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Table of Content: 9 November 2011; 5(27)

November 2011

Inherited commitments’: Do changes in ownership affect Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at African gold mines?

  This paper critically examines the issue of ‘inherited corporate social responsibility’ in the gold mining industry, focusing specifically on the case of sub-Saharan Africa, a region plagued with excessive corruption, rampant poverty and weak governance. Whilst there appears to be little incentive to proactively engage with communities and implement cutting-edge environmental policies in the...

Author(s):   Gavin Hilson

November 2011

Co-integration and causality analysis of dynamic linkage between economic forces and equity market: An empirical study of stock returns (KSE) and macroeconomic variables (money supply, inflation, interest rate, exchange rate, industrial production and reserves)

  This study explores the short and long term dynamic relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock returns (KSE) for the period from January 1999 to December 2008. Macroeconomic variables include money supply, consumer price index, treasury bills rates, exchange rate, industrial production and reserves. The time series data have been used to examine by employing Johansen and Juselius multivariate...

Author(s):   Rana Shahid Imdad Akash, Arshad Hasan, Muhammad Tariq Javid, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah and Majid Imdad Khan  

November 2011

An integrated inventory location model considering all-unit quantity discount

One of the recent areas in distribution network design is integrated inventory location problems, which jointly determines the inventory control decisions and facility location decisions of a distribution network. A typical distribution network consists of suppliers, several retailers, and several distribution centers. Distribution centers order products from suppliers to fulfil demands of retailers. To achieve risk...

Author(s):   S. H. Tang, Z. Firoozi, M. K. A. M. Ariffin and Sh. Ariafar,

November 2011

Capital structure determinants: An empirical study in Taiwan

  The purpose of this paper is to present empirical evidence on the determinants of capital structure and firm value in a newly industrialized country. The firm characteristics are analyzed as determinants of capital structure according to different explanatory theories. Previous research mainly focused on the determinants of capital structure or the impact of capital structure on company value, while this...

Author(s):   Shun-Yu Chen and Li-Ju Chen  

November 2011

The model of good governance in Islam

  The world has reached a consensus that good governance is significant for human resource development in any society. In this context, the UNDP, IMF, World Bank, various NGOs and numerous studies suggest that good governance primarily relies on the institutional infrastructure. The literature further accepts that the quality of leadership is significant for good governance. However, the primary determinants of...

Author(s):   Imran Haider Naqvi, Shazia Aziz, Syed Abbas Haider Zaidi and Kashif-ur-Rehman

November 2011

The effects of ownership structure or number of block holders on the ratio price-to-book value (P/BV) and price-to-earnings (P/E) of the companies in Tehran Stock Exchanges (TSE)

In this study, the effects of ownership structure on the stock’s value the value of companies’ stocks were examined. Conflict of interest between block holders and management, which has been an important issue in recent decades, has been considered by researchers, additional the effects of number of block holders on the ratio price to book value and price to earnings of stocks of the companies was examined....

Author(s):   Mohammad Reza Shourvarzi  and Mojgan Hamidi Beinabaj  

November 2011

Diversification and firm performance in China

  This study focuses on the performance implication of diversification in China. It finds that product diversification has an inverse U-shaped relationship with firm performance, while geographic diversification has a U-shaped one. In addition, the interaction between product diversification and geographic diversification has a negative impact on firm performance. The findings not only enrich our knowledge of...

Author(s):   Hao Shen, Dong Wang and Zhongfeng Su  

November 2011

Impact of working capital on firms’ profitability

  The correlation between working capital and profitability of firms is analyzed for the management of cash cycle management. Working capital is made by the three important factors, debtor, creditor and stock. When we include cash conversion cycle (CCC) to working capital then it becomes working capital management (WCM). Two sectors are selected as a sample size: automobile and oil and gas sector. The time...

