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Natural radioactivity in drinking and mineral water in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

March 2012

The radiological quality of 238U, 232Th and 40K in some samples of drinking and mineral water collected in Johor Bahru, Malaysia has been measured by direct  ray spectroscopy using high purity germanium detector in this paper. Mean activity concentration of 238U, 232Th and 40K in drinking and mineral water were found 1.48 ± 0.12, 9.59 ± 0.83, 39.67 ± 1.69 ppm and...

Author(s): N. M. Yussuf, I. Hossain and H. Wagiran

Multi-user detection in ultra-wideband multiple-access communications systems using an efficient heuristic algorithm

March 2012

This paper investigates learning and achievable bit error rate (BER) performance of ultra-wideband (UWB) systems that use intelligent multiuser detector (MUD) when communicating over UWB channels that experience both multiuser interference (MUI) and intersymbol interference (ISI), in addition to multipath fading. Multiple access interference (MAI) degrades performance of conventional single user detector in UWB systems....

Author(s): Ho-Lung Hung and Hsing-Chung Chen

Quantum message exchanging network using entanglement swapping and decoy photons

March 2012

We propose a scheme for secure quantum message exchanging network following the idea in entanglement swapping. In this scheme, the servers of the network provide the service for preparing the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) entangled states as quantum channels. For preventing the eavesdropping, a security checking method is suggested. After the security check, anyone of the authorized users can exchange his/her...

Author(s): Negin Fatahi and Mosayeb Naseri

Household Asset Index and Total Iron Intake, but not Education, best Predict Iron Status in a Black Population Sample in Gauteng, South Africa

March 2012

This paper reports on independent associations of household asset index and education, as components of socio-economic status, on iron status in a black population sample in Gauteng province. The study was cross-sectional, involving 40 men, 184 women (n = 224), randomly selected, based on informed consent. Socio-economic, dietary intake and biochemical data were collected using household socio-demographic...

Author(s): Hedwig Acham, Abdulkadir A. Egal and Wilna H. Oldewage-Theron

An electromagnetism-like mechanism for solving cell formation problems

March 2012

This paper presents an electromagnetism-like mechanism (EM) algorithm in order to solve cell formation problems. Based on the attraction-repulsion principle in electromagnetic theory, each combination of the part and machine groups was regarded as a charged particle. The total force calculation and the move along the total force calculation were then determined out to either maximize the cell group effectiveness or...

Author(s): Nai-Chieh Wei, Hsiao-Kang Lin and Peitsang Wu

The Tucumán solar UV transparency experiment: Preliminary results and prospective

March 2012

Two radiometers were simultaneously operated during the past dry season in Tucumán province, NW Argentina. The main objective was to determine particulate matter content of the atmosphere. Ampimpa, an astronomic observatory up in the mountains, was adopted as the reference, non polluted monitoring site. The INTA meteorological facility at Famaillá, in the plains, was chosen as an air pollution test site,...

Author(s): Otón Matías Grimolizzi, Lidia María Benítez and Ana María Frenzel

A smart energy management system for monitoring and controlling time of power consumption

March 2012

Energy resources and their management is one of the prime challenges to the world especially low economy developing countries like Malaysia where the majorcontribution to energy generation is based on imports setting a considerableweight on the...

Author(s): Azhar Fakharuddin, Ahmad N. Abdalla, Muhammad Rauf, Nik Mohd Kamil, Salman Ahmad and Ashad Mustafa

Comparative phytochemical and ethnomedicinal survey of selected medicinal plants in Nigeria

March 2012

Phytochemical screening and ethnomedicinal survey of twenty-two medicinal plants distributed in fifteen different families were carried out in order to know the distribution of secondary metabolites and the diseases being treated with these plants. It was discovered that alkaloids, tannins and saponin were present in all.  Flavonoid was absent only in Peperomia pellucida; five out of these plants lack terpene,...

Author(s): Felix Oluwafemi Omotayo and Temitope Israel Borokini

Complementary food blends and malnutrition among infants in Ghana: A review and a proposed solution

March 2012

Widespread malnutrition among Ghanaian infants could be attributed to unfortified plant-based complementary foods commonly used at the household level. This review summarises the publications on the development of complementary food blends and intervention trials aimed at improving the nutritional status of Ghanaian infants. The complementary food blends are cereal-based which are developed from maize (in higher...

