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JGMR Articles

April 2019

Geological analysis of ground radiometric survey data of Hong hills, Hawal basement complex, N. E. Nigeria

A ground radioactivity survey report and it geological analyses are presented in this work. The survey was aimed at delineating possible zones of concentration of pegmatite intrusions, a rock whose components are useful in the in the electrical and ceramic industries among others. The survey covers longitude 12°54’-13°00’E and latitude 10°7’-10°15’N, with a total surface area of...

Author(s): Nsikak E. Bassey and Helen N. Unachukwu  

March 2019

A reconnaisance study to delineate the potential mineral zones around the schist belt areas Of Kano State, Nigeria using airborne magnetic data

This work presents a reconnaissance study to delineate potential mineral zones in the schist belt areas of Kano State. These parts of the state have received little or no attention for a long time and activities of artisanal miners suggest that the area is of economic mineral value. Airborne magnetic data acquired from Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) were first reduced to the equator before subjecting them to...

Author(s): Shehu Sani Jamaluddeen, Musa O. Aku, Muhammad Saleh, Abdulrahim Ali Bunawa and Salihu Bolaji Sharafa

January 2019

Remote sensing signature of geological structures inferred on landsat imagery of Afikpo area Southeastern Nigeria

Satellite remote sensing has contributed immensely to the interpretation of linear features and other geological structures. In the study area, lineaments mapped were linear and planar features on satellite imageries that are expression of fractures, or faults within the subsurface.  Image lines of different contrast may extend from a few centimetres to several of metres in length. The Landsat imagery used has a...

Author(s): Okeke, C. J., Ukaegbu, V. U. and Egesi, N.  

September 2018

Integrated geosciences prospecting for gold mineralization in Kwakuti, North-Central Nigeria

Geoscience prospecting for gold mineralisation was conducted in Kwakuti town located within Latitudes 9.362500°N to 9.387500°N and Longitudes 6.920833°E to 6.945833°E in Northern Nigeria. The deployed geosciences techniques comprise surface geological mapping, processing and analysis of aeromagnetic total magnetic field intensity data using Oasis Montaj software and X-ray fluorescence analysis of soil...

Author(s): Ejepu J. S., Unuevho C. I., Ako T. A. and Abdullahi S.  

August 2018

Investigation of magnetic anomalies of Abakaliki area, Southeastern Nigeria, using high resolution aeromagnetic data

Aeromagnetic data over Abakaliki area of lower Benue trough, Nigeria was interpreted qualitatively and quantitatively using Oasis montaj software. The qualitative interpretation unveiled basic intrusive bodies like dykes, laccolites and batholitic bodies in the area. It also revealed fault zone which trends southeastern part of the study area. Quantitative interpretation was carried out by forward and inverse modeling,...

Author(s): Daniel N. Obiora, Julius I. Idike, Andrew I. Oha, Chijioke G. Soronnadi-Ononiwu, Ngozi A. Okwesili and Mirianrita N. Ossai  

August 2018

Interpretation of high resolution aeromagnetic data to determine sedimentary thickness over part of Bida Basin, North Central Nigeria

This study focuses on the quantitative interpretation of aeromagnetic data to estimate the thickness of sediments over part of Bida Basin so as to identify possible areas of hydrocarbon potential. The study area covers an area of 24,200 km2 located between latitude 8° 30ꞌN and 9° 30ꞌN and longitudes 5° 00ꞌE and 7° 00ꞌE. Aeromagnetic data in grid format containing eight sheets were analysed and...

Author(s): Oke I. Okwokwo, Adebayo A. Adetona, Taiwo Adewumiand Sunday O. Adediran    

July 2018

Sedimentary facies and depositional environments of the neoproterozoic sediments of the Gambaga-Nakpanduri massifs, Voltaian Basin

The classification of the sediments into facies and the various environments in which the sediments of the northeastern Voltaian basin were deposited has not been clearly described.  Using detailed field mapping together with petrographic studies, six sedimentary facies has been identified; F1 is defined by asymmetric wave formed ripple marks, F2 indicates flute casts on micaceous sandy shales, F3 has bifurcated...

