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Effects of different bamboo densities on understory species diversity and trees regeneration in an Abies faxoniana forest, Southwest China

February 2012

  Effects of dwarf bamboo, Fargesia nitida, on micro-environments, species diversity and regeneration on the floor were investigated at three conditions, high density (HB), low density (LB) and without F. nitida (UB) in a subalpine Abies faxoniana forest, southwest China. Relative photon flux density (RPFD) on the floor became unfavorable, and physical and chemical features of soil...

Author(s):   Yong-Jian Wang, Xue-Ping Shi and Jian-Ping Tao         

An analysis of super-linear speedup for master-slave model

February 2012

  Recently, large-scale computations have been used in many real application areas. At the same time, there exists more parallel computing technique on cluster in order to meet these demands. In this paper, a speedup analysis of Master-Slave application on heterogeneous cluster is investigated. A task allocation model is set up and its theoretical analysis of execution time is developed. A more accurate upper...

Author(s):   Wu Weining, Sihon Crutcher and Xu Runzhang    

Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept

February 2012

  The seismic force on structure causes instability and could overturn or create unacceptable differential settlement. This paper presents and discusses experimental, theoretical and numerical methods for the study and evaluation of interaction between sandy saturated subsoil and embankment in presence of confined sandy dense column. It is very important predicting structure differential settlement due to...

Author(s):   Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept    

Effect of network hierarchy in a typical campus area network (CAN) of a university

February 2012

  This paper presents the results of a practical implementation of the hierarchical network design. The aim of this paper is to briefly show the effect of hierarchy in a campus network by taking the case study of a University network that has no hierarchy implemented. We simulated the original network and subjected the network to run for a period of 30 min with all the deployed services fully running to obtain...

Author(s):     S. Zubair , Y. A. Adediran , S. Misra , B. A. Salihu , H. T. Abdulazeez and A. Suleiman     

Antioxidant activities of Solenostemon monostachyus leaf extract using in vitro methods

February 2012

  Solenostemon monostachyus is an important herb that is native to West and Central Africa. The leaves have been traditionally used for various medicinal purposes however the scientific basis for these effects is scarce. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro antioxidant and free radical scavenging abilities of S. monostachyus extract by assessing its hydrogen peroxide...

Author(s):   Tebekeme Okoko and Diepreye Ere    

Rainwater harvesting practices: A key concept of energy-water linkage for sustainable development

February 2012

  Water shortage is a big problem in Ethiopia. The main challenge is to develop an appropriate and affordable innovation that can help to bridge the gap between demand and supply of water.  Mostly, water supply plants are installed at a plain region, and Jimma zone of Ethiopia is a high land. Thus, water transportation, operation and maintenance of supply system consumes a big chunk of energy supply. The...

Author(s):   Rani Devi, Bishaw Diboch and Vijender Singh    

Heavy metals distribution in the soils of Peshawar valley, Northern-Pakistan

February 2012

  Information about metals concentrations in soil profiles of Peshawar-Pakistan in relation to their parent material is in scarcity. The study was aimed to identify the source of metals in soils and to determine the level of depletion and enrichment. Twenty two soil profiles derived from alluvium, piedmont alluvium, loess and re-deposits loess underlain by quaternary sediments with their respective parent...

Author(s):   Siddiqui S and Khattak R. A    

Life cycle assessment of biological-mechanical treatment in solid waste management

February 2012

  Mechanical-biological waste treatment process commonly produce an organic rich fraction containing nutrients and organic matter which have the potential to improve physical, chemical and biological health of soil. Based on recommended BMT-based integrated MSW management system, life cycle assessment is employed to compare the environmental impact potential (EIP) of two BMT-based waste treatment strategies...

Author(s):   Heydar Rezaeyeh Esmaeil, Sumiani Yusoff, Jafar Nouri and Jahangir Asadi,        

ESU-GOO: The join order algorithm for optimizing small join queries

February 2012

  The near exhaustive search algorithm named ESU-GOO was proposed to optimize small join queries. It optimizes the join query time which consists of both the time to generate join query results and the time to search the join order solution, whereas methods such as exhaustive search and greedy algorithm optimizes only one of them. The ESU-GOO integrates Greedy Operator Ordering (GOO) to Exhaustive...