Author(s): Francis Kweku Amagloh, Janet L. Weber, Louise Brough, Allan Hardacre, Anthony N. Mutukumira and Jane Coad

A Bayesian networks-based security risk analysis model for information systems integrating the observed cases with expert experience

March 2012

  In the process of security risk analysis for information systems, establishing an appropriate model suitable for the target security risk problem is a crucial task that will ultimately influence the effectiveness of risk analysis results. For inducing a representative model for observed information systems, a security risk analysis model is proposed based on the knowledge from observed cases and domain...

Author(s): Nan Feng and Jing Xie

Concepts of permanency in Persian domiciles of Muslims and Zoroastrians

March 2012

  One of the most crucial and important subjects in Persian architecture is permanency of traditional domiciles. The goal of creators was to obtain the best building that met the needs of the time. Also, permanency is conditions and characteristics which a building has for being permanent through the years. Environmental sustainability mostly emphasizes less consumption of fossil fuels, energy waste on...

Author(s): Hamid Majedi and Siavash Rashidi Sharif Abad

Effects of various medium compositions and wounding treatments on in vitro growth and regeneration of bird of paradise(Strelitzia reginae)

March 2012

  The aim of this study was to investigate the use of antioxidants, wounding treatments and hormone concentrations in efforts to overcome phenolic oxidation and stimulate axillary bud proliferation. Significant results were achieved with 1-naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) concentrations on explants discoloration and callus formation. The antioxidant treatments, activated charcoal (AC)...

Author(s): J. J. North, P. A. Ndakidemi and C. P. Laubscher

The influence of motives on risky behavior in traffic: Comparison between motorcyclists and passenger car drivers

March 2012

  Motorcycle riders represent one of the most endangered groups of traffic participants. It is important to determine which factors influence the increased number of motorcycle deaths in relation to other categories of participants, especially automobile drivers. Motives are often related to risky behaviour in traffic, therefore this paper examines the influence of motives on risky behaviour of motorcyclists...

Author(s): Vladimir Jevtić, Milan Vujanić, Krsto Lipovac, Dragan Jovanović and Predrag Stanojević

High yield generation of hepatocyte like cells from adipose derived stem cells

March 2012

  Mesenchyma stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent cells. They are capable of transforming into several mesoderm lineages. They can be separated from different tissues, such as bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, and adipose tissue. Stem cell based therapies for the repair and regeneration of individual tissues and organs suggest a paradigm shift which may supply optional therapeutic solutions for...

Author(s): Abbas Sahebghadam Lotfi, Alireza Khoshdel, Masoud Soleimani, Morteza Daliri,Vahid Razban and Behzad Adibi

Propagation of plane magneto-thermo-elastic waves in a rotating, electrically conducting and transversely isotropic medium

March 2012

  In this article, plane wave propagation, in a rotating perfectly electrically conducting unbounded transversely isotropic mediums in the presence of initially applied uniform magnetic field is studied. A general dispersion relation with complex coefficients is obtained for magneto-thermo-elastic waves. Axis of rotation, axis of symmetry and propagation of waves are chosen along z-axis. Four waves propagate in...

Author(s): A. Jahangir, A. Khan, S. Islam, and M. Khan

New HPLC method for the determination of artemether in injections

March 2012

  This new economical HPLC method has been developed for the estimation of artemether in injections to reduce the cost of estimation. Previously, one HPLC method is available in European Pharmacopoeia for the estimation of artemether but it is costly due to high price of acetonitrile. Present study replaced acetonitrile with methanol and showed that new method remained as specific, linear, accurate and precise...

Author(s): B Nasir, SNH Shah, G Murtaza, N Shahid, M Akhtar, BA Khan, S Azhar, A Mumtaz, A Waseem, SA Khan, M Ubaid, S Noreen, B kamal, MHHB Asad

Evaluation on physical, chemical and biological properties of casts of geophagous earthworm, Metaphire tschiliensis tschiliensis

March 2012

  Earthworms are soil dwellers that have profound effects on soil ecosystem. Their feeding and burrowing activities help to incorporate soil particles with organic matter and redistribute them back into the soil via casts. The casts produced enhance microbial activities in soil that promote nutrient cycling. The present study was carried out to examine the physical, chemical and biological properties of casts...

