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Table of Content: 4 August 2011; 5(15)

August 2011

Public works programmes as a tool to address unemployment and skills shortages among the youth in South Africa

There are over a billion young adults between the ages of 15 and 24 years in the world. It is estimated that 85% of these young working-age adults live in developing countries which offer few opportunities for productive work. One of the greatest challenges facing the world and South Africa is to enhance the skills level of young people in developing countries. Young people in South Africa account for approximately 60%...

Author(s): Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

August 2011

Knowledge management performance measurement: A review

This paper presents a review on performance measurement of knowledge management (KM). The purpose of this paper is to provide an overall picture of the various types of approaches for KM performance evaluation. Different tools or models published in the literature are described and compared, and research directions are discussed. Future development directions for KM performance evaluation identified from this review...

Author(s): Chuen Tse Kuah and Kuan Yew Wong

August 2011

The elements of organizational culture which influence the maintenance of ISO 9001: A theoretical framework

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that was employed world wide by manufacturing and government entities. There were a massive number of ISO 9001 certifications that had been issued to organizations which successfully implemented ISO 9001. ISO 9001 certified organization should maintain its certification effectively because it can help organizations improve their performance. Despite the massive number of ISO 9001...

Author(s): Siti Arni Basir, John Davies and Allison Rudder

August 2011

Modeling an increase in recreation specialization investments as a strategy to grow a tourism destination

This paper explores the question of how recreation specialization affects the development of a tourism destination over time. We formulate the development process as an optimal control problem by adjusting specialization investments for the purpose of either attracting more tourists or discouraging tourists from visiting. Our research suggests investment strategies for two types of tourism destination consistent with...

Author(s): Shih-Ming Ou and Ching Chang

August 2011

National development and student politics in Bangladesh

Student politics is one of the ignored areas in the international scholarly debate. In the late 1960's to early 1970's, some authors made some contributions in the context of South America and Africa. In 1968, Altbach also made very little contribution on the Indian student politics and its impact on development. The institutions of HE (higher education) in southern Asia is experiencing a high volume of student...

Author(s): Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Talukder Golam Rabby, Thian Lok Boon, Issa Khan and Kazi Enamul Hoque, 

August 2011

The moderating role of composites of cultural values in predicting adolescents’ influence on family purchase decisions: A study of Asian cases

The role of adolescents in family purchase decision making was explored by means of a survey and related instruments administered to a sample of teenagers in India, South Korea, and Taiwan. The findings suggest that adolescents’ characteristics (such as the perceived importance of a product to the adolescent) may be more predictive of their self-perceived influence on family purchase decisions than the tactics...

Author(s): Che-Jen Su

August 2011

Globalisation and the challenges of unemployment, income inequality and poverty in Africa

There is an urgent need to re-investigate the functional relationship between globalisation, unemployment, income inequality and poverty in Africa. Unemployment accelerates the level of income inequality and poverty within a given society. In spite of the beautiful slogans associated with it, the current globalisation seems to have aggravated the problem of unemployment, the corollary of which is endemic income...

Author(s): Wilfred I. Ukpere

August 2011

Assessment of university students’ financial management skills and educational needs

The main aim of this study is to assess university students’ financial management skills and financial education needs. Data were collected among Malaysian public and private university students. Samples were selected using multi stage stratified sampling techniques. A total of 11 universities were randomly selected for the study and 350 questionnaires (300 for in campus and 50 for off-campus students) were...

Author(s): Leila Falahati, Laily Paim, Maimunah Ismail, Sharifah Azizah Haron and Jariah Masud

August 2011

The uncertain probabilistic weighted average and its application in the theory of expertons

A new model for dealing with decision making under risk by considering subjective and objective information in the same formulation is here presented. The uncertain probabilistic weighted average (UPWA) is also presented. Its main advantage is that it unifies the probability and the weighted average in the same formulation and considering the degree of importance that each case has in the analysis. Moreover, it is able...

Author(s): José M. Merigó

August 2011

An evaluation of the investors overreaction to the past financial function criteria: Iranian evidence

One of the assumptions of the efficient market hypothesis is that logical reaction of investors to known and available data cause the cost of invested wealth to approach to its main cost. However the experience shows that the behavior of investors in capital market has not always been correct and market cooperators shows overreaction to new data. The aim of this study is to determine whether the investors have assigned...

