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Table of Content: 16 May, 2013; 8(18)

May 2013

Biophysical and the socio-economics of chicken production

This paper reviews the socio-economics of poultry production with the aim of delivering summarized and synthesized information for the beneficiaries. Poultry production and product consumption are progressively growing in the world. Poultry accounts for about 33% of the global meat consumption and is expected to grow at 2 to 3% per year in the world. Literature stated that large size poultry farms were more efficient,...

Author(s): Mammo Mengesha

May 2013

Physiological mechanisms and conventional breeding of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) to drought-tolerance

The paper is aimed at highlighting the physiological mechanisms associated with breeding of sweet potato towards drought tolerance. It describes important aspects including: the effects of drought stress, mechanisms of adaptation of crops to drought stress, drought stress on sweet potato, inheritance of drought tolerance, methods of screening and breeding of sweet potato for drought tolerance. The literature summarized...

Author(s): Rukundo Placide, Hussein Shimelis, Mark Laing and Daphrose Gahakwa

May 2013

Design and implementation of a fishery science management information system based on client/server and browser/server models

A scientific management information system is the way forward for modern scientific management. The management status and layout of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences is introduced. By comparing the Client/Server and Browser/Server models, a structure combining both models is described together with its network topology. Having analyzed the functional requirements of the management information system, we present a...

Author(s): Hui Fang, Ying Jing, Gang Han and Yingren Li

May 2013

Agronomic performance of maize with different fertilizers in winter crop succession

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of temperate climate plant species and two different types of fertilizer on the yield components related to summer maize crop productivity in an area with a history of 5 years of soybean/black oat succession cropping in a no-tillage system in ArenitoCaiua, Northwestern Paraná State, Brazil. The experiment was conducted in split blocks, with 6 blocks and 16...

Author(s): Fernando Marcelo Chiamolera, Cláudia Regina Dias-Arieira, Tatiana Pagan Loeiro da Cunha, Fábio Biela, Simone de Melo Santana and Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva

May 2013

Nitrogen fertilization for summer corn in succession to cover crops under direct drilling system in Western Paraná - Brazil

The quality of vegetal residues from crops and green manure can influence the mineralization/immobilization rate of nitrogen and the subsequent utilization of this nutrient by the following crops. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of nitrogen rates applied to the cover of summer corn, succeeding winter cover crops under direct drilling system. The experimental design consisted of randomized blocks with...

Author(s): Doglas Bassegio, Ivan Wernecke, Reginaldo Ferreira Santos, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza, Patrícia Perreira Dias and Deonir Secco

May 2013

Genotypic and phenotypic correlations between yield and yield components in some guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) genotypes under rainfed condition

Sixteen genotypes of guar were evaluated at five sites in Northern Kordofan State, Sudan in 1998/1999 rainy season. A 4×4 partially balanced lattice design with three replicates was used. Data were collected on yield and yield related characters. Genotypic and phenotypic correlations among these traits were determined. Days to 50% flowering was positively and significantly correlated with days to maturity at four...

Author(s): Elshiekh Awadelkarim Ibrahim, Abdel Wahab Hassan Abdalla and Mohammed Elkheir Abdel Rahman

May 2013

Halophilic phosphobacteria for raising vigorous growth improvement in Rice (Oryza sativa)

Phosphorus is one of the major essential macronutrients limiting plant growth owing to its low bioavailability in soils. Fertilizer phosphorus tends to be fixed soon after application and becomes mostly unavailable, low recovery by crops and a considerable phosphorus accumulation in soils. Several processes of the phosphorus cycle in soils remain obscure, despite large research efforts devoted to increasing the...

Author(s): S. Ravikumar, S. Shanthy, A. Kalaiarasi and S. Sumaya

May 2013

Morphology of Chok Anan mango flower grown in Malaysia

A fundamental understanding of mango flowering in the tropics is essential to efficiently utilize cropping management systems which could extend both the flowering and crop production seasons. However, the information and appreciation of the floral biology of this popular fruit species is still lacking. Therefore, the objective of this work was to observe the morphology of Chok Anan mango flowers using scanning electron...

