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Table of Content: 18 May 2010; 5(10)

May 2010

Future IT trends for GIS/Spatial Information Management

  In this decade, Information System are being spatially enabled to cope with the needs of users who always want to know their locations and location of other objects so that they can make spatial decisions which include determining their next direction and destination. However, there are dilemmas on how IT can be used to accomplish these needs in terms of what strategies to use, what models, techniques, and...

Author(s):   Ismail Wadembere and Joseph Kasumba Ssewanyana        

May 2010

UHF RFID antenna architectures and applications

  In order to use radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna for wireless communication and real world applications (e.g.) military and personal communication systems, mobile phones, personal digital assistant (PDA), blue-tooth systems, wireless local area networks (WLAN), railway vehicle identification, road tolling systems, fish tracking systems etc, studying the nature and characteristics of the antenna...

Author(s):   J. Uddin, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. Hasan, A. N. Nordin, M. I. Ibrahimy andM. A. M. Ali      

May 2010

A review on auxetic structures and polymeric materials

  Auxetic polymeric materials are a special kind of materials that exhibit negative Poisson’s ratio (NPR) effect. They get fatter when stretched and thinner when compressed. Auxetic behavior is a scale-independent property which can be achieved at different structural levels from molecular to macroscopic levels. The internal structure of material plays an important role in obtaining auxetic effect....

Author(s):   Yanping Liu and Hong Hu        

May 2010

Hypoalbuminaemia associated hypocalcaemia with overt clinical features: A case report

  Hypocalcaemia is defined as serum calcium level less than 9.0 mg/100 ml (2.25 Mmol/l). It is often only being considered as a differential diagnosis in the paediatric unit, where it is usually included as part of routine investigations, especially in children with clinical problems such as convulsions, seizure, apathy, muscles weakness, tetany, suspected vitamin D deficiency or maternal hypercalcaemia. In...

Author(s):   A. A. Amballi, S. A. Ogun and A. O. Odewabi      

May 2010

Alkaline-ethanol pulping of cotton stalks

  In this study, the use of cotton stalks (Gossypium hirsutum L.) as a raw material for papermaking using soda ethanol (organasolv) with/without anthraquinone (AQ) were briefly examined. Yield, kappa number and viscosity were determined for resulting pulps and the hand sheets produced from pulps were tested for physical properties; tensile index, burst index, tear index and elrepho brightness. The obtained...

Author(s):   Mehmet Akgül and Ayhan TozluoÄŸlu        

May 2010

A new method for power quality improvement in classical AC/AC voltage controllers using PWM technique

  A lot of topologies of pulse-width modulated (PWM)-AC voltage controllers for single-phase and three-phase systems are proposed up to date. PWM-AC controllers have important advantages compared with the phase-controlled AC voltage controllers using thyristors and triacs. This article presents a novel control technique for application to PWM-AC controllers with ability of generating smaller harmonics. In the...

Author(s):   Ahmet Altintas    

May 2010

DSP implementation of underwater communication using SSB modulation with random carrier frequencies

  Underwater acoustic communication is a rapidly growing field of research and applied engineering. It is especially necessary for submarine-ship, submarine-submarine and ship-submarine communications. Recent years have seen rapid advances in DSP (Digital signal processor) architecture technologies, which advances have made it possible for DSP's to be used for applications previously considered unsuitable...

Author(s):   Murat Kuzlu, Hasan Dinçer and Sitki Öztürk        

May 2010

The investigation of long-term sea level variations at Antalya-I (1935-1977) and Antalya-II (1985-2005) Tide Gauge Stations (Turkey)

  In this study, quality control of Antalya-I and Antalya-II Tide Gauge Stations was realized by scientific methods. Seasonal and long-term sea level variations were investigated by using hourly sea level information. Seasonal (for a year and for half a year) variations, average sea level and sea level velocity were calculated according to the least squares method, with an equation having a harmonic function...

Author(s):   Erdinç Sezen and Tamer Baybura        

May 2010

Application of numerical analysis for investigating the relationship between slump values and other rheological properties of fresh concrete

  The main concern in working with fresh concrete is the workability during filling of formwork. In this study, the mechanism of segregation during the filling of fresh concrete into formwork is numerically investigated considering the rheological properties of fresh concrete. A mathematical model, which considers fresh concrete as a non-Newtonian fluid that, is used for the investigation of relationship...

Author(s):     Ahmet Bilgil, Baki Öztürk and Ayhan Åžamandar        

May 2010

Rosmarinic acid production from transformed root cultures of Nepeta cataria L.

  Rosmarinic acid, a natural polyphenol antioxidant carboxylic acid, is an important secondary metabolite in Nepeta cataria, a member of the mint family (Labiatae) and has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities. To investigate,in vitro production of rosmarinic acid, hairy root cultures of N. cataria were established by infecting leaf and stem explants...

Author(s):   Sook Young Lee, Chung Yeol Lee, Seok Hyun Eom, Yong Kyoung Kim, Nam Il Park and Sang Un Park        

May 2010

Light refraction based medical image segmentation

  Image segmentation is the most important and first step in pattern recognition and image analysis. In this paper, an automatic segmentation algorithm based on light refraction was proposed for medical images. In the proposed algorithm, similarity percents of the pixels were calculated by using the amount of shift while occurred light through a transparent sheet and re-enters the same environment. The proposed...

