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Interest Mechanism Importance for Society, Bank’s progress & Economy with Reference of Islamic Society

This study was conducted to analyze the interest mechanism implemented in Islamic societies and its impact of society and banks progress. This study examined interest mechanism from four perspectives (Social Norms and Values, Social Wellbeing, Economic progress and Sharia) and Islamic banking was compared with conventional banking system. The progress was being compared with literature support and origin of interest is...


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Assessing the impact of Core Banking and service quality on Customer Satisfaction: Case of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in Bale Robe Town

This work aims to assess the effects of core banking and service quality on customer satisfaction in the commercial bank of Bale Robe town in Ethiopia. Stratified sampling technique was used to select a sample of 350 customers; of this number, 310 customers were chosen. A questionnaire consisting of 5-level Likert scale statements was used to collect the primary data of the work. Descriptive and inferential statistics...

Author(s):Biniyam Getnet and Birhane Nano

Article in Press

Corporate Social Responsibility and Banks Performance in Nigeria

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on banks performance in Nigeria. Secondary data was used for this research. A total of eleven (11) Nigeria banks were studied for an 8 year period (2009-2016). Data was extracted from audited the financial reports of respective banks. This study employs OLS (panel data) to analyze the data gathered. The findings show that there...

Author(s):Raji, Sadiq and Hamzat Barakat

Article in Press

An assessment of motivational strategies on performance of public servants in rural local governments in eastern Uganda

The rationale of this study is to examine the effect of motivational strategies on performance of public servants in rural Local Governments in Eastern Uganda. To achieve this, the study focused on two specific objectives; examine the existing motivational strategies for public servants, and how the existing motivational strategies have affected public servants’ performance. The research adopted a descriptive design...

Author(s):Noah Kalengo

Article in Press

Analysis of the Moderating Role of Job Resources in Relation to Job Demands and Staff Job Burnout in National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co. (Khorasan-e Razavi)

This study has been carried out aiming at analyzing the relationship between job demands and job burnout due to the moderating role of job resources. The statistical population of the research has been consisted of 120 personnel of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co. (Khorasan-e Razavi) in the spring and summer 2015. The sample size was estimated to be 93 using Morgan & Krejcie Table and NCSS PASS. The...

Author(s):Hamid Erfanian Khanzadeh and Iman khaki

Article in Press

Consumer Complaint Behaviour: Influence of Consumer Protection Knowledge, Internal Locus of Control and Societal Benefits

This research examines the association between consumer protection knowledge, internal locus of control and societal benefits on complaint intention and action in Malaysia. This study builds on the previous work by introducing two moderating variables, gender and age as addition, influence relationship between three predict variables and complaint intention. Two other moderating variables were also added into the...

Author(s):Wenjie Zhao, Md. Nor Othman, Yufang Ding,Ping Chen

Article in Press

Background music on consumer buying behaviour. The case study of retail supermarkets in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Retail supermarkets in Harare have been finding it difficult to differentiate their store environment based on the traditional components of the retail mix. As such, a quantitative research study was conducted to determine the impact of background music on consumer buying behaviour for retail supermarkets in Harare, Zimbabwe. Specifically, the study sought to determine the effect of playing familiar songs on customer...


Article in Press


Contemporary mobile and hand-held technological devices have become the 21st century addiction and are ‘friends-in-hand’ for the Generation Z consumer cohort. In contrast, from the marketer’s perspective, mobile devices connote a ‘brand-in-hand’ which offers an important opportunity for marketers to reach and retain particularly the young consumer regime. In recent years, bank marketers became optimistic about growing...

Author(s):Takesure Zhowa and Zeleke Worku

Article in Press

Relationship of foreign direct investment and Stock Market development

This study explores the feedback relationship between two elementary sources of capital, that is, foreign direct investment and stock market development. Using data from five developing economies, the study uses panel data approach to explore bidirectional interrelationship of the two capital sources. Fixed effects and random effects panel data analysis has been used to explore the relationship between Foreign Direct...

Author(s):Aima Khan

Article in Press

Performance improvement through Six Sigma methodologies: A plastic firm case approach

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. The term Six Sigma originated from terminology associated with manufacturing, specifically terms associated with statistical modeling of manufacturing processes. The study was adopted at a Plastic firm. The basic purpose of undertaken this study is to explore the effectiveness of using six sigma technique while manufacturing and to explore the environment...