Author(s): Suk Kuan Teng, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Muskhazli Mustafa, Suraini Abd. Aziz, and Yi Wei Yan

An improved beamlet tree-structured algorithm and its application in pavement crack detection

March 2012

  In order to overcome the high computational complexity of beamlet tree-structure algorithm, the paper proposes an improved algorithm and applies it to pavement crack detection, thereby; solving the problem of pavement crack detection which has the disadvantages of poor noise immunity and inaccurate test results. First, the pavement crack image is rectified by multiplicative factors to eliminate the...

Author(s): Zeng Jiexian, Zhou Lili and Fu Xiang

Modeling of machining parameters of Ti-6Al-4V for electric discharge machining: A neural network approach

February 2012

  This paper presents the artificial intelligence model to predict the optimal machining parameters for Ti-6Al-4V through electrical discharge machining (EDM) using copper as an electrode and positive polarity of the electrode. The objective of this paper is to investigate the peak current, servo voltage, pulse on- and pulse off-time in EDM effects on material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR)...

Author(s):   M.M. Rahman    

Tool-chip temperature simulation on high pressure jet assisted machining of Ti6Al-V4

February 2012

  In this paper a numerical solution to predict cutting temperature in high pressure jet assisted turning of Ti6Al-V4 is presented. Temperature distribution is solved using finite difference method. Chip and tool temperatures are calculated under different cutting conditions such as variable cutting speed, feed and high pressure jet assisted cooling conditions. Chatter free stable cutting condition has been...

Author(s):   OÄŸuz ÇOLAK    

New programmable BiCMOS fuzzifier

February 2012

  It is clear that fuzzy logic is more compatible with analog circuit implementation compare to its digital mate. On the other hand being programmable is very important in various industrial implementations. Because of that this paper introduces a new method for implementing Membership function in fuzzy logic controllers. And a new high-speed analog fuzzification circuit was introduced for implementing this...

Author(s):   Sadeq Aminifar    

EPC Class-1 Generation-2 radio frequency Identification (RFID)-based Malaysian University Communities

February 2012

  Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been recently adopted as an automated data management system in many areas, especially in supply chain management systems. However, research and studies on EPC Class-1 Generation-2 (Gen 2) RFID technology-based university communities are relatively few. Ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID technology has outperformed the barcode technology and high frequency...

Author(s):   JingHuey Khor, Widad Ismail, Khadijah Kamarulazizi and Mohammad Ghulam Rahman    

The impact of physical and socio-cultural factors on structuring vernacular dwellings in Eastern Black Sea Region

February 2012

  People live in their physical and social environments and they ought to arrange their relations via physical and social environments surrounding them to meet sheltering need, which is their essential requirement. When, especially, traditional residential architecture that represents historical and cultural backgrounds of societies is examined, the critical importance of human-environment relation is...

Author(s):   Gülay Usta, Dilara Onur and Burcu Efe Ziyrek    

Cycle analysis of in-cylinder heat transfer characteristics for hydrogen fueled engine

February 2012

  The overall heat transfer process within the in-cylinder for port injection hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine (H2ICE) was investigated. One-dimensional gas dynamics was used to describe the flow and heat transfer in the components of the engine model. The engine model was simulated with a variable injection timing, engine speed and equivalence ratio (φ). Simulation was executed for 60 deg ATDC...

Author(s):   M. M. Rahman, Khalaf I. Hamada, K. Kadirgama, and Rosli A. Bakar      

Assessment of groundwater quality in the rural areas of the North West Province, South Africa

February 2012

  The aim of this study is to assess the quality of the groundwater currently supplied to the rural communities of the North West Province. Groundwater samples collected from 100 boreholes in these rural areas were subjected to culture-based methods using selective media for the isolation of faecal and total coliform bacteria. Molecular analysis targeting 16S rRNA gene, and the restriction...

Author(s):   Mpenyana-Monyatsi L. and Momba M. N. B.      