Author(s):   Hassan Aftab Qazi, Syed Muhammad Amir Shah, Zaheer Abbas and Tanzeela Nadeem  

November 2011

An analysis of TFT-LCD industry success factors by integrating FDAHP and gray sequencing

  As Taiwan’s TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) industry plays a vital global role, discussion of its success factors is importance. Previous studies of the TFT-LCD industry success factors were usually based on personal experience and subjective judgment, and did not provide specifically effective success factors assessing methods. Therefore, it is important to establish a...

Author(s):   Shen-Tsu Wang, Meng-Hua Li and Wen-Tsann Lin  

November 2011

The effect of any relation between intellectual capital based on financial patterns and economic value added for measuring business of accepted companies in Iranian Stock Exchange Organization

  Value creation and applying of organizational goals are new paradigm in business. For profit continuity and creation of new wealth, all economic agencies may pay special attention to this phenomenon and enter into operational value chain. In this article, we tested the relation between intellectual capital and economic value added as the modern index for measuring the function in the framework of value...

Author(s):   Feraydoon Rahnama Roodposhti, Zahra Amirhosseini and Elahe Rajaei  

November 2011

Innovation, market power, and firm valuation

  The government’s technology policy is an important guideline and direction for the development of technology industry in Taiwan. Taiwan government proposed a two-phase process of high-technology industrialization development and, established center-satellite factory system which has effectively enhanced cooperation on the dimension of business management, total quality management, technology...

Author(s):   Hsien-Chang Kuo and Lie-Huey Wang    

November 2011

Evolutionary concept, genetic algorithm and exhibition contract in the movie industry

  The conflict between exhibitor and distributor arises due to the limited number of slots available in the exhibition market, constant new introductions, business relationship and also the downside risk of a film’s demand. The inter-connections and the conflicting nature of these factors renders the screen management decision difficult. The study models this complexity on nature, by relating the Post...

Author(s):   Kean Siang, Ch’ng and Su Fei, Yap  

November 2011

Academic staff knowledge sharing intentions and university innovation capability

  Knowledge is originated from the intelligence of individuals and is visible in the tasks, systems, procedures, norm and customs and is really difficult to imitate. Knowledge economy has changed the theme of innovation management. Knowledge sharing not only reduces the cost of the production or service, but also contributes to the success of the organization because knowledge sharing helps in avoiding the...

Author(s):   Muhammad Jawad Iqbal, Amran Rasli, Low Hock Heng, Mohamad Bin Bilal Ali, Ibne Hassan and Ali Jolaee    

November 2011

Patterns of capital structure and dividend policy in Pakistani corporate sector and their impact on organization performance

  The purpose of this study is to determine the patterns of capital structure decisions and dividend policy as well as their level of application in Pakistani corporate sector and also to check the impact of capital structure and dividend policy on organization performance. A total of ninety one questionnaires were distributed in different companies but seventy three filled were received and sixty one were...

Author(s):   Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Muhammad Bilal, Haroon Shafi, Ikram Ullah and Kashif-Ur-Rehman    

November 2011

A digital product of research and development (R and D) management decision for the best selection in fuzzy industry development

  This paper has the product design to transform the complex question that the designer often wants to solve. Therefore, the Research and Development (R and D) planning policy-maker in many enterprises invests much manpower and mental effort every year to deal with these complex questions. The paper first discusses tradition industry products that are changeable with not only some clear conditions but also the...

Author(s):   Shih-Chung Liao, Ming-Chyuan Lin and Shih-Wen Hsiao    

November 2011

A study on small investors’ behavior in choosing stock case study: Kuala-Lumpur stock market

  This study follows a qualitative methodology to investigate small investors’ behavior in choosing stock in Kuala-Lumpur stock market. Small investors usually capture the numerous factors to purchase a definite share within the security market. These factors dramatically influences investors’ behavior and change their decisions to purchase a particular stock. According to this description, the main...

