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Table of Content: 4 June 2011; 5(11)

June 2011

Good governance enhance the efficiency and effectiveness public spending -Sub Saharan countries

  Effective and efficient governance is integral to any country’s well being. Governance is the exercise of power or authority; political, economic, administrative or otherwise to manage a country's resources and affairs. It comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate...

Author(s): Ghirmai Kefela T.

June 2011

Middle east bank and their challenge operation in Malaysia: A case study on Kuwait finance house Malaysia Berhad

  This research attempts to understand the history of first foreign Islamic bank that operate in Malaysia. The bank was Kuwait Finance House Malaysia Berhad (KFHMB). The focus is on how KFHMB implement musharakah mutanaqisah concept for home financing product. This paper will discus on how this syariah concept run on Islamic home financing product, their advantages, issues and challenges that was face by KFHMB....

Author(s): Mohd Sollehudin bin Shuib, Ahmad Azam bin [email protected] and Mohammad Taqiuddin bin Mohamad

June 2011

New business opportunities along the air tourism supply chain: The combination of identification technologies and just-in-time

  The objective of this study was to address the possibilities of using radio-frequency identification technologies (RFID) in conjunction with just-in-time (JIT) philosophy in key stages of the tourist air transportation process to improve the perceived service and open new market possibilities. JIT called for simpler tasks for tourists with the corresponding reduction of waiting times at queues; automatic...

Author(s): F. Javier Otamendi, Andrés García Higuera and Pablo García Ansola

June 2011

Revisiting the Portuguese experience with public-private partnerships

  Over the past decades, large investments have been made in energy, transportation, health, and water supply, among other public services, in order to foster economic growth and allow for better living conditions. Public budgets constraints and an inability to manage large and complex projects widened the private sector involvement in providing and managing public services, though few countries choose to...

Author(s): Carlos Oliveira Cruz and Rui Cunha Marques

June 2011

A new aggregation method for strategic decision making and its application in assignment theory

  A new aggregation method for decision making is presented by using induced aggregation operators and the index of maximum and minimum level. Its main advantage is that it can assess complex reordering processes in the aggregation that represent complex attitudinal characters of the decision maker such as psychological or personal factors. A wide range of properties and particular cases of this new approach...

Author(s): José M. Merigó, Anna M. Gil-Lafuente, and Jaime Gil-Aluja

June 2011

The effects of Tukey’s control chart with asymmetrical control limits on monitoring of production processes

  Tukey’s chart uses a single observation to monitor the process mean, and it is suitable for monitoring of destructive testing data. Tukey’s chart adopts symmetrical control limits to monitor process, and it is insensitive to signal mean shifts when the monitoring variable follows a skew distribution. This study proposes Tukey’s chart with asymmetrical control limits (ACL-Tukey’s chart)...

Author(s): Pei-Hsi Lee

June 2011

Technology portfolio modeling in hybrid environment

  Technology portfolio selection is one of the critical decision making process for any manager. This paper considers a fuzzy mixed portfolio selection with random fuzzy return and new hybrid algorithm approach for solving it. Fuzzy set theory is applied to model uncertain and flexible information. Since traditional technology evaluation methods is often unable to consider vague data gathered from environment,...

Author(s): Sattari Ardabili, Farzad

June 2011

The correlation between educator-turnover and the promotion of efficient management in public schools in Soweto, South Africa

  Over three decades, the conditions under which teachers work have always been short of lending themselves to high quality education. Most of the present teachers in the townships do not have high quality education because the government at that time allocated minimal funds for the education of Black people. When the democratically elected government came to power in 1994 it was determined to make education...

Author(s): Louise Van Scheers and Jan Wiid

June 2011

Cost optimization by genetic algorithm technique for Y-Oscillatory plant layout

  Facility layout design generally refers to the location of different types of facilities and determination of the configuration of certain type of facilities. The purpose of the present work to minimize the cost incurred amongst the departments of a certain layout by considering the vertical flow pattern. There are varieties of choices available to implement the optimal layout so that the cost may be...

