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Table of Content: 18 April 2011; 5(8)

April 2011

A management perspective on the current status of referral marketing in the property selling industry

  Increasing role specialization and the partial disintegration of the traditional family structure, social groups, as well as community entities have led buyers (consumers and businesses alike) to search for expert advice on products and services that has been provided informally through local social networks, as family members and peers. Marketing practitioners and theorists also routinely cite the power of...

Author(s): M. Roberts-Lombard

April 2011

Culture and national competitiveness

  The 21st century offered new challenges for the national economy. One of the most controversial aspects of globalization was the worldwide spread and dominance of the American culture. The cultural dimensions that characterize a nation had a major impact on national competitiveness, although in the globalization age the nations are tending to lose their own identity and culture. Competitiveness always was the...

Author(s): Herciu Mihaela, Ogrean Claudia and Belascu Lucian

April 2011

A study on occupational stress experienced by private and public banks employees in Quetta City

  Stress is a universal element and persons from nearly every walk of life have to face stress.  Stress can have negative impacts on both the employee and the organization. Actually, in this research paper it was checked that what the impact occupational stress produced upon employees. The study describes the occupational stress in public and private banks. A randomly selected sample of 200 employees from...

Author(s): Nadeem Malik

April 2011

Determination of physical and physiological profiles of international elite sailors

This study aimed to determine the physical and physiological profiles of sailors. The study group comprised 36 sportsmen (25 males, 11 females), of 7 nationalities, who took part in the intercollegiate sailing championship in Izmir, Turkey. The age, body weight, height, skinfold thickness, measurements of breadth and circumference, somato type, anaerobic power, reaction times, flexibility and respiration parameters of...

Author(s): Atilla Pulur

April 2011

Knowledge-management strategy and organizational learning: An agent-based simulation

  The objective of this study is to explore the effects of knowledge management strategy on organizational learning by a simulation model. The study extends the March simulation model and compares the effectiveness of the codification and personalization knowledge management strategies in a different context. First, the study finds that codification strategy can improve knowledge rapidly while personnel...

Author(s): Liao Liefa, Jiang JinHu and Wang KanLiang

April 2011

An eight-factor solution for the Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument

The USA developed Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument (CEAI) (Hornsby, Kuratko and Zahra, 2002) is used to assess and implement a corporate entrepreneurial strategy. As psychometric instruments cannot necessarily be transferred between different cultures, the main objective of this study is to investigate the construct validity of CEAI, for a South African sample. An exploratory principal factor analysis...

Author(s): René van Wyk and Mandla Adonisi

April 2011

An application of logistic regression to find outstanding fund managers

  This paper investigates how mutual fund managers’ characteristics influence their funds performance. The majority of mutual funds available to Taiwan investors are actively managed. Apparently, investors will expect the active equity fund managers to provide better performance than passive managers do. We apply logistic regression, which adopt the performance of Polaris Taiwan Top 50 Tracker Fund (TTT)...

Author(s): Che-Yang Lin , Ya-Chen Hsu and Meng-Chun Kao

April 2011

The customer market practices of the travel agency industry in the Gauteng province of South Africa

Relationship marketing stresses the importance of continuous interaction between the seller and the buyer in order to cultivate a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. High interest rates, increasing prices of basic goods and services and a weakening rand has reduced consumer spending on domestic and international travel. Therefore, there is continued pressure on South African travel suppliers to review their...

Author(s): M. Roberts-Lombard

April 2011

Implementation of DTT in Spain: Technological barriers to entry and consolidation of terrestrial technology

  This paper analyzes the process of television digitalization in Spain and its regulatory framework, concluding that the promotion of already established terrestrial technology has resulted in the development of entry barriers to alternative technologies, such as satellite. The Spanish regulation and its implementation are analyzed in this paper, especially with regard to public funding to support the...

Author(s): Félix Roux Martínez and Mónica García-Ochoa Mayor

April 2011

The impact of foreign institutional herding on low-turnover stocks in the Taiwan stock market

Author(s): Yen-Hsien Lee and Hao Fang

April 2011

Assessing organisational virtuality

  A virtual organisation is a network of legally independent organisations and/or individuals that produces products and/or services based on a common business understanding. The characteristics of today’s new, virtual organisation forms are that they are dynamic, networked, distributed, flexible, collaborative and innovative, and driven by information technology. Yet the challenge is to scientifically...