Author(s): Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi and Afshin Hasanzadehnamaghi

August 2011

Developing an optimal operation model with two competing models for retailers to explore customers shopping preferences

This study highlights the optimal operation model for retailers to use in exploring the effect of customer loyalty and service quality on customer shopping preference. It offers a more profound understanding of the value of customer service and innovation in generic operation skills in international retailers (IR). This research uses the Likert and Semantic differential scale methods through the MTMM...

Author(s): Chen, Ching-Liang

August 2011

A supply chain model with defective items and disposal cost in a just-in-time (JIT) environment

Previous studies in the issue of supply chain models with imperfect quality assumed the defectives could be sold at lower unit price by the end of the inspection process and the lot-for-lot delivery policy was employed. However, in practice, defective items may have no salvage value but may need additional disposal cost to process them. The beginning of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry in Taiwan provides a...

Author(s): Tien-Yu Lin

August 2011

The effects of equities on organizational performance in Chinese professional baseball league

The paper introduces indices to measure the concepts of internal, employee, and external equities in social psychology. The unbalanced panel data of Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for the year 1990 to 2007 are employed to examine the relationships between salary dispersions and corresponding performance. The empirical evidence shows that payroll has a significant and positive effect on team performance. It...

Author(s): Wen-Jhan Jane

August 2011

Sustainable economic development: A perspective from ICT loops in developing nations

A green technoeconomic paradigm (TEP), based on emerging information and communication technologies (ICT), has been proposed as a basis for feasible models for sustained, environmentally friendly economic growth in developing nations. There has been very little discussion of cyber security, which is a major shortcoming in such models. Given the borderless world that such an ICT based paradigm promotes, the pursuit of...

Author(s): Kevin Lock-Teng Low, Chee Seong Lim and Ananda Samudhram

August 2011

Customer relationship management in small-medium enterprises: The case of science and technology parks of Iran

CRM (customer relationship management) has been increasingly recognized as a business strategy to effectively understand, manage, and sustain customer relationship with advanced information and communication technologies. Rapid development of customer relationship management applications have seen the trend that more and more SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are seeking to implement CRM in order to survive and...

Author(s): Alireza Fazlzadeh, Mostafa Moshiri Tabrizi and Kazem Mahboobi

August 2011

A study of the effect of information technology on internal auditing: Some Iranian evidence

The main object of the current study is to review the effect of information technology (IT) on internal auditing and the main question of the study is: How is the effect of information technology on internal auditing and each of its aspects including planning, internal control, investigation and reporting? The results of the study reveal that IT helps its users improve their performance. IT enables its users perform...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi and Reza Husini

August 2011

The relationships between achievement focused motivation and critical thinking

The aim of this research is to address general relationships between achievement focused motivation and critical thinking. Survey method has been used in the research. In this research, regression analysis has been done. The study sample included a total of 772 students in Turkey, attending the Faculties of Education, Atatürk University (216 students), Cumhuriyet University (110 students), Firat University (331...

Author(s): Çetin Semerci

August 2011

Reinvestigating the relationship between exchange rate uncertainty and private investment in Iran: An application of bounds test approach to level relationship

This paper re-examines the effects of exchange rate uncertainties on investment for the period of 1960 to 2007 by using annual data and applying bounds test approach to cointegration in the Iranian economy. There are many unusual policy changes and external shocks, resulting in the occurrence of multitude breaks in Iranian macroeconomic variables. As standard unit root tests, such as Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) and...

Author(s): Hassan Heidari and S. Mahnaz Hashemi Pourvaladi

August 2011

The effect of website quality on consumer emotional states and repurchases intention

Although, website features can significantly affect consumers’ emotional responses, very little is known about how website quality predicts consumer emotions. Because of the increasing importance of online shopping, finding a successful method for inducing consumers’ repeat purchase intention is critical to the survival of online service providers. Using the stimulus-organism-response (S-O-R) paradigm as a...

Author(s): Hsuan-Yu  Hsu and Hung Tai Tsou

August 2011

Selection criteria of recruitment for information systems employees: Using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method

The information systems (IS) department is made up of employees in different information technology/information system (IT/IS) skills. Recruitment should therefore use different selection criteria for personnel in different roles. This study used the IT/IS skills examined in past literature as guidelines for recruitment. Expert review and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) were then used to analyze the selection...

Author(s): Wei-Hung Hsiao, Tsung-Sheng Chang, Ming-Shang Huang and Yi-Chia Chen

August 2011

Assessment system based on fuzzy scoring in European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) business excellence model

There are a few popular business excellence models that provide standard criteria against which an organization can measure its performances. European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is the most popular one. The organizational self-assessment process is an admissible system in the area of Total Quality Management (TQM). Most specialists concur to the description of self-assessment that is presented by the...

