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Table of Content: 10 July 2015; 10(13)

July 2015

Investigation of high school students’ attitude and anxiety levels towards Mathematics in terms of some variables

The purpose of this study was to investigate Turkish high school students’ attitude and anxiety levels towards mathematics. For this purpose, the methodology employed in this study was a descriptive study. The participants of the study consisted of 361 high school students from three different high school types from a province in Turkey during 2014-2015 fall term. The Mathematics Attitude Scale developed by AÅŸkar...

Author(s): Åžemsettin DURSUN

July 2015

Students’ opinions about the effect of value-themed short stories used in education

In order to avoid problems such as lack of confidence, lack of respect, and lack of love, as well as violence within a given social structure, students should be trained not only as academically successful individuals, but also as people who have adopted the core values of the society. To address this need, this study explores the use of short stories, which are thought to be effective for developing awareness of these...

Author(s): Hülya KasapoÄŸlu

July 2015

Latent profile analysis of good citizenship of Rajabhat Universities’ students in the Northeast of Thailand

The purpose of this study was 1) to develop good citizenship indicators of Rajabhat Universities’ Students in the Northeast of Thailand. 2) to classify latent profile of good citizenship of Rajabhat University’s students in the northeast of Thailand. The sample was 800 Rajabhat University’s students in the northeast of Thailand. Findings 1) there are only 8 indicators of good citizenship 2) revealed...

Author(s): Sunan Siphai and Boonchoom Srisa-ard

July 2015

Integrative review of social presence in distance education: Issues and challenges

The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the evolution of social presence research in the field of distance education and identified problems in investigating this construct. The researchers took an integrative review on existing social presence studies to answer three questions: (a) How definitions of social presence evolved since its establishment (b) How research focus shifted (c) What problems exist...

Author(s): Xin Chen, Youjia Fang and Barbara Lockee

July 2015

Sixth graders and non-routine problems: Which strategies are decisive for success?

This study investigated the role of each strategy in explaining sixth graders’ (12-13 years old students’) non-routine problem solving success and discriminating between successful and unsuccessful students. Twelve non-routine problems were given to 123 pupils. Answers were scored between 0 and 10. Bottom and top segments of 27% were then determined based on total scores. All scripts of pupils in these...

Author(s): Yeliz Yazgan

July 2015

Examining leisure boredom in high school students in Turkey

High school students who do not have leisure skills are more likely to be bored during leisure time. The aim of the study is to examine leisure boredom of high school students based on some variables (gender and income), and to investigate the relationship between leisure boredom, the presence/absence of anti-social behavior and the frequency at which high school students participate in recreational activities. This...

Author(s): Merve Beyza AKGUL

July 2015

Examination of the PISA 2009 reading skills and information and communication technology (ICT) use skills of Turkish students

The aim of this paper is to determine relation between PISA Reading Skills and ICT use skills of Turkish students. In this study are four variables such as joy/like Reading, use of Libraries, Online Reading and Plausible value in reading which are dealt with as indications of reading skills. It constitutes six variables such as attitude towards computers, ICT internet/entertainment use, ICT for school related tasks, ICT...

Author(s): Tülin ACAR

July 2015

The effects of gender of private sports establishment administrators on job satisfaction: A case of Istanbul

This study aims to indicate whether work satisfaction varies according to gender, the job itself and factors of human resources. To evaluate reassurence related with their jobs, a short version of ‘Minnesota Jobs Satisfactıon’’ survey was carried out with 32 men and 18 women who work at private sporting establishments in Anatolian side of Istanbul. Besides the average satisfaction scores of the...

Author(s): Mustafa Erol

July 2015

Developing a leveling framework of mathematical belief and mathematical knowledge for teaching of Indonesian pre-service teachers

This study explored the characteristics of pre-service primary teachers (PSTs) influenced by mathematical belief and mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) PSTs’. A qualitative approach was used to investigate the levels of PSTs on mathematical belief and MKT. The two research instruments used in this study were an interview-based task and a questionnaire. Data collected from 6 (six) pre-service primary...

Author(s): Ifada Novikasari and Didi Suryadi, Darhim

July 2015

Development of environmental knowledge, team working skills and desirable behaviors on environmental conservation of Matthayomsuksa 6 students using good science thinking moves method with metacognition techniques

The research aimed to investigate environmental knowledge, team working skills, and desirable behaviors of students learning through the good science thinking moves method with metacognition techniques.  The sample group included Matthayomsuksa 6 students from Nadoon Prachasan School, Nadoon District, Maha Sarakham Province. The research tools were (1)  6 teaching plans designed under the good science thinking...

Author(s): Charinrat Ladawan, Adisak Singseewo and Paitool Suksringarm

July 2015

Mainstreaming health and safety in schools: Practical insights from the teachers

This study presents the results from a study [W1] funded by the Directorate General of Occupational Health and Safety, an institutional body that pertains to the Employment Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain) and Ministry of Employment and Labour (Spain). The analysis  focuses mainly on the teachers who work in pre-primary, primary and secondary education in Andalusia. The aim is to...

Author(s): Antonio Burgos-Garcia

July 2015

Analysis on inclusion of social studies economy concepts in coursebooks

Having an efficient and satisfactory economy education may enable an individual to actively participate in decision making process about economy-related issues. This is very important for democratic societies. This research aims to search methods and levels of teaching "economy" concepts prepared for Turkey 2005 Social Studies Program in 6th and 7th grades. In this study, 6th and 7th grade social studies...

Author(s): Mustafa SEKER and Ahmet Emin OSMANOGLU

July 2015

Effect of use of caricatures on teaching vocabulary in teaching Turkish as foreign language

Teaching vocabulary in teaching Turkish as Foreign language is important. Different methods are employed in teaching vocabulary. In this study the pre- and post-test results of experimental group where caricatures were used to teach vocabulary and control group where vocabulary items were taught without use of caricatures  when teaching Turkish vocabulary items to foreign students are compared statistically. Two...

Author(s): Yakup TOPAL