Author(s):   Areerat Trongratsameethong and Jarernsri L. Mitrpanont    

Effect of shock vibrations due to speed control humps to the health of city bus drivers

February 2012

  Speed Control Humps (SCH) are used to slow down the vehicles and improve traffic safety. While passing over the humps, the drivers of public transport buses are exposed to shock vibrations. An analysis of the effects of shock vibrations to the health of a city bus driver, while passing over three types of SCHs, is made by simulation, using an original oscillatory model with five degrees of freedom (DOF). The...

Author(s):   Dragan Sekulić, Vlastimir Dedović and SrÄ‘an Rusov    

Super-resolution image reconstruction using sparse parameter dictionary framework

February 2012

  Super-resolution (SR) image reconstruction is the signal processing technique of fusing many low resolution images into a single higher resolution image. A sparse parameter dictionary framework for super-resolution image reconstruction is proposed, which amalgamates the feature patches of high-resolution and low-resolution images using sparse parameter dictionary coding. This technique fabricates a sparse...

Author(s):   Kanakaraj J. and Kathiravan S.        

Sensitivity of direct smear microscopy for the diagnosis of TB in high HIV prevalent population

February 2012

  Diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) amongst HIV patients is a great challenge due to the low density of Acid Fast bacilli (AFB) in their sputum. The study was conducted to determine the sensitivity of direct smear microscopy (DSM) for TB diagnosis in HIV endemic setting using culture as a gold standard. During the period of study, 549 TB suspects were screened, and they comprised of 396(72%) HIV-positive...

Author(s):   Onubogu Catherine Chizoba, Nwokoye Nkiru Nenye, Kunle-Ope Chioma Nneka, Raheem Toyosi Yekeen, Igbasi Uche Thecla, Tochukwu Nwanneka, Ejezie Clementina Obiageli, Onyejepu Nneka, Omoloye Rashidat , Onwujekwe Dan, and Idigbe Emmanuel Oni        

A surrogate modelling to predict surface roughness and surface texture when grinding AISI 1042 carbon steel

February 2012

  The quality of the surface produced during carbon steel is important as it influences the performance of the finished part to a great extent. This paper discusses the optimization of cylindrical grinding when grinding carbon steel (AISI 1042) and effect of three variables (work speed, diameter of workpiece and depth of cut) towards surface roughness with aluminium oxide as grinding wheel. Surrogate...

Author(s):   K. Kadirgama, M. M. Rahman, A. R. Ismail and R. A. Bakar        

Effects of farmers’ cultural practices on the weedy rice infestation and rice production

February 2012

  An on-farm trial was conducted at the Muda Agricultural Development Authority rice fields, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia from November, 2003 to July, 2006 to study the impacts of farmers’ cultural practices on the weedy rice infestation and rice production. Five sample farmers (A, B, C, D and E) from five different sampling sites were selected on the basis of severity of weedy rice infestation on their...

Author(s):   Mashhor Mansor, S. M. Rezaul Karim and Zainal Abidin    

Face- central incisor form matching in selected south Asian population

February 2012

This research intended to examine the morphometric relationship between the face and inverted maxillary central incisor in Malays and Chinese. 120 volunteers who met defined criteria participated in the study. Measurements were made directly and on digital images of each subject’s frontal facial view and the corresponding stone cast of the maxillary teeth. An image analyzer was used to divide the image of the face...

Author(s): Laith Mahmoud Abdulhadi

A novel extrapolation method for value prediction applications

January 2012

This paper presents a simple extrapolation method for value prediction applications. Classical statistical analysis methods are not used for the proposed method instead some basic mathematical and constitutional properties of the system responses are used, and relationships between the samples are modeled. Detailed mathematical description of the proposed method is given and obtained results are justified using...

Author(s): Koksal ERENTURK and Saliha ERENTURK

Response of selected wheat genotypes to ethylmethanesulphonate concentration, treatment temperature and duration

January 2012

Ethylmethanesulphonate (EMS) is the most useful chemical mutagen to induce genetic variation in plant breeding programs. Key factors in inducing mutations with EMS include dose, genotype, temperature and duration of treatment. This study was conducted to determine the optimum EMS concentration, treatment temperature and duration for effective mutagenesis in selected wheat varieties. Seeds of four varieties (B936, B966,...

