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JCMR Articles

Hemostasis during cold dissection tonsillectomy: Comparing the use of adrenaline and normal saline

November 2011

Various hemostatic agents and techniques have been used to reduce intraoperative and postoperative hemorrhage in tonsillectomy. This study aims to compare the effect of using adrenaline and normal saline in maintaining hemostasis during cold dissection tonsillectomy. This is a prospective randomized single-blind study spanning fifty seven months in a private hospital setting in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Thirty seven...

Author(s): Adoga A. A. and Okeke E. D.

Primary oral tuberculosis following dental extraction in a patient undergoing hemodialysis: A case report

September 2011

Primary oral tuberculosis after dental extraction is almost non-existent, and there is very little data on its clinical, pathological and radiological features. A 34 year-old Turkish man in good condition was treated with known chronic renal failure due to hypertension and who had been undergoing maintenance hemodialysis, 3 times a week for 3 months. He presented with swelling of the submental region following two teeth...

Author(s): CENGIZ, M. I., CENGIZ, K. and AYDIN, O.

Interleukin-22 therapy attenuates the development of acute pancreatitis in rats

September 2011

Human acute pancreatitis (AP) is a potential serious disease with a limited specific therapy. Here, we assessed the therapeutic efficacy of interleukin-22 (IL-22), a newly emerged cytokine with unique biological activities, in the treatment of a rat model of severe AP. For induction of AP, rats were intraperitoneally (i.p.) injected with nine doses of caerulein (50 μg/kg/dose) at 1-h intervals. Recombinant rat IL-22...

Author(s): Adel Galal El-Shemi, Mohammed A. Basalamah, Osama A. Kensara and Ahmad M. Ashshi

Highly active antiretroviral therapy induced drug-drug interactions in Indian Human Immunodeficiency Virus positive patients

May 2011

One of the greatest challenges for the HIV clinician is the recognition and management of drug interactions. The HIV infected patient often receives numerous medications and has a great potential for adverse drug interactions. Although many of these interactions may be minor in nature, some are potentially serious, leading to severe toxicity or treatment failure. The aim of this study is to determine the incidence,...

Author(s): Radhakrishnan Rajesh, Sudha Vidyasagar, Danturulu Muralidhar Varma and Krishnadas Nandakumar

Differences between opt-in and actively recruited participants in a research study

May 2011

To assess the differences between actively recruited and “opt-in” participants with respect to baseline characteristics and behaviors related to an intervention targeting TV habits, participants were compared on demographics, parental TV attitudes, child behavior, and amount of screen time. Statistically significantly larger proportions of active recruits were non-white, from a low-income family, more likely...

Author(s): Mon Thiri Myaing, Michelle M. Garrison, Frederick P. Rivara, and Dimitri A. Christakis,

Narrowing of the upper airway due to amyloidosis: A case report

April 2011

A 37 year-old woman was referred to our hospital complaining of dyspnea and bilateral swelling of the submandibular region which were developed 6 months ago. Although the submandibular glands seemed to be diffusely enlarged, with suspicion to amyloidosis, an incisional biopsy of one gland stained with Congo red was performed but normal glandular tissue was found. As a result, abdominal fat pad biopsy was done to confirm...

Author(s): Faramarz Memari, Hesam Jahandideh, Khosro Moghtader and Ali Amini Harandi

Management of refractory status epilepticus in acute endosulphan poisoning by levetiracetam: A case report

April 2011

A 27 years old female was brought to emergency department of Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College, Jhansi, India with suicidal consumption of endosulphan, presented with status epilepticus not responded to phenabarbitone, and phenytoin iv loading doses was later managed by iv levetiracetam. After acute ingestion of endosulphan refractory status epilepticus (RSE) is a common problem in intensive care...

Author(s): Jain P. K., Sharma Awadhesh Kumar, Agarwal Navnit, Kankane Arvind, Sengar N. S., Siddiqui Mohd Zaki and Pawal Praveen

Electrochemical reduction of flutamide and its determination in dosage forms and biological media

March 2011

Electrochemical reduction of flutamide, non-steroidal anti-androgen was studied at different pH and concentrations at a dropping mercury electrode/hanging mercury drop electrode using different polarographic techniques. Differential pulse polarography was used to establish an electroanalytical procedure for the determination of flutamide in pharmaceutical formulations, urine and serum samples. The cathodic peak observed...

