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Views of pre-service teachers following teaching experience on use of dynamic geometry software

December 2017

The study aims to determine the views of final-year pre-service mathematics teachers towards their experience of the use of dynamic geometry software in teaching, following the implementation processes that they carried out when using this software in a real classroom environment. The study was designed as a case study, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study was conducted with four pre-service...

Author(s): Kardelen Günes and Menekse Seden Tapan-Broutin

Investigating female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport

December 2017

The purpose of this study was to investigate female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport in relation to the variables of grade level, the state of having done sport in the past, the reason for not doing sport in the past, the state of doing sport regularly, the level of interest in sport and the existence of a family member doing sport. Participants included 383 pre-service preschool teachers...

Author(s): Osman Dalaman

Assessment of in-service training activities for junior high mathematics teachers

December 2017

The current education system aimed to train active deliberative individuals who learn to learn with the adoption of the constructivist educational approach. Based on this objective, there have been significant changes in the roles of teachers. To assist the development of teachers, the Ministry of Education organizes several in-service training activities every year. The present study aimed to assess an in-service...

Author(s): Eyup Izci and Özlem GöktaÅŸ

Evaluation of teacher candidates writing skills

December 2017

In this study, 200 volunteer students who were in Faculty of Education printed free essay compositions and the compositions were evaluated by descriptive statistics and content analysis. Content analysis is to interpret similar data within specific contexts and themes. The students were free to choose their own writing topic. The reason for this is the possibility that the person writing in freelance writing is feeling...

Author(s): Bilge BAÄžCI AYRANCI and Filiz METE

Teachers’ attitudes towards liquid crystal display (LCD) panel interactive board applications

December 2017

This study determined the viewpoints of teachers from different branches on using the interactive boards placed in classrooms in high schools, which are expected to replace the classical boards in the context of FATIH Project by the Ministry of National Education. Single Review Model was used in the present study where 21 teachers participated from different branches of high schools and the installation of interactive...

Author(s): Eyup Ä°ZCÄ° and Volkan DARMAZ

Self-determined motivation, achievement goals and anxiety of economic and business students in Indonesia

December 2017

Anxiety is a natural thing and can happen to everyone; it is a reaction to the inability to overcome problems or lack of security. However, excessive anxiety can impede one's function in life. Anxiety experienced by students can also hinder them in performing better. Setting goals that are difficult to achieve can cause students to experience anxiety or fear of not being able to achieve them. This study aims to...

Author(s): Dorothea Wahyu Ariani

The aims and learning attainments of secondary and high school students attending science festivals: A case study

December 2017

This study was conducted to determine the aims and learning attainments of secondary school and high school students participating in science festivals. A case study approach which is one of the qualitative research methods was used in the research. This study was carried out in the science festival held in Elazığ, Turkey. The sampling consists of 39 students; 19 secondary school students and 20 high school students...

Author(s): Gonca KEÇECÄ°

A study on the reduction of the depression level and improvement of the psychological adjustment level of university students through a counseling programme, using Beck's theories of depression

December 2017

This study aims to investigate the reduction of university students' depression level as well as improvement of their psychological adjustment level through a counseling programme, using Beck's Theories of depression. The sample of this study was randomly selected, and categorized into two groups: experimental and control groups. The former consists of 15 students, who were counseled in a session per week, while...

Author(s): Ibraheem Malii and Basma Alshareef

Spanning professional and academic: The changing identity of professional administrators and managers in Hong Kong’s higher education context

December 2017

This paper builds on Whitchurch’s notion of the ‘blended professional’ which aims to examine how mixed professional activity affects professional administrators and managers’ identity disposition in universities in Hong Kong. In response to complex missions and demands of contemporary higher education globally, diverse projected-oriented professional managers have emerged in universities and are...

Author(s): Cheng Tak-lai

Disciplinary lenses model: A new approach to collegiate-level general education

December 2017

This work aims to study and promote a motivational model, Collegiate-level General Education that enhances students’ motivation to have self-fulfillment and inherent desire to acquire diverse knowledge. In this way, students would not see Collegiate-level General Education as an obstacle to their undergraduate education, but as a great and priceless opportunity for them to be generalist lifelong learners. The...

Author(s): Mohammad Makhmaltchi, Seyed Mahdi Sajjadi, Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast and Hashem Fardanesh

Evaluation of use of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations in mathematics education

December 2017

This study investigates opinions of Grade 12 students about the use of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations in mathematics lessons. It explores the ways of making mathematics easier and more understandable for students by demonstrating whether or not GIF animations that emerged from the integration of technology into mathematics education appeal to students both visually and educationally, and how mathematics...

