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Exact complexiton soliton solutions for nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics

January 2012

In this article, the extended multiple Riccati equations expansion method has been used to construct a series of double soliton- like solutions, double triangular function solutions and complexiton soliton solutions for some nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics via the (2+1) dimensional breaking soliton equations, (2+1) dimensional painleve integrable Burger's equations and (2+1)...

Author(s): Khaled A. Gepreel, and A. R. Shehata

Investigation of water absorbency and color fastness of modal woven towels

January 2012

Water absorbency and color fastness to perspiration, seawater and washing of modal terry woven fabrics were studied in this research. Weft and warp yarns were produced from 100% cotton and pile yarns were produced from 50/0% modal/cotton blended yarn. Terry woven fabrics were produced in five different pile heights. Water absorbency and color fastness tests were carried out on fabrics. It was determined that sinking...

Author(s): Filiz SEKERDEN

Fifth order two-stage explicit Runge–Kutta–Nyström method for the direct integration of second order ordinary differential equations

January 2012

In this paper a direct integration of second-order Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) of the form , , , using the Explicit Runge-Kutta-Nyström method with higher derivatives is presented. Various numerical schemes are derived and tested on standard problems. The higher-order explicit Runge-Kutta-Nyström (HERKN) method given in this paper is compared with the conventional Explicit Runge...

Author(s): S. A. Okunuga, A. B. Sofoluwe, J. O. Ehigie and M. A. Akanbi

A different approach to the set of fuzzy numbers

January 2012

In this paper, we showed that every element of the set F of all fuzzy numbers can be abstractly considered as an element of the nonseparable and nonreflexive Banach algebra . Banach lattice structure of  is also investigated according to a partial order we defined.   Key words: Fuzzy numbers, Banach space.

Author(s): Danyal SOYBAÅž and F. Berna BENLI

Fuzzy controlled multi-hop adaptive clustering (FMAC) for mobile ad hoc networks

January 2012

To mimic the operations in fixed infrastructures and to solve the routing scalability problem in large ‘mobile ad hoc networks’, forming clusters of nodes has been proven to be a promising approach. However, when existing weighted clustering algorithms calculate each node’s weight, they either consider only one metric or rely on some metrics collected from extra devices. This often leads to a higher...

Author(s): Anuradha Banerjee and Paramartha Dutta

Inter-generic grafting in watermelon for managing Meloidogyne species: A review

January 2012

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) cultivars suffer considerable yield losses from infection by the root-knot nematodes due to the unavailability of nematode-resistant genotypes. Screening for nematode resistance within the family Cucurbitaceae demonstrated that wild watermelon (Cucumis africanus) and wild cucumber (C. myriocarpus) were highly resistant to Meloidogyne incognita races 2 and 4 and M. javanica,...

Author(s): Kgabo Martha Pofu, Phatu William Mashela and Hussein Shimelis

Potential utilization of cassava pulp for ethanol production in Indonesia

January 2012

Cassava is one of the major crops produced in Indonesia. Cassava grows in all provinces in Indonesia. In the last decade, even though cassava plantation area is decreased, cassava production and its productivity in Indonesia have been on the increase steadily. The tendency of using cassava for ethanol production would affect supply of cassava for food. Cassava pulp, a by- product of tapioca industry is one of the...

Author(s): Euis Hermiati, Djumali Mangunwidjaja, Titi C. Sunarti, Ono Suparno and Bambang Prasetya

A review of risk factors, incidence and solutions for hepatocellular carcinoma

January 2012

Liver cancer is one of the cancers that associated with high mortality rate. Incident of liver cancer always correlate with unhealthy life style, food contaminant (such as aflatoxin) and most importantly hepatitis virus infection. High mortality rate of liver cancer can be contributed by late detection of the disease, resistant of the liver cancer cell toward chemotherapy and inhibition of body immune system. The...

Author(s): S. K. Yeap, S. Tamilselvan, M. Al-Qubaisi, Abdul-Rahman Omar, W. Y. Ho, B. K. Beh and Noorjahan B. Alitheen

Potential bioactive property of Polygonum minus Huds (kesum) review

January 2012

In recent years, the bioactive properties of medicinal plants have been attracting the attention of scientists. Polygonum minus Huds is a traditional Malaysian plant that has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders. Several researchers have reported that P. minus Huds contains a high level of antioxidants, flavonoid and phenolic compounds which contain several bioactive properties. To...