Author(s): G. V. Subba Reddy, C. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, Vijaya Narasimha Myreddy and S. Jayarama Reddy

Neonatal jaundice: Prevalence and associated factors as seen in Federal Medical Centre Abakaliki, Southeast Nigeria

March 2011

To determine the occurence, aetiological and other associated factors of neonatal jaundice in Federal Medical Centre Abakaliki, Southeast Nigeria with a view to determining strategies for prevention, using patients’ and maternal case folders and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) admission register, all cases of neonatal jaundice (NNJ) admitted to Federal Medical Centre, Abakaliki from January 1st 2008 to...

Author(s): C. N. Onyearugha, B. N. Onyire and H. A. A. Ugboma

Comparative effect of albendazole and diethylcarbamazine in the treatment of toxocariasis in children from Sri Lanka: A preliminary study

March 2011

Toxocariasis is a helminthozoonotic disease with significant morbidity. Diverse medications and different regimens are used in its treatment. Toxocariasis has a significant prevalence among Sri Lankan children, yet its treatment has not been evaluated. This was a preliminary study to determine the impact of ALB and DEC on the levels of anti-Toxocara antibodies and eosinophil count in 19 children who were tested...

Author(s): S. D. Fernando, V. P. Wickramasinghe, R. L. Dewasurendra and G. M. G. Kapilananda

An evaluation of leukocyte esterase activity as a rapid screening test for significant bacteriuria in children

February 2011

The diagnosis of UTI is usually confirmed by microscopy and culture of properly collected urine specimens; however, due to scarce resources and other limitations, this is often not practicable in many resource poor nations. Since UTI if not identified early and treated could lead to serious complications, this study was therefore carried out to ascertain the clinical importance of Leukocyte esterase (LE) enzyme as a...

Author(s): Eyong K. I., Anah M. U., Udo J. J., Jombo G. T. A., Ewa A. U., Etuk I. S. and Asindi A. A.

Reporting of randomised controlled trials: Before and after the advent of the CONSORT statement

February 2011

Poorly conducted randomised controlled trials and inadequate reporting are susceptible to different forms of bias, which can have a detrimental effect on the interpretation and application of clinical evidence. This study examines the effect of Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) statement on the quality of the reporting of randomised controlled trials by comparing those published...

Author(s): Zackariah V. Clement and Nicholas Buckley

Rehabilitation for Parkinson’s disease: Analysis of the Australian rehabilitation outcomes dataset

January 2011

To examine the outcomes of inpatient rehabilitation for Parkinson’s disease (PD) using the Australian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) database. De-identified data from the AROC database were analysed for all rehabilitation admissions during 2003 - 2008, using 4 classes for functional level.  The outcomes included: Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scores and FIM efficiency, hospital length of stay...

Author(s): Khan F, and Amatya B

Prospective study of ingestional hair dye poisoning in Northern India (Prohina)

January 2011

Hair dye (paraphenylene di-amine, PPD) poisoning has high morbidity and mortality and its incidence has increased dramatically in the past 4 years. A prospective study was planned to assess the clinical profile and outcome with different treatment approaches and mortality rate in patients with hair dye ingestion. The material comprised 1020 cases admitted in Medicine Department of MLB Medical College, Jhansi, U. P. from...

Author(s): P. K. Jain, Navneet Agarwal, Awadhesh Kr Sharma and Asif Akhtar

Gender differences in student’s knowledge of HIV/AIDS in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

January 2011

HIV/AIDS, a disease first mentioned in 1981 has remained the most stigmatized illness especially in sub Saharan Africa. To assess the knowledge and effect of the large pool of information on HIV/AIDS in the lives of teenagers. A total of 1748 male and female students aged 15 to19 years in 12 secondary schools in Port Harcourt and Calabar randomly selected were used for this study between May and December 2009. A self...

Author(s): H. A. A. Ugboma, M. E. Kooffreh and C. A. Nwauche

Development of basic tests for sildenafil citrate and sildenafil citrate tablet

December 2010

The work involves the development of basic tests for sildenafil citrate (drug substance) and sildenafil citrate tablet (dosage form). The Basic Tests encompass physical observation, melting characteristics, colour and other test reactions for the drug substance and the dosage form. These tests are supplemented with thin layer chromatography. The test tube identification reactions were carried out to demonstrate the...

