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  • DOI: 10.5897/JETR
  • Start Year: 2009
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JETR Articles

July 2011

Two-dimensional particle modeling of submicrometer ZnO MESFET based on an ensemble Monte Carlo calculation including five-valley band structure model

A Monte Carlo method has been developed for the study of electron transport properties in ZnO MESFET for high field, using a five-valley conduction band model. The effects of upper valleys on the characteristics of ZnO MESFETs have been investigated. The following scattering mechanisms, that is impurity, polar optical phonon, acoustic phonon, alloy and piezoelectric are included in the calculation. Ionized impurity...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi,

  • Article Number: B5CB27112653

July 2011

Road and urban storm water drainage network integration in Addis Ababa: Addis Ketema Sub-city

Urbanization along with its impermeable structures is the major causes of flooding in urban areas. Urban storm water influences the service life of urban infrastructures. The rainfall intensity and characteristics of catchment area are the major factors for designing urban storm water drainage facilities. These facilities have a paramount advantage to safely dispose the generated floods to ultimate receiving system....

Author(s): Dagnachew Adugna Belete

  • Article Number: 02BAD6C12665

July 2011

Foundation of vortex gravitation, cosmology and cosmogony

A hypothesis is proposed concerning the cause of the origin of universal gravitation. This cause consists of a system of the ether vortex rotations. Physical and mathematical grounds are described and the formula for the determination of the space gravitation forces is deduced. On the basis of the vortex gravitation, the principles of creation and existence of the celestial bodies are shown. Methods of the use of the...

Author(s): Sergey Orlov

  • Article Number: FDEB4BD12678

June 2011

Does a physically reasonable solution of the Navier Stokes equations exist?

According to the literature, the conservation of momentum equation needs to be coupled with the mass conservation equation. However, they cannot create a coupled system of equations of motion because they ignored third Newton law. The conservation of momentum equation is Newton’s second law of motion, whereas conservation of mass belongs to kinematics that have no deal with forces at all. However, no one motion in...

Author(s): Asya S. Skal

  • Article Number: 35226DD11791

June 2011

Efficient enhancement of polymer light emitting diode by inserting hole blocking layer

The triplet layer for the PLED was fabricated with ITO / PVK (77 nm) / CdS (115 nm) / Alq3 (84 nm) / Al (300 nm). The PLED devices were inserted in the CdS layer between the 77 nm PVK and 84 nm Alq3 absorbing the ambient light to reduce the reflection of the device. The maximum wavelength and luminescence intensity increase with the thickness of CdS. This indicated that the maximum wavelength shifted to a higher...

Author(s): M. Y. Lim, W. M. M. Yunus, Z. A. Talib and A. Kassim

  • Article Number: CD617BB11799

June 2011

Opto-mechanical design, analysis and economical manufacture of a large aperture LIDAR receiver telescope

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) at Nainital (29° 22’ N, 79° 27’ E, 1950 m amsl) is located in the central Himalayan region. Taking benefit of its pristine geographical location away from major urban pollution a LIDAR system was planned at this location to study the dynamics of atmosphere. Optical design analysis of LIDAR receiver telescope with backend detection optics...

Author(s): T. Bangia, P. K. Agarwal, A. Kumar, S. K. Singh and R. Sagar

  • Article Number: 6FFB70511813

June 2011

Polygon graphs of Girth 6

This paper introduces a family of simple bipartite graphs denoted by , named and constructed as polygon graphs. These polygon graphs are bicubic simple graphs possessing Hamiltonian cycles. Some important results are proved for these graphs. The girth of these graphs is counted as 6().  Polygon graph is isomorphic to a famous Pappus graph. Since polygon graphs are bipartite, therefore they can be used as...

Author(s): Shoaib U. Din and Khalil Ahmad

  • Article Number: 41D5EAB11824

May 2011

Analysis of smart crack detection methodologies in various structures

This paper describes a comprehensive review of various technical papers in the domain of crack detection in Beam-Like Structure. Sensibility analysis of experimentally measured frequencies as a criterion for crack detection has been extensively used in the last decades due to its simplicity. However determination of crack parameters (like depth and location) is not straight forward. The various techniques discussed on...

Author(s): Dayal R. Parhi and Sasanka Choudhury

  • Article Number: 0865C2D11716

May 2011

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) as a hypothetical information hiding medium: DNA mimics basic information security protocol

While the computational capabilities of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) are now fairly known, with the building of DNA computers which utilize DNA and other sub-cellular molecules as input and output, little seems to have been investigated on the information security properties of DNA in computer science and information technology terms. The author investigated DNA as a hypothetical information hiding molecule, which...

