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Table of Content: 10 April 2015; 10(7)

April 2015


The aim of this descriptive study is to examine review of the ICT and TPACK literature for teacher education.  Firstly, the general characteristics of the ICT and TPACK have been examined. In the study, the researchers answer the questions namely “How is the distribution of the articles of TPACK of the year?”, “How is the distribution of the subject of article of ICT and TPACK?”, “What...

Author(s): Hülya Gür and AyÅŸen Karamete

April 2015

Male learners’ vocabulary achievement through concept mapping and mind mapping: differences and similarities

While learning English plays an essential role in today’s life, vocabulary achievement is helpful to overcome the difficulties of commanding the language. Drawing on data from three months experimental work, this article explores how two mapping strategies affect the learning vocabularies in EFL male learners. While females were studied before, this article focuses on how Iranian male students at Intermediate...

Author(s): Zahra Tarkashvand

April 2015

Social emotional learning skills and educational stress

The basic aim of this research is to examine the predicting role of social emotional learning skills in educational stress. The participants were 238 adolescents at high school. In this study, the Social Emotional Learning Skills Scale and the Educational Stress Scale were used. The relationships between social emotional learning skills and educational stress were examined using correlation analysis and simple linear...

Author(s): Ä°smail ÇELÄ°K

April 2015

Metaphorical perceptions of pre service social studies teachers towards the concept of “Social Studies Teacher”

The purpose of this study is to find out Social Studies teachers’ perception of pre service Social Studies teachers using metaphors. The study group in this research includes 83 pre service teachers at the department of Social Studies, the faculty of education in a state university in Turkey. The research was conducted during 2014–2015 academic year. Related opinions of the pre service teachers participating...

Author(s): Salih USLU

April 2015

Social Studies pre-service teachers' views on the EU membership process: A multidimensional evaluation

One of the general purposes of Social Studies is to integrate individuals with the social life by providing accurate knowledge and skills about their environment and society. As well as the role of Social Studies in raising consciousness on EU relations, Social Studies teachers' views about EU membership and the sources of these views are important. By sharing their views, teachers can lead students to have similar...

Author(s): Ebru Gençtürk

April 2015

Ottoman perception of Egyptian students

This research was carried out before the period described as "Arab Spring" in Egypt which is one of the highly effective countries of Middle East in political, economic and demographic structuring. The aim was to determine the Ottoman Turks image of Egyptian secondary school third grade students. Descriptive scanning model out of quantitative research procedures was used in the research and within this scope...

Author(s): YILMAZ Ali

April 2015

Evaluative research of the mentoring process of the PGDT, with particular reference to Cluster Centers under Jimma University facilitation

The objective of the study is to evaluate the mentoring process of the PGDT program which was under the supervision of Jimma University in the regional states of Oromia and SNNP, Ethiopia. The overall intention was to see whether the program was being underway as expected. Because, there was uncertainty regarding the proper running of it as it was a new program in the history of the country. The dimensions of the...

Author(s): Worku Fentie Tegegne and Alebachew Hailu Gelaneh

April 2015

Diversity in high schools and diversity management: A qualitative study

The purpose of the present study is to present the diversities in high schools and opinions of teachers about management of these diversities. The sample of the study is from nine teachers working at the official high schools in the center of Denizli in Turkey. In this qualitative study, the data are collected with a semi-structured interview form and analyzed with content analysis. According to the results of the...

Author(s): Aydan Ordu 

April 2015

The relationship between critical thinking abilities and classroom management skills of high school teachers

High school teachers experience difficulties while providing effective teaching approaches in their classrooms. Some of the difficulties are associated with the lack of classroom management skills and critical thinking abilities. This quantitative study includes non-random selection of the participants and aims to examine critical thinking abilities of high school teachers and the relationships between classroom...

Author(s): Seyithan Demirdag

April 2015

The relationships between dimensions of writing motivation and reading comprehension

The purpose of the present study is to identify to what extent writing motivation can classify readers as good or poor comprehenders. The study was conducted on a total of 156 fourth graders studying at a state-run primary school in the center of Duzce, Turkey. The data were collected through the Writing Motivation Scale and the Mistake Analysis Inventory for Reading Comprehension. The participants’ writing...

