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AJMM Articles

Readiness of transformation of the out-of-home advertising industry towards the 4th Industrial Revolution

June 2023

The shift to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is said to have potential to increase productivity and improve the quality of life. In the context of the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry, the 4IR era is characterised by using emerging technologies to provide targeted advertising. Without the shift, the industry runs the risk of losing out on revenue growth prospects that are brought about by the adoption of...

Author(s): Katlego Seleka and Petrus Letaba

Social media classifications for impactful marketing

December 2022

Social media usage and applications are on the upsurge. Marketers must synchronize advertising content, consumer profile and social media applications for impactful advertising. Nevertheless, social media applications proportionally grew in numbers and types giving both marketers and consumers endless options and creating confusion in choice. This study used factor analysis to classify social media into three...

Author(s): Maseke Bernardus F. 

Criticality of change leadership to business survival in a VUCA environment: A case study of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed companies in the COVID-19-affected trading period of March - December 2020

June 2022

This study evaluated the criticality of change leadership to business survival in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, focusing on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE)-listed companies in the COVID-19-affected trading period of March to December 2020. As 21st-century VUCA environments are putting business survival under growing pressure, the study sought to verify how much change leadership could...

Author(s): Mwinga Elton and Mwenje Judith 

Sales promotion tools, customer emotions and consumer buying responses in Ghana

March 2022

Sales promotion is used by various organizations to encourage buying response among their customers. Although it is an effective tool in marketing, few studies have been conducted on sales promotion on buying response using customer emotions as a mediating factor. To fill these gap, the study pursued the formation of a model that explains how sales promotion links to customers' emotions and buying responses in...

Author(s): Martey Edward Markwei, Adenutsi Kingsford, Mante George Dominic Kofi, Siaw Gladys Apreh, Addo Asabia Ruth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in on-line shopping in India

March 2022

Retailing in India has attracted many global players and has reached nearly 350 Billion USD according to KPMG in 2010. While the retail environment is experiencing a significant growth, Indian consumer tastes and preferences are also changing rapidly forcing retailers to grow in numbers and formats. Technological advances and expansion of internet have also paved the way for electronic retail channels. India, as an...

Author(s): Ayse Begum Ersoy

Evaluating the impact of brand experiences on customer-based brand equity for tournament title sponsors

August 2021

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of brand experiences on customer-based brand equity (CBBE) for title sponsors of short-term tournaments. Although prevalent in practice, the intersection of the variables under study has received limited academic probe, the study seeks to empirically illuminate the relationship. The study presents an adapted theoretical framework to interpret this relationship. The...

Author(s): Pragasen Pillay and Mxolisi Sibiya

The role of brand experience in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in Ayandeh Bank branches in Tehran

March 2021

Many marketing executives are looking for a comprehensive plan for delivering quality services and products that will create a distinct and unforgettable long-term experience for customers when dealing with their brand. Various brand management experts believe that a company looking to enhance its brand experience in the minds of customers should have a plan to increase customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty....

Author(s): Seyed Reza Agha Seyed Hosseini and Nicolas Hamelin

Impact of service quality performance on customer satisfaction: A case of Oromia international Bank (OIB), Ambo Branch, West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

March 2021

The study was conducted in Oromia Regional State, West Shoa Zone, Ambo Town, which is far 119 km from Addis Ababa. The main objective of the study was to examine impact of service quality performance on customer satisfaction. The study helps more the managers of the bank. The design of the study was quantitative in nature. A questionnaire was used for data collection from 321 customers for data analysis. The sampling...

Author(s): Negash Geleta Etana  

Linking market access to improved nutrition among smallholder maize farmers in Masindi and Kiryandongo Districts, Uganda

November 2020

Markets are stimuli for improved farm production and quality produce. Therefore, integrating rural households into market systems is essential for improved standard of living. Increased market access and commercialization makes households dependent on markets for services including food for consumption. This reduces dependency on own food consumption which in most cases offers limited variety foods as compared to market...

