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Table of Content: 4 October 2010; 4(13)

October 2010

Family business in emerging markets: The case of Malaysia

  This paper explores the insight and perspective of family ownership in the context of emerging market. By highlighting the various definitions of family ownership, this conceptual approach thoroughly scrutinize the pro and cons of family ownership. Indeed, the vast literatures of family ownership has been compiled which revealed the significance of family firms throughout the world and in Malaysia. Thus, the...

Author(s):   Haslindar Ibrahim and Fazilah Abdul Samad

  • Article Number: A28BA8D21631

October 2010

Relationship marketing: Strategic and tactical challenges for SMEs

  This study sought to explore the tactical and strategic challenges, which small and medium sized service firms may face in their bid to successfully practice and implement Relationship marketing. The framework of the requirements for successful practice of relationship marketing propounded by Gronroos (1996) was used in this study to explore likely, the tactical and strategic challenges that small and medium...

Author(s): W. Saungweme Percy, Naicker Visvanathan and Chuma Watson

  • Article Number: 5E4752121661

October 2010

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and their relevance to e-supply chain formation

  The greatest challenge of e-supply chain formation is the integration of cross-application processes in a seamless manner. As platform independent, web-based interoperability are becoming key issues in web-based integration and supply chain formation, organisations are in search of architectural solutions to overcome these challenges.  Thus, this paper focuses on the service oriented architectures (SOA)...

Author(s): Mohammad Rehan and Goknur Arzu Akyuz

  • Article Number: 6837DDF21700

October 2010

The transfer of knowledge from the MNEs to their Mozambican subsidiaries: A process based on the relationship between source and recipient

  The business opportunities in Southern Africa have originated a growing interest on the part of foreign investors in markets like Mozambique, which is a fact that justifies any effort to learn more about the phenomenon of the transfer of knowledge to the subsidiaries in Mozambique. This study examined four cases with activities in the industrial sector. The results revealed that an efficient transfer of...

Author(s):   José Duarte Moleiro Martins  and Nelson José Santos António

  • Article Number: F04459221741

October 2010

Creating synergy for cross-cultural teams in international R&D projects

  Cross-cultural management is often regarded as one of the disciplines in international management focusing on cultural encounters between what are perceived as well-defined and homogeneous entities: the organization and the nation-state and offering tools to handle cultural differences seen as sources of conflict or miscommunication. Hence, there is a pressing need to understand the cultural diversity and...

Author(s):   S. X. Zeng, C. M. Tam, Thomas K. L. Tong and P. M. Sun

  • Article Number: C21D1AF23616

October 2010

Type of tour operations versus type of information systems: South African survey

  Tourism and information technology is dynamic. The prosperity of tour operators are directly influenced by their ability to make informed decisions. This paper investigates if South African tour operators use marketing/management information systems and to determine their susceptibility towards information system innovation. The results could assist tourism role players and tour operators to reconsider their...

Author(s):   M. Potgieter, J. W. de Jager, C. H. van Heerden

  • Article Number: 47BA91023650

October 2010

Impact of occupational health and safety on worker productivity: A case of Zimbabwe food industry

  This research sought to assess the impact of occupational health safety (OHS) on productivity in the commercial food industry. The objective of the study was to explore OHS problems of different work areas and their impact on productivity. The research targeted production supervisors, shop floor employees and industrial clinic nurses. Questionnaires, interviews and observations were used as research...

Author(s):   P. Katsuro, C. T. Gadzirayi, Taruwona M and Suzanna Mupararano

  • Article Number: FEF109723686

October 2010

Impact of organization’s mission an encouraging factor for overall performance

  A well established organization definitely would have its mission as it provides vivid directions to its employees to achieve their entrusted task within defined ambit. This study aims at measuring impact of organization’s mission on performance in Banking, Telecommunication and Pharmaceutical Sector of Pakistan. To ascertain effect of mission on organization performance, Denison Organizational Culture...