Author(s): Surojit Ghosh and Bijan Sarkar

June 2011

The impact of perceived value dimension on satisfaction and behavior intention: Young-adult consumers in banking industry

  The paper introduced new multidimensional perceived value and its impacts. This study aimed to analyze direct/indirect effect of perceived value dimensions (functional and relational value) on attitudinal and behavioral components of loyalty: satisfaction and behavior intentions to use retail bank services. Factor analysis indicated that functional service value, functional service quality, relational value...

Author(s): Nasreen Khan and Sharifah Latifah Syed A. Kadir

June 2011

Business management of HIV/AIDS: Case study of a South African contract cleaning company

  The aim of this paper was to outline the costs, options and scope for a company in the South African Contract Cleaning Industry to implement effective HIV/AIDS workplace programmes. Case study methodology is used. A cost model which estimates the costs associated with replacing an AIDS affected employee over time is used. The costs are not significant to the company as they are able to transfer most of the...

Author(s): Jeff Gow, and Gavin George

June 2011

Mining business failure predictive knowledge using two-step clustering

  Despite increasing researches on business failure prediction by employing statistical techniques and intelligent ones, how to generate reasoning knowledge that can helps enterprise managers, investors, employees and governmental officials intuitively distinguish companies in distress from healthy ones has been only cursorily studied. The objective of this research is to fill this gap by utilizing the data...

Author(s): Hui Li and Jie Sun

June 2011

A field research on the determination of entrepreneurial characteristics of SMEs businesses in Turkey

  Today, according to the conditions of competition and the new format of globalization, economic structuring of oriented private enterprise is being made mandatory. For this reason, global scale entrepreneurship has seen the importance for increasing academic interest. In this context, entrepreneurial capabilities of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey and 599 entrepreneurs that participated in...

Author(s): Mehmet Karahan and Şenol Okay

June 2011

The economic determinants of firms issuing employee stock options: Evidence from Taiwan

  This paper examines the economic determinants of firms issuing employee stock options (ESOs) for Taiwan listed companies. For the sample of 3,943 firm-year observations over the year 2001 to 2007, probit regression model shows that the companies with higher leverage, higher proportion of independent directors, more investment opportunities, in the “new economy” industries and larger firms tend to...

Author(s): Chin-Yuan Chang, and Yu-Chih Lin

June 2011

The impact of corporate governance mechanisms on earnings management

  The role of corporate governance is to reduce the divergence of interests between shareholders’ and managers. The role of corporate governance is more useful when managers have an incentive to deviate from shareholders’’ interests. One example of management’s deviation from shareholders’’ interests is the management of earnings through the use of accounting accruals. The...

Author(s): F. Rahnamay Roodposhti and S. A. Nabavi Chashmi

June 2011

Consumers' automotive purchase decisions: The significance of vehicle-based infotainment systems

  A car infotainment system (CIS) is an information system supporting driving behaviour and providing entertainment activities, it can enrich the basic functions of a car, and is a valuable product. This paper investigates which CIS value factors affect consumers' car purchase intentions. A questionnaire survey collected responses from a sample of 319 consumers, and a structure equation model was used as...

Author(s): sung-Sheng Chang, Wei-Hung Hsiao

June 2011

The role of ICT in business ethics courses: Evident from Bangladesh

  Business education is one of the growing phenomena both in the developed and developing world. Global argument in many contexts from the areas that are more connected to profit and loss (that is marketing, accounting, finance and management) activities of business have been heavily given emphasis recently. As a result, motivation of academics in teaching and students’ motivation in learning the course...

Author(s): Morsheda Parvin, Gazi M. Salam and G.M Alam

June 2011

Using projects in teaching introductory business statistics: The case of Tshwane University of Technology Business School

  Statistics is an essential subject in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes. It equips students with much needed ‘data analysis’ skills useful for successful completion of MBA research projects and, more importantly, in management decision-making. All the same, teaching or learning statistics is frustrating and stressful, to both instructors and students. Recent literature proposes...

Author(s): Richard Shambare

June 2011

An overview of the operations/products offered by Islamic banks in Pakistan

  Islamic banks are striving to capture the maximum number of customers to compete with conventional banks by providing a large number of products as an alternative for interest based products. There is a clear difference between operations/products offered by Islamic and conventional banks. Islamic banks are offering interest free products according to Shariah principles to promote business and trade in the...

