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Table of Content: 30 December, 2011; 5(35)

December 2011

The response to the changing landscape of tomorrow: Reconfigurable organizations

  This paper presents a synthesis of different theoretical concepts and empirical surveys examining the nature of contemporary organizations that are able to survive and thrive in the long run within the conditions of discontinuous environment. It expands the model of reconfigurable organization presented by Galbraith et al. (2002) by providing in-depth understanding of its basic characteristics:...

Author(s): Ivan Stefanović, Sloboda Prokić and Dragoljub Vukosavljević

December 2011

Need to implement the environmental communication mechanisms for sustainable development: A case study

  The term ‘environmental communication’ is very much related to the concept of environmental governance. It is in fact a new idea in the history of the sustainable development on this earth. The scholars of the present age have been focusing the need for the environmental communication for attaining sustainable development. It is based on the good governance mechanisms, environment and human rights...

Author(s): Noor Mohammad

December 2011

Antecedents of white collar crime in organizations: A literature review

  This study is focused on reviewing the literature of white collar crimes to identify factors which determine them in public sector organizations. Referring to a crime committed by someone of high social status, the literature suggest that the major causes of prevalence of white collar crimes are peer support, corporate culture, lack of accountability and lack of reporting. This review helps to understand the...

Author(s): Sajid Bashir, Khurram Shahzad, Mashal Abbass, Nida Abbass and Sania Saeed

December 2011

Partnering for small medium contractors in Malaysia

  Notably, the idea of partnering has attracted a lot of attention in construction practices and is proposed as one of the best solutions to address the availability of limited projects in the construction industry. The objectives of this paper are to ascertain the practice of partnering and identify the problems faced and effects of partnering among Class “F” contractors in the Malaysian...

Author(s): Hamimah Adnan, Chong Heap-Yih, Mohd Hafizuddin Idris and Norizan Ahmad

December 2011

Mining enterprise, regulatory frameworks and local economic development in South Africa

Mining is a critical sector for national and local development in South Africa. This article analyses the nature of the changing regulatory and legislative environment affecting mining enterprises in South Africa and of issues relating to partnerships for local economic development. The discussion highlights the significant role of government regulation of mining activity and its leverage of partnerships. The most...

Author(s): Christian M. Rogerson

December 2011

An overview of the construction sector in Northern Cyprus

  After 2005, construction sector in Northern Cyprus proved its potential of being locomotive in the economy. Increasing expectations to the solution of Cyprus problem, the positive reflections of the Annan Plan and the conjectural abundance of liquidity in the world caused the construction sector to play the leading role in the economy of Northern Cyprus. However, these conditions have been reversed in a...

Author(s): Okan Veli ŞAFAKLI

December 2011

Framework for choosing supply chain strategies

  The root cause of the problems plaguing many supply chains is a mismatch between the supply chain strategy and the business strategy. The purpose of this article is firstly to examine supply chain management challenges with specific reference to the South African automotive industry and secondly to suggest a framework to help supply chain managers choose their supply chain strategies. The article is based on...

Author(s): Intaher M. Ambe and Johanna A. Badenhorst-Weiss

December 2011

The business of water: Fresh perspectives and future challenges

  Water is big business. Governments around the world are looking towards private sector to deploy its management and financial capacities to this sector. Despite its prominence in recent debates and policies in the water sector, increasing private sector participation has achieved neither the scale nor the benefits anticipated. Recognition of water as a human right has given a new dimension to this sector....

Author(s): Anand N. Asthana

December 2011

A critical review of relationship marketing: Strategies to include community into marketing in development contexts

  An argument for relationship marketing strategies from a community organization approach in a development context is presented in this paper. Emphasis is on the conflict among interests of organizations and interests of individuals, as well as on existent differences with transactional and prescriptive-pecuniary individualistic approach. Because of this, it is proposed that different forms of community...

Author(s): Fernando Juárez

December 2011

Understanding performance measurement through the literature

  Performance measurement has been defined and redefined over the years. Researchers have tried to explain this important area of management control with respect to their area of specialty. However, very few researches have tried to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach. This has resulted in a departure from a generalist understanding of performance measurement to a specialty focus. This study tries to build a...

Author(s): Khurram Khan and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

Prevalence, antecedents, and effects of workplace bullying: A review

  Workplace bullying represents persistent behaviors that are both overt and covert. There is an increasing need for understanding this construct for the reason that it is directly linked to bringing the victim to a state of long lasting emotional distress. Alarmingly, such aggression usually is invisible and difficult to identify. This provides a rationale for elucidating the concept of bullying in the...

Author(s): Mariya Razzaghian and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

The association between financial development and economic development: A review

  This paper presents an overview of the theoretical and related empirical literature on the association between financial system development and economic growth. It describes the role of financial system development in economic growth at the macro level, both theoretically and empirically. It also describes briefly the relationship of corporate finance and firm performance. It finally concludes the review and...

