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Table of Content: 23 July 2015; 10(14)

July 2015

Political education in school

Political education is a term with negative associations and triggering prejudiced approaches and discourses -maybe some paranoid thoughts- like “keep politics away from education!” in the minds of several people. This article deals with “political education” phenomenon almost never discussed and made subject to scientific researches in Turkey; and discussing what is tried to be achieved in the...

Author(s): Nilgun DAG, Mehmet Akif SOZER and Burcu SEL

July 2015

A flipped course delivery: A practitioner approach with a case study

Flipped course is used in well-developed educational institutions and technologically developed countries. It is quite experimental in nature for resource restricted educational institutions and developing countries. In this paper such cases are considered, where faculties make use of free resources available for conducting flipped courses. Traditionally courses are taught to the students using black board. Nowadays...

Author(s): Parkavi A and Vetrivelan N

July 2015

Unethical behaviours preservice teachers encounter on social networks

The development of web 2.0 technology has resulted in an increase in internet sharing. The scope of this study is social networking, which is one of the web 2.0 tools most heavily used by internet users. In this paper, the unethical behaviours that preservice teachers encounter on social networks and the ways to deal with these problems are examined. A form consisting of open ended questions was given to preservice...


July 2015

Activity–based teaching in Social Studies education: An action research

The aim of this study was to determine pre-service social studies teachers’ skills to plan and apply the activity-based teaching and contribute to their development of these skills. In the study, the action research design of qualitative research was used. The sample of the study consisted of 6 pre-service teachers who were 4th year students at the Department of Social Studies Teaching of Atatürk University...

Author(s): Zekerya AKKUÅž

July 2015

The teachers’ research self-efficacy and attitudes towards scientific research based on different parameters: A case study of Agri Province

The purpose of this study is to develop competencies of teachers, the coordination of the education, learning activities; in having access to innovations, developments and scientific studies in the literature. In addition, the purpose is to determine how teachers’ scientific research self-efficacy and attitude towards the scientific research change based on the parameters such as gender, age and branch. Three...

Author(s): Murat KURT

July 2015

Math teachers’ attitudes towards photo math application in solving mathematical problem using mobile camera

This study aimed at finding out mathematics teachers’ attitudes towards photo math application in solving mathematical problems using mobile camera; it also aim to identify significant differences in their attitudes according to their stage of teaching, educational qualifications, and teaching experience. The study used judgmental/purposive sampling method involving 127 male and female teachers from Directorate of...

Author(s): Iyad M. Hamadneh and Aslan Al – Masaeed

July 2015

Students’ acceptance of using smartphone in a mobile learning context

Development of mobile phones provides the students a different learning choice compared to studying in a traditional classroom. This study investigated undergraduate students’ experiences with using their smartphones to receive learning contents for the improvement of their computer literacy.  Through a survey and a pretest and posttest, the findings showed mobile learners expressed positive perceptions after...

Author(s): Chiou Moh

July 2015

Development of a learning model for enhancing social skills on elementary students

The goals of this study were: 1) to study the situation, problems and needs for a learning model to enhance the social skills of sixth grade students; 2) to develop a learning model that would address those needs; 3) to study the effectiveness of that learning model; 4) to compare performance on pretests and posttests of social skills; and 5) to inquire of the opinions of students and teachers on the resulting learning...

Author(s): Rattanaporn Traisorn, Wimonrat Soonthornrojana and Jiraporn Chano

July 2015

A research on the problems that female school administrators face at schools in Turkey: Case of Tokat and Samsun Provinces

The expectation of society from male individuals is to keep presence in public spheres and consistently sustain rationality. Expectation from female individuals is, however, to be emotional-weak, and to build their lives on their house, spouse and children. In such a context, women continue their lives with a work-or-home dilemma. Although it seems that women make progress in moving towards management in many...

Author(s): Ahmet ÜSTÜN

July 2015

The relation between pre-service music teachers' psychological resilience and academic achievement levels

This study aims to examine the relation between pre-service music teachers' psychological resilience and academic achievement levels and to determine what variables influence their psychological resilience levels.  The study sample consisted of students enrolled in a music education program in the 2013-2014 academic year (N=333). In respect with the study objective; the psychological resilience levels of...