Author(s): Okunoye .O. Babatunde

  • Article Number: 994CC4511760

May 2011

Determination of oscillator strength of caffeine and caffeine in tea leaves by the integrated absorption coefficient technique at two different temperatures

In this paper, oscillator strength of caffeine in dichloromethane, water, chloroform, and ethyl acetate were calculated in the wave number range of 32, 000 to 41,000cm-1. It was found that oscillator strength of caffeine in dichloromethane, water, chloroform, and ethyl acetate were 0.230 ± 0.001, 0.170 ± 0.0003, 0.114 ± 0.001, 0.150 ± 0.001 respectively. Caffeine content of real tea leaves...

Author(s): Tadelech Atomssa Keyeta and A. V. Gholap

  • Article Number: 1DDBDC211767

May 2011

Statistical digital image stabilization

In this paper, an efficient algorithm for the statistical digital Image stabilization (SDIS) is proposed to reduce the computational cost of block matching algorithm, for local motion estimation. This method is based on calculation of statistical functions, mean and variance of pixels in each block; four blocks are used in each frame. By using the statistical functions, the best block is selected then the local motion...

Author(s): M. H. Shakoor and M. Moattari

  • Article Number: 2D0010E11779

April 2011

Seismic isolation in buildings to be a practical reality: Behaviour of structure and installation technique

  Although a great deal of research has been carried out regarding seismic isolation, there is a lack of proper research on its behavior and implementing technique in low to medium seismic region. The basic intention of seismic protection systems is to decouple the building structure from the damaging components of the earthquake input motion, that is, to prevent the superstructure of the building from...

Author(s): A. B. M. Saiful Islam, Mohammed Jameel and Mohd Zamin Jumaat

  • Article Number: 142F41011640

April 2011

Analytical and experimental study of velocity shear instability in the presence of inhomogeneous perpendicular D.C electric field

  Analysis and experimental study of parallel flow velocity shear electrostatic ion cyclotron (EIC) instability has been done in plasma containing massive positive ions and electron by using the method of characteristics solution and kinetic theory in the presence of inhomogeneous direct current (DC) electric field perpendicular to ambient magnetic field. The effect of many parameters on growth rate and real...

Author(s): R. K. Tyagi, K. K. Srivastava and R. S. Pandey

  • Article Number: D2D653F11668

April 2011

Belief network-based acoustic emission analysis for real time monitoring in CIM environment

  Machining is the most important part of the manufacturing process. Machining deals with the process of removing material from a work piece in the form of chips. Machining is necessary where tight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required. The common feature is the use of a cutting tool to form a chip that is removed from the work part, called Swarf. Every tool is subjected to wear in machining. The...

Author(s): T. Suryasekhara Reddy, C. Eswara Reddy and S. Prabhavathi

  • Article Number: 8A8E3F811686

April 2011

Bulk strain estimation on gneisses in Central Nigeria: A preliminary assessment

  The challenges of regional metamorphism and the need to investigate the petro-structural strain and tectonic evolution of the Nigerian basement using central Nigeria contact zone is useful in mineral exploration. Meso-structural data were plotted using GEOrient to obtain general trend as well as the axial folds of the Pre-Pan African deformation. Strain estimation was done on photomicrographs of the gneisses...

Author(s): Goki N. G., Amadi A. N., Amuneni O., Agbo P., Okoye N. O. and Unuevho C. I.

  • Article Number: 11C895C11697

March 2011

Location-aware information services platform for mobile users in Nigeria

  Ongoing advances in technology and proceeding miniaturization have led to growing popularity and widespread use of mobile devices. A modern research direction is location-aware computing, which aims at providing services to users taking into consideration the location of the user in space. Apart from communication features and basic functionality like address books or organizers, users expect today’s...

Author(s): Nnebe S. E. and Chiemeke S.C.

  • Article Number: BFC230710724

March 2011

Low temperature characteristics of dielectric properties for Tl4S3 layered single crystals

  The current investigation was fulfilled for insight into the dielectric properties of Tl4S3layered single crystals. The real part of dielectric constant ε׳, imaginary part of dielectric constant ε״, the dissipation factor tan δ and the alternating current conductivity σac were measured in an applied ac electric field of frequencies extending from 2.5 to 50 kHz. These...