Author(s): Syed Hamid Ali Shah, and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

Self-efficacy as a stress-coping mechanism among teachers: A critical literature review

  Many studies have reported teacher stress as a complex phenomenon induced by various stressors. Among these, lack of self-efficacy remains one of the most significant stressor. Besides, self-efficacy plays a moderating role in controlling stress. Stress over a significant period of time leads to burnout, characterized by feelings of depersonalization, lack of accomplishment, and emotional exhaustion. This...

Author(s): Afia Saleem and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

A review on the top management team reflexivity influencing strategic decision outcomes

  Over the last fifteen years, there has been a great deal of interest in the role of team reflexivity (social reflexivity and task reflexivity) in team effectiveness. In this article, we review the theoretical and empirical research on this topic to summarize what we have learned and also to provide a foundation for future research necessary for application for this knowledge to strategic decision-making...

Author(s): Yu Hui GE and Wei Zhong Yang

December 2011

Integral management approach: Business ethics and tax accounting as important enterprise success factors

  Modern enterprise ethical behaviour demands conscious and positive attitude towards the planning of enterprise core values, culture, ethics, norms, and climate in a way that stimulates such tax accounting, which will importantly influence enterprise’s long-term development and success. This way, the enterprises’ policies will be more social oriented with reflection of their ecological and social...

Author(s): Jernej Belak and Lidija Hauptman

December 2011

A review of regulatory enforcement, corporate governance and market reactions

  The past decades witnessed the massive growth of literature on corporate governance. Various perspectives of corporate governance mechanisms were widely documented. However, studies on corporate governance from the regulatory perspective receive relatively little attention. Majority review papers focus largely on internal and external corporate governance mechanism literatures. This paper intends to give an...

Author(s): Jing-Hui Kwan and Wee-Yeap Lau

December 2011

A literature survey of value creation through relationship banking

  Relationship banking has emerged as an important mechanism through which banks, especially the smaller ones, overcome problems associated with information asymmetry. Relationship banking also creates value for the borrowing firm through a number of channels such as more chances of loan availability, lower interest rate, and less collateral requirements. In this paper, we provide an overview of the recent...

Author(s): Hamid Ullah and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

Market segmentation and the changing South African hotel industry (1990 to 2010)

  Market segmentation is an expanding focus in tourism scholarship. Only limited application of this concept has been undertaken to interpret hotel business development, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. This article shows that in South Africa, one of Africa’s leading tourism destinations, market segmentation has been a distinguishing feature of the country’s hotel sector especially over the past 20...

Author(s): J. M. Rogerson and N. Kotze

December 2011

Flexibility of service-oriented manufacturing: A literature review

  Flexibility is an effective means which help service-oriented manufacturing (SOM) hedge against uncertainty in a swiftly changing business environment. However, flexibility remains largely abstract in the SOM field, because flexibility often has different meaning to different people. Whereas very little systematic research has been directed towards the study of flexibility issues associated with SOM, a rich...

Author(s): Xuan-Guo Xu, Wen-Min Han, and Tao-Feng Ye

December 2011

A review of literature on the role of trust and partnering in success of construction projects

  Contracting plays a dominant role mostly in large scale and complex projects. Its use in construction projects takes the role of risk transference and governance. Despite the developments taking place in the discipline of project management in general and contracting in specific, projects are still failing. Literature attributes various reasons to these failures; however, a significant body of literature on...

Author(s): Shahnawaz Khan, Saleem Gul and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

A review on family ownership and information asymmetry

  The motivation for this review paper comes from the growing interest of researchers in governance mechanisms in emerging markets where family and concentrated ownership structures are ubiquitous. Specifically, in this review, we summarize and synthesize hypotheses and findings from different research studies to highlight how and why larger family ownership in a corporation engenders information asymmetry...

Author(s): Maryam Jabeen and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

Enhancing tax morale with marketing tactics: A review of literature

There is a general consensus that developing economies need better infrastructure to foster economic growth and hence they need wider tax bases. The problem is how the tax base can be broadened. Traditionally, deterrence models have placed more emphasis on punitive choices to increase tax collections. However, these models have failed to yield desired results, especially in countries where governance mechanisms and...

Author(s): Amir Saeed and Attaullah Shah

December 2011

An overview and critical review on developments in the last thirty years within project management

  This paper presents a critical review of the literature populating the project management body of knowledge from 1980 to 2010. The paper concluded with a presentation of the various views on the project management schools of thought as a consolidation mechanism to provide a sense of direction to the developments occurring within the discipline. The review of literature presented is gathered through an...

Author(s): Saleem Gul

December 2011

Agricultural Marketing Challenges and Barriers in Iran

  Agriculture plays a significant role in the economic development of a nation. There are many kinds of agricultural products produced in Iran and the marketing of all these farm products generally tends to be a complex process. Agricultural marketing involves many operations and processes through which the food and raw materials move from the cultivated farm to the final consumers. Therefore it is necessary to...

Author(s): Maryam Omidi Najafabadi