Participation in breast cancer prevention: Assessing women’s knowledge and their participation in mammography in Tehran, Iran

February 2012

  A survey was carried out from July through October, 2009 to study the knowledge and women’s participation in mammography. A total of 400 women in urban areas of Tehran, Iran were randomly selected in this study. Although, the general knowledge of women was fairly good, they did not participate in mammography in the last 2 years. However, the mean score of the knowledge of women who were adherent to...

Author(s):   Maryam Ahmadian, Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah, Ma’rof Redzuan and Zahid Emby    

Improving efficiency of inverse constitutive analysis of reinforced concrete flexural members

February 2012

  Adequate modeling of reinforced concrete (RC) cracking and, particularly post-cracking behavior, as one of the major sources of nonlinearity is an important and difficult task of deformation analysis. In smeared crack approach dealing with average cracking and strains, post-cracking effects can be modeled by stress-strain tension-stiffening relationships. Most of them were derived using test data of tension...

Author(s):     Viktor Gribniak, Gintaris Kaklauskas, Rimantas Kacianauskas and Romualdas Kliukas  

Planning for fast DBT in distributed virtual execution environment

February 2012

  Virtualization via dynamic binary translation is essentially an emulator. The main advantage is that the CPU of the guest does not have to be the same as the CPU of the host. Although, dynamic binary translators (DBT) are gaining popularity and offering a promising future in the modern virtual executive environments, the requirements of DBTs’ processing and memory resources have...

Author(s):   Yindong Yang and  Erzhou Zhu    

Friction stir spot welding parameters for polypropylene sheets

February 2012

  The friction stir spot welding (FSSW) method has four welding parameters: the welding tool rotational speed, tool plunge rate, tool plunge depth, the dwell time and tool retract delay. The effects of these welding parameters on joint formation and weld strength of polypropylene friction stir spot of welds were investigated. The effects of welding parameters on welding joint formation were determined by...

Author(s):   Memduh Kurtulmus    

Influence of different surface treatments on computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) zirconia frameworks

February 2012

  To evaluate the effect of grinding and sandblasting on the microstructure and flexural strength of partially sintered yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP) ceramic, 60 bars from each material were randomly divided into four groups of fifteen. For each group, a different surface treatment was applied: grinding, sandblasting and grinding + sandblasting, and a control...

Author(s):   Zhao Yongqi, Jiang Li, Zhang Jingchao, Liao Yunmao, Lu Junjun and Li Wei    

Minimizing the loss probability in GI/M/3/0 queueing system with ordered entry

February 2012

  This study analyzed the queueing model with finite capacity, heterogeneous servers and ordered entry using the method of semi-Markov process. In this system, the customer, who arrives in the system, enters the server with the lowest index among the free servers. If all servers are busy, he leaves the system without receiving any service. Such customers are termed ‘lost customers’. The...

Author(s):   H. Okan Isguder and C. Cengiz Celikoglu    

Length-weight and length-length relationships of Aphanius dispar dispar (Rüppell, 1829) in Dalaki river, Bushehr, in south of Iran

February 2012

  Length-weight and length-length relationships were derived for Aphanius dispar dispar in Dalaki river (in south of Iran). Sampling was done between January to August of 2011 using scoop net. The b value in the length-weight relationship did not differ significantly between males and females (t-test, P>0.05) and this value was significantly higher than 3 (P<0.05). The relationship between total and...

Author(s):   Mehdi Bibak, Seyed Abbas hosseini, Majid Koohani and Moslem Daliri    

Random-valued impulse noise reduction in digital image using efficient nonparametric switching median filter

February 2012

Visual information plays an important role in modern applications as the usage of multimedia becomes more widespread from day to day. However, impulse noise is ubiquitous in real life and often distorts an image. This paper presents a new noise-filtering algorithm called efficient nonparametric switching median (ENPSM) filter, which is capable of reducing the effect of low level random-valued impulse noise up to 30% of...

Author(s):   Mohd Helmi Suid and Nor Ashidi Mat Isa    

Development of a prototype hybrid-grid-based computing framework for accessing bioinformatics databases and resources

February 2012

  Bioinformatics has already entered into its post genomic era, where research has advanced from data collection to data analysis using advanced computational and analytical tools. Due to current high demands on bioinformatics data, the various shortcomings in the computing infrastructure associated with the handling and processing of such biological data has constituted a great challenge. In this paper, effort...