Author(s): A. M. Badr, H. A. Elshaikh and I. M. Ashraf

  • Article Number: 099B3DD10726

March 2011

The effect of magnetic water on strength parameters of concrete

  A machine for magnetic water treatment is designed and its application on the ions contained in water has been investigated to examine the effect of magnetic water on concrete parameters. Strength parameters of concrete have been studied for more than 104 concrete samples, including the non-magnetic samples (made by ordinary water) and magnetic samples (made by magnetic water), with slump and...

Author(s): M. Gholizadeh and H. Arabshahi

  • Article Number: 7A8F9A710728

March 2011

Computational approach for comparative phylogenetic analysis of isolated chromium resistant strain Brevibacterium casei

  The isolated (Cr [VI]) resistant bacterial strain was identified as Brevibacterium caseiby 16S rRNA sequencing (Genbank Accession Number: EU781952). The generated sequenced data was used for construction of Phylogenetic tree (MEGA 3.1and clustalw2) and predict the two dimensional alignment of the highly conserved regions. Computational comparative 16S rRNA sequence analysis of the isolated strain with...

Author(s): Alok Prasad Das and Akalabya Bissoyi

  • Article Number: 645766910731

March 2011

A study on the engineering properties of sandcrete blocks produced with rice husk ash blended cement

  Sandcrete blocks have been in used in many nations of the world including Nigeria, playing a major role in the building industry. The material constituents, their mix, presence of admixtures and the manufacturing process are important factors that determine the properties of sandcrete blocks. This paper investigates the effects of a partial replacement of cement with rice husk ash (RHA) on some engineering...

Author(s): G. L. Oyekan and O. M. Kamiyo

  • Article Number: 955A29110732

February 2011

The influence of transient strain rate deformation on the microstructure of AA2024 aluminum alloy in the low temperature range

  Constant and varying strain rate deformation conditions have been applied to AA2024 aluminum alloy using hot compression testing in the temperature range of 200-300°C. The initial strain rate of 0.1 s-1 and the second pass strain rate of 0.0001, 0.001 and 0.01 s-1 have been applied and tested. This research shows that in low temperature range with decreasing strain rate in the second pass, the straining...

Author(s): G. R. Ebrahimi and H. Arabshahi

  • Article Number: B2B1DA710712

February 2011

Appraising the structural geology of Kakuri Sheet 144: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the basement complex

  The appraisal of the structural geology of Kakuri Sheet 144 using integrated analyses of remotely sensed lineaments, aeromagnetic anomaly, micro and macro structures show a tectonic framework expressed by a mainly NW – SE ductile vertically dipping foliation of transpressed tectono-metamorphic possibly pre-Pan African (S1) trend which has been overprinted by a set of NE – SW (L2) fracture system...

Author(s): Goki N. G., Amadi A. N., Olasehinde P. I., Dada S. S., Ikpokonte E. A. and Adekeye J. I. D.

  • Article Number: 974EE4F10713

February 2011

Precision and repeatability analysis of Optotrak Certus as a tool for gait analysis utilizing a 3D robot

  In both scientific and clinical investigations, the precision and repeatability of instruments are demanded; however, precision of motion analysis systems has been reported in the literature rarely and studies are generally not comparable. This study introduces a new method of determining precision and repeatability of Optotrak Certus, a motion analysis tool for gait analysis using a three dimensional (3D)...

Author(s): M. M. G. Mazumder, S. Kim and S. J. Park

  • Article Number: B7108B710715

February 2011

Microstructure of different NaOH molarity of fly ash-based green polymeric cement

  Every 1 ton of concrete leads to CO2 emissions which vary between 0.05 to 0.13 tons. About 95% of all CO2 emissions from a cubic yard of concrete are from cement manufacturing. It is important to reduce CO2 emissions through the greater use of substitute to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) such as fly ash, clay and others geo-based material. This paper, report on the study of the processing...

Author(s): A. M Mustafa Al Bakri, H. Kamarudin, M. Bnhussain, I. Khairul Nizar, A. R Rafiza and Y. Zarina

  • Article Number: 630112410718

February 2011

Stability and accuracy of the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method to determine transmission line traveling wave voltages and currents: The lightning pulse

  The numerical solution of the transmission line wave equation is examined using the transmission line model of a lightning return stroke (LRS) taken as a case study. The LRS is represented by a transverse electromagnetic wave travelling at a velocity close to the velocity of light along a highly ionized lightning leader channel. The leader channel is modeled as a lossy transmission line. Attempts to model the...

