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Table of Content: 10 March 2015; 10(5)

March 2015

A study on preschool children’s name writing and writing readiness skills

The purpose of this work is to analyze the name writing and writing readiness levels of preschoolers in terms of various variables and to identify the relationship between children’s name writing skill and writing readiness levels. To that end, name-writing and writing-readiness skills of 204 preschoolers at the ages of 3, 4 and 5 were examined using observation forms. Results revealed that children’s name...

Author(s): Özlem ÅžimÅŸek Çetin

March 2015

Effects of using invention learning approach on inventive abilities: A mixed method study

This study aims to enhance inventive abilities for secondary students by using the Invention Learning Approach. Its activities focus on creating new inventions based on the students’ interests by using constructional tools. The participants were twenty secondary students who took an elective science course that provided instructional units integrated with the Invention Learning Approach for 40 h, over a period of...

Author(s): Paisan Wongkraso, Somsong Sitti and Araya Piyakun

March 2015

The effect of the courses of school experience and teaching practice on primary school mathematics teachers

The aim of this study is to determine elementary mathematics teachers’ thoughts and feelings on the courses of school-experience and teacher-practice. In this study was used the qualitative research method. Those involved in the study were 20 mathematics teachers employed in formal/government primary schools in the Province of Giresun and in the town of Bulancak in the academic years of 2010-2011. As a means of...

Author(s): Aksu Hasan Huseyin

March 2015

Comparison of communal sex roles of female sports students studying in different universities in Turkey

We investigated whether doing sports has any effect on the androgynous characteristics of women. In 15 universities from different regions of Turkey,  a questionnare was administered to 341 students (170 elite sportlers from nine sport categories and 171 sedantary controls) during the 2012-2013 study period. The Bem sex role inventory was used to determine whether doing sport differentiates female students'...

Author(s): Zinnur Gerek

March 2015

An analysis of the relationship between organizational communication and organizational cynicism according to teachers’ perceptions in Turkey

In this study, the relations between organizational communication and organizational cynicism have been analyzed. The sample of the study consists of 274 teachers working in state secondary schools in Palandöken County of Erzurum, in 2013-2014 academic year. “Organizational Cynicism Scale” and “Organizational Communication Scale” have been used to collect data. In this descriptive study,...

Author(s): Ahmet AYIK

March 2015

Influence of web-aided cooperative learning environment on motivation and on self-efficacy belief in Biology teaching

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the web-aided cooperative learning environment on biology preservice teachers’ motivation and on their self-efficacy beliefs in biology teaching. The study was carried out with 30 biology preservice teachers attending a state university in Turkey. In the study, the pretest-posttest research design without any control group was used. As the data...

Author(s): Murat Hevedanlı

March 2015

Mathematics education and democracy education

Democracy is a most accepted form of government system and has a great importance for citizens by allowing them equal and active participation in common life. As its development and characteristics are important for all citizens of a country, each democratic country puts much emphasis on democracy education in its educational curricula. In recent years, some developments about democracy education in national state...

Author(s): Ömer Faruk ÇETÄ°N

March 2015

Investigation of the relationship between physical activity level and healthy life-style behaviors of academic staff

The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship of physical activity (PA) level and healthy life-style behaviors in academic staff in Bartın University, Turkey. The short form of International Physical Activity Questionnaire was administered for the determination of physical activity level of academic staff. Their PA levels were categorised as inactive, minimally active, and physically active by using MET...

Author(s): Mutlu TURKMEN, Ali OZKAN, Murat KUL and Taner BOZKUS

March 2015

The investigation of science process skills of science teachers in terms of some variables

This study aimed to investigate basic process skills, integrated process skills and overall science process skills of science teachers in terms of some variables. This study had a survey design. The study population consisted of 170 science teachers from a province located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The study data were obtained from science process skills test arranged by AydoÄŸdu (2006). The results of...

Author(s): Bülent AYDOÄžDU

March 2015

Study of mothers’ anxieties related to their children’s future

The purpose of this study is to study anxieties of mothers related to their children’s future. Qualitative method was used in order to study anxieties of mothers from different socio-economic levels. Sample of the study participants are 129 mothers living in Istanbul. 32 of those mothers are from upper socio-economic level, 57, from middle socio-economic level and 40, from lower socio-economic level. A...

Author(s): Sengul Ä°LGAR

March 2015

Improving graduate students’ learning through the use of Moodle

Moodle stands as an online tool that promotes enhanced learning in higher education. However, it often becomes a repository of contents instead of an interactive environment. In this paper we describe how this platform was used by university students and teachers in 104 courses and compare whether ICT-as core subject courses-use Moodle more effectively than non-ICT content related courses. A sample of 393 students...