Author(s): Esra Altintas, Åžukru Iigun and Soner Kucuk

Emotional intelligence and self-esteem as predictors of teacher self-efficacy

November 2017

Teacher self-efficacy is related to teachers or pre-service teachers feeling competent in their profession. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy perceptions and their emotional intelligence and self-esteem. The study group of the current research comprised a total of 212 pre-service teachers of whom 141 are females (66.5%) and 71 are males (33.5%)...

Author(s): Harun Åžahin

A comparison of pre-service, in-service and formation program for teachers’ perceptions of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in English language teaching (ELT)

November 2017

In view of the rapid advancement of technology, technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) has been extensively studied. However, research on technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in teaching English appear to be scarce and addressed either pre-service or in-service teachers, but not their comparison. Additionally, although teacher-certificate programs are employed in many countries, none of the...

Author(s): Yıldız Turgut

Economics of quality education and paths leading into and out of quality education: Evidence from Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

November 2017

The difference in economic development among nations entirely emanates from difference in human capital development as it is the priority pathway out of poverty, diverse socio-economic and environmental crises. Although, huge investment in human capital development has long been made, mere investment will never lead to quality labor force unless paths for quality education are well substantiated. This study identifies...

Author(s): Tsegaye Molla

Examining the behavior and thinking levels of secondary school students (6th-8th GRADES) towards the environment according to gender

November 2017

The aim of this study is to examine the behavior and thinking levels of secondary school students towards the environment according to grade and gender. Relational screening model was used for the study. The sample includes a total of 958 (512 females and 446 males) secondary school students. Of the participants, 261 (27.2%) are in 6th grade, 461 (48.1%) are in 7th grade, and 236 (24.6%) are in 8th grade. The sample was...

Author(s): Nazmi Durkan

Effectiveness of constructivist approach on academic achievement in science at secondary level

November 2017

The present study investigated the effectiveness of constructivist approach on academic achievement in science at secondary level using pre-test, post-test, experimental and control group design, with 58 samples grouped as experimental group (29) and control group (29) on the basis of matching by intelligence test. The investigators conducted this experiment over three weeks by using both traditional and constructivist...

Author(s): Samaresh Adak

The use of Orff-based music activities for educational and therapeutic purposes with disadvantaged group of Romani children

November 2017

"Romani people" are a disadvantaged group of people due to their socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. This situation makes them poor and thus cannot afford education. As Romani people have the tendency to love music, it is considered that music activities may encourage their children who generally have negative attitudes towards school to attend school systematically. Therefore, this work aims to...

Author(s): Bilgehan Eren and Gülnihal Gül

The effect of the pedagogical Formation Education process in Turkey on self-efficacy beliefs of students in teaching

November 2017

In light of the recent ongoing debates in Turkey, the Formation Education, which is provided to students who graduated from faculties other than Educational Faculties, targets to make graduate students acquire the requirements and efficacy criteria of the teaching profession, which are defined in the Turkish National Education Basic Law 1739, Item 32? However, there have been a great deal of serious debates on several...

Author(s): Hasan AYDEMÄ°R

Relationship level of individual value perceptions and competence beliefs of classroom teachers

November 2017

The main aim of this study is to reveal classroom teachers’ personal value perceptions and the level of their efficiencies. The quantitative research method was used in the research. The target population of the research consisted of 335 classroom teachers in Kars. Multi stage sampling model was selected in order to determine the sampling in the research. First, Kars City Center and its boroughs were accepted as a...

Author(s): YaÅŸar Kop, Murat TaÅŸdan and Aytekin AlibeyoÄŸlu

Teacher perceptions of professional role and innovative teaching at elementary schools in Taiwan

November 2017

The purpose of the study is to explore the association between primary school teachers’ perceptions of professional role and their innovative teaching in Central Taiwan. Quantitative research methods were employed, and data were collected from 554 Central Taiwanese teachers. The results of the present study indicated that elementary school teachers have highly perceived professional services and professional...

Author(s): Chih-Lun Hung and Feng-Chin Li

Teaching students with intellectual disabilities: Constructivism or behaviorism?

November 2017

Many teaching strategies have been postulated over the past years by various scholars in an effort to enhance the education system among students with intellectual disabilities. There is much debate on the application of constructivist and behaviorist perspectives for teaching students with intellectual disabilities as addressed in this paper. Many scholars have advocated for exclusivity with regards to the use of the...