Author(s): Ssajakambwe Fred, Mulebeke Robert, Elepu Gabriel and Walekhwa Peter N.  

Collective action for improved market access among smallholder maize farmers in Masindi District, Uganda

November 2020

Smallholder farmers dominate maize production in Uganda. They produce limited quantities of the crop and market individually. Collective action offers an opportunity of reducing transaction costs, increasing bargaining power thus making it possible to contract with large buyers for better prices. Masindi Seed and Grain Growers Association Limited (MSGGL) with help from Uganda Development Trust (UDET), African...

Author(s): Ssajakambwe Fred, Elepu Gabriel, Walekhwa Peter N. and Mulebeke Robert  

The impact of M-banking quality service on customer’s satisfaction during Covid-19 lock down: The case of Bank of Abyssinia, Ethiopia

November 2020

COVID-19 pandemic posed a great challenge for the financial industry in Ethiopia leading to an increase of mobile banking services which becomes a new normal and necessity for users of financial services. The study seeks empirically to test the impact of m-Banking quality service on Bank of Abyssinia customer’s satisfaction during COVID-19. A quantitative study approach and a descriptive research design with...

Author(s): Eyob Ketema and Yalemwork W/Selassie  

Assessing the attitude towards mobile marketing among university students

March 2020

The study was initiated to assess the attitude towards mobile marketing among students of Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. The objective of the study is to evaluate whether the university students have accepted Mobile/SMS advertising positively and to understand the issues students experienced and the thoughts they perceived from educational perspective considering different factors affecting their attitude towards...

Author(s): Aemro Worku, Haile Shitahun, Yonas Mebrate, Adino Andaregie

Factors that influence participation in markets through collective action among smallholder maize farmers in Masindi district, Uganda

December 2019

In Uganda, smallholder maize farmers produce nearly 100% of the maize grain. However, these farmers sell their produce at low prices thus discouraging market participation. In addition, farmers are faced with several internal and external challenges like lack of market information and high observable and non-observable transaction costs. Several entities constructed a 3000 metric tons storage facility to help farmers...

Author(s): Fred Ssajakambwe, Gabriel Elepu, Peter. N Walekhwa and Robert Mulebeke

Satisfaction and retention strategies for Nigerian Generation Y customers

September 2019

Firms in the service industry have experienced a 15 to 30% drop in customer satisfaction ratings estimated at $10 billion annually due to the unpredictable tendencies of Generation Y customers, also known as Millennials. Researchers project that the population size, spending power and inconsistent behavioral pattern of this generational cohort might determine how customers will relate to service providers in the future....

Author(s): Edmund Ehichioya Otaigbe and Christopher Beehner

Customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty at McDonald’s Maroc

June 2019

Customer satisfaction is paramount to businesses success. It has been researched in business and marketing since the 1970s. If customer satisfaction is achieved brand loyalty often results. Because of that, brand loyalty has also been heavily researched in the last few decades. The purpose of the current research was to determine the drivers of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, as well as examining the...

Author(s): Aymar Raduzzi and Joseph Eric Massey

Assessing food attributes and marketing services of private restaurants on the campus of University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin

February 2019

In Benin Republic (West Africa), the public student restaurant of the University of Abomey-Calavi is being criticized for its irregular and poor service. Therefore, private restaurants have settled on the campus streets to fill the gap. Which food attributes and marketing services do students value most? How do those restaurants compare with the Agro Maquis reference restaurant, which presumably offers modern catering...

Author(s): Barthelemy G. Honfoga, Jeremie S. Ohanete, Charles D. Tevi, Christelle O. A. Sedegnan and Max-Regis Ogounchi

The determinants and key challenges of financial inclusion in Niger: the case of Orange Money

January 2019

This work focuses on the mobile payments used in Africa, a means to help solve the financial inclusion problem on the continent. It builds on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT). The results of the investigations on a sample of 238 subscribers of Orange Niger show that the facilitating conditions are as decisive as the development of solar batteries and smartphone democratization. Social...

