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Table of Content: 10 September, 2015; 10(17)

September 2015

Anger expression styles of hearing impaired individuals doing sport and those not doing sport

The aim of this research was to determine the anger expression styles between the sportive hearing impaired individuals and the sedentary hearing impaired individuals. In the sportive hearing impaired group, there were 170 participants: 62 females and 108 males doing basketball, volleyball and football teams as licensed sportmen in various clubs and 162 participants: 59 females and 103 males of sedentary individuals. In...

Author(s): Mehmet ALTIN

September 2015

Influences of moral, emotional and adversity quotient on good citizenship of Rajabhat University’s Students in the Northeast of Thailand

The objective of this study is to investigate the influences of moral, emotional and adversity quotient on good citizenship of Rajabhat University’s students in Northeastern Region of Thailand.  The samples included 1,087 undergraduate students from 8 different Rajabhat universities.  Data analysis was conducted in descriptive statistics and structural equation model.  The results revealed that the...

Author(s): Sunan Siphai

September 2015

Undesirable student behaviours encountered by prımary school teachers and solution proposals

The purpose of this study is to determine undesirable behaviours of primary school students, to define the factors leading to these behaviours and to detect the methods applied by teachers for changing these undesirable behaviours. The data of this research were obtained through a survey comprised of two sections developed by the researcher. This survey including three open-ended questions was applied to 355 teachers...

Author(s): Mehmet TEYFUR

September 2015

Critical development exploration based on the Islamic education in Iranian higher education

The aim of this research is to do a critical development exploration based on the Islamic education in Iranian higher education. In this paper, logical analysis qualitative method was used. Through library studies, information was collected and analysis of the results was done. The information collecting tool was note taking and information was analyzed based on deductive category system. In the section of content...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Taheri, Narges Keshtiaray and Ali Reza Yousefy

September 2015

Predictive power of the success tendency and ego identity status of the university students

The aim of this research is to assess the predictive power of the success tendency and ego identity status of the students of Physical Education and Sports Teaching Department. 581 students of Physical Education and Sports Teaching Department in Kayseri, Niğde, Burdur, Bolu and Diyarbakır participated in this research. The acquired results were analyzed with SPSS 20 package. To specify if there was a meaningful...

Author(s): Pepe Osman

September 2015

The education and evaluation of vitamin consumption effects on stress markers oxidative after exercise

The purpose of the research was to evaluate the effect of 4-week vitamin C and E supplementation on the markers of oxidative stress after exercise session in students. 30 non-athlete persons (25.21 ± 1.5 years, 173.42 ± 5.62 cm, 75.6±5.75 kg, VO2 max of 42.26 ± 1.11 ml/kg/min, and waist-hip ratio of 0.91 ±0.02 cm) volunteered for the study and were given vitamin C and E supplementation...

Author(s): Cemil Tugrulhan Sam

September 2015

Teachers’ professional ethics from Avicenna’s perspective

The purpose of this paper is to express Avicenna’s standpoints in the area of teachers’ professional ethics. Making use of a qualitative approach and a descriptive-analytic method, this study attempted to describe and analyze Avicenna’s viewpoints on prerequisites of teaching profession by the help of the available resources. In general, the results showed that skillful teacher needs to possess...

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Heidari, Kamal Nosrati Heshi,  Zohre Mottagi, Mehrnosh Amini, Ali Shiravani Shiri

September 2015

The validity and reliability of Turkish version of fair play questionnaire in Physical Education (FPQ-PE) and an implementation

The study was primarily carried out with the aim of adaptation of Fair Play in Physical Education Questionnaire (FPQ-PE). In addition, the adapted questionnaire was implemented on Turkish children and youth aged between 11 and 18 and the results were presented. The questionnaire originally adapted by Hassandra et al. for Greek students was adapted in four stages. 672 secondary and high school students from 11-18 age...

Author(s): Nevzat MirzeoÄŸlu

September 2015

The implications of Feyerabend‘s epistemological approach for educational research methods

Epistemology is defined as theory of knowledge and the ways of achieving it. Epistemology is research questions of the possibility of knowledge and the riddle of knowledge. Epistemology and methodology despite being interconnected are inseparable and are not reducible from each other. In addition, their relationship is direct, meaning that ontology logically precedes epistemology and epistemology proceeds methodology,...

Author(s): Elham Shirvani Ghadikolaei and Seyed Mahdi Sajjadi

September 2015

The impact of Facebook in teaching practicum: Teacher trainees’ perspectives

Prompt feedback is one of the critical components of teacher education programs. To reap the greatest benefit from the teaching practicum process, the quality of feedback as well as its implementation by stakeholders, supervisors, cooperating teachers, and teacher trainees, takes on great importance. The purpose of this study is to examine how Web 2.0 tools support a teaching practicum course at a large public...

Author(s): Sehnaz Baltaci Goktalay

September 2015

A new experimental system design related to the plasma state

The plasma state is included in the unit on matter and its properties in the 9th grade Physics course secondary school curriculum prepared by the Ministry of National Education of Turkey. Any tools and equipment required by tests to be conducted in the scope of the Physics course curriculum are in general easily accessible. However, in cases in which there are any physical or technical restrictions, it is suggested that...

Author(s): S. D. Korkmaz

September 2015

The relationship between primary school teacher candidates’ tendency for lifelong learning and their perceptions of computer self-efficacy

This study determines the relationship between primary school teacher candidates’ lifelong learning tendency and their perceptions of computer self-efficacy. The research was carried out with 92 undergraduate teachers studying at Bartin University of Teacher Education Faculty, in 2014-2015 academic year. In this study, personal information questionnaire, Lifelong Learning Trends Scale developed by Diker (2009) and...

Author(s): ISIK Ayse Derya

September 2015

Teachers’ development model to authentic assessment by empowerment evaluation approach

Author(s): Charin Charoenchai, Songsak Phuseeorn and Waro Phengsawat

September 2015

Science teachers’ research skills through the use of scientific method: The case of Turkey

This experimental study examined the science teachers’ research skills through the use of scientific method. At first, a training program was developed for science teachers to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to successfully plan, apply, evaluate and report a research. Then, the training program was applied to 40 science teachers. Before the study, an expectation interview was done; and after...

Author(s): Meryem Nur AYDEDE YALÇIN