Author(s): Faris Algahtani

Teacher opinions on Ministry of National Education 2002, 2006, and 2013 preschool education curricula in Turkey

October 2017

This study was aimed to make a historical review by collecting and comparing teachers’ opinions on target-behaviors/learning-objectives outcomes, content, plans, activities, practices and assessment of the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), Turkey 2002, 2006, and 2013 preschool education curricula (PEC) in six categories. The sample group of the study was selected by easily accessible technique from eight...

Author(s): Mine Canan Durmusoglu

Effects of the types of error, proficiency level of the learners and nature of the recasts on the uptake of learners

October 2017

This current study examined the effects of the type of errors learners make (that is, phonological, lexical and grammar), proficiency level of the learners (that is, A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1) and nature of the recasts (that is, long and short) on the uptake of the learners. The data of this study came from the video-recordings of A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1-level of Turkish as a Second Language (TSL) classes. 60-h data have been...

Author(s): Dogan Yuksel, Banu Inan-Karagul and Dilek Fidan

Teachers’ attitude towards implementation of learner-centered methodology in science education in Kenya

October 2017

This study aims to evaluate teachers’ attitude towards implementation of learner-centered methodology in science education in Kenya. The study used a survey design methodology, adopting the purposive, stratified random and simple random sampling procedures and hypothesised that there was no significant relationship between the head teachers’ attitudes, the teachers’ attitudes and the level of...

Author(s): Caroline Ndirangu

The relationship between principals’ cultural intelligence levels and their cultural leadership behaviors

October 2017

This study aimed to identify school administrators’ views on school administrators’ cultural intelligence and cultural leadership behaviors. The study employed relational screening model, a descriptive research method, since it set out to determine the existing situation. “Cultural Intelligence Scale” and “Cultural Leadership Scale” were used in the study as data collection tools....

Author(s): Süleyman Göksoy

The effectiveness of teacher work between permanent and non-permanent teachers on the implementation of school-based management in Muhammadiyah Metro elementary school

October 2017

The study aims to obtain empirical evidence of the differences in the effectiveness of work on several aspects, including preparing and planning learning activities, the implementation of public administration, responsibility, and task. The study was carried out between the two groups, which were permanent and nonpermanent teachers in Muhamamdiyah Metro Elementary School. The research was conducted in Muhammadiyah Metro...

Author(s): Juhri A. M., Tri Y. H. and Agus S.

Promoting active participation of children with intellectual disabilities in social activities through citizenship education in disability centers in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

October 2017

This study evaluates the positive impact of citizenship education in students with an intellectual disability in disability centers in Saudi Arabia. The understanding of citizenship rights is widely perceived to be helpful for the successful integration of disabled students in a diverse society. A qualitative close-ended questionnaire was used as a data collection tool to evaluate the citizenship knowledge of...

Author(s): Mohammed Ali Alkahtani and Hanadi Hussain Al-Qahtani

Exploring the opinions about the concepts of “formula” and “rule” in mathematics

October 2017

The purpose of this study is to draw attention to the concepts of “formula” and “rule” in mathematics, thereby revealing the views of pre-service teachers relating to these concepts by exploring their knowledge in, and their capacity to exemplify these concepts. The study is important in that it would reveal how pre-service teachers see the concepts of “formula” and...

Author(s): Esra AltıntaÅŸ and Åžükrü Ä°lgün

Opinions of teachers and preservice teachers of social studies on geo-literacy

October 2017

The purpose of this study is to investigate the opinions of teachers and preservice teachers of social studies on geo-literacy. The study used the qualitative research design of phenomenology to collect data. The study consisted of 20 teachers and 30 prospective teachers of social studies. The purposive sampling method of criterion sampling was taken as a basis. Descriptive analysis method was used to analyze the data...

Author(s): Hatice MEMÄ°ÅžOÄžLU

Effects of family educational background, dwelling and parenting style on students’ academic achievement: The case of secondary schools in Bahir Dar

September 2017

This study predominantly focuses on investigating the respective impacts of family educational background, dwelling background and parenting styles on students’ overall academic performance with respect to governmental secondary schools in Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia. A descriptive survey method was employed. ’A 42-item questionnaire was constructed and pilot tested. The computed reliability coefficient was...

Author(s): Melaku Anteneh Mekonnen

Value tendency differences between pre-service social studies teachers within the scope of the East and the West

September 2017

This study aims to comparatively examine the values that the students of the Department of Social Studies in Education Faculty at two universities located in the Eastern and Western parts of Turkey desire to find in people they interact with. Multiple methods, including quantitative and qualitative methods, were used in this study. The research was first shaped through content analysis method based on the qualitative...