Author(s): Ashfaq Ahmad, Rehmat Ullah Awan and Muhammad Imran Malik

June 2011

Tourism industry for poverty reduction in Iran

  This article attempts to illustrate the status of tourism and its barriers to poverty reduction in Parseh, Iran. Tourism is certainly a major contributor to poverty reduction in many countries. But, there are significant numbers of barriers to effectively using tourism industry as a tool for poverty reduction in developing countries. The findings through focus group discussion indicated that there negative...

Author(s): Fariborz Aref

June 2011

Knowledge articulation and dynamic capabilities in firm collaborations: An empirical comparison of Taiwanese and South Korean Enterprises

  This empirical investigation demonstrates the gateways of knowledge articulation (KA) and dynamic capabilities (DCs) upgrading in inter- and intra-firm collaborations. Researchers investigated 363 Taiwanese inter-firm collaborations and 210 South Korean intra-firm collaborations to determine the role of dynamic learning drivers (DLDs) in upgrading KA and DCs. Manager integration power, external linkages,...

Author(s): Po-Yen Lee, Hui-Tzu Lin, Hyun-Jee Kim and Yi-Hwan Shyr

June 2011

A lot size model with random yields for investing to setup cost reduction under a limited capital budget

  In this paper, the study attempts to determine the optimal capital investment in setup cost reduction and optimal lot sizing policies for an economic order quantity (EOQ) model with random yields. The setup cost is treated as the function of capital expenditure in technology. The study shows that the expected total annual cost functions with capital investment is convex and develop a solution procedure to...

Author(s): uo-Lung Hou and Li-Chiao Lin

June 2011

South African postgraduate consumer’s attitude towards global warming

  The article explored postgraduate consumers’ attitude towards global warming in South Africa. This is relevant in a world where the negative impact of global warming is already felt in some countries and there is a great deal of discussion by stakeholders around the mitigation of greenhouse gases. The data used in this article was collected using a specially designed questionnaire which incorporated...

Author(s): M. A. O. Dos Santos

June 2011

The creation of pharmacists’ core competence assessment scale

  With the trend towards in the creation of people’s income and consumers’ awareness of their rights as, pharmacists’ service attitude and competence become one of the reasons that lead people to pharmacies to take medicine. The study aims at discussing pharmacists’ competence and working out pharmacists’ core competence assessment scale. The investigation data are...

Author(s): Ting-Chen Hu and Chia-Ching Lin

June 2011

Key mixes service quality in online purchases on Raja Company

  Nowadays in competitive markets, marketing strategies, trading and development platforms for building and improvement of online trading in customer, and oriented organizations are important for managers located in strategic companies. Developed countries compared with developing ones have made remarkable growth of from to create beds business to customer (B2C) e-commerce. Therefore, appropriate and targeted...

Author(s): Alireza Mamaghani, and Hassan Mousazadeh Abbasi

June 2011

Customer complaints and complaint behaviours in Turkish hotel restaurants: An application in Lara and Kundu areas of Antalya

  The aim of this study is to investigate the level of relationship between the complaints and complaint behaviours of the customers who benefit from the services offered by hotel restaurants and to determine if the complaint behaviours show a difference according to the nationalities. The data necessary for the determination of differences or similarities between the main complaints gathered as a result of...

Author(s): Oktay Emir

June 2011

Evaluating capacity utilization of human resources in science and technology

  The human resources in science and technology (HRST) plays an important role in national economic development in countries, which is why so much resources is put into HRST. Evaluating the capacity of human resources in science and technology (HRST) of each nation provides key information which guides national resources allocations and resources utilization. The utility maximization of substantiation resources...

Author(s): Ying-Chyi Chou Ying-Ying Hsu and Hsin-Yi Yen

June 2011

A model to evaluate supply chain performance and flexibility

  In present day’s global competitive environment, enterprises have to focus on their supply chain performance to have a competitive advantage. Improving the effectiveness of the system is the only way to do so and, for this purpose, ongoing supply chain activities have to be inspected in pursuant of some performance measurements and metrics to cover the concept. There is a lack of effective mathematical...