Author(s):   Muhammad Aslam Khan, Hasan Afzal Iffat S. Chaudhry and Muhammad Fahad Aslam Khan

  • Article Number: 71BD3A123721

October 2010

Impact of product development and innovation on market share

  This study was conducted to identify the relationships between increase in market share through product development and innovation. Many studies have been done on the concept of product development and innovation and much of what has been written tends to discuss this concept as a veritable tool for improving the life cycle of a product without substantial relation to market share enhancement. The population...

Author(s): Chux Gervase Iwu

  • Article Number: BC8756623760

October 2010

Measuring e-shopping intention: An Iranian perspective

  This paper drew a conceptual model and tried to test the model by using path analysis. Path analysis showed that perceived e-benefit had positive effect on e-attitude (b = 0.275, P < 0.05). Perceived e-ease of use had positive effect on e-attitude (b = 0.453, P < 0.05) and e-shopping intention (b = 0.465, P < 0.05). Results revealed that e-attitude had positive...

Author(s):   Shahriar Azizi and Masoud Javidani

  • Article Number: FD5EB9523796

October 2010

Organizational commitment, organizational justice and employee turnover in Malaysia

  This study attempts to investigate the relationship among organizational justice, organizational commitment and turnover intention of Malaysian employees. Using asample of 172, collected from employees across organizations in the country, both procedural and distributive justice perceptions were significant contributors in explaining organizational commitment and turnover intention. These findings have...

Author(s):   C. H. Ponnu and C.C. Chuah

  • Article Number: FAA9D9923830

October 2010

Environmental reporting in Greece: The Athens stock exchange

  There is a growing interest in Greece about subjects such as sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and corporate environmental performance. They are an after-effect of the international calls about the responsibility of corporations towards natural environment. Therefore, Greek corporations have started implementing practices for better environmental performance and reporting them to the...

Author(s): Konstantinos G. Papaspyropoulos, Vaios Blioumis and Athanasios S. Christodoulou

  • Article Number: 8224D0C23864

October 2010

Restatements, family ownership and the forced turnover of related parties of financial statements

  This paper examined the consequences of mandatory restatements and family ownership to related parties of financial statements (top management, outside directors and firm auditors) in Taiwan. Mandatory restatements are externally prompted, showing the material financial misstatements. Taiwan provides an ideal setting to examine the issues due to low awareness of business ethics and a prevalence of family...

Author(s): Ruey-Dang Chang, Jo-Ting Wei, Hsin-Hung Wu and Chia-Chen Teng

  • Article Number: 58C038623915

October 2010

Adoption of e-banking in Bangladesh: An exploratory study

  Nowadays e-commerce, e-business and financial services industry have increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and a strong catalyst for economic development. As a third-world developing country, Bangladesh is far behind to reach the expected level in global banking system. So it is our urgent need to upgrade its banking system. This study has been done mainly based on primary and...

Author(s): A. H. M. Saidul Hasan, Md. Azizul Baten, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil and Sanjida Parveen

  • Article Number: 16DFCC123960

October 2010

The influences of shopping motivation on adolescent online-shopping perceptions

Adolescents are a major proportion of internet users. Accordingly, this study attempts to explore the effects of online shopping motivations on shopping perceptions (that is, hedonic and utilitarian perceptions) among adolescents. Based on Westbrook and Black’s (1985) typologies, this study proposes alternative types of online shopping motivations to address the online shopping context, by integrating previous...

Author(s): Man-Ling Chang, Mengkuan Lai and Wann-Yih Wu,

  • Article Number: 8991BAD24026

October 2010

Moderating role of team working environment between team implicit coordination and performance

  Team working environment is of critical importance in current literature. The processes of coordination in work teams based on schedules, targets, etc. have been heavily relied upon without realizing the importance of team working environment. The study was conducted in the environment where teams of emergency wards of public hospitals of Lahore and Rescue 1122 are in operation. It explores the moderating...