Author(s): O. S. Awofisayo, O. A. Awofisayo and N. Eyen

Recent trends in pattern of contraceptive usage at a Nigerian tertiary hospital

December 2010

The study was carried out to ascertain the trends in contraceptive usage at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria between 1st June, 2003 and 31st May, 2006. It was a retrospective study. There were 2,917 contraceptive users and 21,212 maternity attendees during the study period giving the contraceptive prevalence rate of 13.8%. A decline in the prevalence rate from 18.6% in the first year to 8.8% in the...

Author(s): Idowu O. Adebara and Munir’deen A. Ijaiya

Pulmonary and extra pulmonary manifestations of Aspergillosis in clinical practice and potential challenges in management: An analysis of literature review

December 2010

With various factors causing immunosuppression among humans and tendency towards opportunistic fungal infections such as aspergillosis, this study was therefore set up to assess the associated changing clinical presentations of the disease from the developing world. The study was based on literature search from available reports on clinical presentations of aspergillosis from literature searches for a period of 20 years...

Author(s): Jombo G. T. A., Banwat E. B. and Gyoh S. K.

A review of literature on unusual clinical presentations and potential challenges in diagnosis of histoplasmosis

October 2010

Histoplasmosis is not a rare disease though its clinical diagnosis sometimes may prove a daunting task among clinicians. This study was therefore set up to review the various clinical presentations of the disease. The study was based on literature review on clinical features of histoplasmosis from original research articles, review articles, short communications, letters to editor and case reports on the disease for the...

Author(s): Jombo Gta, P. Denen Akaa, E. B. Banwat and M. A. Dauda

Elevated rheumatoid factor (RF) from peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has altered chromosomes in Coimbatore population, South India

October 2010

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common systemic autoimmune disease affecting approximately 1% of the adult population worldwide and 0.75% in Indians. Rheumatoid factor (RF), a circulating antibody, is a key serum analyzer used in diagnosis of RA. Recent evidence indicates that chromosomal abnormalities (CA) has been used as a biological marker in the study of RA. The present study aims to identify the major and...

Author(s): Subramaniam Mohana Devi, Vellingiri Balachandar, Keshavarao  Sasikala, Pappusamy Manikantan, Meyyalagan Arun, Shafi ahammed khan Mustaq ahamed, Balasubramanian Balamurali Krishnan, Shanmugam Suresh kumarand Sellappa Sudha

CAM - Back to nature

September 2010

Author(s): Neveen Helmy Aboelsoud

Haematological changes and recovery associated with treated and untreated Plasmodium falciparum infection in children in the Mount Cameroon Region

September 2010

Pre-hospital antimalarial treatment of febrile children remains a significant common practice among individuals in the Mount Cameroon region. To evaluate the effect of routinely administered monotherapy sulphadoxine pyrimethamine (SP), treatment using amodiaquine artesunate (AQAS) combination therapy and untreated malaria on haematological and parasitological parameters, 332 malaria positive subjects were assigned to...

Author(s): Sumbele Irene Ule Ngole, Nkuo-Akenji Theresa, Samje Moses, Ndzeize Thomas, Ngwa Elsy Manka and Titanji V. P. K.

Haematological profile of sickle cell anaemia in children with human parvovirus B19 infection in Jos, North Central Nigeria

September 2010

The recognition and characterization of haematological alterations accompanying viral infections could serve as tools for diagnosis, assist in disease prognosis and improve patient management. This paper aims to evaluate the haematological profile of parvovirus B19 antibody positive sickle cell patients, who are inherently prone to morbidity and mortality from parvovirus infection. A total of 200 sickle cell patients...

Author(s): A. I. Girei, O. O. Alao, D. E. Joseph, D. O. Damulak, J. Orkuma and E. B. Banwat

Reactive perforating collagenosis

September 2010

Reactive perforating collagenosis is a rare cutaneous disorder of unknown etiology. We hereby describe this condition in a 22 year old lady who presented with slowly growing multiple erythematous papulonodular eruptions of size varying between 5-15 mm over the face, neck, trunk and extensor surfaces of the body.   Key words: Reactive perforating collagenosis, multiple erythematous.

Author(s): Deshmukh S. D. , Anand Mani and Gokhale N. R.

Susceptibility of nosocomial Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans to some antimicrobial drugs routinely used in Adamawa State Hospitals, Nigeria

August 2010

The presence of pathogenic Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans causing nosocomial infections to hospitalized patients in four large State hospitals in Adamawa State was investigated for a period of two and half years. One hundred and sixty isolates of each organism were collected from clinical specimens obtained from patients admitted into the hospitals for reasons other...