Author(s): Alain Sawadogo  

Factors influencing consumers’ choice of street-foods and fast-foods in China

November 2018

The overarching aim of this paper is to examine empirical findings on the arena of consumers’ behavior and attitude towards intake of street-foods (SFs) and fast foods (FFs) status as well as associated risks of consumption in China. Presently, consuming SFs and FFs have become a popular trend and is counted as the manifestation of modernity in most fast growing countries, for instance, China. The SFs and FFs are...

Author(s): Haimanot B. Atinkut, Yan Tingwu, Bekele Gebisa, Shengze Qin, Kidane Assefa, Biruk Yazie, Taye Melese, Solomon Tadesse and Tadie Mirie

Impact of brand elements on brand equity: An applied study on Jordanian Corporations

March 2018

This study investigated the impact of brand elements on creating brand equity of Jordanian corporations. Despite the significant development in branding globally and its role in increasing the equity of the companies, a quick preview of previous research indicates that there are still some gaps in research related to brand elements and its impact on creating brand equity and branding in general and especially in the...

Author(s): Muhammad S. Alnsour and Muath Labib Subbah

Value congruence of manufacturer: Distributor guanxi orientation and manufacturer’s relationship specific investments

February 2018

Values are very important for guiding firm’s attitude, minds and behaviors. From intra- to inter-firm management, value congruence between cooperative firms is the cornerstone for relationship building. This paper focused on guanxi orientation values, popular in Chinese business context, and found the positive effect of value congruence in guanxi orientation on manufacturers’ relationship specific...

Author(s): PAN Xuan and ZANG Shuwei  

The perceptions of people about family planning: The social marketing experience in Ethiopia

January 2018

The study aimed at analyzing the role and practice of social marketing as an approach to address issues related to attitudinal change about family planning. Based on the idea of social marketing and its application to positively influence the behavior through changing attitudes of individuals related to family planning and contraceptive use, the study was developed with the methodology applied for preparing instruments...

Author(s): Demeke Afework

Processing of local agricultural products to meet urban demand: Lessons from soybean cheese consumption analysis in Southern Benin

September 2017

The inability of processing enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa to supply products to meet consumer needs hampers the potential of agricultural value chains. This study analyzed the consumption of soybean cheese in Abomey-Calavi (Southern Benin), in order to identify opportunities of valorizing this commodity. A survey was conducted in November 2015 among 126 households in two main sub-districts. The data on...

Author(s): Smith A. R. Dossou, Augustin K. N. Aoudji and Anselme Adégbidi

The effect of Guanxi orientation on boundary spanners’ behavior and subsequent influence on inter-firm relationship quality

September 2017

Guanxi orientation is one of the important organizational values in China. This study examines the effect of guanxi orientation on firm’s boundary spanner’s behavior (manifested by interpersonal liking and interaction frequency) and its influence on inter-firm relationships in Chinese marketing channel context. Drawing on organizational culture and boundary spanner theory, a conceptual model is proposed to...

Author(s): PAN Xuan and ZANG Shuwei

Determinants and outcome of customer satisfaction at the commercial bank of Ethiopia: Evidence from Addis Ababa

August 2017

This study was conducted on determinants and outcome of customer satisfaction at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia by taking evidence from Addis Ababa which is capital city of Ethiopia. Seven branches were selected randomly. The overall objective of the study was to investigate major factors that influence customer satisfaction, and to examine resulting effect on customer future behavioral intension. To achieve the objective...

Author(s): Kebede Teshale Shode

Production and marketing of Camel Milk in Eastern Ethiopia

August 2017

In the fragile and uncertain environment of arid and semi-arid area, camel plays a crucial role as a primary source of livelihood for pastoralists and agro-pastoralists. However, pastoral and agro-pastoralists in developing countries including Ethiopia are marginalized and generally not given due consideration in wider social-political analysis, although the camel and camel milk had been victim of neglect by policy,...

