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Table of Content: 16 March, 2012; 7(10)

March 2012

A Bayesian networks-based security risk analysis model for information systems integrating the observed cases with expert experience

  In the process of security risk analysis for information systems, establishing an appropriate model suitable for the target security risk problem is a crucial task that will ultimately influence the effectiveness of risk analysis results. For inducing a representative model for observed information systems, a security risk analysis model is proposed based on the knowledge from observed cases and domain...

Author(s): Nan Feng and Jing Xie

March 2012

Concepts of permanency in Persian domiciles of Muslims and Zoroastrians

  One of the most crucial and important subjects in Persian architecture is permanency of traditional domiciles. The goal of creators was to obtain the best building that met the needs of the time. Also, permanency is conditions and characteristics which a building has for being permanent through the years. Environmental sustainability mostly emphasizes less consumption of fossil fuels, energy waste on...

Author(s): Hamid Majedi and Siavash Rashidi Sharif Abad

March 2012

Effects of various medium compositions and wounding treatments on in vitro growth and regeneration of bird of paradise(Strelitzia reginae)

  The aim of this study was to investigate the use of antioxidants, wounding treatments and hormone concentrations in efforts to overcome phenolic oxidation and stimulate axillary bud proliferation. Significant results were achieved with 1-naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) concentrations on explants discoloration and callus formation. The antioxidant treatments, activated charcoal (AC)...

Author(s): J. J. North, P. A. Ndakidemi and C. P. Laubscher

March 2012

The influence of motives on risky behavior in traffic: Comparison between motorcyclists and passenger car drivers

  Motorcycle riders represent one of the most endangered groups of traffic participants. It is important to determine which factors influence the increased number of motorcycle deaths in relation to other categories of participants, especially automobile drivers. Motives are often related to risky behaviour in traffic, therefore this paper examines the influence of motives on risky behaviour of motorcyclists...

Author(s): Vladimir Jevtić, Milan Vujanić, Krsto Lipovac, Dragan Jovanović and Predrag Stanojević

March 2012

High yield generation of hepatocyte like cells from adipose derived stem cells

  Mesenchyma stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent cells. They are capable of transforming into several mesoderm lineages. They can be separated from different tissues, such as bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, and adipose tissue. Stem cell based therapies for the repair and regeneration of individual tissues and organs suggest a paradigm shift which may supply optional therapeutic solutions for...

Author(s): Abbas Sahebghadam Lotfi, Alireza Khoshdel, Masoud Soleimani, Morteza Daliri,Vahid Razban and Behzad Adibi

March 2012

Propagation of plane magneto-thermo-elastic waves in a rotating, electrically conducting and transversely isotropic medium

  In this article, plane wave propagation, in a rotating perfectly electrically conducting unbounded transversely isotropic mediums in the presence of initially applied uniform magnetic field is studied. A general dispersion relation with complex coefficients is obtained for magneto-thermo-elastic waves. Axis of rotation, axis of symmetry and propagation of waves are chosen along z-axis. Four waves propagate in...

Author(s): A. Jahangir, A. Khan, S. Islam, and M. Khan

March 2012

New HPLC method for the determination of artemether in injections

  This new economical HPLC method has been developed for the estimation of artemether in injections to reduce the cost of estimation. Previously, one HPLC method is available in European Pharmacopoeia for the estimation of artemether but it is costly due to high price of acetonitrile. Present study replaced acetonitrile with methanol and showed that new method remained as specific, linear, accurate and precise...

Author(s): B Nasir, SNH Shah, G Murtaza, N Shahid, M Akhtar, BA Khan, S Azhar, A Mumtaz, A Waseem, SA Khan, M Ubaid, S Noreen, B kamal, MHHB Asad

March 2012

Evaluation on physical, chemical and biological properties of casts of geophagous earthworm, Metaphire tschiliensis tschiliensis

  Earthworms are soil dwellers that have profound effects on soil ecosystem. Their feeding and burrowing activities help to incorporate soil particles with organic matter and redistribute them back into the soil via casts. The casts produced enhance microbial activities in soil that promote nutrient cycling. The present study was carried out to examine the physical, chemical and biological properties of casts...

Author(s): Suk Kuan Teng, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Muskhazli Mustafa, Suraini Abd. Aziz, and Yi Wei Yan

March 2012

An improved beamlet tree-structured algorithm and its application in pavement crack detection

  In order to overcome the high computational complexity of beamlet tree-structure algorithm, the paper proposes an improved algorithm and applies it to pavement crack detection, thereby; solving the problem of pavement crack detection which has the disadvantages of poor noise immunity and inaccurate test results. First, the pavement crack image is rectified by multiplicative factors to eliminate the...

Author(s): Zeng Jiexian, Zhou Lili and Fu Xiang