Author(s): Tuba YOKUÅž

July 2015

The influence of acute arm vibration on coordination in Physical Education

Today, some researchers have focused on the impacts of new and easily applicable non-invasive methods on physical education. The purpose of this study is to examine the vibration-related acute change in rotary pursuit coordination performance soon after arm vibration. In the study, 27 students in School of Physical Education and Sport were divided randomly into two groups. In order to eliminate the effect of learning,...

Author(s): Alparslan ERMAN

July 2015

Assessment of 6th grade elementary school students, their parents’ and branch teachers’ perspective on physical education classes

A total of 437 volunteers including 54 teachers, 218 6th grade students and 102 parents from Beykoz Elementary Schools participated in this study to understand the perspectives of students, families and teachers on Physical Education classes. The perspectives of students, families and teachers of other branches are identified by survey method. Cronbach Alpha Coefficient of the survey is 0.81. SPSS (17.0) package...

Author(s): Sirin Boyraz, Nurper Ozbar, Meral Kucuk Yetgin and Burke Koksalan

July 2015

The opinions of Masters students about the learning program in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners

The purpose of this study is to determine the opinions of Master students about the learning program in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners. In the study, case study design which is one of the qualitative research methods was used. The population of the study consists of students studying in the Master program with thesis of Teaching Turkish to Foreigners at Turkish Education Department of Institute of Social...

Author(s): Hasan Hüseyin Kılınç

July 2015

Using the assessment model for developing learning managements in enrichment science classrooms of upper secondary educational students’ outcomes in Thailand

The aim of this work is to develop and investigate the model for assessing learning management on the enrichment science classrooms in the upper secondary education of the Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project in Thailand. Using the research methodologies with the four phases: to investigate the background of the theory and thinking on learning management for enrichment science classes was...

Author(s): Athit Athan, Boonchom Srisa-ard and Arun Suikraduang

July 2015

Exploring the impact of sports participation on multiple intelligence development of high school female students

After Gardner had introduced the Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory, many researchers tried to find out the possibilities of applying this theory in the education domain. Moreover, the effects of different kinds of athletic applications on intelligence development within the framework of this theory have also been under investigation. This study also tried to explore the possible effects and relations of athletic...

Author(s): Murat KUL

July 2015

Sport and nutrition education interaction on stress

The aim of the study was to determine sport and nutrition education interaction on stress. Three groups were selected for the study: control, single treatment and social treatment under nutrition treatment, too. The groups that were under nutrition treatments should have information about the nutrition resources. This experiment was done for two years, 2013-2014. Results showed that sport has significant effect at 5%...

Author(s): Mehmet Ertugrul Ozturk

July 2015

Review of the relationship between the college students’ attitudes towards love and depression levels

This study aims to review the relation between college students’ love attitudes and depression levels. Subjects selected were 125 male and 275 female bachelor’s and master’s degree students; a total of 400 students from various universities in Istanbul in academic year 2013-2014. Data for this study were collected employing both the Love Attitudes Scale (short form) developed by Hendrick et al. based...

Author(s): Ahmet SIRIN, Elshad DASHDAMÄ°ROV, Durmus UMMET

July 2015

Social studies teacher candidates’ views on historical thinking skills

Current study aimed to present Social Studies teacher candidates’ views on historical thinking skills. Study was conducted using qualitative design and working group was composed of a total of 121 teacher candidates (62 females and 59 males) attending Social Studies Teaching Department of Karadeniz Technical University and Adıyaman University Faculties of Education. Results showed that Social Studies teacher...

Author(s): Cengiz OZMEN

July 2015

Computer education and instructional technology teacher trainees’ opinions about cloud computing technology

This study aims to show the present conditions about the usage of cloud computing in the department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (CEIT) amongst teacher trainees in School of Necatibey Education, Balikesir University, Turkey. In this study, a questionnaire with open-ended questions was used.  17 CEIT teacher trainees participated in the study. The aim of this qualitative study was to determine...

Author(s): AyÅŸen Karamete

July 2015

Study of anxiety in parents and children with attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder

The identification of factors that influence attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) will help to develop intervention strategies for the personal and social adjustment of these individuals. The goal of the study is to assess the perception of anxiety in a group of children and adolescents with ADHD and the anxiety that their parents believe their children have, through the Screen for Child Anxiety Related...

Author(s): José Juan Castro Sánchez, M. Olga Escandell Bermúdez, M. del Sol Fortea Sevilla and Alejandra Sanjuán Hernán-Pérez