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Table of Content: 16 April, 2014; 13(16)

April 2014

Genetic transformation of lettuce (Lactuca sativa): A review

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) is a globally important leafy vegetable that can be grown worldwide. Due to the rapid growth of population and the human desire to progress, there have been a lot of studies made by researchers, especially in genetic engineering. Improvements in regeneration system and transformation methodology have helped to increase the transformation efficiency and stable expression of transgenes in...

Author(s): Song Dan, Han Qiang, Dong Zhaonan and He Zhengquan

April 2014

Influence of triadimefon on the growth and development of banana cultivars

Triazole fungicide triadimefon (bayletone) is a broad systemic fungicide used in agriculture as screening agent. Triadimefon interferes with plant sterol biosynthesis leading to a changeable sterol profile, consequently morphological and cytological abnormalities. Its effect on banana cultivars was studied using shoot-tip cultures placed on Murashige and Skoog solid medium supplemented with 5 mg/L of...

Author(s): Abdelnasser A. Galal, Ibrahiem A. Ibrahiem and Jehan M. Salem

April 2014

Use of plumules cryopreservation to save coconut germplasm in areas infected by lethal yellowing

Plumules excised from zygotic embryos through the largest representative diversity of four of the five different areas of coconut cash and food crops were used in a cryopreservation process using encapsulation-dehydration technique. Five accessions of coconut trees were used [Panama Tall (PNT/GPA), Brazilian Green Tall (BGD/NVB), Cameroon Red Dwarf (CRD/NRC), Vanuatu Tall (VTT/VNT/GVT), and Tagnanan Tall (TAGT/GTN)] in...

Author(s): Oulo Alla-N&#;Nan., Sery Gonédelé Bi, Kouakou Tiécoura, Jean-Louis Konan Konan and  Bernard Malaurie

April 2014

Optimization of alkaline protease production from Bacillus subtilis NS isolated from sea water

The protease producing bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis was isolated from sea water and identified by 16S rRNA sequencing. The strain named as B. subtilis NS. Optimization of the strain revealed that the most suitable nitrogen source to enhance protease production was beef extract. Among various carbon sources tested, maximum production of protease was registered in medium with added glucose. The effect of metals ions...

Author(s): N. S. Nisha and J. Divakaran

April 2014

Growth of Scenedesmus dimorphus in different algal media and pH profile due to secreted metabolites

In this study investigation was made to evaluate the effects of different algal media components to get optimized cell count of Scenedesmus dimorphus. Five different fresh water algal media such as Bold’s Basal Medium (BBM), M4N medium, BG-11 medium, N-8 medium and M-8 medium were used for culturing S. dimorphus in flask culture. A set of environmental factors including light, temperature, air flow rate and...

Author(s): Ali Hussein Ali Al-Shatri, Ehsan Ali, Najeeb Kaid Nasser Al-Shorgani and Mohd Sahaid Kalil

April 2014

Control of lethal browning by using ascorbic acid on shoot tip cultures of a local Musa spp. (Banana) cv. Mzuzu in Tanzania

The use of ascorbic acid during explants preparation and the effect of different concentrations of ascorbic acid in controlling lethal browning and survival of the explants in local banana cv. Mzuzu banana were investigated. The explants were taken from young suckers. The shoot tips were cultured on Murashige and Skoog’s media supplemented with 5 mg/l of benzylaminopurine (BAP) and different concentrations of...

Author(s): Munguatosha Ngomuo, Emerald Mneney and Patric Ndakidemi

April 2014

Concentration of fecal corticosterone metabolites in dominant versus subordinate buffalo heifers

The objective of this work was to evaluate the concentration of fecal metabolites of corticosterone and to verify if there are differences between dominant and subordinate heifers. The feces of 18 buffalo heifers were collected in the estrous period, to quantify the corticosterone concentrations. The heifers were separated into three groups (G1, G2 and G3) and synchronized. The observations of the social and sexual...

Author(s): Aparecida F. Madella-Oliveira, Celia R. Quirino, Aline Pacheco, Ricardo L. D. da Costa, Renato T. Beltrame, Weliton M. Costa, Cláudio A. de Oliveira and Priscila V. Furtado

April 2014

Anti-plasmodial and antioxidant activities of methanol extract of the fresh leaf of Lophira lanceolata (Ochnaceae)

This study was aimed at investigating the anti-plasmodial and antioxidant activities of the extract of the leaf of Lophira lanceolata, a traditional medicine recipe. The methanol extract (ME) obtained by 72 h cold maceration was evaluated for acute toxicity test (LD50) and phytochemical constituents. The suppressive and curative anti-plasmodial activities of the extract were investigated using rodent malaria model. Mice...

Author(s): Collins Azubuike Onyeto, Peter Achunike Akah, Chukwuemeka Sylvester Nworu, Theophine Chinwuba Okoye, Nkemakolam  Austine Okorie, Florence Nwakaego Mbaoji, Ifeoma Amarachukwu Nwabunike, Nelson Okumah and Obinna Okpara

April 2014

Inhibition of carbon disulfide on bio-desulfurization in the process of gases purification

Biological desulfurization is a novel technology for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from some biogas or sour gas, in which there are always a certain amounts of carbon disulfide together with much hydrogen sulfide. Nowadays, carbon disulfide is found to have negative effect on the biological desulfurization, but seldom research is afforded to investigate how carbon disulfide inhibits the process of biological...

Author(s): Ziyu Song, , Qiang Li, Dan Wang Hang Tang, , Maohua Yang and Jianmin Xing

April 2014

Kinetics of anaerobic digestion of labaneh whey in a batch reactor

In this work, anaerobic digestion of labanah whey was carried out in a 100 L batch reactor (RE-BIOMAS) at temperature of 30-40°C and pH 6 - 7. During the experiments, the biogas production and chemical oxygen demand (COD) concentration were recorded with time. During fermentation of labaneh whey, the pH drops dramatically due to the accumulation of volatile fatty acids that inhibits the activity of methanogens,...

Author(s): Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh