit and Saving Institution) on clients’ poverty reduction and identifying determinants of borrowing fund from ADCSI. The study employed primary survey data collected from 120 sample respondents selected...

Author(s):Tsegaye Molla Enyew

Article in Press

Socio-Economics Characterization of Agricultural Farming System in Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia: Case of AGP II Districts-PRA Model

This paper presents the farming system dynamics in AGP (Agricultural Growth Project) II using PRA model seeks answers to strategic questions related to the level of intervention changes and dynamics. The general objective of the study was to characterize the farming systems of AGP-II districts and identify production constraints; while the specific objectives were to; (1) characterize the farming systems components, in...

Author(s):Aklilu Nigussie

Article in Press

Market participation and Intensity: Empirical Evidence from Irrigated Crop Farmers in the Eastern Cape.

The participation of smallholder farmers in market-oriented production holds potential for diversifying their incomes and increasing agricultural productivity hence promoting food security and poverty eradication. But participation of smallholder’s irrigators and homestead gardeners in markets in South Africa remains low despite numerous interventions, especially since the dawn of democracy in 1994. The targets set for...

Author(s):Lelethu Mdoda and Ajuruchukwu Obi

Article in Press

Estimation of farm level technical efficiency for small scale irrigation farmers of Etunda and Olushandja irrigation schemes of North-Central Namibia: A stochastic frontier approach

The main aim of the study was to apply a stochastic frontier production function on the farm level data collected from maize farmers under the Olushandja Dam and Etunda Irrigation Schemes in North-central Namibia, to evaluate if the productivity of irrigation maize can be technically improved. The results from the stochastic frontier analysis indicated that the technical efficiency of the farmers under the two irrigation...

Author(s):Vonai Charamba and Benisiu Thomas

Article in Press

Analysis of resource use efficiency in suya production in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria

The study examined efficiency of resource use in suya production in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria, by determining the production elasticity, returns to scale and efficiency levels of inputs used. Data for the study were obtained from a total of 96 suya producers identified in the study area through snowballing sampling technique. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics, multiple regression analysis,...

Author(s):Ahmadu, Joseph and Egbodion John

Article in Press


This is a concept paper of a research program now in its inception at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan. The principal objective of the paper is to project the concept and measurement of wellbeing derived from health and nutrition value by the methodology of pervasive complementarities between the selected variables of the wellbeing function. The research is firstly a pilot project focused on the local...

Author(s):Azhar Abbas, Sultan Ali Adil, Asghar Ali and Masudul Alam Choudhury

Article in Press

Analysis of factors influencing red beans market participation of smallholder farmers: Evidence from Ethiopia

Market participation in rural households is vital strategy in assuring better income and a key factor to lifting rural households from poverty. Red beans is an important crop in Ethiopia, especially Halaba Special District, however, farmers are not participating in the market adequately for different reasons. The objective of the study was to assess the factors affecting red beans farmers’ market participation and extent...

Author(s):Agete Jerena

Article in Press

Major East Asian Rice Policies and WTO Commitments on Domestic Support Under Existing and Proposed Doha Round Provisions

We examine current rice policies in four major Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan), their relationship to current WTO disciplines, and to those proposed under the Doha negotiations. WTO disciplines have prompted some changes in rice policies, but those proposed for domestic support are unlikely to impose serious constraints in the future. However, increases in imports under market access provisions in the...


Article in Press


The study comparatively analyzed the level of income distribution among oil palm farmers who patronized commercial banks and Micro-finance banks. Multistage sampling technique was used to select (50) loan beneficiaries from commercial bank and another fifty (50) loan beneficiaries from Micro-finance banks in Imo state using structured and validated questionnaire . Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and...