Author(s): Javad Dodangeh, Rosnah Md. Yusuff and Javad Jassbi

August 2011

An empirical evidence of factors in equity selection process in Malaysia

This paper examined the factors influencing equity selection process and its association with expected and actual return. This study incorporated neutral information, accounting information, social relevance and advocates’ recommendations. A total of 199 usable questionnaires were collected by using snowball and convenience sampling. Descriptive study, factor analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression...

Author(s): Tun-Pin Chong and Ming-Ming Lai

August 2011

Decision framing and critical success factors of new product development

In the current business word, developing a new product successfully is a factor for growth and survival of companies, and deficiency in product development process especially in small medium size enterprises which possess limited resource will have disappointing consequences. In order to present a solution for each of the product development problems, scholars have introduced some critical success factors. These...

Author(s): Amir Emamiand Kambeiz Talebi

August 2011

Is laughter, as the best medicine, the remedy for crisis’ pain? Use of humor in marketing communications

Surrounded by staggering world-wide economic crisis and country specific financial burden, Turkish consumers feel pinched and marketers face the challenge to find a way to attract their attention to make them buy what they provide. In tough times, is humor the remedy for marketers? This paper aims to find an answer to this question and it examines the impact of humor in advertising. Alongside its advantages, humor also...

Author(s): Nilgün Gürkaynak, Ela Burcu Uçel and Mert Günerergin

August 2011

Who is she? The Turkish Cypriot female entrepreneur

This study has provided empirical evidence related to the activity of female entrepreneurs in North Cyprus, in particular, concentrating on their personal profile, characteristics of their business, the motivation behind their choice of becoming a business owner, and their measures of business success. The study instrument used to collect primary data from the respondents was a four-part cross-sectional structured...

Author(s): Serife Zihni Eyupoglu and Tulen Saner

August 2011

Developing activities of learning organizations in primary schools

The research question has been stated as “what are the activities that aim to develop a learning organization in primary shcools?” The aim of this research is to figure out what types of activities have been conducted to develop a learning organization in primary schools. A descriptive scanning model research has been designed. Examination of the reports and records, review of literature and interview...

Author(s): Niyazi Can

August 2011

Relationships among budgeting control system, budgetary perceptions, and performance: A study of public hospitals

The environmental uncertainty of medical industry was raised from the medical expenditure controlled by the government and the third party payers. This circumstance had forced hospital managers to learn management accounting. Budgeting control system was among the most popular mechanisms used by managers to contain costs and improve performance. However, budgeting control system could not achieve effectiveness in...

Author(s): Cheng-Tsung Lu

August 2011

Employment equity issues in the Cape Town advertising industry: A black economic empowerment perspective

Black economic empowerment and employment equity aims to enable black people in South Africa make a noteworthy contribution to the local economy by irreversibly altering the racial profile of management echelons and all employment levels. The advertising industry has been criticised for its slow empowerment advancement and were investigated for allegations of racism. The aim of this study was to explore the challenges,...

Author(s): Rodney G. Duffett

August 2011

The significance of research and development (R&D) and innovation to high-tech industry from the total quality management (TQM) perspective

Despite the national quality awards (NQAs) categories that reflect properly the total quality management (TQM) concept, the relative importance of these evaluation criteria may have different influence on different industries due to various characteristics of industries. Therefore, this research makes an attempt on probing the impact of each Taiwan National Quality Awards (TNQA) evaluation category, particularly,...

Author(s): Hung-Yi Wu, Pih-Shuw Chen and Chun-Ling Chuang

August 2011

Elucidating leisure constraints and experience, satisfaction and revisiting willingness among tourists to Dong-Shi Fisherman’s Wharf in Taiwan

This study explores exactly how leisure constraints and experiences, satisfaction and revisiting willingness are related among tourists to Dong-Shi Fisherman’s Wharf in Taiwan. Five hundred questionnaires are sent out. Of 500, a response rate of 81% was received. Statistical methods of t test, one-way ANOVA and path analysis of LISREL are used for analysis. Results indicate that tourists differ in...

Author(s): Chin-Tsai Kuo, Yin-Hua Hung, Yung-Hsiang Hou and Feng-Hsiang Chang

August 2011

The effects of employee empowerment on achievement motivation and the contextual performance of employees

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of perceived employee empowerment on achievement motivation and performance of employees. For this purpose, the data gathered from employees of public and private banks operating in Ankara have been analyzed, applying statistical techniques and methods. The analysis of the research data has revealed that the perceived employee empowerment had a positive impact on...