Author(s): A. M. El-Mahmood, N. De and A. B. Alo

Antimicrobial susceptibility of some respiratory tract pathogens to commonly used antibiotics at the Specialist Hospital, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

August 2010

The study was aimed at determining the prevalence and antibacterial susceptibility of bacterial strains isolated from the respiratory tract of patients attending the major hospital in Yola, Nigeria. The study was carried out between January, 2008 - June, 2009. Sputum, throat and mouth specimens were collected and cultured on the appropriate bacteriological media. Bacterial isolates were identified by standard...

Author(s): A. M. El-Mahmood, H. Isa, A. Mohammed and A. B. Tirmidhi

Preliminary experience of the clinical and tomographic characteristics of patients with non-refractory acute respiratory insufficiency caused by H1N1 influenza, a virus infection and disease intervention

July 2010

The HIN1 influenza A virus infection has spread rapidly worldwide, and although it is believed to have a low mortality rate, once the virus reaches the acute refractory respiratory insufficiency phase, the mortality rate increases drastically. This study reports the results of 10 clinical case studies; the patients presented signs and symptoms of acute respiratory insufficiency and were positive for the H1N1 influenza A...

Author(s): Killen Briones Claudett, Angel Rigoberto Ramirez Prudente, Jofree Enrrique Contreras Salvatierra, Flavio Caamacho Olaya, Paola Wollmann Holguín and Michelle Grunauer Andrade

Risk factors for vaginal candidiasis among women attending primary health care centers in Jos, Nigeria

July 2010

Vaginal candidiasis is a common complaint among women of different age groups in any society whether or not they are sexually active. Although it is both treatable and mild, when left untreated, is a possible risk for acquisition of HIV/AIDS as well as other complications. The study was set to detect Candida organisms in female genital discharge in order to improve treatment of vaginal candidiasis in current...

Author(s): S. I. Nwadioha, D. Z. Egah, O. O. Alao and E. Iheanacho

Risk factors of preterm delivery of low birth weight (PLBW) in an African population

July 2010

More than 20 million infants in the world (15.5% of all births) are born with low birth weight. Ninety-five percent of them are in developing countries. The objective of this study was to examine different factors which may contribute to preterm delivery of low birth weight (PLBW) in a recent sample of Rwandan birth. The study sample included 200 randomly selected women admitted to the department of...

Author(s): Claude Bayingana, Claude Mambo Muvunyi and Charlene W. J. Africa

Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of community acquired and nosocomial isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and that of coagulase negative staphylococci from clinical blood culture specimens at a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital

June 2010

The study was carried out to ascertain the antibiotic susceptibility patterns of Staphylococcus aureus and that of Coagulase negative Staphylococci (CONS) recovered from blood culture specimens in Calabar, Nigeria. The study was retrospective in nature and was carried out at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) Calabar; data generated from blood culture specimens over a five year period...

Author(s): G. T. A. Jombo, S. Akpan, J. Epoke, P. Denen Akaa, K. I. Eyong, A. N. Gyuse, E. E. Okwori and E. A. Etukumana

Rehabilitation for Guillain Barre syndrome: Analysis of the Australian rehabilitation outcomes dataset

June 2010

To examine the outcomes of inpatient rehabilitation for Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) survivors using the Australian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) database. De-identified data from the AROC database was analysed for all rehabilitation admissions during 2003 - 2008, using 4 classes for functional level. The outcomes included: Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scores and FIM efficiency, hospital length of...

Author(s): F. Khan, T. Stevermuer and F. Simmonds

Comparative study of the effects of single and dual infections of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) in peripheral blood lymphocytes of infected individuals in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

June 2010

A total of 700 blood specimens of patients’ attending hematology units of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Mile Four Hospital, Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital (EBSUTH) Abakaliki, Mater Misericodia Hospital Afikpo and Private Medical Laboratory Units in Abakaliki town were serologically screened for the presence of human immunodeficiency virus, (HIV), and hepatitis virus and also assayed for absolute...

Author(s): Idioha Jude Chinedu, Iroha Ifeanyichukwu Romanus, Agbafor Nnenna, Nwuzo Agabus Chidiebube and Ezeifeka Gerorge Okey

Validation of predicted height model based on arm span, knee height and sitting height in Indonesian elderly people

May 2010

The application of Chumlea and Eleanor models on Indonesian elderly people were not appropriate. Knee height, arm span and sitting height can be used to predict height in elderly people. The study aim is to validate predicted height model from the three predictors compared to actual height, which is put in the nutritional status card to pre-test the card and measurement guideline. Model validation were made towards...

