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Table of Content: 18 September 2010; 4(12)

September 2010

Diminishing musharakah: Using a viable kind of equity financing instrument in managing the capital requirement of business

  This applied study was aimed at giving an insight to practitioners and academicians as well as investors and interested parties in understanding the characteristics and processes of an interesting shari’ah-compliant equity financing vehicle. Therefore, effort in identifying the related shari’ah concept and tenets as well as principles was closely studied in depth in order to justify on the...

Author(s):   Mohd Nasir bin Mohd Yatim

September 2010

An integrated supply chain design model with random disruptions consideration

  This paper investigates a supply chain design problem where distribution centers are subject to random disruptions. As a result of disruptions, one or more of the distribution centers may fail to serve the customers. It is assumed that customers have random demands; thus, each distribution center maintains some amount of safety stocks in order to provide suitable service level for the customers it serves. The...

Author(s):   Mir-Bahador Aryanezhad, Seyed Gholamreza Jalali and Armin Jabbarzadeh

September 2010

Determinants of consumer retention in cellular industry of Pakistan

  Cellular industry of Pakistan has grown many folds in recent years. Many new entrants have also joined the market to reap the potentials of this growing industry. This situation has originated a hyper competition among major cellular service providers in Pakistan. Companies are working hard to introduce more innovative and eye-catching products to attract customers. The companies with large consumer base are...

Author(s):   Jawaria Fatima Ali, Imran Ali, , Kashif ur Rehman, Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz, Nadeem Safwan and Hasan Afzal

September 2010

An analysis of the aims of Turkish amateur sports club confederation board members who entered management positions

  This study analyzed the objectives of the Amateur Sports Clubs Confederation (ASCC) board members who took managerial positions. Volunteer sport unions in Turkey are oriented towards advancement in Sport Management, contribution to the process of change and development and “joining the management” in the field of sports. Among these unions, ASCC has an important role. A survey model was used to...

Author(s): Bilal Çoban

September 2010

School managers’ views about school safety from the invitational theory perspective

  The aim of this study was to determine the views of primary school managers about how schools can become safer places from the perspective of “invitational theory”. The study sample included the interview responses of 35 randomly selected primary school managers working in the center of Elazıg City in Turkey. The views of school managers were analyzed by using the qualitative data...

Author(s):   Ibrahim H. Cankaya

September 2010

An exploration of Tijuana - San Diego marketing environment and marketing border of health service in Tijuana

  Tijuana is considered one of the strongest markets throughout Mexico and is a highly mobile consumer market. Differences in costs, availability and quality of medical care and health care between the two countries, Mexico and the U.S are abysmal. Today trade in health services is important and it gives the rapid growth of the industry's overall health sector. And the removal of some regulatory...

Author(s):   Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez and Mohammad Reza Noruzi

September 2010

Constructing virtual channel power model

  Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is providing an alternative channel model for selling products. With the development of the E-commerce, enterprises have to face a new business model, and supply chain management (SCM) is the optimal solution to implement and integrate E-commerce and competitive advantage of outsourcing. In this day, who owns the channel can lead the entire market. Among the upstream and...

Author(s):   Tsang-Chiang Chen, Chang-Hsien Hsu, Chi-Yuan Chen and Peirchyi Lii

September 2010

A stochastic frontier model on measuring online bank deposits efficiency

  An attempt has been made to investigate the online bank specific deposits efficiency using stochastic frontier technique and it intends to determine various factors affecting the efficiency level of banks for the period 2001 - 2007. We used a panel of 20 banks divided into four groups namely, NBs (National Banks), ISBs (Islamic Banks), FBs (Foreign Banks), and PBs (Private Banks) in Bangladesh. In this...

Author(s):   Azizul Baten and Anton Abdulbasah Kamil

September 2010

Total Quality Management in the stock exchange: A case study

  The purpose of this study is to explore, assess, and identify the implementation patterns of Deming’s principles in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. By applying Deming’s 14-point quality criteria to these service providers, Deming’s significance factors are then ranked to explain the variation in the finance service providing companies sampled. The basis of this research is the...

Author(s):   Gurcharan Singh, Edward Wong Sek Khin and Fereidoon Zolfaghari

September 2010

Cooperation, interaction and learning in local production systems: Evidence in Brazilian firms

  In a local production system (LPS), besides external economies, the interaction, cooperation, and learning are indicated by the literature as complementary ways of enhancing the LPS’s competitiveness and gains. In Brazil, the greater part of LPSs, mostly composed by small enterprises, displays incipient relationships and low levels of interaction and cooperation among their actors. The size of the...

Author(s):   Marcelo Seido Nagano, Antonio Iacono and Edmundo Escrivao Filho

September 2010

The corporate governance in Vojvodina – The state and perspectives

  The structure of corporate governance in Serbia corresponds to the European model, primarily to the Germanic legal tradition. The research in this paper has aimed at the establishing of the state of corporate governanace in Vojvodina (Serbia province) and giving the recommendations for further development. The research was conducted in the period 2004 - 2008 by the method of the data analysis, of the survey...