Author(s): Suhailah Wasman Qader, Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Lee Suan Chua and Salehhuddin Hamdan

Efficiency and resolution of HPGe and NaI(Tl) detectors using gamma-ray spectroscopy

January 2012

The energy dependence of efficiency and resolution of HPGe and NaI(Tl) detectors using gamma-ray spectroscopy were investigated in this paper. It was found that the resolution of the detector was directly proportional to the energy of gamma-ray and its efficiency was exponentially proportional to the gamma-ray energy. The resolution of HPGe detector (GC2018, diameter 60.5 mm and length 31.5 mm) is better than NaI(Tl)...

Author(s): I. Hossain, N. Sharip and K. K. Viswanathan

Optimization of seed flow evenness of fluted rolls used in seed drills by Taguchi method

January 2012

The purpose of this study is to optimize the seed flow evenness in seed drills of the fluted feed rolls; wheat was used in the experiments. Experiments were conducted according to Taguchi optimization method and L9 orthogonal array is selected. Flute shape (asymmetric, trapezoid and semicircular), flute lengths (5, 10 and 15 mm), and axis rotational speed (25, 30, and 35 min-1), and coefficient of variation used to...

Author(s): I. Ozturk, Y. Yildirim, S. Hinislioglu, B. Demir and E. Kus

Biodegradation of pyrene by a newly isolated Proteus vulgaris

January 2012

This work was aimed at identifying a new strain which can degrade pyrene effectively and quickly. Strain 4Bi was identified as Proteus vulgaris based on several morphological, biochemical characters and 16S rRNA phylogeny by using conventional methods, API and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. 16S rRNA gene sequence of the bacterium has been deposited in GenBank database under the accession number FJ799903....

Author(s): Nur Ceyhan

Expressing of rice ribosome inactivating protein as tool for treatment of cancer cells

January 2012

Ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs) are toxic proteins synthesized by many plants and some bacteria, that specifically depurinate the 28S RNA and thus interrupt protein translation. RIPs hold broad interest because of their potential use as plant defense factors against pathogens and cancer cells. The most promising way to exploit plant RIPs as weapons against cancer cells is either by designing molecules in which the...

Author(s): Ali Salehzadeh and Amir Arasteh

Control of the seed beetle Callosobruchus muculatus reared on chickpeas by different applicable conditions of the insect growth regulator, Cyromazine

January 2012

Efficiency of most pesticides is monitored by many factors such as the method of application, the concentrations and the temperature. The study was aimed to investigate the optimal conditions for using Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), cyromazine to control the Southern cowpea weevil Callosobruchus muculatus Fab. (Bruchidae: Coleoptera). Interactions of the method of application and concentrations of cyromazine...

Author(s): Fahd A Al-Mekhlafi, Ashraf MA Mashaly,, Hossam Ebaid, Mohamed A Wadaan,  and Nazar M Al-Mallah

Maternal risk factors associated with preterm delivery in Qom province of Iran in 2008

January 2012

Immaturity is the most important factor of infant mortality. Knowing what group of pregnant women are more at risk of preterm delivery provides opportunities for more accurate care during pregnancy and rapid diagnosis of complications with trying tofix and make them to prevent preterm delivery. The objective of this study is to compare the maternal risk factors in...

Author(s): Zohreh Khalajinia and Gholamreza Jandaghi

Methodology for establishing the routes for transportation of dangerous goods on the basis of the risk level - Case study: City of Belgrade

January 2012

This paper contains presentation of methodology, that is, the steps which have to be taken in order to establish the routes for transportation of dangerous goods. The methodology is developed by the authors of the paper, while the selection of routes for transportation of dangerous goods is based on determination of the extent of risk. The model used for determining the risk level for the selection of routes is the work...