Author(s): Mahamuda Abu  

May 2018

Assessment of the distribution of potentially harmful trace elements in bedrocks and stream sediments of Okemesi-Ijero area, Southwestern, Nigeria

Assessment and distribution of the concentration of potentially harmful trace elements (PHTEs) is important for environmental health management. The concentrations of thirteen PHTEs were determined in the stream sediments and rocks samples from the underlying bedrock with the use of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Multivariate statistics and principal component analyses were used to identify and...

Author(s): Ayodele Olusiji Samuel, Asowata, Iyobosa Timothy and Adeoti Blessing

March 2018

Spectral analysis and source parameter imaging of aeromagnetic anomaly over Ogoja and Bansara areas of lower Benue trough, Nigeria

Qualitative and quantitative interpretations of aeromagnetic anomalies over Ogoja and Bansara areas of Anambra Basin, Lower Benue Trough of Nigeria were carried out using spectral analysis and source parameter imaging methods. The study area which covers an area of approximately 6050 km2 lies within latitude 60° 0' to 7° 0' North and longitude 8° 30' to 9° 0' East. The regional anomaly...

Author(s): Ugwu, C. M., Ugwu G. Z. and Alasi T. K.

February 2018

Study of the roof behavior in longwall gob in long-term condition

Assessment of the roof behavior in longwall gob and estimation of the occurrence of caving and fracturing zones above mined panels are the main factors used in evaluating abutment stresses, ground subsidence, face support and adjacent structures design. The combined height of caving and fracturing zones is taken as equivalent to the height of destressed zone (HDZ) in this study. The long-term estimation of this height...

Author(s): Mohammad Rezaei, Abbas Majdi, Mohammad Farouq Hossaini and Iraj Najmoddini

January 2018

New approaches to monitoring, analyzing and predicting slope instabilities

In a mining operation, any noticeable instability can pose a catastrophic threat to the lives of workers. Slope instability can also disrupt the chain of production in a mine, resulting in a loss to the business. Due to the potential threat associated with rock mass movement, it is necessary to be able to predict the time of slope failure. In the past couple of decades, innovations in slope monitoring equipment have...

Author(s): Upasna Chandarana Kothari and Moe Momayez

November 2017

Application of two-level full factorial design and response surface methodology in the optimization of inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP–OES) instrumental parameters for the determination of platinum

Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) determination of platinum was optimized using 2-level, 4-factor full factorial design and response surface methodologies. Four factors, namely carrier gas flow rate, sample solution flow rate as represented by the pump speed, plasma observation height and RF power, were employed in the factorial design. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) at a p-value...

Author(s): Raison Mapfumo and Mark Fungayi Zaranyika

October 2017

Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater within the lateritic profiles over migmatite and pegmatised schist of Ibadan, Nigeria

Groundwater compositions could be altered significantly due to geogenic and anthropogenic inputs from rock and human respectively. Such impacted water may be injurious to health if consumed. Studies of groundwater within the lateritic overburden on migmatite gneiss and pegmatised schist in Ibadan area were undertaken with the aim of determining their physico-chemical composition and portability. Groundwater within...

Author(s): Anthony Temidayo Bolarinwa

September 2017

Determination of depth to basement rocks over parts of Middle Benue Trough, North Central Nigeria, using high resolution aeromagnetic data

The high resolution aeromagnetic data over part of middle Benue trough was interpreted quantitatively using Spectral depth analysis and Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) of the magnetic source rocks to determine the sedimentary thickness for hydrocarbon maturation and accumulation. The study area is bounded with longitudes 09°00′ - 10°00E and Latitudes 08°30′ - 09°30′N with an estimated...

Author(s): Nwogwugwu E. O., Salako K. A., Adewumi T. and Okwokwo I. O.