Author(s): Ahmed Emin OsmanoÄŸlu

The effectiveness of using group story-mapping strategy to improve reading comprehension of students with learning disabilities

September 2017

The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of using group story-mapping of English as a second language (ESL) on students with learning disability while reading comprehension. The researcher focused on a specific graphic organizer in this study, called group story-mapping. This strategy required students with learning disabilities involving reading comprehension to identify the five main areas for...

Author(s): Nada Alturki

The predictive power of adult attachment patterns on interpersonal cognitive distortions of University Students

September 2017

The purpose of this study is to determine the explanatory power of the anxious and avoidant dimensions of attachment to explain the interpersonal cognitive distortions. The research was conducted on correlational pattern, one of the quantitative research models. A total of 413 volunteer undergraduates students, from Selçuk University were research samples. Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions Scale (ICDS),...

Author(s): Hatice Deveci Åžirin

Analysis of dream in Gholamhossein Sā'edi's short stories: A model for dream analysis in literary works

September 2017

Gholam Hussein Sā'edi is one of the greatest Iranian writers of short stories in the present era. Sā'edi’s stories are based on the existence of fanciful and dreamlike settings in which he attempts to establish the endings of the stories to be the direct result of the characters' psychological reaction against their dreams. The linguistic and psychological analyses of the stories show that dreams...

Author(s): Hassan Veskari, Shokrollah Pouralkhas, Ramin Moharrami and Ebrahim Ranjbar

The effect of healthcare transformatıon ın a Turkısh medıcal school

September 2017

In Turkey there are 83 medical schools and the oldest six are regarded as the best institutions. Marmara University School of Medicine (MUSM) is one of the 6 leading institutions. MUSM Hospital was delivered to Turkish Ministry of Health (TMoH) for its operational management in 2010. In this study, we aim to assess the current status and trend of productivity and attractiveness of MUSM, by comparing them to other...

Author(s): Ahmet O. Aktan and Bahadir M. Gulluoglu

Effect of pop music on students’ attitudes to music lessons

September 2017

This study aims to identify whether the use of popular music in teaching song creates a significant difference in attitudes of middle school students to music lessons. “Pretest-posttest design” from experimental models was used. The experimental and control groups consists of 8 classes of continuing education from four different middle schools in Burdur province which were selected randomly. The music lesson...

Author(s): Gökhan Özdemir and M. Can Çiftçibaşı

A study on the barriers to participation of females in science, mathematics and technology education in Imo State the way forward

September 2017

A study was carried out to ascertain the barriers to effective participation of females in surface-mount technology (SMT) in Imo State. Four purposes and four research questions guided the study. The study adopted the survey research design. The population of the study consists of all the female science students and lecturers in six tertiary institutions in Imo state. The simple random sampling technique was adopted...

Author(s): Iwu R. U. and Azoro A. V.

Mechanism for promoting motivation, confidence, and autonomy through synchronic communication sessions in virtual learning environments

September 2017

This study presents a mechanism which explains the effect of synchronous communication on students’ perception of the training process in virtual learning methodology used in a postgraduate programme at the University of Santander. We use System Dynamics to design a mechanism that integrates motivation, confidence, trust, and autonomy in students. The results suggest that this mechanism explains why teachers...

Author(s): Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia, Adriana Rocío Lizcano Dallos and Eliécer Pineda Ballesteros

Examination of test and item statistics from visual and verbal mathematics questions

September 2017

The aim of this research is to determine whether students’ test performance and approaches to test questions change based on the type of mathematics questions (visual or verbal) administered to them. This research is based on a mixed-design model. The quantitative data are gathered from 297 seventh grade students, attending seven different middle schools in Cankaya, Ankara. Of all the students who participated in...

Author(s): Cagla Alpayar and H. Deniz Gulleroglu

Student perception on group work and group assignments in classroom teaching: The case of Bule Hora university second year biology students, South Ethiopia: An action research

September 2017

Group learning has become a common practice in schools and tertiary institutions. It provides more comfortable and supportive learning environment than solitary work. It fosters critical thinking skills, develops individual accountability, increases levels of reasoning and positive interdependence, improves problem-solving strategies and internalizes content knowledge. But many factors influence the group relation, such...