Author(s): Branko Milovanović, Vojkan D. Jovanović, Predrag Živanović and Srećko Žeželj

Modification of the dynamic scale of marks in analytic hierarchy process (ahp) and analytic network approach (anp) through application of fuzzy approach

January 2012

There are two mainstreams in the use of the analytic network process (ANP) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP). One is the standard applications of crisp distributive and ideal mode versions. The other is characterised by fuzzification of the AHP/ANP methodology and by attempts to tackle better inherently uncertain and imprecise decision processes with quantitative and qualitative data. This paper presents...

Author(s): Dragan Pamučar, Boban Đorović, Darko Božanić and Goran Ćirović

Response of weed flora to different herbicides in aerobic rice system

January 2012

Weed is the major limitation to the adoption of aerobic rice system, the most potential water saving rice production technology. Herbicide is the appropriate tool to address this problem but suitable herbicide or their combination in controlling the predominant weed flora in this system is not established. The present study was conducted to evaluate the response of weed flora in the aerobic rice field to the sequential...

Author(s): Moshiur Rahman, Abdul Shukor Juraimi, Jaya Suria, A. S. M., Azmi B. Man and Parvez Anwar,

The clinical characteristics of the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo associated with sudden sensorineural hearing loss

January 2012

To explore the clinical characteristics of the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) associated with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) (throughretrospective analysis of 19 cases from June 2008 to June 2010) and improve the diagnosis and treatment. Nineteen cases (7 male and 12 female, aged 46 to 68 years old) of BPPV associated with SSHL from June 2008 to June 2010 were retrospectively...

Author(s): Li Peng, Zeng Xiang Li, Zhang Ge Hua and Huang Xue Kun

The effect of sex, age and weight on blood lipids in a Chinese population over 45 years old and related factors

January 2012

Blood lipids are a major risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD), and they change distinctly after the fourth decade in humans. In order to understand the relationships between blood lipids and sex, age, and weight in individuals over 45 years old, we recruited 362 healthy males aged 45-87 years (mean ± SD, 62.9 ± 11.3) and 297 healthy females aged 45-107 years (mean ± SD, 61.0...

Author(s): Lin Xu, Jian Qiu, Guangli Ren, Yali Zhang, Dingcheng Xiang, Airong Dong, Mingxiao Ge, Binglin Li, Karen Ocorr, Xiushan Wu and Xiaoyang Mo

Coefficient of variation and its application to strength prediction of self-piercing riveted joints

December 2011

This study deals with an application of the method of the coefficient of variation in strength prediction of the self-piercing riveted joints. Defined as the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean, the coefficient of variation may be used in both the reliability-based design of self-piercing riveted joints and in the evaluation of existing products. In this study, the concept and definition of the coefficient of...

Author(s): Xiaocong He

Determination of the best indirect selection criteria for improvement of seed and oil yield in canola cultivars (Brassica napus L.)

December 2011

To evaluate the relationship among seed and oil yield as well as determine the best indirect selection criteria for genetic improvement of seed and oil yield in canola a randomized complete block design with three replications was conducted using 17 cultivars. Step-wise regression of seed and oil yield revealed that 98.4 and 98.9% of total variation exists in these traits accounted for by the traits seed yield, oil...

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Golparvar

The antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activities of some essential oils obtained from aromatic plants grown and used in Yemen

December 2011

The antioxidant and skin whitening properties of essential oils as natural products is the cornerstone to replace synthesized preservatives and to obtain safer source with better biological activities. The present study was designed to investigate the antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activities of twenty essential oils obtained from aromatic plants grown and used in Yemen. Essential oils were hydrodistilled using...

Author(s): Mohammed Al-Mamary, Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab, Sayeed Al-Ghalibiand Eftekhar Al-Ghasani

Proximate composition of the leaves of Bambusa ventricosa, Oxytenanthera abyssinica and two varieties of Bambusa vulgaris

December 2011

Food selection by herbivores depends on the dietary composition of plant parts. However, the nutritional properties of tropical bamboo leaves, which could be a viable supplement of traditional fodder are hardly examined. Proximate composition of Bambusa ventricosa McClure, Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro and two varieties of Bambusa vulgaris (B. vulgaris Schrad. ex J. C....