August 2017

Investigation of subsurface for construction purposes in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, using electrical resistivity method

Fifteen vertical electrical sounding (VES) stations were sounded using Schlumberger electrode configuration. The result revealed a total of 3 to 4 geoelectric layers. The first layer with resistivity values range from 2.8 to 149.2 Ωm and has thickness and depth of 0.1 to 6.5 m. The second layer has resistivity which ranges from 245.9 to 7761.2 Ωm, thickness of 1.1 to 10.7 m and depth of 1.2 to 17.2 m. This layer was...

Author(s): Idoko Agada, Johnson C. Ibuot, Moses Ekpa and Daniel N. Obiora

February 2017

Artisanal gold mining in Batouri area, East Cameroon: Impacts on the mining population and their environment

Batouri is located in the East region of Cameroon; geologically the area is made up of Pan African granitoids, which are the host rocks of gold mineralization. Batouri gold deposits have long been subjected to artisanal mining activities carried out by the indigenes for livelihood. Majority of the mining population (45%) is made up by youths (15-30 years), followed by the adults (35%) within the age range 46-60 years...

Author(s): Kouankap Nono Gus Djibril, Tah Bong Cliford, Wotchoko Pierre, Magha Alice, Chianebeng Japhet Kuma and Tene Djoukam Joëlle Flore

August 2016

Geotechnical investigations for infrastructural development: A case study of Daki Biyu District, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Central Nigeria

The geotechnical properties of Daki Biyu district in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria was investigated to ascertain the suitability of the sub-surface soil to support massive infrastructure such as high rise building and industries that might be carried out in the future. The particle size distribution shows that the soil is predominantly sandy-clay to sandy-gravels. The plasticity indices suggest low to...

Author(s): Lekmang, I. C., Daku, S. S., Yenne, E. Y., Wazoh, H. N. and Goyit, M. P.

July 2016

Highlighting the root of a paleoproterozoic oceanic arc in Liptako, Niger, West Africa

In the southwest branch of the Diagorou-Darbani greenstone belt, mafic to ultramafic plutonic rocks outcrop in Pogwa area. Field relations show that these rocks are clearly intrusive in flattened pillowed-metabasaltes. They are made up of gabbros and pyroxenites with ultramafic rocks cropping out as panels or scattered lenses. Petrographic characters are suggestive of metamorphic grade varying from greenschist to...

Author(s): Soumaila Amadou, Garba Zibo, Moussa Issaka Abdoulkader, Nouhou Halitt and Sebag David,

May 2016

Numerical and experimental studies on the effect of loading angle on the validity of flattened Brazilian disc test

In this study, effect of loading angle on location of crack initiation in flattened Brazilian disc (FBD) specimens was studied by both numerical and experimental methods. FBD tests were conducted on disc samples with various loading angles and tests were simulated by finite element method (FEM). The results showed that probability of crack initiation at flattened ends of samples where jaws and sample are connected...

Author(s): Pourya Khavari and Mehrnoosh Heidari

September 2015

Pore pressure prediction using seismic data: Insight from Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria

Pore pressure and fracture pressure predictions were made using seismically derived velocities from Onshore Niger Delta. Mild to moderate overpressure regime in the study area was predicted using Bowers’ unloading model. The onset of mild overpressure (<0.6 psi/ft) in the area lies within the depth range of 6000-10000 ftss. The formation becomes moderately over pressured (<0.8 psi/ft) as the pressure...

Author(s): G. Z. Ugwu

July 2015

Geochemical stream reconnaissance survey of the schist belt around Igbo-Ora, Southwestern Nigeria

Samples of stream sediments were collected in some parts of Iseyin-Oyan river schist belt, with a view to determining their elemental concentration and identifying geochemical anomalies associated with mineralization in the area. The geologic units consist of predominantly amphibolite schist with minor occurrences of coarse porphyritic biotite granite, quartzite and quartz schist. Chemical analysis was carried out on...