Author(s): Fatmah

The effect of place of delivery to Erb’s palsy injury in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

May 2010

An increasing incidence of Erb’s palsy in the last few years has been noted in our region. To find out the quality of health care in the centers (hospitals) where deliveries took place and to know how early these cases were referred out, a retrospective study of 116 cases of Erb’s palsy seen at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics....

Author(s): H. A. Ugboma and A. Omojunikanbi

Correlation of aural foreign bodies with handedness: An observational study in a Nigerian tertiary hospital

May 2010

Foreign body in the ear is commonly encountered by otolaryngologist worldwide. The aim of the study is to determine the correlation of aural foreign body with patient’s handedness. This is a prospective cross-sectional study of patients with aural foreign body seen in the Accident and Emergency Unit and ENT clinic of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, between February 2008 and January 2009. Questionnaire and...

Author(s): Olushola A. Afolabi, Adekunle G. Salaudeen, Biodun S. Alabi and Akeem O. Lasisi

Maternal mortality and emergency obstetric care in Benin City, South-south Nigeria

April 2010

To estimate the maternal mortality ratio, identify the contribution of Type III delays and assess the status of emergency obstetric services in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital,service delivery records of all maternities over 2 years were analyzed. Emergency care facilities in the hospital were physically verified and 10 senior medical/midwifery staff were interviewed in-depth. The maternal mortality ratio...

Author(s): L. O. Omo-Aghoja, O. A. Aisien, J. T. Akuse, S. Bergstrom and F. E. Okonofua

Evaluation of plant-based non-timber forest products (NTFPS) as potential bioactive drugs in South-western Nigeria

April 2010

Non - timber forest products (NTFPs) are a very important aspect of the tropical forestry that cannot be overlooked. Medicinal plants - that cater for the health of over 80% of the human population in developing countries and about 25% of human population in developed nations, an estimate of over 4 billion people - are classified as part of the Non-timber forest products (NTFPs), and are repositories of phytochemicals,...

Author(s): I. O. Lawal, A. B. I. Igboanugo, B. Osikarbor, O. P. Duyilemi, A. A.Adesoga T. I. Borokini and B. A. Adeyanju

Noninvasive ventilation in relapse of acute respiratory failure outside ICU

March 2010

The transfer of patients to the ICU from the General Ward could be a frequent issue of major concern in many hospitals around the world. We accessed the effectiveness of NIMV protocol outside ICU in sub-group of patients with relapse of acute respiratory failure and we also determined the factors associated with ICU transfer. This work is a prospective observational study. A total of...

Author(s): Killen Briones Claudett, Mónica Briones Claudett, Miguel Chung Sang, Hector Alajo Maiguashca, Diego Cruz Pico, Michel Grunauer Andrade, Antonio Esquinas Rodriguez and Gumersindo Gonzalez Diaz

Effects of Falciparum malaria on the indices of anaemia among pregnant women in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

March 2010

Malaria infection during pregnancy is a major public health problem in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This study evaluated the effect of malaria on the indices of anaemia of 50 plasmodium parasitized pregnant subjects. Fifty non- malaria parasitized pregnant and fifty non- pregnant and non- parasitized subjects served as control. The mean haematological values was significantly lower among parasitized...

Author(s): O. Erhabor,  T. C. Adias and M. L. Hart

Array comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) analysis of sperm DNA to detect copy number variations in infertile men with idiopathic azoospermia

March 2010

Epididymal and testicular spermatozoa of azoospermic patients are frequently used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), so they must be screened for genetic abnormalities. The objective of our study was to investigate whole genome imbalances in immature germ cells found in ejaculates of six males with idiopathic azoospermia and normal karyotype. We used for the first time the most powerful tool for genetic...

Author(s): Dimova Ivanka, Damyanova Vera, Nesheva Desislava, Hadjidekova Savina, Vatev Ilia, Stanislavov Romil, Nikolova Vesela and Toncheva Draga

Eradication of yaws

March 2010

Global Medline search have been done on yaws and its eradication since 1950 onwards through meshwork. In this research, reference journals and textbook materials were selectively chosen for detailed clinical characteristics. As the disease has not been common in Bangladesh, expert opinion was lacking. More precise concentration was done over eradication theme. Review target was to elicit questions on readers mind and...