Author(s):   Oluwagbemi, Olugbenga Oluseun      

Survey on different factors influencing small-scale milking practices in a peri-urban area

February 2012

  Managerial and financial abilities are amongst factors that contribute to profitability and survivability of small-scale farmers. Some rural and peri-urban areas have not adapted up to date milking techniques and hand milking is still the preferred method, especially for families that own one to six cows. Efficient milking techniques and impeccable hygiene standards are essential and the aim of the study was...

Author(s):   Jan Frederick Rykers Lues, Angeline Jacoby, Hanli De Beer, Elizabeth Kathie Jansen and Karabo Shale    

A comparative study on conventional push-over analysis method and incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) approach

February 2012

  The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the load-displacement capacity of steel moment-resisting frame structures using the conventional non-linear static analysis method and incremental dynamic analysis approach. Emphasis was put on the influence of different lateral load patterns on the plastic hinge of structural components and also on the seismic behavior of the structures which is influenced by...

Author(s):   Navideh Mahdavi, Hamid Reza Ahmadi and Hamed Mahdavi    

Use of diatomite in the production of lightweight building elements with cement as binder

February 2012

  Diatomite is currently being used as raw material in various industrial sectors worldwide and is also in use in the construction industry, aimed at improving characteristics of concrete and cement, and in producing heat-insulating bricks, using various binders. In this study, usage of cement as a binder, in producing diatomite-based lightweight building elements, was investigated. Diatomite rocks...

Author(s):   Mehmedi Vehbi GÖKÇE and Ä°lhan KOÇ    

Effect of longitudinal stress levels on sliding wear

February 2012

  In this study, sliding wear on specimen surfaces subjected to tensile loads was investigated. Specimens were loaded with four tensile loads that correspond to 0, 20, 40 and 60% of the specimens’ yield strength value, and then the resulting variations of wear rate with respect to sliding distance were investigated. In addition, a constant dead load of 60 N was exerted on the specimens and two...

Author(s):     H. Imrek, V. Firat and M. Bagci    

Synthesis and characterization of grafted acrylonitrile on polystyrene modified with activated carbon using gamma-irradiation

February 2012

  Acrylonitrile was successfully grafted on polystyrene modified with activated carbon using gamma-irradiation technique. This process was carried out modified at various gamma dose (0.2 to 1.5 Mrad). The new grafted polymer (GP) was characterized and its properties were investigated. In this study, it was found that 2 g of polystyrene, 90% (w/w) acrylonitrile monomer, 2% (w/w) ferrous...

Author(s):   Muhammed Mizher Radhi, Wee Tee Tan, Mohamad Zaki B. Ab Rahmanand Anuar Bin Kassim    

Performance improvement of SAC-OCDMA system using modified double weight (MDW) code for optical access network

February 2012

  In this paper, we have extensively analyzed the SAC-OCDMA system performance using Modified Double Weight (MDW) code with NAND detection technique as newly developed by the authors. In theoretical analysis, various noises and Multiple-Access Interference (MAI) effect were taken into account. The system performance was characterized by the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the Bit-Error-Rate (BER). The analysis...

Author(s):   N. Ahmed, S. A. Aljunid, H. A. Fadil, R. B. Ahmad, M. A. Rashid    

Effect of water absorption on the wear behavior of sol-gel processed epoxy/silica hybrids

February 2012

  The aim of this study is to investigate the wear behavior of epoxy-silica hybrids. These hybrids were obtained through the addition of sol-gel prepared silica nanoparticles to epoxy resin. In this study, the effect of nanosilica content on the mechanical properties and wear behavior of epoxy-silica hybrid materials was investigated. Tensile strength, impact strength, hardness, water absorption and wear tests...

Author(s):   Mustafa CAKIR, Ilyas KARTAL, Halil DEMIRER and Ramazan SAMUR    

Pareto analysis of on-site productivity constraints and improvement techniques in construction industry

February 2012

  Productivity represents efficient and effective utilisation of scarce resources to achieve set objectives. Based on Pareto principle, this study aims to identify the nature of and improvement measures for the 20% of the factors causing 80% of the on-site productivity problems in the New Zealand construction industry. Qualitative data collected using pilot interviews formed the basis for questionnaire surveys...

