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Relationship between social challenges and the education of the girl-child as perceived by female academics in the tertiary institutions of Edo State, Nigeria

November 2019

The study looked at some social challenges confronting the education of the girl-child as perceived by female academics in the tertiary institutions in Edo State. To guide this study, seven research questions were raised and one hypothesis was formulated. The population was made up of all the female academics in all the tertiary institutions in Edo State, Nigeria. Three hundred and fifty females made up the sample of...

Author(s): R. I. Osarenren-Osaghae, O. S. Imhangbe and Q. O. Irabor

The influence of learning styles on academic performance among science education undergraduates at the University of Calabar

November 2019

This research work investigated the influence of learning styles on academic performance among Science Education undergraduates of the University of Calabar, Nigeria. The learning model used for this study comprised, visual, auditory, kindergarten, global analytical impulsive, reflective, individual and group models. Expo facto design was used for the study. The target population included all Science Education students...

Author(s): Cecilia Obi Nja, Cornelius-Ukpepi Beneddtte Umali, Edoho Emmanuel Asuquo, and Richard Ekonesi Orim  

The approach of learning a foreign language by watching TV series

November 2019

In this study, the process of learning Turkish as a foreign language by watching TV series was analysed. It is a qualitative based study with document analysis, case study and mixed research design. The case study is based on the analysis of data obtained from 44 citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who have learned Turkish by watching TV series. 56.81% of these people do not know Turkish, while 29.54% of them know very...

Author(s): Ulker Mehmet  

Comparison of seventh-grade Turkish and Iranian social studies textbooks in terms of value education

November 2019

One of the objectives of comparative education research is to compare within a certain period of time educational systems that have developed in similar or different environments and processes. The aim of this qualitative study is to compare the value education in Turkish and Iranian seventh-grade social studies textbooks. Data were collected using document analysis. Results show that both books underscore the values of...

Author(s): Kemal Kaya  

Evaluating endodontontic dental education by clinical errors (iatrogenic perforations) made by students in their last year of education

October 2019

The aim of this study was to evaluate the technical procedural iatrogenic errors, especially to determine the frequency of dental perforation made by undergraduate students in Sofia, Faculty of Dentistry, Bulgaria, in the school years of 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. The assessment was by examination of periapical radiographs of completed endodontically treated teeth, performed by last year dental students. A total of 748...

Author(s): Ivanka Veselinova Dimitrova, Liliya Marinova Angelova and Krasimir Mitkov Hristov

Impact of note taking during reading and during listening on comprehension

October 2019

This study aims to determine possible impact of note taking during reading and listening on Turkish Language prospective teachers’ comprehension success. Moreover in the study comprehension scores of the groups were investigated in terms of academic score and gender variables. Study was designed in causal-comparative research. The study was conducted with 72 s graders studying at the Department of Turkish Language...

Author(s): Hüseyin Özçakmak  

Poverty alleviation through teaching for thinking: A case of one teachers’ college in Masvingo Province

October 2019

There is an assumption that education is incapacitated to alleviate poverty. The objective of this study is to explore the nature and impact of education being offered at one teachers’ college in Masvingo Province. The study argues that the college is not offering education, which is instrumental for poverty alleviation. Qualitative data were generated using in depth interviews, focus group discussions and...

Author(s): Sonile Gwede  

Retracted: Analysis of the educational bulletin presented to the teachers of the basic stage in the Jordanian Ministry of Education and the future model extracted from it

October 2019

The study aimed at analyzing the educational bulletin presented to the teachers of the basic stage and the Jordanian Ministry of Education and the future model extracted from it. The study addressed bulletins issued before 2018. A classification of nine key areas was used in the analysis of the content. Results showed that the educational content distributed to multiple areas, that is, educational, knowledge, healthy,...

Author(s): Mohammad Salman Al-Khaza’leh, Mohammad Issa Al-Hourani and Bilal Ayed Al-Khaza’leh  

The opinions of participants’ about Grundtvig workshops on history and culture

September 2019

Grundtvig programme are activities aimed at providing adults with ways to improve their knowledge and skills. This study examined the opinions of adults who participated in four workshops on history and culture organized throughout Europe between 2009 and 2014 under the Grundtvig Adult Education Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. The aim of the study was to analyze the opinions of adults from different...

Author(s): AyÅŸegül Nihan Erol Åžahin  

The relationship between self-sabotage and organizational climate of schools

September 2019

This study aimed to determine the relationship between self-sabotage behaviours of school administrators and teachers and their perceptions of organizational climate in schools. In the present study, ‘correlational screening model’ which is a quantitative research method was used. A sample consisting of 1204 teachers and 166 administrators working in 74 Turkish schools was selected through stratified cluster...

Author(s): Gülsüm SERTEL and Zeynep Meral TANRIÖÄžEN

Educational system and media content in the Republic of South Africa

September 2019

In this study, the education system of the Republic of South Africa was explored. The study focused on the successes as well as problems faced by the educational system. The research questions focused on the quality of education in the country. It also explored the problems faced by students as they try to gain access to schooling at all levels of the education system. Qualitative methods were used to collect data for...

Author(s): Ulker Mehmet  

Analysis of the relation between creativity level and problem solving skills of gifted and talented students

September 2019

The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between intellect and creativity level of students with gifted, and to understand the relationship between their creativity level and creative problem solving skills. The target group of this study consists of a total of 20 primary school students between the ages 7 and 10; it is determined by the counseling and research center that the students involved in the study...