Author(s): Phebe Ding and Khairul Bariah Darduri

May 2013

Field spread of banana streak virus (BSV)

Musa (banana and plantain) provides a major source of carbohydrates for about 400 million people of whom 20 million are from East Africa. Yet, banana is threatened by number constraints, banana streak virus inclusive. Banana streak virus (BSV) was monitored in Rakai and Ntungamo, Uganda for up to 72 months after planting (MAP) and 29MAP respectively. BSV incidence increase over time was fitted into exponential model and...

Author(s): Kubiriba, J. , Tushemereirwe, W. K., Kenyon, L. and Chancellor, T. C. B.

May 2013

Studies on genetic variability and heterosis in vegetable pea (Pisum sativum L.) under high hills condition of Uttarakhand, India

The estimates of genetic parameters of 39 (11 parents and 28 crosses) genotypes of garden pea (Pisum sativum L.) indicated a good amount of genetic variation in the experimental materials under investigation. Characters like plant height, days to first picking, 100 green pod weight, green pod yield and days to 50% flowering revealed higher values of heritability in broad sense and genetic gain indicating that the...

Author(s): Vinod K. Sharma and Lila Bora

May 2013

Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction analysis and clustering of environments and genotypes in malting barley

Grain yield of twenty malting barley genotypes planted in four locations over three years were used to study the effect of genotypes, environments and genotype by environment interaction. Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) analysis was made for yield estimation, to understand the genotype by environment (GxE) interaction patterns, clustering of environments and genotypes into homogenous subunits...

Author(s): Muluken Bantayehu, Jemal Esmael and Yihenewu Awoke

May 2013

Heritability estimates, correlation and path analysis studies for nut and kernel characters of Pecan (Carya illinoensis [Wang] K. Koch)

This study was undertaken to work out heritability estimates, correlation and path analysis on 34 pecan selections and three standard cultivars Western Schley, Mahan, and Burkett. High heritability estimates coupled with low genetic advance for most nut and kernel characters indicate higher influence of environment and presence of non-additive gene action suggesting that selection in pecan may not be effective. However,...

Author(s): K. Kumar, Manpreet Nagi, Dinesh Singh, R. Kaur and R. K. Gupta

May 2013

Influence of physiological stage and parity on energy, nitrogen and mineral metabolism parameters in the Ouled Djellal sheep in the Algerian Southeast arid area

Investigations were conducted to determine the influence of physiological stage and parity on some indicators of energy, nitrogen and mineral metabolisms in sheep Ouled Djellal living in the Algerian Southeast arid area. The study was carried out on 100 clinically healthy multiparous and primiparous ewes, aged 2 to 7 years. The animals were divided into three ewe groups: Pregnant (P), lactating (L), and empty (E)....


May 2013

Polymer processing aid from rubber seed oil, a renewable resource: Preparation and characterization

Vulcanized vegetable oil (VVO), a polymer processing aid was prepared from sulphur and rubber seed oil (RSO), a renewable resource. RSO was obtained from the seeds of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) which are in abundance in Nigeria but are unexploited. The effect of additives such as iodine, magnesium oxide (MgO), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), 2-mercaptobenzothioazole (MBT) and zinc diethyldithiocarbonate (ZDEC)...

Author(s): R. O. Ebewele, A. F. Iyayi, F. K. Hymore, S. O. Ohikhena, P. O. Akpaka and U. Ukpeoyibo

May 2013

Energy analysis and life cycle assessment of wheat production in Iran

This study was done to evaluate the energy balance between the inputs and output per unit area and to examine the effect of different farm sizes on total energy inputs and output of wheat production in Esfahan province of Iran. For this purpose data were collected by using a face-to-face questionnaire. The total energy input and output are calculated as 31.5 and 44.6 GJ ha-1, respectively. The highest energy consumer...

Author(s): Mohammad Ghahderijani, Seyyed Hassan Pishgar Komleh, Alireza Keyhani and Paria Sefeedpari

May 2013

Determination of optimum mixing ratio of cow dung and poultry droppings in biogas production under tropical condition

There is urgent need for proper waste management and development of alternate energy using wastes in developing countries. Optimal digestion mixture of substrates ensures that waste products of animals, industries etc. are optimized. This study was designed to determine the optimal mixing ratio of cow dung and poultry droppings in biogas production under tropical condition. The mixing ratio used were 100:0, 75:25,...