Author(s): Mumtaz Muhammad Khan, Suleman Aziz Lodhi and Muhammad Abdul Majid Makki

  • Article Number: CF44A8E24058

October 2010

Critical assessment of the performance and sustainability of Land Bank customers among emerging farmers in South Africa

  The performance and sustainability of Land Bank customers amongst emerging farmers was analyzed. This was done by conducting a situational analysis through determining profitability, success, failures and reasons thereof. An intensive investigation incorporating desktop research, the perusal of government reports and research articles, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies...

Author(s):   Victor M. Mmbengwa, Jan A. Groenewald, Herman D. van Schalkwyk,   Mazuru B. Gundidza and Azwiangwisi N. Maiwashe

  • Article Number: 803282524101

October 2010

The determinants of access to trade credit by new SMEs in South Africa

  This study investigates empirically the determinants of access to trade credit by new SMEs in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The review of literature revealed that non-availability of finance especially trade credit is one of the primary reasons for the high failure rate of new SMEs in South Africa. Data was collected through self-administered questionnaire from 417 respondents out of which only...

Author(s): Olawale Fatoki and Akinwumi Odeyemi

  • Article Number: 1963C1C24144

October 2010

Investigation on practical training participation intentions of technical and vocational college students through trust perceptions

  Practical trainings are internship programs provided by business enterprises that combine academic theories and practical application to promote the professional skills of students and to provide students opportunities to get acquainted with their possible future workplaces. This study explores on the practical training participation intentions of students through their views on practical training system and...

Author(s): Jau-Shyong Wang

  • Article Number: 78EB76E24181

October 2010

Predictors of inward foreign direct investment: A communication perspective

  A plethora of studies has investigated the reasons for foreign direct investment (FDI) location, yet findings are still inconclusive and sometimes even contradictory. This study offers a new perspective to better understand FDI location. As communication is at the core of any transaction, including FDI transactions, this study introduced Berlo’s communication model into the context of FDI location....

Author(s): Fabian Jintae Froese, Hyemin Park and Si-Young Lee

  • Article Number: 340201424215

October 2010

Effect of different stress stimulation on frustration tolerance of female college students with different temperament

  To investigate effect of different stress stimulation on frustration tolerance of female college students with different temperament, 145 female college students were chosen to perform four different training programs of aerobics, and then the frustration tolerance was investigated and analyzed. The results showed that frustration tolerance of female college students with phlegm temperament significantly...

Author(s): Li-qin Yao

  • Article Number: AB1B9ED24247

October 2010

Corporate social responsibility influences, employee commitment and organizational performance

  Research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) majorly describes its effects on corporate financial performance or consumers’ behavior towards CSR. Relatively few studies have focused employee’s sentiments towards CSR. This study analyzes the multifaceted influence of CSR on employee’s organizational commitment and organizational performance. The study uses exploratory approach; primary...

Author(s): Imran Ali, , Kashif Ur Rehman, Syed Irshad Ali, Jamil Yousaf and Maria Zia

  • Article Number: 030BC7224283

October 2010

The effects of depersonalization and organizational cynicism levels on the job satisfaction of educational inspectors

  This study aimed to establish whether depersonalization and organizational cynicism levels of educational inspectors affected their job satisfaction with respect to certain demographic variables. Data were collected from 217 participants by using the Maslach Burnout Inventory’s Depersonalization dimension, Brandes’ Organizational Cynicism Scale and Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. The results...

Author(s): I. Bakır Arabacı

  • Article Number: 6081AF624345

October 2010

Channel performance and power: A Taiwanese study

  The study aims at a question, that is, how a manufacturer can utilize various power sources in the channel system, and meanwhile hoping that both the manufacturer and distributor can negotiate all together frankly to enhance functional conflicts by means of the influence on channel climate caused by functional channel conflicts and hence, strengthening mutual trusts and maintaining a long-term relationship...