Author(s): V. N. Ndou, H. Shimelis, A. Odindo and A. T. Modi

Temperature compensation of hot wire mass air flow sensor by using fuzzy temperature compensation scheme

January 2012

Mass air flow sensors are increasingly used in the automotive industry to measure the mass air flow intake into the internal combustion engine. A problem occurred with the basic circuit for bridge type mass air flow sensor is the measurement accuracy of the sensor is affected by the temperature variation in the air. This paper presents the development of an open loop Fuzzy Temperature Compensation Scheme (FTCS) for hot...

Author(s): Noraznafulsima Khamshah, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Mohd Tarmizi Ibrahim, Damhuji Rifai and Shaiful Rizalmee Wahid

Amelioration of aluminium induced toxicity by Allium sativum

January 2012

Garlic (Allium sativum L., Liliaceae) is a nature’s boon to mankind, which has played an important dietary and therapeutic medicinal role throughout the history of mankind. Aluminum (Al) is a potent neurotoxin and has been associated with Alzheimer's disease causality for decades. The study aims to demonstrate the ameliorative effect of garlic extract against aluminium-induced toxicity in rat model....

Author(s): Sadhana Shrivastava

Optimal homotopy asymptotic approach to nonlinear oscillators with discontinuities

January 2012

In this paper a version of the optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM) has been proposed and applied to nonlinear oscillators with discontinuities. The main objective was to obtain highly accurate analytical solutions for a particularantisymmetric constant force oscillator using this new procedure. The proposed procedure proved to be very effective and accurate and did not require linearization or small...

Author(s): V. Marinca, and N. HeriÅŸanu,

Traditional knowledge and usage of edible plants among the Semai community of Kampung Batu 16, Tapah, Perak, Malaysia

January 2012

A study was carried out on the traditional knowledge and usage of edible plants among the Semai community at a village in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Information was obtained through verbal communication with adults guided by a predetermined set of questions, and also by observing and participating in their activities during each visit using the method of ethnobotanical enquiry.  A total of 66 species was...

Author(s): Hean-Chooi Ong, Elley Lina and Pozi Milow

A cultural algorithm based particle swarm optimization approach to linear brushless DC motor PID controller

January 2012

This paper presents a new hybrid Cultural Algorithm (CA) based particle swarm optimization (PSO) that converges to a significantly more accurate solution then existing particle swarm optimization and which has also been applied to the linear brushless DC motor PID controller design. The utility of hybrid CA based PSO is demonstrated by determining the optimal proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller parameters...

Author(s): M. Khalid, Q. Luo and H. Duan

Water supply crisis in Ankara: Review and comparison of the “1995 master plan report on Ankara water supply project”

January 2012

The purpose of this study was to compare technical recommendations for water supply projects for the city of Ankara, Turkey with institutional decisions that led to a water supply crisis during a drought in August, 2007. The authors provide an evaluation of government institutions responsible for planning and provision of Ankara’s water supply and treatment, and an analysis and comparison of the “1995 Master...

Author(s): Carter Franz, Sahnaz Tigrek  and Aysegül Kibaroglu

Cloning and expression analysis of a nitrate reductase gene related to somatic embryogenesis in Gossypium hirsutum

January 2012

Nitrate reductase is a key enzyme in the overall process of nitrate assimilation by plants. A nitrate reductase (NR) gene related to somatic embryogenesis was firstly cloned from Gossypium hirsutum. Sequence alignment shows that the GhNR is closest with Tilia platyphyllos NR gene. The expression of GhNR was investigated using semi-quantitative RT-PCR in nonembryogenic calli, embryogenic calli and somatic...

Author(s): Jie Liu, Gaiying Han, Yan Zhang, Xingfen Wang, Jina Chi, Guiyin Zhang and Zhiying Ma,

Inhibition of DPP IV is a suggested mechanism of the immunomodulatory effects of sparfloxacin

January 2012

Sparfloxacin is the first marketed amino difluoroquinolone. It is currently marketed in many countries in the world and used widely for the management of urinary tract or respiratory tract infections. Fluoroquinolones could modulate both cellular and humoral immunity. The results of this study showed that Sparfloxacin could significantly suppress the proliferation of both stimulated Balb/c splenocytes and stimulated...