Author(s): P. R. P. Hoole and S. R. H. Hoole

  • Article Number: C95339010720

January 2011

Review on fly ash-based geopolymer concrete without Portland Cement

  The consumption of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) caused pollution to the environment due to the emission of CO2. As such, alternative material had been introduced to replace OPC in the concrete. Fly ash is a by-product from the coal industry, which is widely available in the world. Moreover, the use of fly ash is more environmental friendly and save cost compared to OPC. Fly ash is rich in silicate and...

Author(s): Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri, H. Mohammed, H. Kamarudin, I. Khairul Niza and Y. Zarina

  • Article Number: F570AE810697

January 2011

Spiking neural network-based control chart pattern recognition

  Due to an increasing competition in products, consumers have become more critical in choosing products. The quality of products has become more important. Statistical process control (SPC) is usually used to improve the quality of products. Control charting plays the most important role in SPC. Control charts help to monitor the behavior of the process, to determine whether it is stable or not. Unnatural...

Author(s): Medhat H. A. Awadalla, I. I. Ismaeil and M. Abdellatif Sadek

  • Article Number: 59E571210699

January 2011

Low-cost treatment for attenuation of nitrate from groundwater

  Elevated nitrate levels in drinking water by nitrate are an evolving public health concern, since nitrate can undergo endogenous reduction to nitrite, and nitrosation of nitrites can form N-nitroso compounds, which are potent carcinogens. Nitrates are also responsible for a number of health disorders, both in human beings and animals. Thus, nitrate reduction from water has become critical and the need of the...

Author(s): B. S. Shankar

  • Article Number: 2689F6810709

December 2010

Modified cumulative sum quality control scheme

  A modified two-sided cumulative sum (MOCUSUM) quality control scheme is proposed that improves CUSUM (cumulative-sum) in average run length (ARL) properties. The MOCUSUM scheme is based on single cumulative sum that may be positive or negative and hence can be generalized to multivariate MOCUSUM scheme easily. In this scheme, the ‘large’ CUSUM values are shrunk towards zero, but the...

Author(s): Alpaben K. Patel and Jyoti Divecha

  • Article Number: CA27F8A10679

December 2010

Multi-criteria decision making using fuzzy logic approach for evaluating the manufacturing flexibility

  Manufacturing flexibility is the ability of a manufacturing system to cope with environmental changes effectively and efficiently. Most operation managers cannot provide exact numerical values to express opinions based on human perception due to ill defined and ambiguity of flexibility assessment. However, fuzzy logic provides a useful tool to deal with problems in which the phenomena are imprecise and vague....

Author(s): S. R. Ansari, P. K. Mittal and Ritu Chandna

  • Article Number: F83143A10682

December 2010

Genetic algorithm based diamagnetic shift investigations of the GaAs0.7Sb0.3/GaAs and Al0.3Ga0.7As quantum wells

  In this work we have presented some other aspects of the recently introduced GMV method (Genetic Monte Carlo Variational method). The CPU time of the method is computed and then we have applied the method to As0.7Sb0.3/GaAs quantum well to investigate the effect of the well width and Sb fraction on the diamagnetic shift. The effect of the Al doping instead of the Sb is also investigated.   Key...

Author(s): M. Solaimani, M. Izadifard, H. Arabshahi, M. R. Sarkardehi and M. Salmani

  • Article Number: 6EDCCE010685

December 2010

Some new aspect of the application of Genetic algorithm to investigate nanostructures

  Some new aspect of the application of Genetic algorithm to nanostructures is presented. We followed a method that is produced by using the Genetic Algorithm, Variation method and Monte Carlo integration Scheme (GMV method). Computational algorithm, deficiencies and advantages of the method is described and it is applied to a GaAs0.7Sb0.3/GaAs quantum well.   Key words: Genetic algorithm,...

Author(s): M. Solaimani, M. Izadifard, H. Arabshahi, M. R. Sarkardehi and M. Salmani

  • Article Number: D6FEF3710687

November 2010

Reliability assessment of 3-phase three winding converter transformer of HVDC transmission system

  High voltage direct current (HVDC) is today recognized as an effective and efficient means of transmitting bulk power over long distances through over head lines or cables. The reliability of HVDC links have always been of primary concern in planning and operating of power systems. The existence of spares and maintenance practices do affect the availability of HVDC stations. The HVDC converter transformer...

