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Table of Content: 13 June 2011; 10(26)

June 2011

Environmental impact quantification and correlation between site location and contents and structure of Tansy

The aim of this work was to quantify the most significant impact from the polluted environment and to review the correlation between pollution indicators and the content and structures of Tanacetum vulgare L. (Tansy). Heavy metals as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel are considered as pollution indicators. The micro and macro elements concentration of S, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Si, Al and Mn were...

Author(s): Svetlana Stevović, Nina Devrnja and Dušica Ćalić-Dragosavac        

June 2011

Parentage assignment of progeny in mixed milt fertilization of Caspian brown trout Salmo trutta caspius using microsatellite DNA markers: Implications for conservation

Parentage of a stock of mixed milt produced progeny in current artificial breeding protocol of endangered Caspian brown trout, Salmo trutta caspius, was determinedusing three microsatellite loci chosen after a primary analysis of genetic diversity at nine microsatellite loci in the eight used breeder individuals. Overall, 98.8% of progeny were assigned to their parents using Family Assignment...

Author(s): Iman Sourinejad, Mohammad R. Kalbassi, Ania Pino-Querido, Manuel Vera, Carmen Bouza and Paulino Martinez            

June 2011

A quantitative trait locus for the number of days from sowing to seedling emergence in maize

Quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping provides useful information for breeding programs since it allows the estimation of genomic locations and genetic effects of chromosomal regions related to the expression of quantitative traits. The number of days from sowing to seedling emergence (NDSSE) is an important agronomic trait in a maize (Zea mays L.) breeding project which is related to yield. To determine its...

Author(s): Zu-Ping Zheng, Xiao-Hong Liu, Yu-Bi Huang, Xun Wu, Chuan He and Zhong Li            

June 2011

Evaluation of loop mediated isothermal amplification for diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in clinical samples

Tuberculosis (TB) remains an important global public health problem. The lack of rapid and accurate diagnostic testing is an important impediment to global tuberculosis control. Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a rapid method for nucleic acid amplification. In this study, we assessed the performance of an in-house LAMP assay for the detection of tuberculosis. Six oligonucleotide primers...

Author(s): Leila Kohan, Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny, Mohammad Reza Razavi,Kazem Parivar, Elham Moslemi and Jim Werngren        

June 2011

Foot morphology of Turkish football players according to foot preference

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Foot morphology and foot preference are important factors in football player’s performance. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate the foot morphology of elite football players with different foot preferences. 407 male football players participated in this study. 328 of them preferred their right foot, while 79 of them preferred the left one. Eleven...

Author(s): Faruk Yamaner, Kursat Karacabey, Yasemin Kavlak and Tarik Sevindi      

June 2011

Analysis of two single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) located in exon 1 of kappa-casein gene (CSN3) in Martina Franca donkey breed

The aim of this study is to assess genetic polymorphism at two loci in the exon 1 of the kappa-casein gene (CSN3) in Martina Franca donkey breed by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis. Martina Franca donkey was derived from the Catalan donkey brought to Apulia at the time of the Spanish rule. This donkey is tall and well built and has good...

Author(s): Maria Selvaggi and Cataldo Dario        

June 2011

Physiology and productivity of rice crop influenced by drought stress induced at different developmental stages

Rice is sensitive to moisture stress and in view of the water scarcity in the coming years, it is imperative to evaluate the performance of rice cultivar under moisture deficit. The present study aimed to evaluate the physiological responses of two rice cultivars under drought stress induced at panicle initiation and soft dough stages. The seeds of BAS-385 and KS-282 were soaked in ABA (10-6 M) prior to sowing....

Author(s): Abid Majeed, Muhammad Salim, Asghari Bano, Muhammad Asim and Muhammad Hadees            

June 2011

Factors that influence the yield and viability of protoplasts from Carica papaya L.

The effects of four main factors (the concentration of cellulase R-10, macerozyme R-10 and D-mannitol, and duration of enzyme incubation) determining yield and viability of protoplasts isolation were investigated using Taguchi experimental design to optimize protoplasts isolation conditions from the leaves of Carica papaya L. seedlings. The results showed that the concentration of cellulase R-10 and...

Author(s): Jianbo Zhang#, Wentao Shen#, Pu Yan, Xiaoying Li and Peng Zhou              

June 2011

Effect of seed size and pre-treatment methods of Bauhinia thonningii Schum. on germination and seedling growth

Bauhinia thonningii Schum. a multipurpose tree species found in the savanna wood lands is a priority tree species for conservation in Malawi. The different plant parts are used in traditional medicine to treat different ailments. However, the seeds are dormant and the tree species remain undomesticated. A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of pre-sowing seed treatment and seed size on germination...

Author(s): Weston F. Mwase and Thokozile Mvula        

June 2011

Mycoremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)-contaminated oil-based drill-cuttings

Spent white-rot fungi (Pleurotus ostreatus) substrate has been used to biotreat Nigerian oil-based drill cuttings containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) under laboratory conditions. The Latin square (LS) experimental design was adopted in which four options of different treatment levels were tested in 10 L plastic reactors containing fixed masses of the drill cuttings and fresh top-soil inoculated...

Author(s): Reuben N. Okparanma, Josiah M. Ayotamuno, Davidson D. Davis and Mary Allagoa        

June 2011

Assessment of heavy metal content in soil and grasslands in national park of the lake plateau of the N. P. “Durmitor” Montenegro

Investigations were conducted in the N.P. Durmitor area of Montenegro where anthropogenic activities are negatively impacting forests and grasslands. According to meteorological data, this area has been polluted with heavy metals via aero deposition. The aim of this paper was to present an assessment which describes the content of heavy metals in the top soil layer (0 to 20 cm) and the corresponding vegetation cover....