Author(s):   Serdar Durdyev and Syuhaida Ismail  

Assessment of the vitality of the newborn: An overview

February 2012

  Four million newborns die in the world every year, and reports indicate that 98% of those deaths occur in developing countries. The infant mortality rate in children under 5 years of age in Mexico has decreased progressively, in contrast to the neonatal mortality rate, where the reduction was not significant. For this reason, it is necessary and important to have resources that make it possible to assess,...

Author(s):   D. Mota-Rojas, D. Villanueva-García, R. Hernández-González,  P. Roldan-Santiago, R. Martínez-Rodríguez, P. Mora-Medina, B. González-Meneses, M. Sánchez-Hernández and M. E. Trujillo-Ortega    

The effect of various chemical activators on pozzolanic reactivity: A review

February 2012

  Pozzolans are being extensively used as a partial cement replacement in the production of Portland cement concrete. The advantages of using pozzolans are lower costs and better durability, however it requires longer setting time and the strength development at the initial age is slower. Different methods have been developed to overcome these disadvantages and to enhance the reactivity of natural pozzolans....

Author(s): A. Abdullah, M. S Jaafar, Y. H Taufiq-Yap, A. Alhozaimy and A. Al-Negheimish and J. Noorzaei,

Sustainability and water transmission system in the Bagh-Shahr of Isfahan

February 2012

  In this paper, firstly, we seek to explain the urbanization and sustainability principles in the Isfahan and compare them, present overlaps of the sustainable designing principles and the urbanization principles. However, it describes the role of the natural and garden-building elements based on the historical references in the Isfahan and the ways to change a city located in a hot and dry climate to a...

Author(s):   Atefeh Dehghan Touran-Poshti, Abbas Ali Tayefi Nasrabadi and Mohammad Naghizadeh    

Sustainability and water transmission system in the Bagh-Shahr of Isfahan

February 2012

  In this paper, firstly, we seek to explain the urbanization and sustainability principles in the Isfahan and compare them, present overlaps of the sustainable designing principles and the urbanization principles. However, it describes the role of the natural and garden-building elements based on the historical references in the Isfahan and the ways to change a city located in a hot and dry climate to a...

Author(s):   Atefeh Dehghan Touran-Poshti, Abbas Ali Tayefi Nasrabadi and Mohammad Naghizadeh    

Effect of network hierarchy in a typical campus area network (CAN) of a university

February 2012

  This paper presents the results of a practical implementation of the hierarchical network design. The aim of this paper is to briefly show the effect of hierarchy in a campus network by taking the case study of a University network that has no hierarchy implemented. We simulated the original network and subjected the network to run for a period of 30 min with all the deployed services fully running to obtain...

Author(s):     S. Zubair , Y. A. Adediran , S. Misra , B. A. Salihu , H. T. Abdulazeez and A. Suleiman     

Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept

February 2012

  The seismic force on structure causes instability and could overturn or create unacceptable differential settlement. This paper presents and discusses experimental, theoretical and numerical methods for the study and evaluation of interaction between sandy saturated subsoil and embankment in presence of confined sandy dense column. It is very important predicting structure differential settlement due to...

Author(s):   Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept    

An analysis of super-linear speedup for master-slave model

February 2012

  Recently, large-scale computations have been used in many real application areas. At the same time, there exists more parallel computing technique on cluster in order to meet these demands. In this paper, a speedup analysis of Master-Slave application on heterogeneous cluster is investigated. A task allocation model is set up and its theoretical analysis of execution time is developed. A more accurate upper...

Author(s):   Wu Weining, Sihon Crutcher and Xu Runzhang    

Antioxidant activities of Solenostemon monostachyus leaf extract using in vitro methods

February 2012

  Solenostemon monostachyus is an important herb that is native to West and Central Africa. The leaves have been traditionally used for various medicinal purposes however the scientific basis for these effects is scarce. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro antioxidant and free radical scavenging abilities of S. monostachyus extract by assessing its hydrogen peroxide...

Author(s):   Tebekeme Okoko and Diepreye Ere    

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