Author(s): Tolessa Muleta Daba, Sorale Jilo Ejersa and Sultan Aliyi

Teachers and students’ perceptions of communicative competence in English as a foreign language in Indonesia

September 2017

This article is an attempt to formulate and design a comprehensive rationale in formulating standard of communicative competence of English for Indonesian learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The study focuses on the perceptions of teachers and students on what communicative competence means, and how they perceive each component of the communicative competence of English. This research is a quantitative...

Author(s): Hery Yufrizal

Primary school pre-service teachers' self-assessed competency level of teaching how to read in Turkey

September 2017

Learning to read is an important step for a child’s academic and social success. Meaningful and fluent reading skills are linked to children’s progress in their thinking and criticizing abilities. The knowledge and skills required for effective reading are initially taught in primary schools. The main responsibility of primary school teachers’ is to teach pupils how to read. The purpose of this study...

Author(s): Aybala Çayır

Mind frames are more important than structures: Questions of educational reform and people as the answer

August 2017

A lot of structural reforms of education system have been and are being discussed at length in the general public and among experts. Many hope this discussion will lead to progress in the form of structural measures and frequently point to Pisa as evidence in support of this hope. However, educational research beyond Pisa shows that in many cases, this hope remains just that, a hope, and that there is no causal...

Author(s): Klaus Zierer

The relationship between sportsmanship level of secondary school students and their success regarding the religious culture and knowledge of ethics course

August 2017

This study aims to exhibit how the sportsmanship level of secondary school students relates to their success regarding the religious culture and knowledge of ethics course (RCKEC). The research was made on 609 students attending public schools in Erzincan city center during 2016 to 2017 academic year. “Physical Education Course Sportspersonship Behavior Scale” (PECSBS), a form for collecting personal details...

Author(s): Yakup Koç and Ahmet Alper Tunga Karabudak

Examination of children decision making using clues during the logical reasoning process

August 2017

Logical reasoning is the process of thinking about a problem and finding the most effective solution. Children's decision-making skills are part of their cognitive development and are also indicative. The purpose of this study was to examine children's decision-making skills using clues in logical reasoning based on various variables. The study was conducted according to the relational screening model. A...

Author(s): Meryem Çelik

The evaluation of prospective teachers' attitudes towards citizenship and citizenship education

August 2017

This study aims to determine the attitudes of prospective teachers studying pedagogical formation education towards citizenship and citizenship education based on  their gender, area of specialization, ethnicity and geographical area. This study explains the global implications of the concepts of citizenship, and citizenship education. A quantitative approach using questionnaire survey was adopted for this...

Author(s): Özbek Ramazan and Susam Ezlam

Classroom teacher candidates’ perceptions of teacher self-efficacy in developing students’ reading, writing and verbal skills: Scale development study

August 2017

This work uses exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to study Verbal Skills Development Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale (VSDTS), Reading Skills Development Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale (RSDTS) and Writing Skills Development Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale (WSDTS) developed to identify classroom teacher candidates’ perceptions of teacher self-efficacy in developing students’ verbal, reading and writing skills....

Author(s): AyÅŸe Nur Kutluca Canbulat

Evaluation of the physical education and sports curriculum in Turkish schools

August 2017

This study assesses the vocational education courses given in schools of physical education and sport at Turkish universities and their use in the life of professionals. This study investigates 55 male and 25 female participants, aged 24 to 49, randomly selected from among the physical education and sport teachers in government and private schools in the cities of Edirne, Tekirdag, and Kırklareli of the Trakya region...

Author(s): Ahmet Sadan Okmen

An instructional design model with the cultivating research-based learning strategies for fostering teacher students’ creative thinking abilities

August 2017

Designing the instructional model with the innovative the Research-Based Learning Strategy Lesson Plans of the effectiveness of the processing performance and the resulting performance (E1/E2) with the IOC value determining standardized criteria of 80/80 were developed. Students’ perceptions were assessed with the 30-item Research-Based Learning Strategies (RBLS) in six scales. Students’ creative thinking...

Author(s): Khwanchai Khuana, Tanthip Khuana and Toansakul Santiboon

Secondary school teachers’ perceptions on their school’s openness to change

August 2017

Any possible difference to occur in the subsystems or dimensions of the organization or the interrelations between them is called organizational change. Organizational change means an organization’s adapting a new way of thinking or an action. In this sense, change is such a comprehensible term that includes all events and phenomena related to creativity, renovation, growth and development. The purpose of this...

Author(s): Rüyam KüçüksüleymanoÄŸlu and Cem TerzioÄŸlu

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