Author(s): Suhair Saleh, Mohammad Mohammad, Sundus H. Mashallah, Eman Elayeh, Ihab AlMasri, Hatim S. AlKhatib, Mohammad Fararjeh and Yasser Bustanji

Organic facies of the Beydağları carbonate platform (Mesozoic), Western Taurus, Antalya, Turkey

January 2012

Mesozoic carbonates are widespread in the Antalya region of south-west Turkey and have been studied in the outcrop. Mesozoic units include a Jurrasic/Cretaceous sequence that comprises, from bottom to top, the following stratigraphic sequence: BeydaÄŸları Formation (Jurrasic-Cretaceous) and ÇiÄŸdemtepe Formation (Senonian). Detailed data from thick Mesozoic carbonates (BeydaÄŸları and ÇiÄŸdemtepe...

Author(s): Selin Hökerek and Orhan Özçelik

Experimental analyses of bending angle by a pulsed Nd:YAG laser in sheet metal forming process

January 2012

The process of laser bending requires numerous experiments to pinpoint parameters that produce the highest bending angle of sheet metals. The effects of laser power, beam diameter, scan velocity, pass number, pulse duration, sheet metal thickness and proposed parameter for material properties on bending angle were investigated. The Taguchi method and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were applied to find out significant...

Author(s): M. Hoseinpour Gollo, H. Moslemi Naeini, G. H. Payganeh, S. Ding and S. M. Mahdavian

Process and impact evaluation of the Odi youth centre regarding behavioural change towards HIV/AIDS

January 2012

The objective of HIV prevention interventions is that young people would not only have a potential to protect them from being infected but also to shape their lives in a positive way, hence we evaluated the process and impact of a youth centre regarding behavioural change towards HIV/AIDS. This is an evaluative descriptive study using a qualitative research method. For process evaluation, in-depth, interviews were...

Author(s): M. E. Mokabane, K. Mokwena and O. O. Oguntibeju

Trivial nomenclature of gluco-hexose in Portuguese language and other Latin based languages

January 2012

Portuguese is ranked seventh among the world's languages in number of native speakers (over 200 million) and the universe of all Latin “daughter languages” is over 700 million people (e.g. Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian). There is confusion in Portuguese language and other Latin based languages about the use of the trivial nomenclature of gluco-hexose that sometimes is written as...

Author(s): Rui M. F. Bezerra, Ana Sampaio and Albino A. Dias

BKK-Type bound on the zeros of spline functions

January 2012

It was shown by Bernstein that the number of roots in  of a polynomial system depended only on the Newton polytopes of the system for almost all specializations of the coefficients. This result henceforth is referred to as the BKK bound and it gives an upper bound on the number of roots of a polynomial system. But this bound is only applicable to the systems of polynomials. In this paper, the BBK bound was...

Author(s): Dian-xuan Gong, Chuanan Wei and Ling Wang

Effect of phosphorus and potassium nutrition on growth and yield of soybean in relay strip intercropping system

January 2012

A field experiment was conducted to determine the effect of Phosphorus (P) application (0, 8.5, 17.0 and 25.5 kg ha-1) and Potassium (K) application (0, 37.5, 75.0 and 112.5 kg ha-1) on growth and yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in relay strip intercropping system. The plant height, stem diameter, branch number and leaf area increased at first and then decreased with the increment of P application,...

Author(s): Da-Bing Xiang, Tai-Wen Yong, Wen-Yu Yang, Yan-Wan, Wan-Zhuo Gong, Liang Cui, and Ting Lei

Groundwater quality of the shallow alluvial aquifer of Wadi Jazan (Southwest Saudi Arabia) and its suitability for domestic and irrigation purpose

January 2012

The groundwater quality of wadi Jazan (southwest Saudi Arabia) experienced degradation due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. On the basis of the groundwater chemistry, an evaluation of groundwater for domestic and irrigation uses is established. Thirty one groundwater samples were collected in February 2011 from wadi Jazan, southwest Saudi Arabia to study the chemical parameters such as hydrogen ion...

Author(s): Awni Batayneh, Eslam Elawadi, Saad Mogren, Elkhedr Ibrahim and Saleh Qaisy

A new deterioration model for electrolytic capacitors in direct current to direct current (DC-DC) converters

January 2012

The output filter aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the key components that determine the life of direct current to direct current (DC-DC) converters, and so, establishing a deterioration model for the electrolytic capacitor is the basis for analyzing the impact on the converters’ performances. Generally, the main parasitic parameters that indicate the electrolytic capacitor deterioration such as...

