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  • Start Year: 2006
  • Published Articles: 2006

Table of Content: 10 May 2013; 8(9)

May 2013

A research on high school students’ concepts of “erosion” by using phenomenographic analysis

  The purpose of this research is to define and explain how high school students in Turkey perceive the concept of “erosion” by using phenomenographic research methods. The research group of the study is comprised of 450 high school students studying in 9th to 12th grades. In this research, there are some expressions gathered from students, such as “According to me, erosion...

Author(s): Murat AteÅŸ

May 2013

The problems that the classroom teachers working in villages and county towns confront in educational inspection and their opinions concerning the effect of these problems on their performance

  The purpose of this research is to establish that the problems of education supervision of the class teachers working in the village and township centre in Denizli and their opinions about these problems affect their performance. 321 class teachers working in official primary schools in townships of Denizli and 272 class teachers working in official primary schools in villages of Denizli are chosen with...

Author(s): Ali Rıza ERDEM and Meral YAPRAK

May 2013

A study on the effects of managers’ behaviors and attitudes on job satisfaction and motivation of workers in the Directorate of Sports and Youth Services through the eyes of workers

  This study dealt with how managers’ behaviors and attitudes affected the job satisfaction and motivation of workers in the Directorate of Sports and Youth Services in the eyes of workers. The study used a qualitative method. It focused on the workers’ ideas of how they were affected by their managers’ attitudes and behaviors in terms of job satisfaction and motivation. Considering the target...

Author(s): Akin CELIK

May 2013

How geography teachers deal with the curriculum changes in Turkey

  The changes in Turkish geography curriculum in 2005 have placed geography teachers to adopt completely different approaches from what they were used to throughout their careers. This study attempts to explore to what extent teachers of geography have adopted the new curriculum and how they are dealing with the recent curricular changes in Turkey. The primary data were collected through semi-structured...

Author(s): Mustafa Öztürk

May 2013

Informatics teaching from the students’ point of view

  Branches of science and technical/engineering study have for a long time been the less favoured disciplines and students have not been interested in studying them. Informatics/computer education, based on its character, belongs to these disciplines, but on the contrary it belongs rather to the group of popular school subjects. The paper presents methodological background and major results of an evaluation of...

Author(s): Ján Záhorec and Alena Hašková 

May 2013

Perceptions of pre-service social sciences teachers regarding the concept of “Geography” by mind mapping technique

  The objective of this study is to present the perceptions of preservice social sciences teachers regarding the concept of geography. In the study, the study group consists of 46 preservice social sciences teachers, who receive education at Ahi Evran University. The data were collected in December, 2010. Mind maps were used as data collection tools and the preservice teachers were presumed to use the concept...


May 2013

Awareness and ethical orientation of alternatively certified prospective teachers to intention for whistle blowing

  This study inquires whistle blowing intentions of alternatively certified prospective teachers, investigating their moral reasoning to blow the whistle. Specifically three hypotheses were tested: Overall ethical awareness of the alternatively certified prospective teachers is high; the participants will identify reasons related to philosophical values such as justice, deontology, utilitarianism, relativism...

Author(s): Asiye TOKER GÖKÇE

May 2013

Stressful situations experienced by six year-old children when starting pre-school education

  The aim of this study is to examine stressful situations six-year-olds experience when they attend kindergarten for the first time. Study group consisted of 45 pre-school teachers working in kindergartens affiliated to Ministry of National Education in Konya. Qualitative research methods were used in the study. For this study, a semi-structured interview form was developed by the researchers. Open ended...

Author(s): Neslihan DURMUÅžOÄžLU SALTALI and Filiz ERBAY

May 2013

Advancement in productivity of Arabic into English Machine Translation Systems from 2008 to 2013

  This paper attempts to compare between the advancements in the productivity of Arabic into English Machine Translation Systems between two years, 2008 and 2013. It also aims to evaluate the progress achieved by various systems of Arabic into English electronic translation between the two years. For tracing such advancement, a comparative analysis of translated texts taken from previous studies were...

Author(s): Awatif M. Abu-Al-Sha&#;r and Ali F. AbuSeileek

May 2013

Pre-service physical education teachers’ preference for class management profiles and teacher’s self-efficacy beliefs

  The present study aims to identify pre-service physical education teachers' class management profiles, teachers’ self-efficacy and the relationship between their class management profiles and teacher self-efficacy beliefs. The universe comprised junior and senior students studying physical education teaching at six different universities (Ahi Evran University, Karadeniz Technical University,...

Author(s): Ä°dris YILMAZ

May 2013

Factors affecting the unemployment (rate) of female art graduates in Iran

  The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between the opportunities of female artist graduates in Tehran Province and the current employment market. Mixed method was employed in this study. The population of the current study consisted of 240 female artist graduates selected using a systematic random sampling method from both public and private universities. Descriptive findings indicate that...

Author(s): Mina Hedayat, Sabzali Musa Kahn and Jaffri Hanafi

May 2013

The correlation of students’ views on constructivist teaching environment and teachers’ student control ideologies

  The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation between elementary teachers’ student control ideology and students’ views on constructivist learning environment. In this study, the correlation between the views of teachers working in elementary schools on student control ideology and students’ views on constructivist learning environment was examined. The study was carried out in...

Author(s): Ömer Beyhan

May 2013

The views of prospective social studies and classroom teachers about values and values education

  When education programs are examined in Turkey, values education is observed to be included in the context of many lessons, especially in the social studies. Individuals acquire knowledge, skills, values and habits, which are necessary for the integration of individuals into the society they live in, through social studies. This study was conducted for defining the views of prospective classroom and social...

Author(s): Bayram Tay