Author(s): Bedilu Demissie, Hussien H. Komicha and Adem Kedir

The determining factors of broadband use in Africa: inhibitors and enablers of the use of mobile broadband

July 2017

This study extends Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to study inhibitors and enablers of the use of mobile broadband in Africa. The conceptual model tested incorporates two key constructs into TAM: Perceived price and energy —are also analyzed. Results from online survey, of 114 mobile internet consumers supported the model. The study identified the factors that can influence their decision-making and the various...

Author(s): Tounwende Alain SAWADOGO

Sustainable marketing at Safaricom Limited: The power of a good strategy

July 2017

The study uses data and information from Safaricom Limited, a mobile telecommunications company listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange as a case study to shed light on the marketing strategies that can work in Africa, a continent considered risky for potential investors. Given Africa’s abundance of natural resources, good climate and large tourism potential and sustained high growth rates over the last one and a...

Author(s): Paul Mpuga

Levels and factors of brand loyalty towards beer brands: The case of a developing country perspective, Ethiopia

June 2017

The study was done in Ethiopia three cities. The success of any business is highly dependent on getting and maintaining customers. Many firms try to sphere their operations aiming customers through measuring customers’ satisfaction. Recent research findings indicated that satisfaction alone did not guaranty the long term survival. Loyalty is a better indicator in this aspect since it incorporates satisfaction as...

Author(s): Mulugeta Negash, Tesfaye Gedion and Asnake Tsegay

Market supply determinants of lowland bamboo culms: The case of Homosha district, Northwestern Ethiopia

May 2017

Bamboo market in Ethiopia is not well developed and bamboo marketing as a viable alternative for farmers has become a very challenging issue. In the Homosha district, despite the abundant and valuable lowland bamboo resources, the income contribution of bamboo is very low and livelihood of smallholder farmers in the area is desperate due marketing challenges. Thus, the study was initiated to identify and analyze factors...

Author(s): Fayera Bakala⊃, Tsegaye Bekele and Teshale Woldeamanuel⊃

Marketing practices and challenges of Mung Bean in Ethiopia Amhara Regional State: North Shewa Zone in focus

May 2017

Mung beans are grown widely for use as a human food (as dry beans or fresh sprouts), but can be used as a green manure crop and as forage for livestock. This study assessed the marketing practice and challenges of Mung bean in the Amhara Region, North Shewa Zone. Descriptive analysis techniques were used for conducting this research. From the nine selected districts, 1,350 producers, 115 traders and 10...

Author(s): Mohammed Ahmed, Muhammed Siraj and Said Mohammed

Ethiopia commodity exchange: Marketing prospects and challenges in focus

April 2017

The purpose of this paper is to identify the commodity market opportunities and contests of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange market (ECX). The Ethiopian commodity exchange market plays a paramount role to alter Ethiopian agriculture commodity market history and transform the economy through a dynamic, efficient and transparent marketing system. To do this, data were collected in a survey questioners and an interview guided...

Author(s): Mohammed Ahmed

Analysing the moderating effect of customer loyalty on long run repurchase intentions

April 2017

One of the controversies in existing marketing literatures is on how to retain existing and new customers to have repurchase intention in the long-run; however, empirical answer to this question is scanty in existing studies. Thus, this study investigates the moderating effect of consumer loyalty on long-run repurchase intentions in telecommunication industry using Lagos State environs. The study adopted field survey...

Author(s): John Olotewo

Actors, distribution circuits and marketing of fish on Bandama River (Côte d’Ivoire)

March 2017

This study was carried out on lower Bandama River between July 2013 and June 2014. For this study, a daily monitoring of fish marketing activities and a repeat-pass survey of fish sellers and their marketing technique in selected localities were performed. The results of this work have shown that sales of fish on the Bandama River are ensured by at least 65 fish sellers (42 Ivorians and 23 foreigners). They are mostly...

Author(s): Kien Kouassi Brahiman, Vanga Adja Ferdinand, Aboua Benié Rose Danielle and Kouamelan Essetchi Paul

Livestock marketing: Local belief and clan conflicts in focus

January 2017

The major objective of this research was to unveil the challenges of domestic livestock marketing in the pastoralist are of Awash Fentale wereda in due emphasis of local beliefs and clan conflicts.  To address this issue, qualitative research approach was employed. In order to secure dependable and reliable data, interviews, focus group discussions, and participatory observation were conducted. The study depicted...