Author(s): E. C. Chukwuma, I. C. E Umeghalu, L. C. Orakwe, E. E. Bassey and J. N. Chukwuma

May 2013

An assessment of the factors influencing household willingness to pay for non-marketed benefit of cattle in the agro-pastoral systems of Mozambique

This study used Probit model to analyze factors influencing probability of household willingness to pay for non-marketed benefits (NBS) of cattle in Mozambique. The primary data from 184 agro-pastoralist households were collected using a structured questionnaire. Data collected comprised information relating to household demographic, household livelihoods and non-marketed benefits of cattle. The result showed that the...

Author(s): S. K. Ng’ang’a, C. Ritho, J. Nzuma, S. Moyo and M. Herrero

May 2013

Effect of Gibberellic acid (GA) and stratification treatment on embryo ultrastructure of Taxus chinensis var. mairei seed

Seeds of Taxus chinensis var. mairei are known for their deep dormancy that can be broken by a procedure involving variable temperature stratification. Changes of ultrastructure in seed embryo of T. mairei during stratification were investigated with a scan electricity microscope and a transmission electricity microscope. After 4 months of warm stratification, the following cytological changes were observed: an...

Author(s): ZHANG YanJie, LU ShunBao and GAO HanDong

May 2013

Some morphological and biochemical responses due to industrial air pollution in Prosopis juliflora (Swartz) DC plant

The current study was done to examine the impact of ambient air pollution on some biological factors inProsopis juliflora plants using two sites; control and polluted (around one of the oil fields in south west of Iran). Various morphological and biochemical characteristics of the plants were studied in both sites and compared with each other. Plants exposed to pollution showed lower leaf area, petiole length,...

Author(s): Seyyed Mansour Seyyednejad and Haniyeh Koochak

May 2013

The effect of toposequence on physical and chemical characteristics of paddy soils of Guilan Province, Northern Iran, Rasht

Paddy soils are important in Guilan province because they are the base of agriculture. So, it is necessary to recognize and analyse paddy soils for understanding of their limitations and optimum using. Sefidrood plateaus and upper terraces, river alluvial plain, lowland and Caspian sea coastal plain physiographic units in a toposequence in Sangar Dam uplands in adjacent of Rasht city to Caspian sea shore were...

Author(s): Javad Seyedmohammadi Meresht

May 2013

Effect of hydroquinone and copper coated urea on ammonia volatilization loss and n mineralization from tropical soil: Laboratory study

The faster urea hydrolyses process leads to high amount of ammonia gas emission from urea fertilized fields. Coating of urea with various materials is the most successful strategy to control N losses from urea fertilized fields. A laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the effects of uncoated urea, as compare to urea coated with hydroquinone and Cu on NH3 volatilization loss and rate of urea hydrolysis in soil. The...

Author(s): Nasima Junejo, Khanif M. Y., Khalil Ahmed Dharejo and Arifin Abdu

May 2013

Diversity and distribution of soil nematodes in Ngere tea catchment area of Murang’a county, Kenya

A survey was conducted to determine the diversity and distribution of soil nematodes associated with tea in Ngere tea catchment area in Kenya. Soil samples were collected from six electoral zones of Ngere factory in Gatanga division Thika district, Murang’a County, Kenya. Nematodes were extracted and recovered from soil samples using a modified Baermann funnel method and identified under a light microscope based...

Author(s): Tom Kosgei Kibet, Johnson Kinyua, Daniel Kariuki, Edward George Mamati and Justus Onguso

May 2013

Changes in soil properties following slash and burn agriculture in the humid forest zone of Cameroon

With slash-and-burn agriculture, changes in soil properties occur, which could influence crop production and future soil fertility recommendations. The objectives of this study were to: Identify dynamic soil properties that could be used to monitor soil quality; evaluate residual effects of slash-and-burn; and establish P and K fertilizer equivalence values of ash from slash-and-burn. Each experimental site was divided...

Author(s): Tabi F. O., Mvondo Ze A. D., Boukong A., Mvondo R. J. and Nkoum G.