Author(s):IGWE UKOHA

Article in Press

Impact of Feed Sources and Feeding System on Milk Production and Marketing in the Babille District of East Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia

The aim of this article was to investigate the impact of feed sources and feeding system on milk production and milk marketing in the Babille district of Eastern Hararghe zone. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire which was administered to 152 randomly selected sample dairy cow keepers in the district. Data were analyzed using descriptive methods and regression analysis. Data from regression analysis...

Author(s):AJABUSH DAFAR/IRANA and Bedasa Eba/Tebeje

Article in Press

Impact of Microcredit Programme on Poverty Reduction among Rural Households in Saki East Local Government Area of Oyo Statel

It is widely acknowledged that access to financial services plays a critical role in helping poor people strengthen their economic potentials, increase their asset base and diminish their vulnerabilities to external shocks. However, poor people have very limited access to financial services provided by the formal financial institutions due to the procedures outlined for accessing such loans. In recent time, Microcredit has...

Author(s):Abdul Majeed Yaqoob, Wasiu Akintunde Yusuf and Sulaiman Adesina Yusuf

Article in Press

Climate change and food security at household level in Punjab Pakistan

The study attempted to find out the effects of socio-economic and climatic shocks that influence the household food security status in the presence of farm efficiencies as its component. The farm level data collected from 537 farm families in the study area is available in panel group from 2005 to 2008. Food Security Index (FSI) is used as a dependent variable, and various socioeconomic and climatic variables were used as...

Author(s):Khush Bukhat Zahid

Article in Press

On-farm demonstration and evaluation of improved lowland sorghum technologies in Daro Lebu and Boke districts of West Hararghe Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

This experiment was conducted in Daro Lebu and Boke districts of West Harerghe Zone with the objectives of evaluating lowland sorghum varieties on farmer’s field and creating linkage and networking among stakeholders. Three kebeles were selected purposively based on sorghum production potential, two kebeles from Daro Lebu and one kebele from Boke district. Five farmers and one Farmer Training Center participated depending...

Author(s):Mideksa Babu, Fekede Gemechu and Asfaw Zewdu

Article in Press


The study examined the poverty status as well as analysed the factors affecting poverty profile of cassava farming households in Osun State. Primary data were obtained from 180 cassava farmers by multistage random sampling with the aid of well-structured questionnaire and interview schedule. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics, Foster-Greer Thorbecke index and Tobit regression model. The results of...

Author(s):Agunbiade, M. O. and Oke, J. T. O.

Article in Press

Technical efficiency among smaller holder dairy farmers in Kenya: Does production risk and social interactions matter?

This study aimed at identifying factors affecting technical efficiency while paying particular attention to the role of production risk and social interactions. Two-stage estimation procedure was used. The first step applied stochastic frontier approach to estimate technical efficiency scores and in the second stage Tobit model was used explain the determinants of technical efficiency. The study used primary data collected...

Author(s):Fassil Eshetu and Mohammed Beshir

Article in Press

The effect of government policies on economic component of rice in Iran

In Iran, government uses different support policies to support agricultural producers. One of the best and most common border support tools is tariff. Aggregate measurement of support is also calculated to estimate the level of support for WTO member countries and determine their reduction commitments. Given that rice is strategic product in Iran, in this study the impact of aggregate measurement of support and import...

Author(s):Chiman Sayyadi, Alireza Karbasi, Mohammad Ghorbani and Mahmood Sabuhi

Article in Press

Adoption of cocoa production technologies by cocoa farmers in Kogi State, Nigeria

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a valuable crop and major source of foreign exchange among other agricultural commodity in Nigeria. In spite of its significance, cocoa production in the country has witnessed downward trend overtime. This study therefore examined the cocoa production technologies adopted by cocoa farmers in Kogi State, Nigeria. Data used for the study were collected from 134 cocoa farmers through the use of a...

Author(s):Akintelu S. O.

Article in Press


Agricultural technology adoption has long been of interest to development economist because of its importance in increasing productivity and efficiency and since it plays an important role in agricultural development. The decision of whether or not to adopt new technology hinges upon a careful evaluation of a large number of technical, institutional and socio-economic factors. On this basis, the paper examines the...