Author(s): Kadovic Ratko, Belanovic Snežana, Obratov-Petkovic Dragica, Bjedov Ivana and Dragovic Nada        

June 2011

Research on the esterification property of esterase produced by Monascus sp.

Esterification reaction by Monascus was produced with a mixed culture of different strains in which Monascus play a major role with higher activity and good specificity. The strain Q-306 was identified in the study as Monascus sp. with high esterification power usage and was screened from Daqu and Zhaopei in China. The esterification characteristic research showed the strain’s...

Author(s): MaoBin Chen, Hong Liu, Da Zhen and Shangling Fang        

June 2011

Optimization of cultural conditions for protease production by Bacillus subtilis EFRL 01

Molasses was used as a sole carbon source for the protease production fromBacillus subtilis EFRL 01 in batch wise submerged condition. The bacterial culture was grown on mineral medium and maximum production was noted after 8 h of incubation. The effect of different variable such as carbon sources (0.5 and 1.0%), nitrogen sources (0.75), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, zinc chloride (0.5 - 3.0%), pH (3 - 12)...

Author(s): A.Sattar Qureshi, M. Aqeel Bhutto, Imrana Khushk and M.Umar Dahot        

June 2011

High temperature effects on flavones accumulation and antioxidant system in Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi cells

Scutellaria baicalensis is a traditional Chinese medicinal plant that has long been grown in Hubei Province. However, increasing average annual temperatures in the region have made plants unsuitable for medicinal use. Two flavones, baicalin and baicalein, are the major active ingredients of S. baicalensis. We demonstrated that protracted heat treatment inhibited the accumulation of baicalin and baicalein as...

Author(s): Yuan Yuan#, Yunjun Liu#, Yujian Luo, Luqi Huang, Shunqin Chen, Zhaochun Yang and Shuangshuang Qin          

June 2011

Change in antioxidant and lignifying enzyme activities in rubbing tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) internodes

In tomato plant, rubbing applied to a young internode inhibits elongation of the rubbed internode and its neighbouring one. These morphological changes were correlated with an increase in lignification enzyme activities, phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) and peroxidases (POD), 24 h after rubbing of the forth internode. Furthermore, a decrease in indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) content was detected in the rubbed internode and...

Author(s): Issam Saidi, Wahbi Djebali Selima Naija, Sadok Bouzid and Saida Ammar      

June 2011

Estimation of biochemical variables using quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO)-trained radius basis function neural network: A case study of fermentation process of L-glutamic acid

Due to the difficulties in the measurement of biochemical variables in fermentation process, soft-sensing model based on radius basis function neural network had been established for estimating the variables. To generate a more efficient neural network estimator, we employed the previously proposed quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO) algorithm for neural network training. The experiment results of...

Author(s): Zhiling Liao and Congli Mei        

June 2011

Approaches toward the development of DNA vaccine for influenza virus

The main goals of this investigation were to prepare a viral DNA vaccine to help stimulate the immune system of poultry and to increase the efficiency of this vaccine. To accomplish this work, a strain of H5N1 circulating in Egypt was confirmed using rapid diagnostic methods and also, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes. The virus was propagated in MDCK...

Author(s): T. A. F. Bouback and N. A. Redwan        

June 2011

The effect of CoQ10 and vitamin E on serum total sialic acid, lipid-bound sialic acid, some trace elements and minerals in rats induced with doxorubicin

This study was designed to evaluate the effect of CoQ10 and vitamin E on serum total sialic acid (TSA), lipid bound sialic acid (LSA) and some elements in rat administered doxorubicin (DXR). Cu levels were increased in the group treated with DXR + vitamin E in comparison with DXR (p<0.05) and CoQ10 groups (p = 0.001). Furthermore, copper levels were increased in the group treated with DXR + CoQ10 in...

Author(s): Gökhan Oto, Suat Ekin, Semih YaÅŸar, Hülya Özdemir and Fatmagül Yur      

June 2011

The effect of Aloe vera extract on humoral and cellular immune response in rabbit

  Some plant polysaccharides are well known to possess immunostimulatory effects.Aloe vera possesses confirmed curative or healing actions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the administration of A. vera plant extract on cellular and humoral immune response in rabbits. 20 healthy male New Zealand white rabbits were randomly divided into five treatment...

Author(s): Ghasem Vahedi, Mehdi Taghavi, Amin Kheirollahzade Maleki and Reza Habibian        

June 2011

Erythrocyte potassium and glutathione polymorphism determination in Saanen x Malta crossbred goats

This research is aimed at determining the erythrocyte potassium and glutathione polymorphisms and also to identify the relationship among the various blood parameters in Saanen x Malta crossbred goat raised in Turkey. The allele gene frequencies of KH and KL associated with the potassium concentration were calculated as 0.94 and 0.06, respectively. The differences between the mean values of low...

Author(s): Eser Kemal Gurcan, Ozden Cobanoglu and Merve Kose      

June 2011

Population genetic structure and gene flow of Forsythia suspensa (Oleaceae) in Henan revealed by nuclear and chloroplast DNA

Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl, is a climbing plant belonging to Oleaceae, which is widely distributed in China, North and South Korea and Japan. In this study, the genetic diversity of F. suspensa was analyzed using two noncoding chloroplast DNA regions (trnL-F and psbA-trnH) and nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (nrITS) with 60 individuals of Henan Province. A survey of nrDNA and...

Author(s): Yong Li, Yonghua Li, Pan Yang and Songlin He