Author(s): Uğur Baç and Turan Erman Erkan

June 2011

The dyadic effect of leadership and conflict management on trust in the context of life insurance companies in Taiwan

  In this study, we discuss the main and dyadic (interconnected) effects oftransformational leadership, organizational conflict management on organizational trust in the life insurance industry. We analyze two samples (sales managers and sales employees) and carry out an empirical study using a multiple interaction regression approach to obtain significant...

Author(s): Hui-Chin Chu, Yi-Feng Yang and Ching-Yaw Chen

June 2011

Opinions of the academic and management staff concerning administrational expectations: Sampling of Aegean Region of Turkey

  The academic and management staff while dealing with activities to perform the functions of the university also wishes their administrational expectations to be filled out by the university itself since such awareness of the university to consider the academic staff’s expectations are assumed to surely maximize the staff’s performance and contribution of institutional targets and duties of the...

Author(s): Ali Rıza Erdem

June 2011

Corporate perceptions of climate change in Malaysia

  The paper discusses how corporate managers in Malaysia view climate change which would provide an insight of the level of awareness and perception regarding climate change in this sector. It also attempts to make a comparison between outcomes of the survey to that of past studies in other countries. The survey reflects that corporate managers in Malaysia are concerned about climate change, demonstrating a...

Author(s): Rawshan Ara Begum and Joy Jacqueline Pereira

June 2011

Institutions, macroeconomic policy and foreign direct investment: South Asian countries case

  Recent economic literature suggests that institutional quality factors exert positive effect on foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. The main focus of this study is to examine the role of institutional factors and macro economic policy factors on FDI inflows in a panel data of seven South Asian countries over the period of 12 years since 1996 to 2007. This study implies that a good institutional quality...

Author(s): Muhammad Azam, Hashim Khan, A. Imran Hunjra, H. Mushtaq Ahmad and M. Irfan Chani

June 2011

Determinants of technological innovation and its effect on hospital performance

  The medical industry faces rapid changes and more competitive environment in recent years, so innovation has become the key element to improve competitive advantage for hospitals. We investigated the determinants of technological innovation and its influence on hospital performance through samples in Taiwan. We conducted a cross-sectional study and the data were obtained from four secondary databases:...

Author(s): Rhay-Hung Weng, Jin-An Huang, Yen-Hung Kuo, Ching-Yuan Huang, and Yu-Chi Huang

June 2011

Tea industry development and land utilization along the China-Laos border: A case study of Komen Village in Laos

  Existing problems in the developing countries include not only the lagging economic development but also those social instability and environmental degradation problems, such as the phenomenon of poppy cultivation and deforestation in the Golden Triangle region due to economic backwardness. It is of great research significance if the local natural resources can be effectively and efficiently employed in order...

Author(s): Yuzhe Wu, Chanhda H, Xiaoling Zhang, Yoshida A and Cifang Wu

June 2011

Comparison between oil and gas companies and contractors against cost, time, quality and scope for project success in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

  The oil and gas industry is a multi-million dollar industry, which operates both onshore and offshore. The industry is one of the largest high cost industries that require high cost of maintenance and projects. It is also one of the highest paying industries in the market. However, less is known about its compliance to the Project Management Triangle (PMT) concept and their focus. This research has...

Author(s): Dicky Cassily Sylvester, Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani, and Junaid M. Shaikh

June 2011

Preference analysis of sea-air multimodal logistic system using the fuzzy multicriteria q-analysis procedure

  This paper concerns two important issues regarding the criteria that multinational corporations (MNCs) consider important, the competitive preference of location developing sea-air multimodal logistic system (SA-M-LS) in Pacific-Asian region. To deal with the imprecision or vagueness nature of the linguistic evaluation, the objectives have been accomplished in this paper by employing two complementary...