Author(s): Mustapha Taiwo Jimoh, Anthony Temidayo Bolarinwa and Tesleem Kolawole

June 2015

On the representative elementary volumes of clay rocks at the mesoscale

Regarding clay rock at the mesoscale (that is, millimeter to centimeter), the structure of the porous clay matrix treated as continuum controls transport properties. Upscaling these mesoscale properties to the macroscale requires that representative elementary volumes (REVs) exists. The objective of this paper is to quantify the mesoscale REVs of the continuous clay matrix. Here, the REV is defined as the minimum volume...

Author(s): Lukas M. Keller

May 2015

Geology and petrography of the rocks around Gulani Area, Northeastern Nigeria

Geological mapping of the Gulani area revealed that the area consists of Precambrian Basement Complex rocks, Cretaceous sediments and the Tertiary/Quaternary basalts of the Biu plateau. The Basement Complex rocks are represented by diorite and granites while the sediments include the Bima, Yolde, and Pindiga Formations. Epigenetic baryte-copper mineralizations occur with the baryte veins restricted to the Bima and Yolde...

Author(s): Jalo Muhammad El-Nafaty

April 2015

An overview of pore pressure prediction using seismically–derived velocities

Knowledge of formation pore pressure ahead of the drill bit is not only critical for safe and cost-effective drilling of wells but also essential in studying the hydrocarbon trap seal and analyzing the trap configurations. A predrill estimate of the formation pore pressure can be obtained from seismic velocities and employing a velocity-to-effective stress transform. However, limitations abound in the use of seismic...

Author(s): G. Z. Ugwu

March 2015

Assessment of effective factors in performance of an open stope using cavity monitoring system data: A case study

Stope wall failures result in ground stability problems, ore dilution, revenue loss, etc. This work assesses mined primary transverse open stope (32S 204) in AngloGold Ashanti-Obuasi Mine to address stability problems mine-wide. The stope (17 m strike length, 30 m wide, 27 m high and dipping 68°NW) has the Obuasi Fissure as its hanging wall boundary. Back analysis of the performance showed that major geological...

Author(s): Chiri G. Amedjoe and Joseph Agyeman

February 2015

Potential of artisanal and small-scale gold mines for economic development in Tanzania: A review

The availability of mineral deposits for many decades provides an avenue for improving the economic development of the local artisanal and small scale miners in Tanzania. This study documents different possible locations from various available data and show the characteristics of the existing gold deposits extracted and processed by the artisanal and miners using ArcGIS software. It identifies the challenges of...

Author(s): Ombeni John Mdee

January 2015

3D Geometrical-Stochastical Modeling of Rock mass joint networks: Case study of the Right Bank of Rudbar Lorestan Dam plant

Nowadays, modeling is increasingly used as a method for determination of the mechanical and hydraulic behavior of the rock mass. In this paper, with regard to the high importance of joint persistence characteristic on the mechanical and hydraulic behavior of the rock mass, geometric-stochastic joint network model has been developed by considering the statistical characteristics of joint size based on Veneziano model....

Author(s): M. Noroozi, R. Kakaie and S. E. Jalali

September 2014

Relationship of individual and work related factors with obstructive type lung function disorder of underground coal miners: A spirometry study

In this study, an attempt is made to correlate the presence or absence of FEV1 < 80% predicted as measured by spirometry, with a number of individual and work related factors. This is a cross-sectional study involving 341 workers of an underground coal mine situated in the southern part of India. The data used in this investigation were collected from the Periodical Medical Examination (PME) center of the case study...

Author(s): Bijay Mihir Kunar, Ashis Bhattacherjee, Biswajit Samanta and Analava Mitra

July 2014

Development rock behavior index around underground space using a rock engineering system

This paper describes the application of rock behavior index (RBI) based on the rock engineering systems (RES) to assess the rock behavior around underground spaces. There are many geological parameters that affect the rock behavior around these structures. The most effective parameters taken into account in this paper are: uniaxial compressive strength, rock quality designation (RQD), joint surface condition, joint...