Author(s):   Mohammad Reza Tavakoli Baghdadabad, Farid Habibi Tanha and Noreha Halid  

November 2011

Mediating role of creative self-efficacy

  In this study, we examined the relationship between transformational leadership, learning orientation and employee creativity. Furthermore, the mediating effect of creative self efficacy is studied in the relationship of these two variables with creativity. The data obtained from a sample of 176 employees and managers of banking sector indicated the significant relationship between transformational...

Author(s):   Azka Ghafoor, Tahir Masood Qureshi, Hassan Rasool Azeemi and Syed Tahir Hijazi      

November 2011

Airport capacity utilization in Nigeria: A performance and efficiency analysis

  Most airlines in Nigeria fly at about the same time of the day creating great strains on airports’ runways and air traffic management. This study examines air traffic flow: recorded landings and take-offs times, arrival times and time between arrivals and times spent in the airport. The data collected were analyzed using the queue theory to know the airport turnaround time and the rate of usage of the...

Author(s):   Mobolaji S. Stephens and Wilfred I. Ukpere

November 2011

Intraday patterns in the cross-sectional of stock returns: Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) high frequency indexes

  This paper examines the behavior of intra-day periodicity by dividing the trading day into 39 and 10 min trading intervals for both the Dow Jones and NASDAQ markets. Using a high frequency data of 10 min stock index over the period of August 1, 1997 to June 19, 2007, which included 2,485 trading days with 96,915 intraday observations, we found that the current return today has a positive and explanatory...

Author(s):   Hai-Chin Yu, Chia-Yi Wu and Der-Tzon Hsieh    

November 2011

The indirect impacts of management support and commitment on knowledge management systems (KMS) adoption: Evidence from Malaysian Technology Industries

  The study investigates the impacts of management support and commitment on the adoption of knowledge management systems (KMS) in Malaysian technology industries. By analysing data from a survey of 108 managers across the Malaysian technology industries, the study contributes to the KMS adoption literature by empirically establishing the indirect impacts of organisations’ management support and...

Author(s):   Fadhilah Aman and Ashley Aitken    

November 2011

How to tell a good tour guide under different strategic orientations

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the performance measurement systems, based on the balanced scorecard concept, to empirically measure the tour guide performance of outbound travel agencies under different strategic orientations. The theoretical model identifies underlying variable dimensions - financial, customer, operational process and learning perspectives - which combine traditional subjective...

Author(s):   Leo Huang, and Peng-Hsiang Kao  

November 2011

Environmental audit behaviour, decision pattern, and market performance of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria

  The environmental audit behaviour and decision making pattern of Nigerian SMEs is obscure. Given the fact that the Nigerian business environment is turbulent, the study finds out whether the decision making process of Nigerian SMEs is contingent upon information from the business environment. The study, utilizing correlation statistical procedure examines the subject of discourse. The results of the study...

Author(s):   Eseroghene Franklin Udjo  

November 2011

A use-diffusion model of 3G services in China

  Since use-diffusion (UD) theory is firstly presented in 2004, few studies about UD theory have been investigated to date. In order to enrich UD theoretical results and test the feasibility of this theory applied in different research fields, we study use-diffusion of 3G services in China. This paper modifies UD determinants and established 3G services use-diffusion model. A web-based survey was used in...

Author(s):   Yong-Sheng Jin and Zhao-Hui Li,  

November 2011

Cross validating the consequences model of corporate governance underlying combination of stewardship and stakeholder theories

  In this study, we examine the outcomes of good corporate governance underlying combination of stewardship and stakeholder theories. We develop a model that links good corporate governance, trust in top management, turnover intention, and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). Good corporate governance was considered as antecedent and turnover intention and OCBs were considered as distal outcomes. Trust...

Author(s):   Karun Pratoom

November 2011

Impact of internal audit function (IAF) on financial reporting quality (FRQ): Evidence from Saudi Arabia

  This study examined the impact of the quality of the internal audit function (IAF), an integral part of corporate governance structure, on the financial reporting quality (FRQ) of all Saudi companies listed in the Saudi stock exchange (TADAWL) in 2009, excluding banks. Both secondary and primary information was collected through a matched survey and interview of internal and external auditors. The findings...