Author(s): Hasan Tutar, Mehmet Altinoz and Demet Cakiroglu 

August 2011

A stabilization analysis of the introduction of Taiwan 50 Index Futures and Taiwan Top 50 Tracker Fund on the underlying spot market Dar-Hsin Chen1, Ssu-Min Lai1*, and Li-Chih Lin2

The objective of this paper is to examine whether derivatives trading leads to destabilization effects of the underlying markets. We employ Taiwan-listed stocks and partition the sample into Taiwan 50 index constituents and non-Taiwan 50 stocks. The sample period covers from January 2001 to December 2004. Subsequently, we divide the observed period into three sub-periods and use a covariance regression model and the...

Author(s): Dar-Hsin Chen, Ssu-Min Lai, and Li-Chih Lin

August 2011

Corporate social performance, financial performance and market value behavior: An information asymmetry perspective

This specific study is based on the slack resource theory, good management theory, singling theory and agency theory. Moreover, this paper estimates an interactive equation structural model, based on above discussed theories that relates corporate financial performance (CFP), corporate social performance (CSP), and market performance (MP) regarding to the firm’s share value and relative debt level. The...

Author(s): Kashif Hamid, Rana Shahid Imdad Akash, Muhammad Asghar and Sajjad Ahmad

August 2011

Individual entrepreneurship capacity and small and medium enterprises (SME) performance: A human and organizational capital approach

This paper adds to the eclectic framework of entrepreneurship, through the evaluation of the impact of human capital and organizational capital determined by the entrepreneur on SME performance. The use of the stepwise method provides the selection of significant variables that have an impact on small and medium enterprises (SME) performance. When non-economic performance is considered, regarding human...

Author(s): João Leitão and Mário Franco

August 2011

Reporting practices of Malaysian public universities: The extent of accountability disclosure

The study intends to evaluate the extent to which Malaysian public universities disclose accountability information in their annual report and on their website. It also compares the degree of annual report and website disclosure between established and new universities in Malaysia. Content analysis was undertaken using the disclosure index that was developed based on the items listed in the Malaysian Government Treasury...

Author(s): Suhaiza Ismail and Nur Barizah Abu Bakar

August 2011

An expanded Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) model based on AR and causality of multi-nation stock market volatility for TAIEX forecasting

For common people, stock investing is one popular way to manage their property. As Information Technology (IT) has risen in recent years, every security company has analyzed computer systems for their customers by developing their own investing. Taiwan is an island nation, and the economy relies on international trade deeply. The fluctuations of international stock markets will impact Taiwan stock market to a certain...

Author(s): Liang-Ying Wei

August 2011

Quality awards and excellence models in Africa: An empirical analysis of structure and positioning

This study analyses the internal dimensions of African quality awards and excellence models, comparing these distinctions to one another and to both the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model (EFQM EM). The empirical analysis revealed similarities and differences both among them and with respect to the aforementioned major awards. The...

Author(s): María del Mar Alonso-Almeida

August 2011

The effect of corporate brand dominance, involvement and corporate associations on attitudes toward new product development

This study investigates the moderating role of corporate brand dominance and involvement in the relationship between corporate associations and attitudes toward new product. An experiment design using two version of advertisements are developed to manipulate the corporate brand dominance. A skincare product manufactured by a Taiwan petrochemical company was used in the study. The results indicate that both...

Author(s): Hsin Hsin Chang and Hamid Rizal

August 2011

Prime and sub-prime factors of employee’ voluntary turnover in boom phase of industry: Empirical evidence from banking sector of Pakistan

The implied debate relating turnover and its factors may be old but the present study takes a new route towards the understanding of turnover by employees. Banking industry of Pakistan passed through its boom phase in the last decade and along side encountered with much turnover unexpectedly. For this study we selected employees who changed their job during boom phase of industry. This paper first investigated the prime...

Author(s): Ahsan Raza Jaffari, Jabran Aziz, Zile Hussain, Nazish Akhtar and Kashif Ur-Rehman

August 2011

The relationships between person-organization fit, psychological climate adjustment, personality traits, and innovative climate: Evidence from Taiwanese high-tech expatriate managers in Asian countries

The primary objective of this study is to integrate basic theoretical background to define and develop a new research framework in order to investigate the relationships between person-organization fit (POF), psychological climate adjustment, personality traits, and innovative climate. This study surveyed 432 Taiwanese high-tech expatriate managers in Asian countries. The results of this study are summarized as follows:...