Author(s): Tung-Lai Hu, Cheng- Ying Chang, Wen-Chueh Hsieh and Huang, Yi-Chen

  • Article Number: 449C39624376

October 2010

Motivations and management objectives for operating micro-businesses in aboriginal communities

  Entrepreneurship in aboriginal tourism occurs mostly as micro-businesses in rural tourism. The motivations of aboriginal and other entrepreneurs differ, with the former placing less emphasis on profit-making. They are also concerned about conserving culture. Similarly, management objectives of entrepreneurs vary. This research uses a quantitative approach to explore the business motivations of entrepreneurs...

Author(s): Janet Chang, Chen-Tsang Simon Tsai and Yi-Hui Chen

  • Article Number: D178A1F24409

October 2010

Green product quality, green corporate image, green customer satisfaction, and green customer loyalty

  Previous studies have paid much attention on product quality, corporate image, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty, but none have explored them about green innovation or environmental management aspects. This study wants to fill this research gap. Therefore, this study proposes the rare and novel constructs respectively – green customer satisfaction and green customer loyalty and provides a...

Author(s): Nai-Jen Chang and Cher-Min Fong

  • Article Number: DD16E2424448

October 2010

Competency development among Taiwanese healthcare middle manager: A test of the AHP approach

  The major purpose of this study is to obtain weighted values of various managerial competency facets. AHP method which is reliable and has been widely used in medical decision making, identify the difference in the importance of sub-factors, establish a model for selecting middle managers in the medical industry and provide a relatively objective and scientific method for selecting reserve cadres. This study...

Author(s): Chung-Hsiung Fang, Sue-Ting Chang, and Guan-Li Chen

  • Article Number: FB4557B24491

October 2010

Does corporate sustainability matter to investors?

  The benefits derived from a firm’s sustainable development have been widely promoted. However, the influences have inconsistent conclusions from previous empirical studies, especially from the standpoint of firm value.  This paper attempts to infer the determinants of a firm’s value by exploring whether it predominantly reflects the commonly-used performance criteria in a financial market or...

Author(s): Shih-Fang Lo and Her-Jiun Sheu

  • Article Number: 22C30E724538

October 2010

Balancing work and family through social support among working women in Pakistan

  Work-family balance (WFB) is considered as one of the most important issues in organizational studies. The current study examines the relationship of social support (SS), employee performance (EP) and job satisfaction (JS) with work-family balance of working women in Pakistan. Based on cross - sectional data, out of 315 distributed questionnaires, 150 women working in different public and private sector...

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Malik, Muhammad Iqbal Saif, Solomon Fernando Gomez, Noor Khan and Saddam Hussain

  • Article Number: 236EB3A24585

October 2010

Research and development in productivity measurement: An empirical investigation of the high technology industry

  The high tech industry has played a critical role in the economic growth of Taiwan over the past two decades.  The main success factor in the high tech industry is posited to be improving R&D efficiency and performance. This study utilizes an empirical study to provide valuable managerial insights when measuring the impact of R&D activities and performance representation in the Taiwanese high...

Author(s):   Yung-Hsiang Lu, Chung-Chi Shen, Chung-Te Ting and Chun-Hsien Wang  

  • Article Number: 043A85B24634

October 2010

Exploring influencing factors for the selection of mobile phone service providers: A structural equational modeling (SEM) approach on Malaysian consumers

Author(s): Sabbir Rahman, Ahasanul Haque and Mohd Ismail Sayyed Ahmad

  • Article Number: 0D687A124686

October 2010

Organizing and executing a strategy for firms operating in and from the Islamic world

  “Strategy without action is futile, and action without strategy is fatal” (Sun-Tzu).Strategy and organization are closely interlinked. If a firm's strategies can greatly influence the organizational structure, the organizational environment can also make certain business unit strategies very unlikely or sometimes totally impractical for the managers. Establishing close links between a...

Author(s): Muhammad Mohtsham Saeed, Syed Zulfiqar Shah and Tahir Masood Qureshi

  • Article Number: 12DA63324719