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Table of Content: 23 February 2015; 10(4)

February 2015

Developing the “Pedagogical Efficacy Perception Scale” for teacher candidates

This study aims to develop the “Pedagogical Efficacy Perception Scale” for teacher candidates and to compare scale scores. The sample of this survey model study consists of 310 students studying in a faculty of education. The “Pedagogical Efficacy Perception Scale” developed by the author was used for data collection. Exploratory factor analysis shows that it is a two-factor scale. These factors...

Author(s): Ahmet AKBABA

February 2015

Stakeholders’ opinions on “let the schools become life” project in scope of lifelong learning activities

The objective of this study is to find out the opinions of school administrators, teachers, staff, benefiting students and parents and other stakeholders of “Let the Schools Become Life” project being carried out in order to reveal the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Data in this qualitative research was gathered by purposive convenience sampling from a school principal, a deputy principal, two...

Author(s): Süleyman KarataÅŸ

February 2015

The effect of a learner autonomy training on the study habits of the first-year ELT students

The purpose of this study is to investigate the possible effects of a learner autonomy training on the study habits of first-year university students as future EFL teachers. To this end, a questionnaire was used as the research instrument to elicit the study habits of the students, The questionnaire was administered to 122 students enrolled in a ‘Learner Autonomy’ class at Anadolu University, Turkey at two...

Author(s): Ali MERÇ

February 2015

Survey on effects of fairy tales on Turkish language training from secondary school students' perspective

Fairy tale is one of the most important genres in literature which reflects childish sensitivity, feeds child’s soul, enriches his/her imagination and prepares him/her for the future. Emerging as product of oral literature, fairy tales were used as an instrument of training in the past and they still have the same function today. Educators think that fairy tale is important for contribution to children’s...

Author(s): Yasin KILIÇ

February 2015

Examination of occupational concern of pre-service teachers based on various variables in Turkey

This study investigated the occupational concerns of pre-service teachers attending to education faculties. Effects of some demographical variables including gender, department, grade and socio-economic status on pre-service teachers’ occupational concerns were also examined. The study was a survey in which 650 pre-service teachers from four different education faculties participated in. To collect data...

Author(s): YaÅŸar Adıgüzelli

February 2015

Turkish pre-service physics teachers’ preferred learning styles

This study aims to determine the dominant learning styles of pre-service physics teachers and to examine them in terms of variables such as gender, information and communication technologies skills, academic achievement and type of motivation. Survey model was used.The sample composed of 50 pre-service physics teachers. The data were collected for this study from three sources; demographic information (DI), Learning...

Author(s): Åžebnem KANDÄ°L Ä°NGEÇ

February 2015

The relationship between physical activity level and healthy life-style behaviors of distance education students

The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between physical activity levels and healthy life-style behaviors in distance education students in Hoca Ahmet Yesevi University. In total, 526 distance education students in Hoca Ahmet Yesevi University participated in this study voluntarily. The short form of International Physical Activity Questionnaire was administered for the determination of physical...

Author(s): Ali ÖZKAN

February 2015

The opinions of high school principals about their schools’ reputation

With a notice that was issued by the Ministry of National Education, all the public high schools were gradually converted into Anatolian High School as of 2010. The aim of this research is to determine the criteria of school reputation of Anatolian High schools and how and to what extent the criteria changed after the notice was issued. Qualitative research was conducted in this research. The procedure of data...

Author(s): Ali AKSU and Aslı ORÇAN

February 2015

Bullying in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Strategies for Counseling intervention

School bullying is a serious problem for young people in the society and Nigeria at large. It is a threat that no school disregards or dismisses.  It can have negative consequences on the general school climate and on the right of students to learn in a safe environment without fear. Bullying can also have negative lifelong consequences both for students who bully and for their victims. This paper defined the...

Author(s): Dorcas Oluremi FAREO

February 2015

The comparison of fourth grade students’ essays based on free and guided writing technique in terms of the quality of written expression

Writing exercises are more effective than grammar rules in terms of making children acquire language skills. Knowing the characteristics of text genres and the rules of writing are not enough to improve writing skills of teacher candidates and to acquire necessary strategies for teaching how to write. Teachers would be uncertain about assessment and scoring students work and have difficulty deciding the content of mini...

Author(s): Mehrali Calp

February 2015

The influence of self-efficacy and motivational factors on academic performance in general chemistry course: A modeling study

This study aims to determine the predictive and explanatory model in terms of university students’ academic performance in ‘General Chemistry’ course and their motivational features. The participants were 169 university students in the 1st grade at university. Of the participants, 132 were female and 37 were male students. Regarding their department, while 89 of them were students at Chemistry...

Author(s): Bulent Alci

February 2015

The impact of functional reading instruction on individual and social life

The functional importance of reading instruction with regard to society and individual is an undeniable fact.  One of the essential goals of education is to actualize reading instruction which has a very important role in adopting the values of the contemporary civilization. Considering teaching, these educational goals which are based on a solid ground, reading instruction plays a very important role. With its...

Author(s): Mesut Bulut

February 2015

Development of pre-service science teachers’ awareness of sustainable water use*

Water is a vital resource for sustainable development. The aim of this research was to develop and evaluate pre-service science teachers’ awareness of sustainable water usage. This research was based on a mixed method. The qualitative part of the research was based on a single group pretest-posttest experimental design, and the qualitative data were collected by open-ended questions.  The quantitative data...

Author(s): Cemile CANKAYA and Cansu FILIK ISCEN

February 2015

Investigation of pre-service physical education teachers’ attitudes towards computer technologies (Case of Turkey)

Elicitation of pre-service physical education teachers’ attitudes towards computer technologies seems to be of great importance to satisfy the conditions to be met for the conscious and effective use of the technologies required by the age to be used in educational settings. In this respect, the purpose of the present study is to investigate pre-service physical education teachers’ attitudes towards computer...

Author(s): Suleyman Can

February 2015

Constructing models in teaching of chemical bonds: Ionic bond, covalent bond, double and triple bonds, hydrogen bond and molecular geometry

Studies in chemistry education show that chemistry topics are considered as abstract, complicated and hard to understand by students. For this reason, it is important to develop new materials and use them in classes for better understanding of abstract concepts. Moving from this point, a student-centered research guided by a teacher was conducted by constructing models for teaching chemical bonds. A one-group pre-test...

Author(s): Musa Uce

February 2015

Identifying accurate equivalents between Turkish and Arabic for foreign language teaching

The aim of this study is to make a list of accurate equivalents between Turkish and Arabic in order to help Arabic-speaking students learn Turkish as a second language, and offer teachers a guide to categorize and teach these lists. Equivalence between the different dialects of Turkish has been studied intensively by linguists.i However, a review of literature in teaching Turkish as a foreign language shows that...

Author(s): Esma Dumanli Kadizade