Author(s): Ales Groznik, Peter Weber and Tomaz Kern

April 2011

Determining economic sustainability of Nigerian national transport policy

  The purpose of the paper is to determine the extent to which Nigeria’s National Transport Policy (NTP) enhances economic sustainability in Nigeria and offer guidance to policy makers on effective ways to make progress towards sustainable transportation in Nigeria. This paper offers an analytical evaluation of the Policy, using both primary and secondary data. To do this quantitative survey method was...

Author(s): Paul C. Ugboaja and Wilfred Isioma Ukpere

April 2011

Perishable inventory system with joint ordering policy

  In this article we analyze a lost sales two-commodity perishable inventory system, under Poisson demands and exponential lifetimes. The maximum inventory level for the i-th commodity is fixed as . If the total net inventory level drops to a prefixed level  , an order will be placed for  units of -th commodity . The lead time for replenishment is assumed to be exponential....

Author(s): N. Anbazhagan, V. Perumal and V. Kumaresan

April 2011

The effect of service responsiveness and social emotions on service outcomes: An empirical investigation of service firms

  Service responsiveness is an important contemporary issue related to organization responsiveness. Meanwhile, the extent to which service responsiveness influences emotions and service outcomes has seldom been examined empirically. The analytical results of this study are based on applying questionnaire method to accumulate dyadic data from managers and subordinates. According to those results, mechanistic and...

Author(s): Rong-Da Liang, Ching-Sheng Chang and Tung-Sheng Wang

April 2011

Methodology for assessment of knowledge management in higher education institutions

  Since the introduction of knowledge management in higher education is inevitable due to current social and economic changes in the knowledge economy, research of its presence in higher education institutions is important not only for establishing its current state or for following the progress of its implementation, but also for establishing strong and weak points, predispositions and obstacles of HEIs for...

Author(s): Jasmina Arsenijević

April 2011

Measuring business-to-business customer service: A structural re-examination of the INDSERV scale

  Theory and empirical evidence suggest that the dimensions of business-to-business customer service differ to individual service. In response, Gounaris (2005a; b) developed the INDSERV business-to-business customer service scale, the sub-scales of which are potential quality, hard process quality, soft process quality and outcome quality. INDSERV seems to be a valid and superior scale for business-to-business...

Author(s): Gregory John Lee

April 2011

TQM perception in Turkey: A comparison of industries

  The objective of this study is to examine the perception differences of TQM in Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) region and find the relationship between education, experience, gender and TQM perceptions. GAP is a project aimed at removing the development differences between west and east regions of Turkey. In a developing region such as Southeastern Anatolia, it is important to determine how TQM, perceived...

Author(s): H. Mustafa Paksoy, Sadettin Paksoy, Mehmet Marangoz and Mehmet Özçalici

April 2011

Multinational corporations (MNCs) and risk perception: Understanding causes and strategic consequences

  This study examines the antecedents and strategic consequences of perceive risk when multinational corporations (MNCs) investing abroad. The study examine the complex relationships among risk’s antecedent variables about host country factors and network perspective with a sample of 1,020 manufacturers, the study find that: MNCs perceive lower levels of risk when market potential is greater,...

Author(s): Fang-Yi Lo, Yu-Ching Chiao and Dah-Hsian Seetoo

April 2011

Crisis management in the Turkish leather industry

  The economic developments and modifications in the world cause to imbalances from time to time and these imbalances lead to crises. Businesses are seriously influenced from the birth of sometimes territorial and sometimes regional crises, and need crisis management. Sometimes, crises may also arise from managerial structures in the company. Regardless of the reason, those who can correctly manage the crisis,...

Author(s): Gonca Telli Yamamoto and Özgür Şekeroğlu

April 2011

Evaluating branch efficiency of a Taiwanese bank using data envelopment analysis with an undesirable factor

  This study applies a novel evaluation model to identify resource utility rate in the banking sector for enhancing branch operations. The Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model including undesirable-factor developed by Seiford and Zhu (2002) is used to determine the operational efficiency of each studied bank branch. This study identifies non-performing loan ratio as an undesirable output. Results indicate that...

Author(s): Ke-Chiun Chang, Chang-Liang Lin, Yu Cao and Chia-Fu Lu

April 2011

Does thinking change with roles? A dynamic process of e-learners, e-learning managers and leaders in international accounting firms

  Earlier studies of e-learning were mostly focused on development of e-learning systems, curriculums, and analysis of e-learners’ feedbacks. These studies did not address the dynamic conceptual framework of e-learners, e-learning managers, and institution leaders when dealing with e-learning. The sensemaking concept offers a suitable framework for analyzing how each of these roles construct the...