Author(s): Kuo-Liang Lee

June 2011

Successful business strategy practices in the supply chain

  The purpose of this study is to examine alignment influences among business strategy, integration strategy generated from Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and e-business construction, as well as operational performance in the supply chain. This study is based on the global International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS) database; the data are explored using Structure Equation Modelling (SEM). Using...

Author(s): Ping-Kuo Chen

June 2011

The macroeconomic effects of IMF programs in MENA countries

  Using panel data for six Middle East and North African (MENA) countries over the period of 1975 to 2004, this paper analyzes macroeconomic effects of IMF programs. Consistent with the results of previous studies, it is shown that IMF programs have positive effect on balance of payments. However, these programs have negative impacts on investment, inflation and consumption. It is also found that these programs...

Author(s): Ilhan Ozturk

June 2011

Drivers of organizational knowledge management

  Most of knowledge management documents use a single dimension or individual case study as the foundation to carry out studies into management performance and the studies into how knowledge management performance influence knowledge management driver are very few. Consequently, this study integrated the theories from different studies to propose three individual drivers of knowledge management, and the...

Author(s): Chuan-Chun Wu, Chien-Hsing Wu, Chang-Chun Li, and Teng-Hang Huang

June 2011

Effects of promotion on relationship quality and customer loyalty in the airline industry: The relationship marketing approach

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of relationship-orientated promotion on customer loyalty after subsuming the intermediate factors – relationship quality. Questionnaires are used to measure customers’ attitudes and opinions, and a descriptive statistical analysis, a correlation analysis, reliability, a regression analysis and a factor analysis are used to analyze the data....

Author(s): Wan-Ping Pi and Hsieh-Hong Huang

June 2011

Costs and efficacy of operating coffee hand pulpers in Ethiopia: A cost- benefit analysis

  In Ethiopia coffee quality suffers as a result of less care being taken for the trees and during harvesting and processing. About 40% of the quality of coffee is determined by primary processing, while the other 20% and 40% is attributed to secondary processing and field practices respectively. Thus, primary processing is crucial in enhancing the quality and subsequent value of coffee. The methods of coffee...

Author(s): Musebe RO, Agwanda C. A., Oduor G. I., Negussie E., Mitiku M.

June 2011

A novel sensemaking model of effective knowledge management within SMEs

  Many organizations that are adept in leveraging and capitalizing their knowledge resources have been convinced to obtain performance improvement and business success. But despite dedicated attempts to follow the prescribed knowledge management guides and success path, SMEs are still encountering uncertainties and face the threat of potential failure or unmet expected results, which are little known and seldom...

Author(s): Liu Yao, Ahmad Othman, Ahmed N. Abdalla and Wu Jing

June 2011

The asymmetric adjustment between lending-deposit rates in G8 countries: Evidence from rank test

  Using the non-parametric rank tests proposed by Breitung (2001), we set out in this study to determine whether any non-linear long-run equilibrium relationship exists between the lending and deposit rates of G8 countries. We go on to adopt the Threshold Error-Correction Model (TECM) to determine whether a similar relationship is discernible possibly non-linear functions of the lending and deposit rates. These...

Author(s): Hui-Lung, Chang, Long, Chen, Chi-Wei, Su, Meng-Nan, Zhu and Yu-Shao, Liu

June 2011

Customer credit quality assessments using data mining methods for banking industries

  Personal credit scoring on credit cards has been a critical issue in the banking industry. The bank with the most accurate estimation of its customer credit quality will be the most profitable. The study aims to compare quality prediction models from data mining methods, and improve traditional models by using boosting and genetic algorithms (GA). The predicting models used are instant-based classifiers (such...

Author(s): Shian-Chang Huang and Cheng-Feng Wu

June 2011

Value creation for the growth of contract manufacturers by technological competence leveraging

  Applying existing competence to different end products is an easy and low risk way, vis-à-vis building new competence, for a contract manufacturer (CM) to pursue growth. As such, a CM in effect adopts competence-related diversification. However, there is a strong concentration on value of competence building and neglecting that value is also created by competence leveraging for CMs’ growth. Two...