Author(s): Hussien Yimam, Mohammed Ahmed, and Said Mohammed

Impact of the business services for farmers’ organizations (ESOP) contract farming model on paddy producers’ well-being in Dangbo District of Benin

November 2016

The importance of rice is increasing in peoples’ diets in Benin, but access of locally-produced rice to domestic and foreign markets remains limited due to low quality products and unreliable supply chains. Contract farming for rice processing and exportation promises to ensure secure market access, and lift paddy farmers up from poverty.  This study aimed to identify the determinants and assess the impact of...

Author(s): Barthelemy, G. Honfoga, Rodrigue, S. Kaki, Anselme, A. Adegbidi and Anick A. Kemonou Davo

Marketing of Jew’s mallow in Agbedranfo local area in the Southwest of Benin

June 2016

This study focuses on analyzing the functioning of the marketing systems of jew’s mallow (Corchorus olitorius) produced in Agbédranfo (Dogbo), Southwest Benin. The methodological approach used was based on the Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm (SCPA). A total of 60 producers, 28 retailers and 4 wholesalers were sampled. The results identified two jew’s mallow marketing systems based on sales...

Author(s): Patrice Ygué Adegbola, Christelle Marie Komlan-Ahihou, Anselme Adegbidi, Sounkoura Adetonah, Ousmane Coulibaly, Guy-Apollinaire Mensah and Cocou Muriel Dorian Montcho

Evaluating the use of internet as a medium for marketing and advertising messages in Nigeria

April 2016

Nigeria’s active internet subscriptions (GSM), as at February, 2015 stand at 83,209,380 (NCC, 2015). The Internet is the modern marketers’ choice. Despite its great potentials, it is still largely under-utilized in Nigeria. This study surveyed the popularity and acceptance of the Internet as a medium for communicating marketing and advertising messages; the category of people who seek advertising and...

Author(s): Olanrewaju Olugbenga Akinola and Deborah Olukemi Okunade 

Determinants of growth in the banking industry in Kenya

January 2016

This study sought to establish the determinants of growth in the banking industry in Kenya. The research objectives were; to establish the determinants of growth in the banking industry in Kenya and to determine the indicators used to measure growth in the banking industry in Kenya. The study employed descriptive cross sectional survey design. The population was all the 43 commercial banks based in Nairobi County. The...

Author(s): Wangira Fleria Akotch and Justus M Munyoki

A review and analysis of the role of integrated marketing communication message typology in the development of communication strategies

October 2015

This conceptual paper proposes that communication strategies should be aligned to the IMC message typology in its entirety. In order to shed light on the role of IMC in the development of communication strategies a literature review was conducted. The literature review revealed that IMC is a logical structure of developing communication strategies. An organisation should control (planned) or influence messages...

Author(s): Mudzanani, Takalani

The emergence of mobile communication in sub-Saharan Africa: Descriptive analysis of Cameroonian mobile consumers’ reactions and conditions of acceptance of advertising SMSs

September 2015

Mobile communication is very often materialized by the use of mobile Internet, SMS and MMS by companies to send advertising messages via mobile phones. SMS and MMS are a genuine social phenomenon. Furthermore, companies have found a new opportunity to operate in terms of targeted communication. Indeed, mobile communication is a fast and effective way of communication at lower cost. Many studies have already been...

Author(s): KUETE Collins and GHOM NJOYA Fatimatou

Analysis of the impact of the economic credits on the inflation and economic growth in Togo

July 2015

The effect of financial development on economic growth coupled with exchange rate fluctuation on economic growth can be significant in a country. We investigated the impact of the economic credits on the inflation and economic growth in Togo. We endeavored to bring out the nature of the relationship between changes in credit to the economy and inflation level and analyzed the effect of credit to economic growth. To...