Author(s): Feng-Hui Lee and Wann-Yih Wu

August 2011

Exploring relationship drivers’ toward loyalty card programs

Retail loyalty programs are normally used as a mechanism to develop a retailer-consumer relationship. Retailer had clear relationship drivers, yet little research examines consumers’ relationship drivers towards loyalty program. To address this gap, this article investigates the true reason of why consumers engage in relationship with retailers through loyalty programs. A qualitative study involving six focus...

Author(s): Che Aniza Binti Che Wel, Sallehuddin Mohd Nor and Azhar Hj. Ahmad

August 2011

An evaluation of the present status of the certificate in school business management

By almost any measure, most South African public schools, and especially schools in the Western Cape, have under-performed academically. For a number of years, there has existed a wide degree of consensus among education stakeholders, and particularly in government, that the problems in our schools extend beyond mere academic under-achievement. Principals need to be occupied with the tasks of managing and leading...

Author(s): Visvanathan Naicker, Theodore Combrinck and Abdullah Bayat

August 2011

Why firms do not adopt SaaS

The development of cloud computing has promoted Software as a Service (SaaS) as another option for firms to adopt IT services. Many studies have confirmed the advantages of SaaS, while seldom conducted case studies on the implementation of SaaS. This research investigated the Top 2000 firms of Taiwan and constructed a research structure based on task/technology fit (TTF), joint benefit, and relationship viewpoints for...

Author(s): Chih-Wei Chen, Yih-Chearng Shiue and Pei-Yu Shih

August 2011

How to classify the types of inter-organizational relationships in manufacturing firms

This study empirically examined the relationships among types of inter-organizational relationships (IORs), degrees of inter-organizational learning, trust and collaboration, and appropriate forms of IORs control devices in manufacturing firms. Based on the usage levels of inter-organizational information systems (IOSs) and traditional communication media (TCM) as well as the amount of transaction and management...

Author(s): Jong-Min Choe

August 2011

Comparison of customer relationship management systems perceptions among container shipping companies in Vietnam and Taiwan

The goal of this study is to compare perceptions of customer relationship management (CRM) among Vietnamese and Taiwanese maritime transport service providers, and specifically container shipping companies. The study uses the t-test and factor analysis to analyze major differences in CRM usage between the shipping industries in Vietnam and Taiwan, and determines the perceived importance of CRM services employing...

Author(s): Yi-Chih Yang and Hoang Hai Nguyen

August 2011

Capital structure and financing decision -evidence from the four Asian Tigers and Japan

This paper examines the relative importance of the Modigliani-Miller theorem, the trade-off theory, the pecking order theory and the market timing theory in the financing decisions of the firms for the Four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) and Japan. According to our findings, although several elements impact on capital structure temporarily, firms from all countries rebalance their leverage...

Author(s): Kuang-Hua Hsu and Ching-Yu Hsu

August 2011

Service quality, customer satisfaction in technology-based universities

To achieve the twin objectives of satisfaction and loyalty, service quality in the university sector needs to be evaluated from both the internal (customers) and external (service providers) perspectives. Against this background, this article reviewed issues involved in service quality in universities from the customer satisfaction and attachment points of view, taking students as primary customers, especially in...

Author(s): Amran Rasli, Ibrahim Danjuma, , Lim Kim Yew and Muhammad Jawad Igbal

August 2011

Optimized classification approach to modeling an expert system for selecting stock portfolio

An expert system for automatically selecting stock portfolio is presented. The expert system involved Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) model, the VPRS-index clustering / classification method, and Variable Precision Rough Set (VPRS) theory. The GRA model is applied to consolidate the 53 financial indices into six financial ratios (Grey Relational Grades (GRGs)) for each stock item. The VPRS-index method is used to...

Author(s): Kuang Yu Huang

August 2011

The impact of globalisation on higher education: Achieving a balance between local and global needs and realities

The business world has changed dramatically over the last decade to address the reality of globalisation in the sphere of business. However, most universities have remained intact as local universities servicing local needs of citizens studying at their closest universities. For instance, a small number of universities have managed to attract students from other provinces, countries and regions.  The question...

