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Table of Content: 23 July, 2014; 13(30)

July 2014

Molecular characterization of Doom pigs using microsatellite markers

Assessment of genetic diversity was carried out in Doom pig using 22 microsatellite markers, recommended by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). All the studied loci were highly polymorphic and a total of 120 alleles were observed across the investigated loci. The range of alleles was found to be 4 to 10 with a mean of 5.4±1.65. The frequency distribution of microsatellite alleles in the population was from...

Author(s): Zaman, G., Laskar, S., Ferdoci, A. M., Chandra Shekar M. and Chetri, A. J.

July 2014

Analysis of phosphoric ore bacterial and eucaryal microbial diversity by single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) and small-subunit (SSU) sequencing

The aim of this study was to investigate the phosphoric ore bacterial and eucaryal microbial diversity by using the single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) technique and small-subunit (SSU) sequencing. PCR-SSCP patterns showed a remarkably simple microbial community, mainly for bacterial community, but also for the eukaryotic community. According to the highly bacterial variable V3 region of 16S rRNA sequences,...

Author(s): Ilhem Omri, Imen Manaii, Zied Tlili, Jean-Jacques Godon and Moktar Hamdi

July 2014

Evidence of salicylic acid regulatory mechanisms of disease resistance against banana vascular wilt Fusarium oxysporium f.sp. cubense in Arabidopsis thaliana

Symptomatological studies on Arabidopsis- Fusarium oxysporium f.sp. cubense (Foc) interaction has led to the identification of signaling pathways required for plant resistance to Foc, as well as key regulators of innate immunity against this type of vascular wilt pathogens. From the in planta symptom expressions of Foc on Arabidopsis, there is a clear indication of involvement of salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonic acid...

Author(s): Raju Radhajeyalakshmi , Yiji Xia and Dhilip Shah

July 2014

Crop growth rate differs in warm season C4-grasses grown in pure and mixed stands

Crop growth rate (CGR) response of three warm season C4-grasses (cereals) namely: corn (Zea mays L., cv. Hybrid-5393 VT3), grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench, cv. Hybrid-84G62 PAT), and foxtail millets (Setaria italica, cv. German Strain R) grown in pure and mixed stands under low and high water levels was investigated at one month interval namely: 30, 60 and 90 days after emergence (DAE), in pot experiment at...

Author(s): Amanullah Khan

July 2014

Optimization of alkaline protease production and its fibrinolytic activity from the bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens isolated from fish waste discharged soil

Pseudomonas fluorescens AU17 was isolated from the fish waste discharged soil and it was tested for its ability to produce the protease enzyme. The effect of different production parameters such as temperature, pH, carbon and nitrogen sources and sodium chloride concentration for protease production by the isolated bacterial strain were studied. The optimum conditions observed for protease production were temperature...

Author(s): Jothiprakasam Vinoth, Sambantham Murugan and Chinnathambi Stalin

July 2014

Drying of carrots in slices with osmotic dehydration

Carrot is dried for consumption in the form of slices and cubes. The objective of this work was to find alternative ways for the conservation of carrot slices by osmotic dehydration with additional drying in heat. Pre-osmotic dehydration (temperature, immersion time and type of osmotic solution) based on the results of humidity loss, solid gain, weight reduction and efficiency ratio of pre-dehydrated carrot slices were...

Author(s): Araújo, P. M., Fonseca, J. R. L., Magalhães, M. M. A. and Medeiros, M. F. D.

July 2014

Antiparasitic activity of the microalgae Cladophora crispata against the Protoscolices of hydatid cysts compared with albendazole drug

Antiparasitic activity of the microalgae Cladophora crispata isolated from Garmat-Ali River in southern Iraq was studied. Water samples were collected from river in the northern of Basrah, and cultured in chu-10 medium. Supernatants, alkaloidic and ethylacecate extracts from biomass were extracted and screened against the hydatidosis compared with albendazole drug. The present study reveal that 2- (N, N-dimethyl...

Author(s): A. M. Athbi, S. H. Al- Mayah and A. K. Khalaf

July 2014

Binding properties of beetal recombinant caprine growth hormone to Bovidae liver microsomal membranes

The aim of the study was to illustrate the radio-receptor assay of beetal recombinant caprine growth hormone (rcGH). Tracer (125I-rcGH) was prepared by iodinating beetal rcGH with iodine-125 and its biological activity was analyzed by rabbit anti-rcGH antibodies. Liver microsomal membranes of the Bovidae species (caprine, ovine and bovine) were prepared to study the binding properties of beetal rcGH. The tracer binding...

Author(s): Roquyya Gul, Rabail Alam, Mahjabeen Saleem, Mohammad Ali, Sumble Mehmood and Muhammed Waheed Akhtar

July 2014

Structural optimization and docking studies of anatoxin-a: A potent neurotoxin

In this investigation, our aim was to get more insight on the geometry optimization, structural properties and molecular interaction of anatoxin-a, a naturally occurring potent neurotoxin. The geometry of the anatoxin-a was fully optimized in terms of density functional theory Gaussian 09. Calculations for structural parameters viz. total energy, dipole moment, electro-negativity, chemical hardness, chemical softness,...

Author(s): Naresh Kumar and Archit Garg

July 2014

The role of adrenergic receptors in nicotine-induced hyperglycemia in the common African toad (Bufo regularis)

The role of adrenergic receptors in nicotine-induced hyperglycaemia has not been well studied in amphibians. Thus, this study investigates the effects of alpha and beta adrenergic receptor blockers in nicotine-induced hyperglycaemia in the common African toad Bufo regularis. Toads fasted for 24 h were anaesthetized with sodium pentobarbitone (3 mg/100 g body weight) intraperitoneally (i.p) and given intravenous (i.v)...

Author(s): Isehunwa, G. O., Adewunmi, G. O., Alada, A. R. A and Olaniyan, O. T.

July 2014

Composition and antioxidant and antifungal activities of the essential oil from Lippia gracilis Schauer

In this study, the oil constituents of Lippia gracilis were identified by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The antioxidant and antifungal activities were also evaluated. The leaf oil showed a yield of 3.7% and its main constituents were thymol (70.3%), p-cymene (9.2%), thymol methyl ether (5.4%) and p-methoxythymol (2.7%). The thin stem oil showed a yield of 0.4% and its major...

Author(s): Caroline da S. Franco, Alcy F. Ribeiro, Natale C. C. Carvalho, Odair S. Monteiro, Joyce Kelly R. da Silva, Eloisa Helena A. Andrade and José Guilherme S. Maia,

July 2014

Thermodynamics, thermoeconomic and economic analysis of sugarcane biomass use for electricity production: A case study

This work allows the thermodynamics, thermoeconomic and economic analysis of the cogeneration system of an industrial plant. Two settings were studied: the current that produces electricity only for its own, and secondary,  a plant working at high pressure and high temperature using extraction steam turbines to drive an electricity generator and produce 32 MW and a backpressure turbine capable of producing 12 MW....

Author(s): Rafael Delapria Dias dos Santos, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza, Willian Cézar Nadaletti, Reinaldo Aparecido Bariccatti and Paulo Belli Filho