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Table of Content: March 2020; 15(3)

March 2020

How Turkish universities have evolved through constitutional changes

National constitutions determine the foundation and the operation of universities in a country. Constitutions are renewed to meet changing societal needs. In Turkey, universities have also been affected by constitutional changes. This study examines how universities have evolved in the history of Turkey’s written constitutions and seeks to use this development to shed light on the structure and activities of...

Author(s): Mustafa Guclu  

March 2020

Impact of instruction with concept cartoons on students’ academic achievement in science lessons

In this study, the impact of concept cartoons on students’ academic achievement in science lessons was investigated. The research was carried out in 2018-2019 spring term. The study group consisted of 49 4th grade students in Zonguldak Devrek Çaydeğirmeni TOKİ Primary School. 23 of the students were in the experimental group, and 26 of them were in the control group. Quasi-experimental design with pretest...

Author(s): Muamber YILMAZ  

March 2020

The changing dialogue on grade inflation: A graduate education program’s look at grading in higher education

This research was based on a mixed-method design. The terms assessment and evaluation have a deeply seated significance in the matters of curriculum, learning outcomes, and instructional strategies, to name a few. What has been established through the literature is that grading in higher education is surrounded by many controversies, one of which includes what criteria is graded. However, one area in which there was a...

Author(s): Oluwatoyin Adenike Akinde

March 2020

Relationship between school, family and environment, according to school principals’ views

The aim of the study is to identify any possible deficiencies and disruptions that may be in the way of establishing a healthy cooperation between school, family and environment. It is a mixed research design study. Data were collected by scanning model and document analysis methods. Survey was used in the scanning model. The opinion of the N=50 school principals working in Rize Province of Turkey and the data obtained...

Author(s): Mehmet Ulker and Emel Terzioğlu Bariş

March 2020

Comparisons of children’s level of recall: Stories told through e-book and picture book

Preschool period covers the years when the child is in a rapid change and development in every aspect. The learning experiences in this period affect children’s development. The developments in knowledge technologies affect the child's environment and children's books. This rapid change brings with it some discussions. “Do either traditional methods or digital applications affect children's level...

Author(s): Özkan Sapsağlam, Demet Aydın and Nazlıcan Toksoy

March 2020

The Ottoman perception in process: Turkey social studies textbook analysis

In the study, it is aimed to determine whether there has been a change in the image of the Ottoman in the social sciences textbooks in the last ten years (2006-2017) in Turkey. The study was structured through document analysis technique based on qualitative research model. In the research, samples were determined in accordance with purposeful sampling technique. In compliance with that, the book of the authorized...

Author(s): Ahmed Emin OSMANOĞLU

March 2020

Teachers perspective on the extent to which the national interactive curriculum scheduled for governmental kindergartens in Jordan take into account the psychological, social, aesthetic and cognitive foundations

The aim of this study is to know the extent to which the national interactive curriculum scheduled for governmental kindergartens in Jordan take into account the psychological, social, aesthetic and cognitive foundations are considered. The researchers used the analytical descriptive approach. The sample of the study consisted of all kindergarten teachers in the education districts of Central Badia Region. The sample...

Author(s): Mohammad A. Bani Khaled and Anoud Al-khresha  

March 2020

Remote and rural placements occurring during early medical training as a multidimensional place-based medical education experience

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine delivers medical education aiming to improve the health outcomes for persons living in Northern Ontario, including those in underserviced rural and geographically remote communities. Second year students experience rural medicine and living during two four-week long placements set in remote and rural communities (RRCP) supervised by local physicians. This place-based approach to...

Author(s): Brian M. Ross, Erin Cameron, and David Greenwood,