Author(s): Kai-Wen Cheng

April 2011

Reputation risk management for airports: A case study of TAV airports holding

  Reputation is one of the most valuable assets of an organization, its entire survival could be based on its good reputation achieved for one or many of its attributes such as quality, price, reliability, and environmental friendliness amongst others. Global companies are investing substantial resources to manage their reputation risk. They do so by integrating reputation risk management into their overall...

Author(s): Triant Flouris and Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz

April 2011

Analysis of the predictive ability of the components of economic value added in predicting next period’s operating profit: Evidence from Iran

  Economic value added is a critical criterion in making financial decisions and investors have always been trying to make use of its ability in order to predict the profitability power of companies. This study aims to investigate the predictive ability of the components of economic value added in predicting next period’s operating profit in companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange. In order to do...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Shourvarzi and Sahar Sadeddin

April 2011

Occupational profiling of civil engineers using systematic job analysis

  Job analysis contains reports that detail the system, environmental conditions and performance of each job for obtaining higher efficiency. In order to do job analysis properly, information regarding the job have to be evaluated accurately and realistically. The originating point of the current research is based on this requirement. Related researches have mainly focused on either traditional or strategic...

Author(s): Ercan Erdis and Tugrul Ozel

April 2011

Analysis of internal rate of return on investments: Dynamic and static approach

  The success of an investment is determined and described statically and dynamically by several parameters. One of the key indicators of justification of a project implementation is the internal rate of return which is determined statically and dynamically in each project. Renowned scientific methods, such as the method of classification, statistical method and methods of analysis and synthesis were used in...

Author(s): Branislav Maric, Andrea Ivanisevic, Slavica Mitrovic, Sreto Aleksic and Mihailo Rovcanin

April 2011

Necessity for reengineering the qualitative characteristics of financial reporting arrangement in the reduction of information asymmetry: An evidence of Iran

  This study is focused on the qualitative characteristics arrangement in Iran with its special environment, to determine the weight and importance of each component of qualitative characteristics upon the perception of the three main engaged groups in financial reporting to include, professional members, users and preparers of accounting information from qualitative characteristics preferences and offering...

Author(s): Vahab Rostami and Mahdi Salehi

April 2011

Mediating effect of buying motives between physical vanity and online compulsive buying

  This study examines consumer buying motives to determine whether vanity is a direct or indirect antecedent of online compulsive buying. The present research samples university students with online shopping experience in Taiwan. Out of 520 distributed questionnaires, 331 proved useful. A structural equation modeling (SEM) procedure is employed to test the construct validity and hypotheses. Results indicate...

Author(s): Wei- Lung Chang, Long-Chuan Lu, Hung-Jen Su Tai An Lin and Kuang-Yu Chang

April 2011

Sustaining competitive advantage through effective knowledge management

  Knowledge utilization to achieve competitive advantage is not only a source of creating critical success factors but nurturing core competencies as well. In order to stay, competitive organizations have to be fully aware of customer preference, trends and changing needs. This flexibility of any organization can help attain competitive advantage by adapting to changing environment and maintaining it. The real...

Author(s): Waheed Akbar Bhatti, Muhammad Omer Nadeem Khan, Abrar Ahmad, Nazim Hussain, and Kashif ur Rehman

April 2011

Wide-spreading accounting education and governmental supervision to reduce information asymmetry: Empirical evidences of Iran

  This paper attempts to evaluate the role of wide spreading accounting education and strengthens the governmental supervision for accounting disclosure process to reduce information asymmetry level in capital market and also increase the protection of stockholders and other financial information users’ rights. In order to test the hypotheses, a suitable questionnaire with some questions about current...

Author(s): Hamidreza Vakilifard, Vahab Rostami and Mahdi Salehi

April 2011

A study of the reasons for shortcomings in establishment of internet financial reporting in Iran

  Internet Financial Reporting (IFR) is a new technology which has been introduced in the area of financial reporting. This kind of reporting implies the application of corporate websites in order for dissemination of all information relating to the financial performances of the relevant companies. In the case of utilization by such companies of IFR they would put a “comprehensive collection of financial...

Author(s): Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Arash Arianpoor

April 2011

Entrepreneurship gap in Islamic banking sector: Empirical evidence of Iran

  This paper addresses the degree of entrepreneurship gap in Iranian Islamic banking sector from the view points of own-state banks and privet banks in Iran. Unlike conventional banks, Islamic banks operate within the boundaries of the Islamic Law (Shariah) (Naser and Moutinho, 1997). The results of this study show huge gap regarding entrepreneurship between own-state bankers and private bankers in Iran....