Author(s):Olasunkanmi, N. O. and Tanko, L.

Article in Press

A Review on Impacts of Climate Change and its Adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Climate change, which is inevitable, has a large impact on economies and livelihoods of many people. Therefore, the need to mitigate it is paramount. Consequently, this has motivated a substantial body of research on the matter. The central issues that have been addressed are the impacts of climate change as well as the adaptation strategies that can be employed. The aim of this paper is to review existing literature on...

Author(s):Margaret Mwangi

Article in Press

Informal sector and the perspective of informal workers in India

The failure of providing meaningful employment is the catastrophic development failure of a country. India is a diverse economy encompasses of agriculture, handicraft, and wide range of modern industries and multitude of services sectors. These are categorised under private and public sectors but, unfortunately, neither the public nor the private sector is able to provide enough jobs for the expanding labor force. It is an...

Author(s):Jahangir Ahmad Bhat and Pushpender Yadav

Article in Press

Marketing of Maize and Cowpea amongst Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique: A Market Participation Approach

In Mozambique, agricultural production is dominated by smallholder farmers with production mostly targeted towards own house consumption with very little for marketing. This study analyzed the trends of market participation, examined the socioeconomic characteristics of households and determined the effect of the factors influencing the household decision to participate in the market. The t-test and chi-square test is used...

Author(s):Linda Chinenyenwa Familusi, João Mutondo and Benedito Cunguara

Article in Press


Land as an indispensible factor of production has been at the centre of several conflicts among men. This study analysed the conflict between Benue farmers and Fulani Herdsmen in Benue state with particular emphasis on the socio-economic effects of the conflict on Benue farmers output in the study area. The study adopted the theory of dialectical-materialism which insists on interpreting man’s consciousness and activities...

Author(s):Victor Ushahemba Ijirshar, Godwin Ker and Yange Clement Terlumun

Article in Press

The impact of socio-economic factors on livestock farmers’ knowledge and skills in the Eastern Cape Province: The Case of Marselle farmers in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

This study sought to determine the effect of various socio-economic factors on the acquisition of livestock rearing skills and knowledge of Marselle farmers. The gender of farmers had an influence on their skills and knowledge acquisition, followed by education. On the other hand, the famers’ marital status was not an issue at all whereas family labour only affected the farmers’ health care knowledge. The long term plan...

Author(s):Mengezi Chancellor TSHUMA

Article in Press

Analysis of the Household Choices of Wheat Seed Source in Misrak Azernet Berebere District of Silte Zone, Ethiopia

This study was conducted in Misrak Azernet Berebere district of Silte zone. The objectives of this study were to describe socioeconomic characteristics of the households using different wheat seed sources and identify factors governing the household choices of seed source. The farmer seed source options in the district were identified through desk level discussion made with district officials. Farmer to farmer,...

Author(s):AMAN TUFA WAKO, Tewodros Tefera Amde

Article in Press


This study examined the performance of the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (ACGS) which is the major credit policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was established in 1977 but started operation in 1978. Time series data from 1978-2014, extracted from the 2014 bulletin of the National Bureau Statistics were used for the study. Total volume and number of loans given were used to proxy the strength of the scheme,...

Author(s):Akinrinola, O. O. and Okunola, A. M.

Article in Press

Rural Non-farm and off-farm Income Diversification Strategies, overshadowed by Agriculture in Ethiopia

Rural households in Ethiopia have increasingly sought non-farm and off-farm income diversification strategies to supplement their farm income and develop resilience to economic and environmental shocks. This review; therefore, attempts to give brief overviews of the current position of non-farm and off-farm income diversification strategies in rural Ethiopia. Although agriculture enormously dominates the income composition...

Author(s):Gebisa Etea Bekele, Deyi Zhou, Assefa Abebe Kidane and Atinkut Bazezew Haimanot

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