May 2013

Study on the impacts of inter-basin water transfer: Northern Karun

This study aimed to investigate the effects of inter-basin water transfer projects from Northern Karun basin to Zayanderud basin in Iran, with emphasis to Beheshtabad water transfer project. For this purpose the situation of water resources of Northern Karun basin was modeled by using WEAP model. This model was calibrated by 10 years data (1995 to 2004) and then the model was run for a 30 years period. Results showed...

Author(s): Hossein Samadi-Boroujeni and Mehri Saeedinia

May 2013

Assessment of morphometric characteristics of Shetrunji River basin using remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS)

The study area, that is, Shetrunji basin falling in the district of Bhavanagar, Amreli and Junagadh, is a major one among 71 river basins of Saurashtra region of the Gujarat State, India. Using the remotely sensed images of the Indian Remote Sensing SatelliteP6 (IRS P6), Linear Imaging Self Scanner III (LISS III) and Carosat satellites, the maps for the theme of land use/land cover, soil, drainage, slope and contour...

Author(s): S. S. WANDRE and H. D. RANK

May 2013

Virulence of entomopathogenic fungi against Plagiodera versicolora (Laicharting, 1781) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

The willow leaf beetle, Plagiodera versicolora (Laicharting, 1781), is one of the most destructive pests of manySalix and Populus species worldwide. A total of 12 entomopathogenic fungi including Beauveria bassiana(Bals.) Vuill., B. cf. bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae (Metch) Sorok, and Isaria fumosorosea (Wize) (formerlyPaecilomyces...

Author(s): Ismail Demir, Seda Kocaçevik, Emine Sönmez, Zihni DemirbaÄŸ and Ali Sevim,

May 2013

Social values of biodiversity conservation for Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus)

This paper presents goods and services approach to determine the economic value of Monachus monachuswith the aim of clarifying the role of valuation in the management and conservation of marine biodiversity. More specifically, it uses Contingent valuation method to estimate the existence value of the Mediterranean seal population that is predicted to be lost in the future if we not take any measure...

Author(s): Matsiori S., Stamkopoulos Z., Aggelopoulos S., Soutsas K., Neofitou Ch. and Vafidis D.

May 2013

Correlation and path analysis for agro-morphological traits in rajmash beans under Baramulla- Kashmir region

Correlation and path analysis were studied in 57 germplasm lines of rajmash beans for yield and yield contributing traits. Significant variations were observed for plant height, number of pods/plant, 100 seed weight and seed yield. Low level of difference between the magnitude of phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) and genetic coefficient of variation (GCV) for days to 50% flowering, plant height, 100 seed weight...

Author(s): Shahid Ahmed and Kamaluddin

May 2013

Effect of processing on acetamiprid residues in eggplant fruits, Solanum melongena L.

An experiment was conducted to find out the persistence and the effect of processing on acetamiprid, namely 20% soluble powder (SP) in eggplant fruits via washing, cooking in water, oil, and grilling. Acetamiprid half-life values in eggplant fruits, leaves and soil were found to be 1.96, 2.31 and 10.47 days, respectively. A higher removal rate was found in boiling and grilling (56 and 99% than in frying (46.24%) and...

Author(s): Ahmed Ali Romeh⊃ and Mohammed Yousef Hendawi⊃

May 2013

Variations in α-, β-amylase and α-glycosidase activities in two genotypes of wheat under NaCl salinity stress

Two wheat differing in salt sensivity, was examined for osmolyte contents and activities of a-amylase, b-amylase and a-glucosidase enzymes involved in seeds germination, in absence as well as in presence of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mM NaCl. The inhibitory effects of NaCl differed, depending on the species tested. In wild wheat specie (Triticum monococcum), with reduced germination percentage and lower relative water...

Author(s): Chiraz Chaffei Haouari, Afef Hajjaji Nasraoui,  Elisa Carrayol and Houda Gouia

May 2013

Effect of pH, temperature and iron on the stability of anthocyanins from black-skinned peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

As public concerns about the safety of synthetic colorants increases, natural colors are assuming greater importance in the food and beverage industries. Anthocyanins are non poisonous abundant natural pigments. However, color deterioration during storage and processing limits their application as commercial colorants. The pigment extracts from black peanut skin are natural and safe colorants. The goal of this study was...