Author(s): Yinyu Du, Yong Guan, Lifeng Wu, Wei Pan, Guohui Wang and Shihong Zhou

CFD modeling of the melt spinning of poly (ethylene terepthalate) at low take-up velocities

January 2012

In this study, a model was formulated to describe the melt spinning of Poly (ethylene terepthalate) (PET) at different quench air speeds and temperatures, mass throughputs and a low range of take-up velocities. The constitutive equations of the Newtonian model were used for modeling, which assumed the flow of polymer was viscous. To simulate the influence of the process parameters on the melt spinning process, a fiber...

Author(s): Sengul Teke and Sule Altun

Development of regional gravimetric geoid model and comparison with EGM2008 gravity-field model over Korea

January 2012

We constructed a regional geoid model and compared it with the EGM2008 global gravity-field model to evaluate the performance of EGM2008 for Korea. By using the Remove–Compute–Restore (RCR) technique, we developed an improved gravimetric geoid model JNUGEOID2010 on a 1 × 1′ grid by combining the EIGEN-GL04C global geopotential model (GGM), 8316 land-gravity data, an altimetry-derived marine...

Author(s): Suk-Bae Lee and Chul-Young Kim

Menstrual health: the unmet needs of adolescent girls’ in Sokoto, Nigeria

January 2012

The perception and appropriate hygiene practices of girls towards menstruation is closely linked with their level of knowledge and beliefs. This study aimed to assess the level of knowledge on menstruation and hygienic practices among adolescent school girls in an urban city, Nigeria. The study was a cross sectional survey and a total 122 girls from 4 out of the 9 schools’ were recruited using a multistage...

Author(s): Oche M. O., Umar A. S., Gana G. J. and Ango J. T.

Kinematic GNSS-PPP results from various software packages and raw data configurations

January 2012

In this study, kinematic precise point positioning (PPP) was tested. The raw data were taken from permanent stations, two airplane trajectories, a car trajectory and a walking trajectory. International GNSS Service (IGS) final products were used in the post-processing phase. The observations were processed using four different on-line software packages: the Canadian Spatial Reference System On-line Global GPS Processing...

Author(s): Angel Martín, Ana B. Anquela, José L. Berné and Miriam Sanmartin

Application of exogenous glycine betaine on some growth traits of soybean (Glycine max L.) cv. DPX in drought stress conditions

January 2012

Glycine betaine is an osmoprotectant quaternary ammonium compound that accumulates in response to stress in plants. In order to evaluation stress tolerance, determination of yield amount and vegetative characteristic of Glycine max L. cv. DPX, an experiment was performed under potting conditions in factorial randomized complete block design with 4 replications in natural environmental conditions. Treatments...

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Rezaei, Behzad Kaviani and Hadi Jahanshahi

Towards an analytical information system of traffic accidents in the function of traffic safety monitoring

January 2012

Quality monitoring, analysis and evaluation of traffic safety situation is the first and most important strategic step in establishing a traffic safety protection system. With the goal of establishing the protection system and traffic safety management system, it is necessary to use quality data from traffic accident databases. Apart from quality, with respect to different quality criteria, it is also...

Author(s): Ognjen Pantelic, Dalibor Pesic, Milan Vujanic and Dragana B. Vujaklija

A review of risk factors, incidence and solutions for hepatocellular carcinoma

January 2012

Liver cancer is one of the cancers that associated with high mortality rate. Incident of liver cancer always correlate with unhealthy life style, food contaminant (such as aflatoxin) and most importantly hepatitis virus infection. High mortality rate of liver cancer can be contributed by late detection of the disease, resistant of the liver cancer cell toward chemotherapy and inhibition of body immune system. The...

Author(s): S. K. Yeap, S. Tamilselvan, M. Al-Qubaisi, Abdul-Rahman Omar, W. Y. Ho, B. K. Beh and Noorjahan B. Alitheen

Potential bioactive property of Polygonum minus Huds (kesum) review

January 2012

In recent years, the bioactive properties of medicinal plants have been attracting the attention of scientists. Polygonum minus Huds is a traditional Malaysian plant that has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders. Several researchers have reported that P. minus Huds contains a high level of antioxidants, flavonoid and phenolic compounds which contain several bioactive properties. To...