Author(s): C. Antwi-Boasiako, G. Y. Coffie and N. A. Darkwa

In vivo and in vitro antibacterial activity of neomycin against plant pathogenic bacteria

December 2011

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential of neomycin to suppress the development of economically important plant pathogenic bacteria. The in vitroantibacterial activity against Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri, Erwinia carotovorasubsp. carotovora, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and Ralstonia solanacearum was evaluated. The minimal...

Author(s): Ke Tao, Jieyu Fan, Guanying Shi, Xingang Zhang, Haoyu Zhao and Taiping Hou

On using tabu search for fuzzy clustering analysis

December 2011

Clustering is an important technique for discovering the inherent structure in a given data set without any ‘priori’ knowledge. Fuzzy clustering analysis is to assign objects to a given number of clusters with respect to some criteria such that each object may belong to more than one cluster with different degrees of membership. In this article, a new fuzzy clustering method based on tabu search called...

Author(s): Yongguo Liu,, Xindong Wu and Yidong Shen

Comparison of the supercritical fluid extraction with conventional extraction methods to determine the fatty acid composition of black cumin seeds

December 2011

The purpose of this study was to compare different methods of extraction to determine the fatty acid composition of black cumin seeds. 100 g of the powdered sample either was subjected into SFE equipment using standard procedures or extracted using conventional techniques (methanol or hexane solvents). Identification of fatty acid composition of extracted Nigella sativa oil was performed by...

Author(s): Saadat Parhizkar, Latiffah A Latiff, and Sabariah Abd Rahman,

Vibrations of elastically restrained rectangular plates

December 2011

In this study, an approximation method based on Fourier sine series were investigated for the vibration analysis of rectangular plates elastically restrained along all the edges. The transverse displacement of the elastic supported plate consisted of linear combination of Fourier sine series and an auxiliary polynomial function. In order to eliminate possible discontinuities; an auxiliary polynomial was used in Fourier...

Author(s): Hüseyin DAL and Ömer K. MORGÜL

Intrusion detection using feature subset selection based on MLP

December 2011

Intrusions are serious questions in network systems. Numerous intrusion detection techniques are present to tackle these problems but the dilemma is performance. To raise performance, it is momentous to raise the detection rates and decrease false alarm rates. The contemporary methods use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to project features space to principal feature space and choose features corresponding to the...

Author(s): Iftikhar Ahmad, Azween Abdullah, Abdullah Alghamdi, Khalid Alnfajanand Muhammad Hussain

Crack damage detection of reinforced concrete beams using local stiffness indicator

December 2011

This paper described the application of the generalized solution for transverse vibration to detect crack damages in reinforced concrete beams. A single crack was induced in a full-scale reinforced concrete beam by application of a point load. The load was increased in stages to obtain different crack heights to represent the extent and severity of the defect. Experimental modal analysis was performed on the beam prior...

Author(s): Ismail Z., Ong A. Z. C. and Rahman A. G. A.

An IMM algorithm based on augmented kalman filter for maneuvering target tracking

December 2011

In this paper, in order to increase the accuracy of interacting multiple model (IMM) algorithm in presence of low and medium maneuvers, a new IMM algorithm based on Augmented Kalman Filter (AUKF) has been proposed. The accuracy of the IMM algorithm depends upon having a set of filters with motion models which are similar at all times to the real target situations. One way to increase the accuracy of this estimator is to...

Author(s): Ahmadreza Amirzadeh, Ali Karimpour and Ali Moeini

Global stability of an HIV/AIDS model with infection age and impulsive persuasion rate

December 2011

In this paper, an impulsive persuasion strategy to eradicate HIV/AIDS is studied. Since infection age is an important factor of HIV progression, we incorporate the infection age into the model. Using integral equation theory and operator semi group theory, we analyze the dynamical behaviors of this model and point out that there exists an infection-free periodic solution which is globally asymptotically stable if ....

Author(s): Xiaoyan Wang, Junyuan Yang, and Xuezhi Li

Use of indigenous Cucumis technologies as alternative to synthetic nematicides in management of root-knot nematodes in low-input agricultural farming systems: A review

December 2011

The ”Indigenous Cucumis Technologies” (ICTs) were researched and developed for the management of plant-parasitic nematodes, particularly Meloidogyne species, in an attempt to alleviate the void created by the withdrawal of synthetic nematicides from the agro-chemical markets and the drawbacks associated with the use of conventional organic matter as a nematode management practice....