Author(s): Ramin Rafiee

April 2014

Ranking of coal seams for underground coal gasification (UCG) in Mazino coal deposit, Tabas coal field, Iran

The underground coal gasification (UCG) has a potential for converting the world’s coal resources into energy, liquid fuels and chemicals. The UCG process involves the injection of steam and air or oxygen into an underground coal seam and igniting and burning of coal in-situ to produce the combustible gas. Previous studies showed that many criteria affect site selection of UCG. The criteria include coal seam...

Author(s): Mehdi Najafi, Seyed Mohammad Esmaiel Jalali and Reza KhaloKakaie

March 2014

Mafic and ultramafic rocks in parts of the Bhavani complex, Tamil Nadu, Southern India: Geochemistry constraints

Present paper deals with the petrogenesis of gabbros and pyroxenites of Bhavani complex, Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Studied gabbros are mainly composed of pyroxenes with minor plagioclase (An10-30) and amphibole minerals. Pyroxenites are composed of coarse-grained clinopyroxenes, orthopyroxenes and medium-grained hornblende minerals.  Geochemically, in the total alkali vs. SiO2 diagram studied samples are...

Author(s): Ali Mohammed Dar, Akhtar R. Mir, K. Anbarasu, M. Satyanarayanan, V. Balaram, D. V. Subba Rao and S. N. Charan

March 2014

Recent uranium mobilization and radioactivity of metamorphosed sandstones at Sikait area, South Eastern desert of Egypt

The metamorphosed sandstones exposures occur in two locations in Wadi Sikait. The exposed rocks in this area are ophiolitic mélange, metamorphosed sandstones, porphrytic granites invaded by post-granite dykes (lamprophyres) and quartz-fluorite veins. The uranium contents measured radiometrically range from 3 to 41.97 ppm, with an average of 12 ppm, while the chemically measured are in the range from 20 to 100 ppm...

Author(s):    Soliman A. Abu Elatta, S. F. Hassan, A. H. El-Farrash, M. G. El-Feky and M. Refaat   

January 2014

X-ray fluorescence: An accessible and effective technique for evaluation of hazards and economic potential associated with important mineral deposits in Nigeria

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) was evaluated as a technique that can facilitate identification of potential environmental hazards associated with mining and ore processing as well as provide quantitative evaluation of the economic potential intrinsic to a mineral deposit. Four different geological samples were analyzed using energy dispersive XRF to demonstrate the utility of the technique. The samples were obtained from...

Author(s): Yusuf A. Z., Halima S. A., Zakir A., Abdullahi M. and Sani K.

January 2014

Hydrochemical assessment of groundwater quality in the Chad Basin around Maiduguri, Nigeria

The objective of this study was to investigate the impact of anthropogenic and natural sources of contamination on the groundwater quality of the upper unconfined aquifer system of the Chad Basin around Maiduguri. This has been determined by obtaining a total of 20 groundwater samples over a 4 months period in 2 different sites (Moduganari and Gwange) in Maiduguri. Groundwater samples were analysed for pH, EC, TDS,...

Author(s): A. Bakari

December 2013

Seismic refraction study of Gurara dam phase II, northwestern Nigeria

Seismic refraction study has been carried out on Gurara Dam Phase II proposed axis with the aim of determining its feasibility for the founding of a dam. The field techniques involved off-end/reverse and split spread shootings on five profiles. The study site is situated on the Precambrian Crystalline Basement Complex rocks of North Central Nigeria. Velocity values obtained from the shots vary between 183 ms-1 in...

Author(s): Oladapo Michael Ilesanmi, Adeoye Oladapo, Oluwakemi Olanike, Adebobuyi Foluwaso Steve, Badejo Oluseun and Ifarajimi William

December 2013

Structural controls of Pb-Zn mineralization of Enyigba district, Abakaliki, Southeastern Nigeria

The lead-zinc deposit of Enyigba and its environs are localized in the cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Albian Asu River Group in the Lower Benue Trough, Southeastern Nigeria. The Albian Asu River Group is made up of shale, siltstone, sandstone and limestone. The deposits were formed epigenetically through the crystallization of hydrothermal solutions and are localized within the fractures, hence the need to study...