Author(s): Feng-Hsu Liu and Hsiang-Heng Chen

June 2011

The influence of structural changes in a local commercial district on local consumer consumption behavior in South Korea: Using the multinomial logit model

  This research determined how structural changes in local commercial districts influence local consumer behaviors. First and foremost, to investigate structural changes to commercial districts around South Korean traditional markets, we conducted a correlation analysis by examining changes in population and in employee numbers, by market type. We then analyzed local consumers’ consumption behaviors by...

Author(s): Woohyoung Kim

June 2011

Perceived values on hospital services: A fuzzy logic application

  Loyal patients can bring substantial benefits to a hospital. Service quality of a hospital was one of the driving forces to patients’ satisfaction and loyalty, but it was a necessary but not a sufficient factor. Recent studies in consumer behavior had proven that the perceived value was the primary determinant of loyal behavior for services. This research focused on identifying the patients’...

Author(s): Frank F. C. Pan

June 2011

Effects of servicescape, waiting experiences and price rationality on consumers’ behavioral intentions in scenery restaurants

  In the past, relatively little is known about which factors influence consumers’ behavioral intentions in restaurant services industry. In this extremely attractive and growing restaurant services industry, academics, as well as practitioners, would benefit from investigating the relationships between the servicescape and several other key service constructs on consumers’ behavioral intentions. In...

Author(s): Kuan-Yu Chen

June 2011

The sociolinguistics study of caste-stereotypes in the language of Punjabi Society

  Punjabi Society is full of various social groups which are further divided into several castes or clans living together for centuries. Although they speak Punjabi language, no matter how much different their dialects are, yet their prejudice, bias and social status have created stereotypes on basis of their social experience. This research is aimed at analysing the caste-stereotypes and their role in the...

Author(s): Mehmood-ul-Hassan, Sayed Kazim Shah, Muhammad Sarwar and Hafiz Muhammad Alam

June 2011

Services quality model for online banking services by behavioral adoption theories and comparative study

  The rapid spread of technology has made the internet the best channel to provide banking services and products to customers. Banks now consider the internet as part of their strategic plan. It will revolutionize the way banks operate, deliver, and compete, especially because the competitive advantages of traditional branch networks are eroding rapidly. This paper provides a model, based on different service...

Author(s): Tooraj Sadeghi and Sahel Farokhian

June 2011

Ethics in electronic commerce: An exploration of its consequences

  Ethics plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of long-term buyer-seller relationship. Yet there is little research on ethics in electronic commerce (EC) contexts. The purpose of this study was to examine the consequences of consumers’ perception regarding a transaction-process based approach for measuring ethics of EC websites. This study developed a model, in which the consequences of...

Author(s): Hsiu-Fen Cheng, Ming-Hsien Yang, Kuo-Yung Chen and Ji-Tsung Ben Wu

June 2011

An integrated method of quality function deployment, Kano's model and hierarchical decision making for improving e-service of brokerage in Iran

  To achieve customer satisfaction effectively, service providing firms should not only know exactly what customers want but also need to know how much effort is needed to invest on every single attribute that customer expects the service to benefit from. Hence, this research tries to identify customers' required services and determine their priorities to be considered when planning for internet based...

Author(s): Mahmoud Afsar, Kamran Feizi and Amir Afsar

June 2011

Effects of personality trait, motivation factors on performance of customer service personnel (CSP): A case of MPH bookstores

  Staff performance has been discussed widely and endlessly. Several theories have been used in order to measure performance. Previous research found that personality and motivation showed a significant relationship towards staff performance. The objective of this study is to investigate which type of personality among Big 5 personality traits could be a predictor of staff performance and also which level of...

Author(s):   Azizi Yahaya, Noordin Yahaya, Jasmi Ismail, Zainudin Sharif, Muhammad Sukri Saud, Azlina Mohd Kosinin, Noraffandy Yahaya and Fairol Abbas

June 2011

Insiders’ subscription and the earnings management behavior of private equity offerings

  This paper investigated the earning management behavior of private equity offering firms. We founded that firms have incentives to engage in earnings management before the announcement date of private equity offerings. The manipulation direction may be upward or downward according to the types of placement. Our empirical results indicated that management tended to manage reported earnings upward when the...