Author(s): Devi L., Sai Babu C. H. and Siva Nagaraju S.

  • Article Number: 4843A6E10668

November 2010

Determination of weathered and fractured zones in part of the basement complex of North-Eastern Nigeria

  Two electromagnetic (EM) traverses and seven schlumberger vertical electrical soundings (VES) were carried out using “APEX MAXMIN” EM machine equipped with a transmitter and a receiver and a “GEOPULSE” resistivity meter to study formation strata that could host groundwater within the overburden and fracture/fault zones of the basement complex along Gwoza-Damboa road in Borno...

Author(s): Arabi S. A., Dewu B. B. M., Muhammad A. M., Ibrahim M. B. and Abafoni J. D.

  • Article Number: 26A3DF510672

November 2010

Two and three electrostatic lens systems for focusing of charged particles

  Design of the focusing lens system has been done by using SIMION computer program which is used to trace and simulate the ion beam during its transport. A parallel beam of singly charged nitrogen ions of diameter 2 mm with energy of 3 keV was started at a distance of 50 mm before entering the lens system. In order to design the system, we studied it with different parameters in the presence of space charge....

Author(s): M. M. Abdelrahman

  • Article Number: C2B079210675

October 2010

Peak to average power ratio reduction in OFDM systems using selected mapping and statistical redistribution

  Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is an attractive transmission technique for high-bit-rate communication systems. One major drawback of OFDM is the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of the transmitter’s output signal. The selected mapping (SLM) approach provides good performance for PAPR reduction, but it requires a bank of inverse fast Fourier transforms (IFFTs) to generate a set...

Author(s): A. A. Abdul Wahab and Mohd. Fadzil Ain

  • Article Number: DA176B910655

October 2010

Information analysis and geographic information system (GIS) exploitation in a grain silo

  This paper presents on the one hand, the cereal activities in Tunisia and on the other hand, a systemic approach of analysis based on the objective oriented project planning (OOPP) method. The exploitation of the systemic approach enables us not only to analyze and to identify the information of the stock management in a grain silo but also to lead an efficient management of cereal transaction. In...

Author(s): M. N. Lakhoua

  • Article Number: CE1F44A10659

October 2010

New distributed platform for intrusion detection based on multi-agents system

  The development and evolution of computer networks, in terms of number of users and services, are making them ever more complex and therefore vulnerable to new types of attacks. Given this complexity of attacks, intrusion detection systems, to monitor the activities of a network or a sensitive computer and to detect abnormal usage of computer resources, are expected to evolve and adapt to changes in user...

Author(s): Driss Raoui, Siham Benhadou and Hicham Medromi

  • Article Number: 1A0FA3710663

September 2010

Auxetic behavior of a thermoelastic layered plate

  The aim of this paper is to study the auxetic and non-auxetic behavior of a layered plate in context of coupled thermoelasticity. For this problem, temperature variation and thermal stresses are analyzed in a state of plane stress. Results are obtained for a layered plate subjected to a sudden uniform normal pressure and for obtained results graphs are depicted.   Key words: Auxetic...

Author(s): S. K. Bhullar, J. L. Wegner and A. Mioduchowski

  • Article Number: 8994B8710639

September 2010

Simulation analysis on high step-up DC-DC converter for fuel cell system

  This paper presents a high step-up DC-DC converter for fuel cell system. The proposed converter comprises of an input-current doubler, an output-voltage doubler, and an active-clamp circuit. The input-current doubler and the output-voltage doubler both provide much higher voltage conversion ratio by using a low turn ratio transformer. The low turns ratio increases the overall efficiency. A series resonant...

Author(s): E. Narendran, S. Harikrishnan, K. C. Ramya Ashokkumar and R. Malathi

  • Article Number: A28515410644

September 2010

Digital camera images processing of hard-to-cook beans

  Haricot bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is the most widely produced and consumed legume in the world and occupies an important place in human nutrition in many regions of Africa by improving the nutritional status of many low income populations. It is well known that a significant problem with haricot bean is that it does not soften easily and remains hard even after two or more hours of cooking in boiling...