Author(s): Phatu William Mashela, Dirk De Waele D and Kgabo Martha Pofu

Nickel in soils: A review of its distribution and impacts

December 2011

Nickel is generally uniformly distributed in the soil profile and typical soil nickel contents vary widely based on the parent rock, with elevated levels at surface soils been associated with soil- forming processes and anthropogenic contamination principally ascribed to agricultural and industrial activities. Major concern for the impact and distribution of nickel in soils arises apparently from the role of soil as an...

Author(s): Yahaya Ahmed Iyaka

Recent progression for application of Tadalafil

December 2011

Currently, Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors are effective treatment option of erectile dysfunction (ED) and its efficacy and safety has been demonstrated around the world. However, it has always been a hot issue deserving attention about how to use this drug more reasonably and effectively at home and abroad. In this article, the action mechanism, application methods, adverse reactions, efficacy and...

Author(s): Yuxin Tang, Yu Gan and Leye He

A finite element method based on an assumed curvature distribution for Euler-Bernoulli beams

December 2011

This paper surveys the assumed curvature finite element method for Euler-Bernoulli beams and its applications. Since the curvature of Euler-Bermnoulli beams is proportional to bending stress, this method approximates a curvature distribution as a polynomial. Then, the displacement is obtained by integrating the approximated bending stress. The integration constants are determined by imposing the compatibility...

Author(s): Yong-Lin Kuo

The continued relevance of home management of malaria strategy in the effective and sustainable control of malaria in endemic areas

December 2011

Malaria remains one of the World’s most devastating diseases, killing millions of people yearly. The disease is naturally transmitted through the bite of an adult female Anopheles mosquito and accompanied by symptoms which include fever, headache, chills and nausea among others. A wide range of childhood illnesses are accompanied by fever, many of which are treated at home prior to presentation in hospital. Home...

Author(s): Chukwuocha A. N. and Chukwuocha U. M.

Ethical international scientific writing collaboration, co-operation and partnerships: Case studies and testimonials

December 2011

Different types of collaboration, partnership and co-operation (CPC) exist in science and their possible forms can be different depending on the phase of scientific research when it is applied and consequently, on the common goals of participants. Scientific research can be divided into at least three different phases and the success of a scientific research needs the efficient completion of all these...

Author(s): Song-Jun Zeng, Guohua Ma, Judit Dobránszki, Sean M. Bulley, Budi Winarto, Pham Thanh Van,, Yong-Hua Qin, Gui-Bing Hu, Cheng-Jiang Ruan, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva

Overview of the treatment of historical industrial heritage in engineering graphics

December 2011

This article presents a comprehensive review of the stages of research when addressing the issue of historical industrial heritage from the point view of engineering graphics, looking at its influence on all stages of the value chain. It provides a contextual introduction, explaining the research, the aim pursued and the priority objectives of this type of work. It also presents the methodology and the materials used,...

Author(s): José Ignacio Rojas-Sola and Miguel Castro-Garcia

A survey study of military medical students to autopsy in modern medical education

December 2011

Military medical students will serve emergency in wars or natural disasters, so the autopsy teaching is an important value for their future career. To observe the military medical students’ attitudes to autopsy in the modern medical education, a survey study was undertaken to observe the military medical students’ attitudes to autopsy in a teaching hospital affiliated to military medical university....

Author(s): Miao-Xia He, Jian-Jun Wang, Zhi Zhu, Yang Wang, Li Li, Pei Zhang and Jian-Ming Zheng

Modified damage location indices in beam-like structure: Analytical study

December 2011

Proposed modifications to two existing algorithms, based on mode shape, for locating of damage in a beam like structure model are presented in this paper. The Curvature Damage Factor (CDF) developed by Wahab and Roeck (1999) computes the change in mode shape curvature between two sets of mode vectors, that is, undamaged and damaged conditions. The local stiffness indicator (LSI) was developed by Ismail and Abdul Razak...