Author(s):Value stream mapping, process capability, on-time delivery, variability

Article in Press

Building customer satisfaction and confidence through competitive service provision: An analysis of mobile network providers in Nigeria

This study examines the influence of competitive service provision on customer satisfaction and customer confidence focusing on mobile telecommunication operators in Nigeria. Research objectives from which research questions and hypotheses were formulated were outlined. Descriptive statistics were used and the results were presented in form of frequencies and percentages in tables. Regression analysis was used to test the...

Author(s):Adegoke Opeyemi

Article in Press

The determinants of privatization method choice: Application on Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries

The study investigate the determinants of privatization method choice for a database of 108 firms operating in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries over the 1989 to 1999 period. The study found out that this choice depends on market considerations, political and legal environment and firm-specific characteristics. In less developed capital markets, for more profitable state owned enterprises, and where there are...

Author(s):Walid Jebili and Oussama Nheri

Article in Press

The impact of Home Economics and entrepreneurship education as a tool for sustainable development in Nigeria

This paper examined the impact of home economics and entrepreneurship education as a tool for sustainable development of Nigeria. The concepts of entrepreneurship and home economics education were discussed. Furthermore, a model was used to explain how home economics and entrepreneurship education fosters economic growth and development. The study is of the view that home economics and entrepreneurship education is able to...

Author(s):Chagbe Becky M., Agbara Williams and Achi Theophilus T.

Article in Press

Review of theory on management practices, health professionals’ performance and patient outcomes in the Western literature

The overall aim of this study is to examine the link between specific management practices, employee performance and patient outcomes in healthcare sector (hospitals). The study focus is on the two main dimensions of management practices, namely operations management and Human Resources (HR) practices, and shows their link with employee performance and healthcare outcomes. The study was conducted between June 2014 and...

Author(s):Philipos Petros, Joris van de Klundert and Judith van den Broek

Article in Press

How do teams become effective? A literature review and implication for Ethiopia

Teams have been recognized as the heart of organizations in previous decades and proved to be so in the current situation. However, in recent years different global forces have pushed organizations to their limit and forced them to restructure work and teams. Thus, this paper reviews articles on team effectiveness from 2000 to 2017 with the help of Google Scholar Search Engine using key words “teamwork” and “teamwork...

Author(s):Mohammed Abdulnasir Abdulmelike

Article in Press

Factors influencing Farmers’ relationship choice towards an efficient Commodity Supply chain in Northern Ghana

To ensure an efficient marketing with attractive profit margins in Supply chains, value addition within the soybean Supply chain in northern Ghana was analysed. Actors identified included farmers, itinerant traders and retailers, Savannah Farmers Marketing Company, Bosbel Vegetable Oil Mills and Ghana Nuts Company as key business actors. In terms of the marketing relations, about 57% of the farmers produce on contract...

Author(s):Osman Tahidu DAMBA

Article in Press

Political Uncertainty and Herding Behavior of Tunisian OPCVM

This paper aims first at determining and modeling herding behavior of mixed Tunisian Undertakings of Collective Investment in Transferable Securities funds (OPCVM) observed from January 2006 to December 2015, using monthly data and second at systematically examining the effect of the 2011 revolution on this behavior. To this end, we use the methodology of Christie and Hwang (1995) and Chang et al. (2000). However, to give...

Author(s):behavioral finance, herding behavior, Tunisian investment funds, Tunisian revolution, Cross-sectional returns.

Article in Press

A study on the community online to offline (O2O) operation model in Nanjing

This study aims to study the online to offline (O2O) operation pattern of Chinese E-commerce and its features; analyze the current development and existing problems of Chinese O2O operation pattern; and explore the domestic O2O development layout of communities in Nanjing. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses are applied in this work. For the quantitative analysis, questionnaire was distributed to some consumers and...

Author(s):Jing Wei

Article in Press

Rigidity and performance threshold: How routinization process affects dynamic capabilities

Dynamic capabilities view has been considered vital to the long-term survival and adaptation of organizations in dynamic environments. Although, rich literature has probed into how dynamic capabilities are able to address organizational inertia issues and facilitate change, there are still heated debates on questions on dynamic capabilities’ heterogeneity and performance. Current thinking was integrated in major researches...

Author(s):Qiguo Gong and Zhiyuan Shang

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