Author(s): Hasan KaÄŸan KESKÄ°N

April 2015

The effect of academic controversy technique on Turkish teachers candidates’ success to effective speaking skills and its relation with some variables (gender, multilingualism)

The aim of this study is to determine the effect of Academic controversy as a technique of collaborative learning on Turkish Teachers candidates’ success to effective speaking skills and its relationship with variables like gender and multilingualism. Therefore the experimental design based on the pre-test and post-test measurement with control group has been used in the research. SPSS program was used to analyze...

Author(s): Mehmet Nuri KARDAS

April 2015

Pre-service music teachers’ opinions about the significance of choir lesson

This study aims to determine pre-service music teachers’ opinions about the significance of the choir lesson. This is a qualitative research. The data were acquired with the participation of 54 pre-service teachers. An open-ended interview questionnaire was used to collect the data. The data were processed using content analysis and classified in eight categories. These categories are: perception, the...

Author(s): Aycan ÖZÇÄ°MEN

April 2015

An investigation of self-efficacy beliefs in terms of the reasons for the choice of the teaching profession by teacher candidates

The aim of this study is to determine whether there is a difference between the reasons for the choice of the teaching profession by teacher candidates and their self-efficacy beliefs. Survey method was used in this study. The sample of the study consisted of 972 students (232 males and 740 females) studying at Primary School Education, Science Education and Preschool Education at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University in...

Author(s): Barış Çetin

April 2015

The effect of recreational activities on the elimination of state-trait anxiety of the students who will take the SBS Placement Test

The purpose of this study is to examine whether recretional activities have an effect on the elimination of state-trait anxiety of the students who will take the “SBS Placement Test” which is an exam for transition from secondary school to high school. For this purpose, as well as an information survey which determined the socio-demographic features, the Spilberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory was...

Author(s): Atilay Birtürk and Elif Karagün

April 2015

Gifted students’ metaphor images about mathematics

The aim of this study is to investigate the metaphors images of gifted students about mathematics. The sample of the study consists of 82 gifted students, which are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 graders, from Istanbul. Data were collected by asking students to complete the sentence:  “Mathematics is as …, because…”. In the study content analysis was used. The metaphors which were generated by students...

Author(s): Elif Esra ARIKAN and Hasan UNAL

April 2015

Examining the impact of chess instruction for the visual impairment on Mathematics

The purpose of the study is to explore the impact of chess instruction for visually impaired children on math achievement. The study group consists of a total of 26 visually impaired students from inclusion classes in inclusive secondary schools of MoNE (Ministry of National Education), 9 male and 5 female students in the experiment group and 8 male and 4 female students in the control group. The experiment group...

Author(s): Menşure Aydın

April 2015

Effects of art/design education on meta-esthetics consciousness of fine arts students

The objectives of the present study were to determine the consciousness and sensitivity levels of Fine Arts students about the meta-esthetics as a consumer and producer and to determine the effects of the courses they took on their meta-esthetic consciousness. The research universe was composed of fine art faculties of the foundation universities located in Ankara during the academic year of 2013-2014. The research...

Author(s): Eylem TATAROGLU

April 2015

Relationship between political discrimination and dissent behaviour displayed by teachers

The aim of this study is to find out whether there is a significant relationship between perceived political discrimination and dissent behaviour displayed by primary school teachers. This study was designed with correlational research method and survey technique was used to collect data. Primary school teachers working in Tuzla, Istanbul constitute the research population of the study. 362 teachers willing to answer...

Author(s): Sultan Bilge Keskinkılıç Kara

April 2015

Discourse markers in EFL setting: Perceptions of Turkish EFL teachers

Discourse markers are seen as one of the fundamental units in spoken discourse due to their frequent and multifunctional use by native speakers of English. Discourse markers also have significance in foreign language instruction. In this respect, this study explored the perceptions of Turkish EFL teachers towards the use of discourse markers in terms of the pragmatic and pedagogic value and their representations in EFL...