Author(s): Suhailah Wasman Qader, Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Lee Suan Chua and Salehhuddin Hamdan

A different approach to the set of fuzzy numbers

January 2012

In this paper, we showed that every element of the set F of all fuzzy numbers can be abstractly considered as an element of the nonseparable and nonreflexive Banach algebra . Banach lattice structure of  is also investigated according to a partial order we defined.   Key words: Fuzzy numbers, Banach space.

Author(s): Danyal SOYBAÅž and F. Berna BENLI

Virtual reality adoption capability in Malaysian automotive manufacturing industry

January 2012

Virtual reality and three-dimensional modelling technologies are mainly used in industry in many aspects. The automotive industry is considered as the initial group that uses virtual reality technologies. However, without adopting advanced technology, the automotive industry cannot compete with its global competition. In this study, six automotive companies in Malaysia were selected as case study to verify the virtual...

Author(s): Maryam Mousavi, Faieza Abdul Aziz and Napsiah Ismail

Exact complexiton soliton solutions for nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics

January 2012

In this article, the extended multiple Riccati equations expansion method has been used to construct a series of double soliton- like solutions, double triangular function solutions and complexiton soliton solutions for some nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics via the (2+1) dimensional breaking soliton equations, (2+1) dimensional painleve integrable Burger's equations and (2+1)...

Author(s): Khaled A. Gepreel, and A. R. Shehata

Investigation of water absorbency and color fastness of modal woven towels

January 2012

Water absorbency and color fastness to perspiration, seawater and washing of modal terry woven fabrics were studied in this research. Weft and warp yarns were produced from 100% cotton and pile yarns were produced from 50/0% modal/cotton blended yarn. Terry woven fabrics were produced in five different pile heights. Water absorbency and color fastness tests were carried out on fabrics. It was determined that sinking...

Author(s): Filiz SEKERDEN

Fifth order two-stage explicit Runge–Kutta–Nyström method for the direct integration of second order ordinary differential equations

January 2012

In this paper a direct integration of second-order Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) of the form , , , using the Explicit Runge-Kutta-Nyström method with higher derivatives is presented. Various numerical schemes are derived and tested on standard problems. The higher-order explicit Runge-Kutta-Nyström (HERKN) method given in this paper is compared with the conventional Explicit Runge...

Author(s): S. A. Okunuga, A. B. Sofoluwe, J. O. Ehigie and M. A. Akanbi

Inter-generic grafting in watermelon for managing Meloidogyne species: A review

January 2012

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) cultivars suffer considerable yield losses from infection by the root-knot nematodes due to the unavailability of nematode-resistant genotypes. Screening for nematode resistance within the family Cucurbitaceae demonstrated that wild watermelon (Cucumis africanus) and wild cucumber (C. myriocarpus) were highly resistant to Meloidogyne incognita races 2 and 4 and M. javanica,...

Author(s): Kgabo Martha Pofu, Phatu William Mashela and Hussein Shimelis

Potential utilization of cassava pulp for ethanol production in Indonesia

January 2012

Cassava is one of the major crops produced in Indonesia. Cassava grows in all provinces in Indonesia. In the last decade, even though cassava plantation area is decreased, cassava production and its productivity in Indonesia have been on the increase steadily. The tendency of using cassava for ethanol production would affect supply of cassava for food. Cassava pulp, a by- product of tapioca industry is one of the...

Author(s): Euis Hermiati, Djumali Mangunwidjaja, Titi C. Sunarti, Ono Suparno and Bambang Prasetya

A review of modeling errors and control for time-delay systems utilizing the LDI criterion

January 2012

Nonlinear systems sometimes suffer from modeling errors which could potentially result in instability and reduce the control performance of the actual systems. This paper reviews some previous research studies examining the sources of these errors and how to deal with them. In this work, a fuzzy Lyapunov function is defined through fuzzy blending quadratic Lyapunov functions to avoid conservatism in the stability...

Author(s): Pei-Yin Chung, Han-Chung Yang, Cheng-Wu Chen, and Chin-Jui Chang

Fuzzy controlled multi-hop adaptive clustering (FMAC) for mobile ad hoc networks

January 2012

To mimic the operations in fixed infrastructures and to solve the routing scalability problem in large ‘mobile ad hoc networks’, forming clusters of nodes has been proven to be a promising approach. However, when existing weighted clustering algorithms calculate each node’s weight, they either consider only one metric or rely on some metrics collected from extra devices. This often leads to a higher...

Author(s): Anuradha Banerjee and Paramartha Dutta

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