Author(s):   Mohammed Al-Shetwi, Shamsher Mohamed Ramadili, Taufiq Hassan Shah Chowdury and Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori      

November 2011

Determinants of capital adequacy ratio in Turkish Banks: A panel data analysis

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the determinants of Turkish banks' capital adequacy ratio and its effects on financial positions of banks covered by the study. Data are obtained from banks' annual reports for the period 2006 - 2010. Panel data methodology is used in this study and analyzes relationships between independent variables; bank size (SIZE), deposits (DEP), loans (LOA), loan loss...

Author(s):   Ahmet Büyükşalvarcı and Hasan Abdioğlu    

November 2011

Herding in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE): A case of behavioral finance

  In this study, the methodology based on cross sectional volatility of stock rate of return and was carried out by Christie and Huang (1995) with Chang et al. (2000), was implemented to study the existence of herding behavior in Istanbul stock exchange (ISE)  National 100 index. The existence of herding behavior was examined in terms of two models as rising and falling days and asymmetrical and nonlinear...

Author(s):   Ayhan KAPUSUZOGLU

November 2011

Malaysia’s palm oil exports: Does exchange rate overvaluation and undervaluation matter?

  This paper examines the impact of exchange rate risk on the exports of palm oil in the era of recurring financial crises and global economic instability. The exchange rate risk is captured by misalignments in the real bilateral US/RM exchange rate.  This paper is divided into two parts. First, the incidence of exchange rate misalignment is observed using price-based approach (purchasing power parity) and...

Author(s): Noor Zahirah Mohd Sidek, Mohammed Bin Yusoff, Gairuzazmi Ghani and Jarita Duasa  

November 2011

“An investigation of relation between the school admınıstrators’ leadership style and communication skill”

  The aim of this study was to find out the relationships between leadership styles and communication skills of academic staff in the administrative function at the University of Karamanoglu Mehmetbey. Participants (faculty members and teaching staff) included 40 males and 16 females. We used the survey method in this study. Firstly, present data, related to the aim of the research, was given...

Author(s): Veysel TEMEL, Mehmet ULUKAN, Hasan ŞAHAN, Murat BAY and Ahmet ŞAHİN    

November 2011

Trends and composition of institutional credit to the agriculture sector during the post-reform period in India

  This paper aimed at analyzing the changes in the trends and composition of multi-agency networks (co-operatives, scheduled commercial banks and regional rural banks) in the issuance of credit to the agriculture sector during the post-reform period in India, by using the time series data from the year 1975 to 2005. The analysis revealed that the trends of direct (short and long-term) and indirect institutional...

Author(s):   Jiyaur Rahman and Zeba Sheereen    

November 2011

Comparative analysis of whistleblower protection legislations in England, USA and Malaysia

  This article explores the legislative efforts undertaken by the United States, England and Malaysia in providing legal protection to whistleblowers. This area has become a regularly debated topic due to the vast acknowledgement on the importance of whistle-blowing in countering fraud and other misbehavior of corporations to ensure better corporate governance of corporations. A comparative analysis would be...

Author(s):   Tan Pei Meng and Ong Seng Fook    

November 2011

Using multi-dimensional organizational intelligence measurements to determine the institutional and managerial capacities of technical education institutions for girls

  This study aims at defining the institutional and managerial capacities of the technical education institutions for girls in Turkey and measuring the level of the organizational intelligence of these schools. In this study, “multi-dimensional organizational intelligence scale”, re-adapted for technical education institutions by Erçetin and Potas was used. The scale has seven dimensions of...

Author(s):   Ş. Şule Erçetin, Nihan Potas, M. Ali Hamedoğlu, and Nuray Kisa