Author(s): Olmos Susana, Mena Juanjo, Torrecilla Eva and Iglesias Ana

March 2015

An investigation of high school seniors’ assertiveness levels based on their demographic characteristics

High school students who are in the development age or in the last class and have chance to win the university exams or disposal stage of the business life must also have a high level of assertiveness. In this context, the purpose of this research is to compare the assertiveness levels of high school seniors. The study group consists of 312 high school seniors studying at five different high schools in Manisa center. In...

Author(s): Ä°brahim ÇAM

March 2015

Challenges students’ face in their transition from primary to secondary school and the interventions schools take to ease the transition

This study explores the major challenges that affect students’ enrollment and participation and the key measures schools take to mitigate the challenge and help students continue their education. The data were collected from 23 secondary school grade nine students in Amahara Regional State in Ethiopia using the structured questionnaires from students and teachers as well as by using semi-structured interview from...

Author(s): Wudu Melese Tarekegne

March 2015

Turkish pre-service social studies teachers’ perceptions of “Good” citizenship

The current study explores Turkish pre-service social studies teachers’ perceptions of “good” citizenship. The participants were 580 pre-service social studies teachers from 6 different universities in Turkey. The data were collected through an interview form having one open-ended question and analyzed according to open coding procedure. The results of the study show that Turkish pre-service social...

Author(s): Cemil Cahit YeÅŸilbursa

March 2015

The problem-solving skills of the teachers ın various branches

The aim of this study was to determine the problem-solving skills of the teachers in various branches in Çat town of  Erzurum Province in Turkey, using some variables. A total of 153 teachers (84 females, 69 males and age: 1.6536±0.72837) from different departments participated in the study. Problem Solving Inventory, developed by Heppner and Peterson (1982), was used to measure the problem solving...

Author(s): Veysel TEMEL

March 2015

The effects of basketball basic skills training on gross motor skills development of female children

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of basketball basic skills training on gross motor skills development of female children in Turkey. For that purpose, 40 female children took part in the study voluntarily.Basketball basic skills test was used to improve the gross motor skills of the female children in the study. Also, observation form was used to determine changes with respect to the gross motor...

Author(s): Betul Bayazit

March 2015

The perception of gifted students’ parents about the term of giftedness

The purpose of this research is to present the definition of ‘giftedness’ made by the parents who have gifted children.The study is of importance for presenting the term of giftedness from parents of gifted students as a result of their experiences. Also, this study has a great importance as it allows us to have more information about gifted children, to organize educational programs according to these...

Author(s): Esra AltıntaÅŸ and Åžükrü Ä°lgün

March 2015

Determination of secondary school students’ cognitive structure, and misconception in ecological concepts through word association test

In this study, we determined cognitive structures and misconceptions about basic ecological concepts by using “word association” tests on secondary school students, age between 12-14 years. Eighty-nine students participated in this study. Before WAT was generated, basic ecological concepts that take place in the secondary science curriculum were determined. And then these concepts; “Environment”,...

Author(s): Elif ÖZATA YÜCEL and Muhlis ÖZKAN

March 2015

Turkish as a foreign language learners’ awareness and use of morphology in guessing the meanings of unknown words from context: A case study

This study investigated Turkish as foreign language learners’ awareness and use of Turkish derivational affixes as a knowledge source in guessing the meanings of unknown words in written contexts. In addition, this study also examined the type of knowledge sources used in guessing the meaning of the unknown words. The study was conducted with the participation of 10 B1(Threshold, Pre-intermediate) which is based...

Author(s): Fatih Yılmaz

March 2015

The relationship between secondary school students’ mathematics anxiety and self-regulation

One of the basic aims of education is to facilitate students’ learning and to make it permanent. Researching and identifying the factors which can positively or negatively affect students’ learning hold a great deal of importance in terms of actualizing learning. The aim of this study is to determine whether or not there is a relationship between elementary school students’ (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th...

Author(s): Tevfik Ä°ÅžLEYEN

March 2015

The new approach to sport medicine: 3-D reconstruction

The aim of this study is to present a new approach to sport medicine. Comparative analysis of the Vertebrae Lumbales was done in sedentary group and Muay Thai athletes. It was done by acquiring three dimensional (3-D) data and models through photogrammetric methods from the Multi-detector Computerized Tomography (MDCT) images of the Vertebrae Lumbales sections in male Muay Thai athletes and the sedentary (control)...

Author(s): Alparslan Ä°NCE