Author(s):   UÄŸur Güvenç, Recep Demirci and Tuba Karagül        

May 2010

Effect of low quality aggregates on the mechanical properties of lightweight concrete

  Ignimbrite is one of the pyroclastic volcanic rock formations. Its soundness, lightness and shape workability are the most advantageous properties. These properties get its usage since prehistoric ages as construction materials, like bricks and caves. This kind of pyroclastic volcanic rock exists all over the world, particularly in volcanic and high seismicity provinces. Some physical and mechanical...

Author(s):   A. C. Aydin, M. B. Karakoç, O. A. Düzgün and M. S. Bayraktutan        

May 2010

Fresh cocoa pod husk as an ingredient in the diets of growing pigs

  The growth rate, feed intake, feed to gain ratio and cost of gain of growing pigs fed diets containing 250 g kg-1 dry cocoa pod husk (control) (diet I) and 200 (diet II) or 300 (diet III) g kg-1 cocoa pod husk in the form of fresh (wet) cocoa pod husk were investigated in a feeding trial set up as a completely randomized design, at two (2) locations, with three (3) treatments replicated four (4)...

Author(s):   E. O. K. Oddoye, S. W. A. Rhule, K. Agyente-Badu, V. Anchirinah and F. Owusu Ansah        

May 2010

Effects of severe malnutrition on oxidative stress in Wistar rats

  Oxidative stress was examined in three different types of induced-malnutrition such as marasmus, kwashiorkor and marasmic-kwashiokor. Biomarkers such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase and total protein were determined to assess oxidative stress. The activity of SOD and catalase showed that there was an increased oxidative stress in rats fed with the lowest protein diet (protein-calorie malnutrition...

Author(s):   F. F. Akinola, O. O. Oguntibeju and O. O. Alabi        

May 2010

Biomechanical evaluation of modified Herbert screws as the suture anchor in repairing patellar ligament

  This study evaluated the biomechanical properties of modified Herbert screws as the suture anchor in repairing patellar ligament. In screw group, the damaged patellar ligaments were repaired with modified Herbert screws as the suture anchor, but they are simply sutured in suture group. The patellar ligaments in two groups were treated with above-mentioned methods, respectively. Four weeks later, the patellar...

Author(s):   Hao Shen, Wei Wang, Ni Bingbing and Hua Lu        

May 2010

Diode parameter extractions and comparisons using the least square method, neural networks and genetic algorithms

  In the literature, many studies are conducted to obtain the mathematical models of semiconductor elements such as diodes, transistors, etc. These elements are commonly used in the circuits and systems. Main objective in this subject is to establish a mathematical model (or expression) to describe all the features of the semiconductor circuit elements. One of the most popular circuit elements is a diode. A...

Author(s):   Fahri Vatansever and Ali Fuat Boz          

May 2010

A study on genotype x environment interaction in chickpea cultivars (Cicer arietinum L.) grown in arid and semi-arid conditions

  The study was carried out to identify stability and adaptability of 19 chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars grown in arid and semi arid conditions at three locations (Field Crops Central Research Institute in Ankara, Bahri DaÄŸdaÅŸ International Agricultural Research Institute in Konya and Research Farms of Agriculture Faculty of Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta) for two years (2005 and 2006...

Author(s):   Asuman Kan,  Muharrem Kaya, AyÅŸegül Gürbüz, Arif Åžanli, Kamil Özcanand Cemalettin YaÅŸar Çiftçi        

May 2010

The effect of regular moderate exercise on muscle damage and inflammation at individuals of different cardiovascular risk groups

The aim of the study was two-fold; to determine the effect of a single step-aerobic exercise and an eight-week exercise program on muscle damage and to determine the effect of a single step-aerobic exercise and an eight-week exercise program on inflammation on sedentary females in low, moderate and high cardiovascular risk groups according to basal CRP classification. This study was performed at NiÄŸde University,...

Author(s): Serkan Hazar    

May 2010

Programming of geodetic transformation methods

  Coordinate transformation is widely used in geodetic application. By a coordinate transformation process, position of points with known coordinates in one coordinate system is transformed into a different coordinate system. Mostly, Helmert (similarity), Affine and Projective transformations are used for two dimensional transformations and Bursa-Wolf transformation is used for 3 dimensional transformations....

Author(s):   Fuat BaÅŸçiftçi, Cevat Inal and Fatih BaÅŸçiftçi        

May 2010

Functional projective lag synchronization of chaotic systems with disturbances

  This paper considers the synchronization problem of chaotic systems. Functional projective lag synchronization (FPLS), which is a generalized synchronization concept recently developed, was investigated. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, a novel stability criterion for the synchronization between master and slave chaotic systems was derived. The proposed method was applied to unified chaotic systems in...

Author(s):   Tae H. Lee, Ju H. Park and Sang-Choel Lee        

May 2010

Organizational design of a post office using analytic network process

  Due to frequent changes on the dynamic communication market, the post office has to be flexible and open to current trends on this market. Post offices need to be organizationally transformed to adapt to the task environment. Considering this problem, the organization design has great importance, since with adequate structure the post office could take a better position on the market. In this paper, analytic...

Author(s):   Nebojsa Bojovic, Momcilo Kujacic and Dragana Macura        

May 2010

Dosimetric verification of calculation and measurements in radiotherapy using IMRT phantom

  The main aim in radiotherapy is maximizing radiation dose into cancer cell and protecting health tissue around this cancer. Nowadays, with the development of technology the treatment of tumor becomes possible by small field size. This new technique, so called IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) requires dosimetric confirmation. One of the most important things to be controlled is planned fields and...

Author(s):   Aysun Inal, and Iskender Akkurt