Author(s): Marius Meyer, Melanie Bushney and Wilfred I. Ukpere

August 2011

Role of agricultural extension and education on rural women’s trends toward micro-credits programs

Since credit organizations have formed the base of people’s participation, it is a good opportunity to use these communities to develop training-extension activities. So, it is better that special programs at different extension areas, such as agriculture, ranching, family health, housekeeping economy and other courses according to the conditions of the regions and rural women’s needs, should be...

Author(s): Mohammad Abedi, Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari and Sharareh Khodamoradi

August 2011

A fuzzy-based decision model application on strategic management

In this article, the objective is to demonstrate the effects of different decision styles on strategic decisions and likewise, on an organization. The technique that was presented in the study is based on the transformation of linguistic variables to numerical value intervals. In this model, the study benefits from fuzzy logic methodology and fuzzy numbers. This fuzzy methodology approach allows us to examine the...

Author(s): Aras Keropyan and Ana Maria Gil-Lafuente

August 2011

An structural equation modeling (SEM) evaluation of the statistical adequacy of the strategic management model

This paper attempts to confirm the adequacy of the strategic management model using the structural equation modeling (SEM) method. The model adopted the resource-based view (RBV) approach to identify competitive strength. The RBV method states that organizations with the right resources coupled with the appropriate management skills and capabilities will develop competitive strength and organizational performance....

Author(s): Kee-Luen Wong, Thiam-Yong Kuek and Seng-Fook Ong

August 2011

The taxonomy of knowledge management strategies in manufacturing firms: Use of target costing and IT infrastructure

Based on the usage levels of target costing systems (TCS) and information technology (IT) infrastructure, this study aimed to develop a framework useful for classifying four types of knowledge management (KM) strategies in manufacturing firms: explorative, exploitative, mixed and negative. We adopted a multi-methodological approach by mixing both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Before developing a framework,...

Author(s): Jong-Min Choe

August 2011

Maintaining satisfactory performance of expatriates: The effects of culture and conflict management style

The study presents a conceptual framework that links culture (that is, power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity), and conflict management styles (that is, problem-solving, compromising, forcing, and legalistic), to identify their impact upon satisfaction of expatriates and their job performance. The sample size comprised of 193 Japanese senior managers working in Taiwan. LISREL 8.52 was used...

Author(s): Lung-Tan Lu

August 2011

Impact of organizational innovation on success of cost management techniques in value creation: Evidence from manufacturing sector of Pakistan

Manufacturing sector of Pakistan has shown weak performance in the last decade, and could not achieve the targets that could move the country toward economic development. Many factors have been held responsible for this sluggish performance. This paper focused on the cost inefficiency of manufacturing sector in creating value through effective cost management techniques. The study intended to explore one of the...

Author(s): Qaisar Ali Malik, Iqbal Saif M., Nadeem Safwan and Amir Gulzar

August 2011

The impact of female university students’ acceptance towards agriculture contract farming on Malaysian economy

The emergence of agriculture contract farming as one of the recent agriculture branches has promised a lot of potential for income generating. However do the youths, as the pillar of this country accept this contract farming as one of their potential occupations? The focus of this study is to determine specifically the female youth acceptance towards...

Author(s): Bahaman Abu Samah, Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva, Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril and Jegak Uli

August 2011

The relationship between people-related total quality management (TQM) practices, job satisfaction and turnover intention: A literature review and proposed conceptual model

The purpose of this paper is to establish a conceptual model to examine the different dimensions of people-related TQM practices and its relationship with job satisfaction and turnover intention. The theory of total quality management (TQM) principles and the concept of job satisfaction and turnover intention provide as preliminary points to construct the integrated conceptual model, connecting TQM practices, job...

Author(s): Jing-Wen Yue, Keng-Boon Ooi and Choong Chee Keong

August 2011

Resource-based determinants of performance in the Tanzanian commercial banking subsector

The purpose of this paper is to examine the resource-based performance determinants for commercial banks in Tanzania. The focus of the paper is on how financial performance of the commercial banks in the country is attributable to bank-specific resources. The paper compared the influence of different tangible and intangible bank-specific resources on bank profitability using a survey of 17 top commercial bank executives...

Author(s): Ligang Liu, Vedastus Timothy and Yang Gao

August 2011

Financial leverage and systematic risk

The aim of this study is the effect of financial leverage in the systematic risk of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. In this study, financial leverage (FL) as independent variables and systematic risk (β) as the dependent variable is considered.  While significant at ≤ 0/05 H0 hypothesis, is rejected. Otherwise, there is no other adequate reason for rejecting...

Author(s): Kheder Alaghi