Author(s): Obarezi J. E. and Nwosu J. I.

September 2013

Ocellar lamprophyre dyke bearing mineralization, Wadi Nugrus, Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geology, mineralogy and geochemical implications

  Ocellar lamprophyre dyke (ENE-WSW) is recorded at Wadi Nugrus, Eastern Desert, Egypt. It cuts across porphyritic biotite granites and varies in thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 m and up to 3 km in length. The lamprophyre dyke is altered and it is characterized by porphyritic and panidiomorphic textures with plagioclase, olivine and augite, constituting the porphyritic phase in a fine groundmass of the same...

Author(s): Mohamed E. Ibrahim, Gehad M. Saleh, Nazar A. Dawood and Gehan M. Aly

  • Article Number: 1EC0FAA2589

September 2013

Optimizing monitoring network of water table by geostatistical methods

Data collection of alluvium aquifers is done by using quality-quantity networks because of their spread and continuity.In designing such a network, it is necessary to pay attention on distribution of variables all over the aquifer so that variables represent whole of aquifer correctly. This happens when the network is able to predict the affects of climatical, natural etc parameters on the aquifers. Besides it should...

Author(s): Hosein Abedian, Kourosh Mohammadi and Ramin Rafiee

September 2013

A study of subsurface geological structure of Sumaje village, Nigeria

  In this study, ground magnetic survey of Sumaje Village, Ogo Oluwa  area of Oyo State, Nigeria  using high resolution proton-precession geometric magnetometer model G-856AX measures total components of the ground magnetic. The field data was qualitatively and quantitatively interpreted. Profile 1 has the highest amplitude of 18.2 nT and profile 2 has the highest width of 32 m. The depth to the...

Author(s): Joshua Emmanuel Oluwagbemi, Adewuyi Sefiu Olakunle and Ojo Olalekan Lawrence

August 2013

Structural failure investigation using electrical resistivity method: A case study of Amafor Ihuokpala, Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria

  An electrical resistivity investigation was carried out within the vicinity of some failed building structures at Amafor Ihuokpala through Agbani, Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria. The aim of the survey was to determine the causes of the failure of the structures. Resistivity data were acquired by using PASI (16GL) digital earth resistivity meter. Interpretation of the vertical electrical sounding results...

Author(s): Fatoba J. O., Salami B. M. and Adesida A.

August 2013

Chromite composition as evidence of metamorphism in komatiites, greenstone belt, Mozambique

  Archaean komatiites of the greenstone belt in Manica area, western Mozambique contains accessory amount of disseminated chromite grains. The komatiite rocks comprise peridotitic and basaltic komtiite. These komatiites are affected by regional metamorphism as all of the studied area. It is observed that only chromian spinel is preserved as the primary mineral and that all the other primary minerals in the...

Author(s): Yaser M. Abdel-Aziz, Gamal Daud and Muchangos Amadeu

July 2013

Processing and interpretation of 2d land seismic reflection survey over bishop wood Yorkshire, England

  A seismic reflection survey was carried out in Bishop Wood, Yorkshire to determine the subsurface structure and the depth to the prospective gypsum and coal measures. Four 24-channel Geodes were used with a PEG40 accelerated weight drop and 10 Hz geophones at 3 m intervals to shot a 1099 m spread.  The final depth processed section shows some reflectors which are clearly visible and is geologically...

Author(s): Maunde A., Nur A., Raji A. S. and Dio. C. J.

July 2013

Field and petrographic characterization of some building, ornamental and industrial raw materials of the Tertiary sedimentary succession of Haddat Ash Sham Area, West Central Arabian shield, Saudi Arabia

  The present study has dealt with the field and microscopic description of different building, industrial and ornamental stones of the Tertiary sedimentary succession of Haddat Ash Sham area, Saudi Arabia. The described building and ornamental stones includes: quartz pebble conglomerates, sandstones, limestones, dolostones and clays. The stratigraphic setting, mega and microscopic description of the different...