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi, Mahmoud Hematfar and Mahmod Khatiri

April 2011

Different perceptions in financial reporting: Empirical evidence of Iran

  The objective of financial reporting is to provide useful information to present and potential investors, creditors and others to help them make investment, credit, and other decisions. The purpose of this paper is to find out whether there is an existing gap concerning the importance of accounting information qualitative characteristics from students’ perspective in different levels of study. To...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi and Vahab Rostami

April 2011

A study of the knowledge of auditors in the field of tax laws: Evidence of Iran

  Maintenance of public confidence in the accounting field is possible until the certified public accountants offer their services on a platform that is worthy of trust. Therefore, services of certified public accountants must be at the highest level possible and must be provided with rules that continue to perform this service with quality that is appropriately guaranteed. The guarantee is addressed to...

Author(s): Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Rasool Khosropanah

April 2011

An investigation of the relationship between audit firm size and earning management in quoted companies in Tehran stock exchange

  The aim of current study is to investigate relationship between size of audit firm and earning management in quoted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. Therefore, the main question is addressed as fallows: Is there any significant differences in the earning management between the audited companies by auditing organization and audited companies by other members of the society of chartered accountants in Iran?...

Author(s): Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Javad Shirdel

April 2011

The effect of qualified audit report on share prices and returns: Evidence of Iran

  Audit report is the consequence of auditing process and it is a major instrument of communication between auditor and financial statements' user. This study attempts to examine the correlation between qualified audit report and share prices and returns in order to test information content of qualified audit report. A market-based study conducted on the qualified audit reports of the shareholding companies...

Author(s): Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi, Mehrollah Rigi and Mohsen Moeinizade

April 2011

Work motivation and job satisfaction dynamics of textile employees

  The main objective of the research is to evaluate the effective dynamics of work motivation and job satisfaction of textile employees. It analyzes the effectiveness of psycho-social, economic, organizational and managerial tools over individuals’ motivation in terms of maintaining the motivation and job satisfaction of the employees in the business. The data gained from employees of a textile enterprise...

Author(s): Yasemin Oraman

April 2011

National legislations and gender equality in Chinese flower industry: A case study of twenty flower business companies

  The study investigated the extent gender equality had been mainstreamed in the flower industry based on the provisions of the1982 China constitution and the 1995 Labor act. A gender pyramid which provided a framework for mapping and assessing gender inequalities was developed. The data showed male participation at administrative structure was 53% greater than female and significantly different (P<0.05)....

Author(s): Abu Kargbo, Cai-yun Wang, Shi-mao Li, Ya-fei Li, Rong-zhang Mai Qiang Fu and Li Li

April 2011

Optimal inventory polices with order-size dependent trade credit under delayed payment and cash discount

  In today’s competitive business environment, it is very common that suppliers are always willing to provide the purchaser with certain incentives. As a result, suppliers frequently offer two distinct alternatives to increase possible volume of procurement. One is that if the order quantity is greater than or equal to a predetermined quantity, the purchaser obtains a longer permissible delay in payments....

Author(s): Victor B. Kreng and Shao-Jung Tan

April 2011

A survey of the effect of management performance on financial reporting quality: Evidence from Iran

  In the capital market, the information for economic decision must have necessary quality. So it is natural that the factors influencing the quality of financial reporting should be examined. In this study, a trial was made to examine the effect of management efficiency (as the internal factor) on the quality of financial reporting (QFR). With regards to this, the expected operating cash flow was used for...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Shoorvarzy and Masoomeh Tuzandehjani

April 2011

Impacts of coworkers' relationships on organizational commitment- and intervening effects of job satisfaction

  This research targets on employees of international hotels. The samples include hotel employees of different nationalities and a total of 1241 valid questionnaires were returned. This research conducts empirical analysis on the influences of coworkers' relationship, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment through regression analysis. Results of this research show that job satisfaction is indeed an...

Author(s):   She-Cheng Lin and Jennifer Shu-Jen Lin  

April 2011

Branding satisfaction in the airline industry: A comparative study of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia

  Brand is crucial in differentiating the superiority of products or services over others. This is an exploratory study examining the differences in brand satisfaction between Malaysian Airlines (full service airlines) and Air Asia (low cost airlines) in Malaysia. 350 usable questionnaires were obtained from respondents in the two main airlines terminals in Kuala Lumpur. Exploratory factor analysis revealed...

Author(s): Kee Mun, Wong and Ghazali, Musa