Author(s): Jingming Wang, , Xuefeng Shen and Yong Chen

May 2013

Effects of nutritional arrangements of NPK on the yield of grains and Crambe oil cultivation

The objective of this study is to evaluate the yield of grains and oil from the crops of the Crambe abyssinica Hochst under nutritional arrangements based on NPK. This experiment was carried out in the city of Cascavel-PR, on a typical dystrophic hapludox, clayey to very clayey texture, with a smooth undulated relief, with average altitude of about 680 m. The treatment consisted of nutritional...

Author(s): Igor Eduardo Lunelli, Deonir Secco, Araceli Ciotti de Marins, Helton Aparecido Rosa, Reginaldo Ferreira Santos, Augustinho Borsoi, Gustavo Veloso, Reinaldo Aparecido Bariccatti, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza and Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva

May 2013

Development of an efficient protocol for micropropagation of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. var. smooth cayenne)

The aim of this study was to establish an efficient micropropagation protocol for pineapple. Axillary buds were excised from the crown and inoculated on a liquid basal culture Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with sucrose (3%), benzylaminopurine (BA) (2.5 μM) and  naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) (0.62 μM) for shoot induction. Shoot multiplication and elongation was on MS basal...

Author(s): Inuwa Shehu Usman, Maimuna Mohammed Abdulmalik, Lawan Abdu Sani and Ahmed Nasir Muhammad

May 2013

Effects of seed pre-treatment and media on seed germination and seedling growth of Iroko, Milicia excelsa (We/w.) C.C. Berg moraceae, Syn. Chlorophora excelsa

The effects of seeds pre-treatment and media, on germination of the seeds and seedling development of Iroko,Milicia excelsa, an important but threatened timber yielding species, were assessed. M. excelsa seeds extracted from the fruits that dropped from the trees were subjected to various pre-treatments [(washing in tap water, (SB1), washing in water and soaking for 15 min in hot water, 50° and...

Author(s): Nzekwe, U., Ubani, C. S. and Ajuziogu, G. C.

May 2013

Prevalence of apple scab and powdery mildew infecting apples in Uganda and effectiveness of available fungicides for their management

Apple scab caused by Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) wint, and apple powdery mildew, caused by Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. and Ev.), are the most important diseases of apples in Uganda. Control of apple scab and powdery mildew require the application of fungicides in absence of resistant apple cultivars. This study was conducted to identify effective control fungicides and to document the status of...

Author(s): Arinaitwe Abel Byarugaba, Turyamureeba Gard and Imelda Night Kashaija

May 2013

Antibacterial effects of Saponaria officinalis extracts against avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC)

In current study using Saponaria officinalis (Related to Caryophyllaceae family) hydroalcoholic extracts for in vitro growth inhibition of an avian isolated fatal Escherichia coli (isolated from coli CRD-complex carcasses) were reported. The disc diffusion method was used for evaluation of the antibacterial effects of Saponaria extracts in comparison to some routine antibiotics....

Author(s): Abdolreza Nabinejad

May 2013

A delphi of expert perceptions of problems in implementing electronic commerce for horticultural products

The objective of the study was to identify the major problems facing electronic commerce (EC) implementation in horticultural products. To accomplish this objective the Delphi method of obtaining group consensus was employed. The study used a series of four mailed questionnaires. The first round of the study used a questionnaire with an open-ended question. In the second questionnaire, respondents were asked...

Author(s): Safa Farrokhi, Mohammad Chizari, Mehdi Mirdamadi and Hossein Mehdizadeh

May 2013

Geographical indications contributions for Brazilian agribusiness development

This paper aims at analyzing the evolution of deposits and certifications granted as Geographical Indications in Brazil. It also analyses their contributions to the development of the national agro-business. The methodological procedures included an exploratory study and a documentary analysis. The data were collected directly from the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), taking into account the information...

Author(s): Luan Carlos Santos Silva, João Luiz Kovaleski, Silvia Gaia, Luani Back, Cassiano Moro Piekarskiand Antônio Carlos de Francisco