Author(s): Abdullah Rasheed Sonbul

July 2013

Hydrogeophysical investigation in selected parts of Irepodun/Ifelodun local government area of Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria

  Hydrogeophysical studies have been undertaken at Irepodun/Ifelodun local government area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. The area is underlain by the Basement Complex rocks. The study involved very low frequency electromagnetic (VLF-EM) and electrical resistivity methods. The results are presented as profiles, sections, curves, charts and maps. VLF-EM anomalies were evaluated using geoelectric soundings. Geoelectric...

Author(s): Michael Ilesanmi Oladapo and Olayiwola Grace Ayeni

June 2013

Superheated steam injection in North Кенкияк shallow heavy oil reservoir

  This paper presents an integrated study on the superheated steam injection in the North Кенкияк Field, Kazakhstan. The methodologies cover investigation of mechanisms of superheated steam in recovery, lab experiment, and numerical simulation. The study indicates that the injection of superheated steam can cause rock wettability conversion which is favorable to recovery. The higher the heat enthalpy, the...

Author(s): X. Zhao, P. Gao  and Y. Wu

June 2013

Application of the mobile metal ion geochemical technique in the location of buried gold mineralization in Essase Concession, Eastern Region, Ghana

  The principle of mobile metal ion geochemistry analysis for soil samples taken from Essase Concession in Nkawkaw of the Eastern Region Ghana, during geochemical survey had accurately and sharply delineated target gold mineralization. Observations suggested that preferentially most metals (Ni, Zn, Pb, Cu, and As) including gold (Au) were located in the top 22 cm of the profile below the interface giving...

Author(s): Chiri G. Amedjoe and Isaac T. Adjovu

June 2013

Processing of an offshore new zealand complex tectonic environment taranaki basin, 2d seismic line

  Norpac International crew #503 acquired 22.7 km of seismic line off the West coast of New Zealand’s North Island in the Taranaki basin for New Zealand Oil and Gas industry in order to evaluate the subsurface stratigraphy of the basin. The seismic line trends east-west crosses the Taranaki Fault, a basement overthrust that forms the eastern boundary of the Taranaki basin, New Zealand’s most...

Author(s): Maunde A., Haruna I. V., Raji A. S. and Halilu M.

May 2013

Analysis of orientation of maximum horizontal tensional stress (sHmax) of the Gondwana Barapukuria coal basin, NW Bangladesh: by means of finite element modeling

  This paper uses two-dimensional Finite Element Method (FEM) numerical modeling to analyze the orientation of maximum horizontal tensional stress of the Barapukuria coal basin in Bangladesh. An elastic plane stress model incorporating elastic rock physical properties for the coal basin area was used consisting of 2916 elements with a network of 1540 nodes. The stress field at any point of the model is assumed...

Author(s): Md. Rafiqul Islam

  • Article Number: FD29F721425

May 2013

Unsteady equation for free recharge in a confined aquifer

  Slug test solutions require instantaneous water column in the recharge well, and it consider well storage and well loss not appropriate for recharge cases. State of the art suggests recharge hydraulics, a phenomenon synonymous to mirror image of well pumping. In this background, the present paper derives fresh semi-analytical equations for confined aquifer, which simultaneously determine unsteady recharge...

Author(s): P. K. Majumdar, K. Sridharan, G. C. Mishra and M. Sekhar

May 2013

Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic studies of lavas of Mt. Oku volcano, North West Cameroon: A case involving HIMU, depleted and enriched mantle sources

  Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic studies have been carried out on the lavas of Mt. Oku, the central part of the continental sector of the Cameroon volcanic line (CVL). The lavas define a considerable range of Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions characterized by 143Nd/144Nd = 0.512626 – 0.512937,87Sr/86Sr = 0.699411 - 0.704279 and more radiogenic isotopic ratios 206Pb/204Pb = 18.3800 –...

Author(s): NJILAH I. Konfor, MOUNDI Amidou, TEMDJIM Robert and NTIECHE Benjamin

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