Author(s): Moatasem M. Fayyadh and Hashim Abdul Razak

Effect of hormonal and antibiotic treatment of Holstein cows with uterine discharges at 25 days in milk on reproductive performance in Mexican Plateau

December 2011

Endometritis treatment is a controversial topic among veterinary practitioners. The objective of this study was to evaluate reproductive profiles of dairy cows that presented uterine discharge at 25 days in milk and were treated with hormones and a specific antibiotic for intrauterine infusion. In a single herd, at 25 (±5) days after parturition, the reproductive tract (vulva, vagina, cervix and size of the...

Author(s): M. A. Lammoglia,  I. C. Daniel and  A. Cabrera

Prediction of permeability from reservoir main properties using neural network

December 2011

Prediction on permeability is an essential task in reservoir engineering as it has great influences on oil and gas production, while porous media grain size, sorting, cementing, porosity, specific surface area, direction and location of grain and irreduction water saturation have effects on permeability. In this project we studied the effect of porosity, specific surface area and irreduction water saturation as main...

Author(s): Mostafa Mokhtari, Hossein Jalalifar, Hamid Alinejad-Rokny and Peyman Pour Afshary

The use of geographic information system (GIS) in crisis management for Istanbul city

December 2011

Nowadays, integrated disaster management includes the phases [(response and recovery (crisis management, after the disaster), and mitigation and preparedness (risk management, before disaster)]. Legal framework of disaster management phases in Turkey includes only crisis management. Principles of planning to crisis management must be for fast first and emergency aid to victims and to oriented fast and correctly to the...

Author(s): Dilek KEPEKCI

Developing of a learning-based system to assist treatment process of arrhythmia patients

December 2011

Author(s): Adnan Fatih Kocamaz, Fatih Aydın and Erdem Uçar

Effects of restricted nutrition on biochemical parameters of liver function in pregnant Ghezel ewes

December 2011

This study was conducted in order to determine the effects of low energy diets (that is food restriction) on the liver function of Gezel ewes in late pregnancy. Twenty-four clinically intact ewes with an average weight of 50±3 kg used for the study. Twenty one pregnant ewes (clinically intact ewes with an average weight of 50±3 kg) were divided into 3 groups (Treatments I, II and III). The ewes in...

Author(s): A. Rezapour and M. Taghinejad-Roudbaneh

Verification of the analytical equation for power penalty measurement in OXADM device

December 2011

This paper presents a computational investigation of OXADM device for measuring power penalty. The OXADM are located in the nodes, which have more than two switching directions in ring networks. The function of OXADM is to flexibly switch the wavelengths among the different input and output ports. Because of the OXADM’s imperfect performance, the insertion loss and crosstalk are induced in the system. This paper...

Author(s): Mohammad Syuhaimi bin Ab-Rahman, Khoo Boon Kheng, Ili Yusof, Liang Xian Loong and Ng Si Hoong

Modeling of future decades changes of Iran’s precipitation as basic step in management for dry farming

December 2011

Human being has a very significant and pivotal role in forming the environment behavior. The growing human population, emissions of greenhouse gas, changing the earth’s surface through building dams, etc cause great changes in the environmental system. The present research is an attempt to consider the changes in the rainfall and temperature in Iran in the coming decades influenced by the increase in the level of...

Author(s): Reza Borna and Azadeh Arbabi

Comparison of six different parameter estimation methods in wind power applications

December 2011

In this paper, the different parameter estimation methods such as maximum likelihood method, least square method, weighted least square method, moments method, the method based on quantiles and maximum spacing method for the Weibull distribution which are widely accepted in wind power studies are presented and discussed. The effect of the selecting parameter estimation method on the estimation of wind power is also...

Author(s): Yeliz Mert Kantar, Mehmet Kurban and Fatih Onur Hocaoglu,

Mathematical modeling for analysis cable structures

December 2011

The cable structures are long tension structures. The main aim of this paper is to provide a new efficient method in all aspects of analysis of tension structures. Tension structures belong to high- nonlinearity structures. The approach of the proposed method is based on the principle of conservation of energy. In this paper a theory for nonlinear dynamics response analysis of tension structure is based on the...

Author(s): Hashamdar H, Tahir M, Z. Ibrahim, Jameel M, H.B. Mahmud, Jahangirzadeh

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