Author(s): Yun-Sheng Hsu, Chun-Ho Chen and Cheng-Hwai Liou

June 2011

A study of the desirable aspects of audit firms from clients viewpoints’: Some evidences of Iran

  Certainly for those companies that are free to select their auditor, there are some characteristics and criteria for selecting an auditing institution. It is evident that such characteristics and criteria can be different in any society. This study aims to identify criterion used by Iranian Companies. So, in this study we want to find some characteristics of desirable audit institution from the view...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi, Mahmod Hematfar and Saman Mousanejad

June 2011

Market research – base of business decision making (company examples from Serbia)

  Market research in developed countries is condition sine qua none business of successful companies. On the other hand, market orientation as the key mechanism of allocation of limited economic resources in the countries of transition is still in the implementation phase. This paper deals with the issues of market research in the function of business decisions, on the example of companies in the South Backa...

Author(s): Zelenović Vera, Lukač Dragan and Davidović Milivoje

June 2011

How to diminish the investment systematic risk?

  Starting in the 21st century and the challenges of the global economy, investors need to take vigorous tactics to face the competition for globalization. Financial investment environment changes with each passing day, investors’ satisfaction are more and more discerning, and market demands can fluctuate unpredictably. While facing the constant changes of the global financial markets, it is...

Author(s): Ming-Yuan Hsieh, Chung-hsing Huang, Tzung-Ming Yan, Wen-Ming Wu, and Chih-Sung Lai

June 2011

Entrepreneurship in the banking sector: Empirical evidence of Iranian own-state banks

  This study addresses the themes of factors affecting on entrepreneurship in Iranian own-state banks in 2009. Questionnaire based on previous were designed and developed among 650 participants. The results of this study confirm that management support, reward system, time management, up-to-date technology, work process and clerks’ evaluation has effect on degree of entrepreneurship in banking sector in...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi

June 2011

Online shoppers’ decision biases: The effect of response mode

  The transaction under electronic commerce context is full of uncertainty where the information collected by buyers is limited (that is, they can only obtain the information such as product pictures but cannot touch the products). The way how the information was presented to the consumers will influence people’s decision. Framing effect and anchoring effect are both the human judgment decision biases...

Author(s): Chin-Shan Wu

June 2011

Performance evaluation of the Serbian Credit Bureau model

  This paper discusses key functional characteristics of the Serbian Credit Bureau (SCB) model and analyses its performances using the methodology of International Finance Corporation, the member of World Bank group. The results show high level of SCB business performances which are preconditioned by its unique technological-organisational structure. These results point out the fact that creditors in Serbia...

Author(s): Vladimir Simovic, Vojkan Vaskovic and Dusan Poznanovic

June 2011

Evaluating airline’s service quality performance in uncertainty

  The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a multi-criteria evaluation concept that highlights the importance of performance measurement criteria. Although there is an abundance of literature on the BSC framework, there is not much literature on how the framework should be implemented with interdependent relationships and linguistic preferences. To deal with these issues, this study proposes an original approach:...

Author(s): Ru-Jen Lin, Ming-Lang Tseng, and Yuan-Ho Chen

June 2011

The impact of organizational culture on economic indices – A study in Serbian companies

  This paper presents research results whose aim was to examine and define the dependences and impact of organizational culture on the effects of business performance. The research was carried out on Serbian companies and was conducted in three stages. In the first stage, 72 parameters of organizational culture were defined and 30 experts were polled about the significance of these parameters. This was followed...

Author(s): Milan Nikolić, Mirko Savić, Dragan Ćoćkalo, Jelena Vukonjanski and Dražen Jovanović

June 2011

Comments on preservation technology investment for deteriorating inventory

  Recently, in the Preservation technology investment for deteriorating inventory, by the International Journal of Production Economics, Hsu et al. (2010) in a press proposed a deteriorating inventory with time-dependent partial backlogging rate. In addition, the retailer is allowed to invest on the preservation technology to reduce the rate of product deterioration. However, the property of the retailer's...

Author(s): Yi-Hsien Huang, Ching-Cheng Wang, Chung-Jen Huang and Chung-Yuan Dye