Author(s): Bitjoka Laurent,, Boukar Ousman,, Tenin Dzudie, MF Mbofung Carl and Tonye Emmanuel

  • Article Number: C7458B110649

August 2010

Scaling-up renewable energy technologies in Africa

  Energy is very vital for socio-economic, human and technological development, yet there is not MDG on increasing access to energy. Africa’s electricity consumption remains low, about 8% of global electricity consumption. There is significant variation in energy consumption among the different regions and countries in Africa. The over-reliance and unsustainable use of traditional biomass fuel in Africa...

Author(s): Etiosa Uyigue and Ediang Okuku Archibong

  • Article Number: 54778F710614

August 2010

Face recognition using multiple eigenface subspaces

  Face recognition is grabbing more attention in the area of network information access. Areas such as network security and content retrieval benefit from face recognition technology. In the proposed method, multiple face eigensubspaces are created, with each one corresponding to one known subject privately, rather than all individuals sharing one universal subspace as in the traditional eigenface method....

Author(s): P. Aishwarya and Karnan Marcus

  • Article Number: 540452810621

August 2010

A combined high and low cycle fatigue model to estimate life of steel bridges

  This paper proposes a new model to estimate life of structures for combined damage of high and low cycle fatigue. The model mainly consists of a new damage indicator and strain-life fatigue curve. The model predictions are verified by comparing with fatigue test results of some materials. The proposed model is applied to estimate the fatigue life of a bridge member for combined damage of high cycle and low...

Author(s):   Kamal Karunananda, Mitao Ohga, Ranjith Dissanayake and Sudath Siriwardane

  • Article Number: A1A08A310629

July 2010

Strain energy distribution in an auxetic plate with a crack

  Compared with non-auxetic materials, auxetic materials have special and desirable mechanical properties. For example, if the material has a crack, when it is being pulled apart, it expands and closes up the crack. In other words, this type of material has more crack resistance to fracture. Also, it has high material resistance to shear strain. Shear resistance is particularly important in structural...

Author(s): S. K. Bhullar, J. L. Wegner and A. Mioduchowski

  • Article Number: C0CAD9B10593

July 2010

Neural network based CAD model for the design of rectangular patch antennas

  A new method of calculation of patch dimensions of a rectangular microstrip patch antennas using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been adopted in this paper. An ANN model has been developed and tested for rectangular patch antenna design. It transforms the data containing the dielectric constant (εr), thickness of the substrate (h), and antenna’s dominant-mode resonant frequency...

Author(s): Vandana Vikas Thakare and Pramod Singhal

  • Article Number: 3CF598810601

June 2010

Theoretical investigation on the cyclic operation of radial flow desiccant bed dehumidifier

  In the present work a theoretical investigation of the cyclic operation of the radial flow solid desiccant dehumidifier has been reported. A mathematical model has been developed to predict the effect of air inlet conditions (humidity, temperature and flow rate) as well as bed design parameters on the desiccant bed dynamic performance during cyclic operation. The results show that, lower values of the...

Author(s): A. K. Ramzy, A. M. Hamed, M. M. Awad and M. M. Bekheit

  • Article Number: 564105E10536

June 2010

A simple mechanical device for the measurement of discharge in a tubewell

  About 85% of the total water resources are utilized in agriculture. Agriculture is more dependent upon groundwater resources. It is important to know the accurate discharge of the tubewell so that required amount of water may be applied to the field. Presently, Co-ordinate method is the most common method used to measure tubewell discharge, but this is not very accurate. Therefore, to overcome the...

Author(s): Samanpreet Kaur, Rajan Aggarwal, Satvinder Singh and Harjit Singh Gulati

  • Article Number: E492A1210543

May 2010

Solving fuzzy linear programming problem as multi objective linear programming problem

  This paper proposes the method to the solution of fuzzy linear programming problem with the help of multi objective constrained linear programming problem when constraint matrix and the cost coefficients of an objective function are fuzzy in nature.  Also proved is that the solutions are independent of weights.    Key words: Fuzzy linear programming problems, multi...

Author(s): P. A. Thakre, D. S. Shelar and S. P. Thakre

  • Article Number: 348B08A10513

May 2010

Programmable time delays in Hopfield Neural Networks

  The present work aims to use time delays generated in an artificial neural network (ANN) by developing techniques; with simple software design. This network has been modified, by adding the new Alshaban model and the hybrid model called Hopfield - Alshaban network. The feedback has been proposed as such in a recurrent network (Hopfield model). Time delay can be evaluated by proper pattern appearing, when...

Author(s): Saad Al Shaban

  • Article Number: 94CA84310525

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