Author(s): Kuawo-Assan JOHNSON

A synthesis of the impact of the ever evolving information and communication technologies on the economic development of Togo

June 2015

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can play an important role in accelerating the economic growth potential of a country. The exponentially rapid spread of ICT is deeply affecting the social, political, economic and cultural spheres in even in poor countries like Togo. We evaluated the appropriation of ICT in Togo to determine its potential to integrate its economy into global production networks...

Author(s): Kossi AYENAGBO

Understanding the effect of last name on acquisition timing in China

May 2015

This research examines the effect of last name on acquisition timing for Chinese. Previous research suggests that there is a significant negative correlation between the depth of the first letter of surname in the alphabet and response time to acquisition opportunities in Western culture. This research illustrates whether this finding holds in Chinese culture over three studies. We find an opposite conclusion that the...

Author(s): Xi Chen and Guoli Yang

Impact of different facets of product involvement and consideration set on teens’ family purchase decision making: A multivariate analysis

March 2015

Creating and maintaining strong brand and a band wagon of loyal customers have become increasingly difficult in today's competitive environment due to proliferation of numerous brands in a generic product category. Brand loyalty has been shown to be associated with higher rates of return on investment due to increase in the market share. Children’s influence on family purchase decision depends on a number of...

Author(s): Debasis Bhattacharya and Dipak Saha

Customer base management in a prepaid mobile market: Usage risk and usage opportunity model

March 2015

One of the major challenges of mobile operators in a fierce competitive and multi-simming mobile market is how to gain share of wallet and grow both value and market share. This is because a prepaid customer makes a daily decision on when to recharge, which of the SIMs to recharge and what to do with the recharge. Hence, operators are faced with dwindling revenue as daily recharges and usages are impacted by...

Author(s): Adeolu O. Dairo

“Factors explaining the adoption of mobile marketing in Cameroon: Exploratory study on the use of SMS as method of transmission of social information”

February 2015

Mobile marketing is getting an increasingly powerful presence in the communication channel of tomorrow, given its increasing use worldwide. In the Cameroonian context, this method is therefore increasingly used for the transmission of social information. The goal of this exploratory research is to identify and describe the factors that would likely affect the adoption of mobile marketing by advocates...

Author(s): MBIADJO FANDIO Faustine Mimosette and DJEUMENE Paul

Extent of application of marketing mix strategy by small and micro scale enterprises in Osun State, Nigeria

February 2015

The purpose of this study was to examine the application of marketing mix strategy of small and micro scale enterprises in Osun State. The study sought to know the extent to which small and micro scale enterprises apply marketing mix strategies. The study was conducted on three purposefully selected areas of Osun State namely; Ile-Ife, Ilesa and Osogbo. Primary data were used for this study. The primary data were...

Author(s): Abasilim Angela Nneka

Determinants of sales force technology adoption among insurance sales agents in Kenya

January 2015

Salespersons are adopting and using a variety of technologies to increase their selling productivity and efficiency at different rates. This study identifies various factors that can influence the adoption of sales force automation and analyzes their effect on technology adoption. An explanatory research design was used and data collected by means of self-administered questionnaires to the target population. Reliability...

Author(s): Lagat C. K., Ndegwa, H. W. and Bonuke, R.

Does corporate reputation affect brand preference? Application to the soft drinks industry in Egypt

January 2015

Researchers have acknowledged the importance of corporate reputation amongst different fields of study. Scolars addressing corporate reputation in the field of marketing have acknowledged corporate reputation has a positive effect on customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, there is limited research tackling brand preference and also these studies mainly tackled developed markets. The relationship between corporate...

Author(s): Aly Mahmoud Zayed and Hamed Shamma

Comprehending rural market environment

December 2014

Rural markets are gold mines paved with thrones. With mammoth size of 833 million populations residing in 640867 villages, rural India offers huge untapped potentiality for any marketer. There is wide disparity in village population range from less than 200 to more than 10000. The main occupation of majority of rural population is agriculture and allied activities that signify main source of income. Rural consumers...

Author(s): Savanam Chandra Sekhar and R. Padmaja

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