Author(s): Robed Amin, Abdus Sattar, Ariful Basher and M. A. Faiz

Alteration in chemical composition of red blood cells in iron deficiency anemia

February 2010

The alteration in the chemical composition of plasma in health and diseases is well studied, but the changes in interior milieu of erythrocytes are not properly explored. We have studied 15 parameters (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, electrolytes / cations, anions, metabolites, iron compounds etc.). All the studied parameters were significantly decreased in iron deficient anemic erythrocytes, except...

Author(s): Neelima Hemkar, D. C. Sharma and Manminder Riyat

Influence of cimetidine and bromocriptine on weight of rats and its relation with fertility

February 2010

The present study was designed to see the influence of parenterally administered drugs cimetidine and bromocriptine on the weight of adult male albino rats and its relation with fertility. Ninety adult young male albino rats between the ages of 60 to 120 days were selected. The animals were divided into three groups. Cimetidine was administered in a dose of 200 mg/kg body weight to group B intramuscularly and in...

Author(s): Qamar Hamid, Liaqat Ali Minhas, Sadaf Hamid and Anjuman Gul

Role of GSTM1 gene polymorphism and its association with coronary artery disease

February 2010

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Complex interplay of environmental and genetic factors has been known to contribute to CAD pathophysiology. Variations in several genes have been found to be associated with risk for developing CAD in different populations. Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) play a primer role in cellular defense against electrophilic...

Author(s): Rabbani Syed, , Farha Deeba and Kaiser Jamil,

Acute effect of diazinon on blood plasma biochemistry in the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

January 2010

The acute effect of diazinon on the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) was assessed by comparing the biochemical blood plasma profiles of a control group and a group exposed to the effect of the pesticide DiazintolR (162 mg/ml of diazinon as the active substance). The activities of selected enzymes, metabolite and electrolytes concentrations were measured on 16 specimens of controls, and in 20 specimens, of...

Author(s): O. B. Adedeji

Microbial agents of abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnant mothers attending Primary Health Care Centers of Jos, Nigeria

January 2010

Infective genital discharge in a pregnant mother poses a greater risk of transmission of HIV to the unborn child and other complications such as abortion, premature rupture of membrane, prematurity and low birth weight. To detect some common microbial agents of abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnant women in order to improve the early diagnosis and prompt treatment in line with current syndromic management. A...

Author(s): S. I. Nwadioha, D. Z. Egah, E. B. Banwat and O. O. Alao

Assessment of four recombinant mycobacterial antigens as serodiagnostic markers for pulmonary tuberculosis

December 2009

An accurate laboratory diagnosis is essential for the effective management of pulmonary tuberculosis patients. This study is precisely aimed at developing an immunodiagnostic assay, using recombinant mycobacterial antigens for the accurate laboratory diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. An indirect ELISA was standardized to measure serum IgG antibody levels against four recombinant mycobacterial antigens...

Author(s): S. Sumi, G. K. Madhavilatha, Sathish Mundayoor, Annamma Mathai and V. V. Radhakrishnan

A study of the use of trinity immunobooster (Trino IB) in HIV sero-positive persons without aids

December 2009

This study shows that Trino IB is an efficient preparation for maintaining the health of the HIV sero-positive persons and for preventing the progression of their disease to the AIDS phase. Key words: Trino IB, HIV sero-positive persons, CD4 count, alpha lipoic acid, oleuropein.

Author(s): D. A. Gbadero and J. K. Oloke

Sexual stimulatory effects of aqueous stem bark extract of Lophira laceolata in male Sprague Dawley rats

November 2009

Lophira laceolata stem bark extract is commonly used by Herbal practitioners in Sokoto State, Nigeria to treat erectile dysfunction. The effect of oral administration of aqueous stem bark extract of the plant on sexual activity was investigated in male Sprague Dawley rats. Three doses (100, 200 and 300 mg/kg b. wt.) of the extract were administered to three groups of male Sprague Dawley rats and the sexual...

Author(s): E. U. Etuk, A. A. Muhammad, V. Igbokwe and R. U. Okolo

Pain from carpal tunnel syndrome reduced with dynamic splinting: A retrospective study of 156 patients

November 2009

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affects over six million Americans each year, and the chief complaint are pain and paresthesia. The US Center for Disease Control estimates an expense of $3.5 billion dollars for this pathology, making CTS the most expensive peripheral neuropathy in the United States. The purpose of this retrospective study was to examine the effect of using dynamic splinting on 156 patients (mean age 55.2...

Author(s): Stacey H. Berner, F. Buck Willis and Ramalingam Shanmugam

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