Author(s):   Milica Radović, Miodrag Koprivica and Vasilj Koprivica

September 2010

Information sharing, information quality and usage of information technology (IT) tools in Malaysian organizations

  This study examines the level of information sharing, information quality and usage of information technology (IT) tools among manufacturing companies located in the Northern region of Malaysia. A total of 250 questionnaires directed to the operations and procurement/purchasing managers were distributed through electronic mail. The results indicate that manufacturing firms recognized the importance of...

Author(s):   Roaimah Omar, Ramayah T., May-Chuin Lo, Tan Yen Sang and Rusinah Siron

September 2010

Capital structure and firm value in China: A panel threshold regression analysis

  Since the study of Modigliani and Miller (1958), a large number of studies have contributed to the discussion about the optimal capital structure, which is a fundamental topic of corporate finance. In this study, we investigate whether there is an optimal leverage at which point firm is able to maximize its value. An advanced panel threshold regression model is applied to test the panel threshold effect of...

Author(s):   Yu-Shu Cheng, Yi-Pei Liu and Chu-Yang Chien

September 2010

Consultation-based entrepreneurial/business learning: Malaysia experience

  The purpose of this article is to describe the implementation of the business-consultation training as adopted by National University of Malaysia (UKM) and to evaluate the learning mode exhibit in such program based on experiential learning theory. This paper also highlights factors that contribute to the success of such program based on the observation of SMIDEC-UKM consultation-based program. SMIDEC-UKM...

Author(s):   Ahmad Raflis Che Omar, Suraiya Ishak and M. Radzuan Rahid

September 2010

Analysis and establishment of bus rapid transit (BRT) on customer satisfaction in Tehran

  This research aims at exploring and analyzing the bus rapid transit (BRT) in passengers’ satisfaction in Tehran City, which has been the huge event in public transportation. In doing this research, after exploration of models and approaches in service quality, Vahed Company, as public services organization, serves passengers and uses quality models that emphasize customer satisfaction. However, the...

Author(s):   Seyed Mohammad Mahmoudi, Fereydun Verdinejad, Gholamreza Jandaghi and Ali Mokhtari Mughari

September 2010

Blended learning model in mechanical manufacturing training

  Blended learning is increasingly prevalent and it is vital for higher education and corporate trainers to create strategic plans focusing on blended learning techniques to benefit from this teaching and training model. A qualitative study was carried out using an interview technique with a trainer who applied a blended training model in a vocational organisation. The aim was to determine whether blended...

Author(s):   Mehmet Sahin

September 2010

Does service quality affect students’ performance? Evidence from institutes of higher learning

  Service quality is widely used and experimented in various sectors. Five dimensions of service quality are the dimensions that can be applied in every sector whether manufacturing or services sector. This paper is also aimed to see impact of service quality on satisfaction and motivation of students. Finally importance of satisfaction and motivation is also searched for performance of students. This paper is...

Author(s):   Ishfaq Ahmed, Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz, Zulfqar Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad, Muhammad Zeeshan Shaukat, Ahmad Usman, Wasim-ul-Rehman and Naveed Ahmed

September 2010

Determining medical service improvement priority by integrating the refined Kano model, Quality function deployment and Fuzzy integrals

  In recent years, owing to the rise in consumers’ consciousness with regard to health care quality, hospitals are constructively probing into the factors affecting patients’ satisfaction. This is to enable them identify technical items of medical services and to see it as a priority to utilize these items. Using quality function deployment (QFD) with the Refined Kano model, this study aims to...

Author(s):   Tsu-Ming Yeh

September 2010

Fuzzy investment decision based on economic and strategic factors: A case of air logistics service provider

  In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to perform investment decision in a fuzzy environment. This algorithm considers both economic and strategic factors to select the optimal investment project. By using this algorithm, the ambiguities involved in the assessment data can be effectively represented and processed to assure a more convincing and effective decision-making. Finally, the air logistics service...

Author(s):   Shu-Chen Lin and Kuo-Liang Lee

September 2010

Using continuous auditing life cycle management to ensure continuous assurance

  The main purpose of this study is to develop a model of key steps for the successful implementation of continuous assurance software, and to reduce the impact of internal auditor technology on ensuring enterprise business assurance by monitoring business systems and their procedures, activities, transactions, and events in a real-time manner.The continuous auditing methodology effectively enhanced audit...

Author(s):   Chun-Hsiu Yeh and Wei-Cheng Shen

September 2010

Designing a group decision support system under uncertainty using group Fuzzy analytic network process (ANP)

  Handling uncertainty in decision making is recently receiving considerable attention by researchers. Advances in group Fuzzy analytic network process (ANP) are discussed to support decision making because of the complexity and vagueness under uncertainty. An adaptive group Fuzzy ANP group decision support system (DSS) under uncertainty is put forth that makes up for some deficiencies in the conventional ANP....

Author(s):   Wei Zhong Yang, Yu Hui Ge, Jian Jia He and Bin Liu