Author(s): Asuman AÅžIK

April 2015

The impact of physics laboratory on students offering physics in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State

The impact of Physics laboratory on students was carried out among senior secondary school students offering Physics in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State using descriptive survey. Five public schools were random-even samplying technique was adopted for precision. Fifty questionnaires were distributed to students in each school, making it a total of 250 students in all schools and retrieved immediately to...

Author(s): Oluwasegun Godwin, Ohwofosirai Adrian and Emagbetere Johnbull

April 2015

Water awareness scale for pre-service science teachers: Validity and reliability study

The role of teachers in the formation of environmentally sensitive behaviors in students is quite high. Thus, the water awareness of teachers, who represent role models for students, is rather important. The main purpose of this study is to identify the reliability and validity study outcomes of the Water Awareness Scale, which was developed to determine the water awareness of pre-service science teachers. The study...

Author(s): Cansu FILIK ISCEN

April 2015

The effect of quality of school life on sense of happiness: A study on University students

This study investigated the relationship between quality of school life and happiness among university students. For this purpose, 326 students from five different faculties in Çankırı Karatekin University participated in the study. Participants filled in the ‘scale for quality of school life’ and ‘scale for Oxford happiness-Compact form’. Data were analyzed by using methods of...

Author(s): Rıza Gökler, UÄŸur Gürgan and Nuray TaÅŸtan

April 2015

An investigation of English Language teachers and students’ views on ethical principles towards students

The purpose of this study is to raise the quality of teaching English language and to contribute to the improvement of ELT Teachers profession by investigating the extent to which English teachers at MuÄŸla Sıtkı Koçman University apply the ethical code towards students during their teaching process. The study was conducted in Preparatory School of English at MuÄŸla Sıtkı Koçman University. The...

Author(s): PaÅŸa Tevfik Cephe and Yener KeleÅŸ

April 2015

Evaluating high school students’ anxiety and self-efficacy towards biology

Anxiety and self-efficacy are among the factors that impact students’ performance in biology. The current study aims to investigate high school students’ perception of biology anxiety and self-efficacy, in relation to gender, grade level, interest in biology, negative experience associated with biology classes, and teachers’ approaches in the class. The research was designed as a survey model. The...

Author(s): Osman Çimen and Mehmet Yılmaz

April 2015

Exploring the different trajectories of analytical thinking ability factors: An application of the second-order growth curve factor model

The purposes of this study were 1) Compare analytical thinking ability by testing the same sets of students 5 times 2) Develop and verify whether analytical thinking ability of students corresponds to second-order growth curve factors model. Samples were 1,093 eighth-grade students. The results revealed that 1) Analytical thinking ability scores of 5 tests are significantly different at .01 level and the means score...

Author(s): Narumon Saengprom, Waraporn Erawan, Suntonrapot Damrongpanit and Jaruwan Sakulku

April 2015

Impact of terrorism on managerial efficiency of heads of secondary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Terrorism has adversely affected the educational environment in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Province. This study was conducted to know the impact of Terrorism on managerial efficiency of heads of secondary schools in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa that included Malakand, Mangawara, Dir, Hangu , Bannu and D I Khan which are the highly affected areas of terrorism. Sample of the study comprised 120 Heads of Secondary schools, 60 males and...

Author(s): Usman Ghani Khattak and Javed Iqbal

April 2015

A study on high school students’ perceptions of “geographical environment”

This research investigates how high school students perceive the concept “environment”. The research was conducted on 191 Social Science High School students from 9 to 12th grades in Istanbul and Denizli within 2012 to 2013 academic year. In the study, students were asked to draw a picture of the “environment”. The research results indicated that metaphors such as “tree”,...

Author(s): Bilgen Nurettin

April 2015

Attitudes towards substance addiction: A study of Turkish University students

Substance addiction has become one of the important issues in the world. The studies concerning substance use reveal the extent of the problem. According to the results of such studies, the number of the people using illicit drugs has increased profoundly in recent years. In this study, it was tried to find out how common substance use among Turkish university students. Moreover, it was aimed to determine the...

Author(s): Hilmi SUNGU