Author(s): Hasret NuhoÄŸlu and SavaÅŸ Akgül  

Forgıveness and cyberbullyıng ın Turkısh adolescents

August 2019

The quickest and easiest way to maintain the relationships is through the use of technology; however, this puts adolescents at risk of experiencing cyberbullying. The aim of this study was to investigate whether forgiveness is related to cyberbullying in high school students. This study included 348 adolescents in Turkey. The results of this study indicated a negative directional relationship between forgiveness and...

Author(s): Cagla Girgin Buyukbayraktar  

The relationships between the big five personality traits and attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help in mental health counselor candidates: Mediating effect of cognitive flexibility

August 2019

The purpose of this study was to examine the relations between the five big personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism) and attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help in counseling students along with the mediating role of cognitive flexibility. The sample of the study consisted of 189 students (140 female and 49 male) attending the counseling program at...

Author(s): Ferah Çekici

Health belief levels of individuals who do sports actively in terms of different variables

July 2019

This research was carried out in order to determine health belief levels of individuals who do sports actively in AÄŸrı Ä°brahim Çeçen University campus in terms of different variables. In the research, a method based on descriptive survey which aimed to reveal current situation, was used. A total of 120 people, of whom 60 were male and 60 were female, participated in the research. In the research,...

Author(s): Serkan Zengin and YaÅŸar Çoruh

Challenges facing information and communication technology implementation at the primary schools

July 2019

The importance of information and communication technology (ICT) in education in the 21st century cannot be overemphasized. A number of initiatives have been put in place in Ghana to ensure that information and communication technology is extensively used and taught at all levels of our education. The study utilized a descriptive survey design and employed cluster and simple random sampling technique to collect data...

Author(s): Mark Valentine Aikins and Emmanuel Arthur-Nyarko

An analysis of English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ pedagogical competence and readiness in maintaining the implementation of the 2013 curriculum

July 2019

This study tried to portray English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ pedagogical competence and readiness in maintaining the 2013 curriculum. The demands of the 2013 curriculum lead the teachers to have a good quality of teaching. It is essential to know teachers' pedagogical competence because that aspect will be piloting the implementation of the curriculum in the classroom. This study aimed to...

Author(s): Firman F, Friscilla Wulan Tersta, Cicyn Riantoni and Fellicia Ayu sekonda

Internet addiction and loneliness as predictors of internet gaming disorder in adolescents

July 2019

The purpose of this research is to present the relationship of teenagers’ internet gaming disorder (IGD) with their levels of internet addiction and loneliness, as well as to test the created model in terms of these relations. This research analyzes the predictive relationships among adolescents’ IGD, internet addiction and loneliness through the statistics program in accordance with the structural equation...

Author(s): Zeliha TraÅŸ  

Piano education in adults

July 2019

Piano education is one of the fundamental aspects of instrument training. As a polyphonic instrument, the piano, unlike other instruments, is popular with all age groups. This study examines factors of success in adult piano education and piano methods utilized in training in all aspects, including historical development. Data was generated by literature review, specialist lecturers were consulted for their opinions,...

Author(s): Mari Barsamyan

Freshmen’s anxiety in an intensive listening class: A qualitative study

June 2019

Listening skill is an ability to understand a spoken language. It is also one of the important skills that people actively use in their daily lives. For learning English language at the Faculty of Language and Arts (FLA) at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Salatiga, Indonesia, there are several listening classes. One of them is Intensive Listening class, which is often considered as one of the most difficult...

Author(s): Angellia and Listyani

The effect of drama activities on five-year-old children’s social skills

June 2019

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of drama activities on the social skills of five-year-old children. In this research, experimental design with pre-test/post-test control group was used. The sample group of the study consisted of 32 kindergarten five-year-old children in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey in 2017-2018 academic year. After a random selection, 16 children (8 girls and 8 boys), were selected as the...

Author(s): Ceylan Remziye, Gök Çolak Feride and Demir Betul

Analyzing effect of teachers' personal empowerment perceptions' to their passion for working by various factors

June 2019

The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between the elementary, middle and high school teachers’ personal empowerment perception and passion for working. During the research, opinions of 890 teachers’ chosen from different schools and branches with random sampling technique were collected from those working in Malatya province in the 2016-2017 academic year. As a data collection tool,...

Author(s): Önder ÅžANLI  

Misconceptions in ‘Shape of Molecule’: Evidence from 9th grade science students

June 2019

Students commonly develop alternative ideas about topics in science. According to constructivist view of learning, students’ alternative conceptions and misconceptions about the process of developing new knowledge should be highlighted. Remedy can be undertaken through conceptual change approach. In order to understand what factors causes 9th grade students to make mistakes in various sub concepts of shape of...

Author(s): Biswajit Behera       

The predictive power of university students’ self-leadership strategies on their self-efficacy

June 2019

This study aims to analyse correlations between the self-leadership strategies employed by university students and their self-efficacy and to determine whether or not their self-leadership and self-efficacy differ significantly on the basis of gender. The study is in the model of correlational survey and it uses random sampling method. The study was performed with the voluntary participation of undergraduate students...

Author(s): Ä°lknur Maya and Ersin Uzman    

Orthography and punctuation problem in Turkey within the context of the curricula and textbooks

June 2019

In this study, the orthography and punctuation problem was evaluated within the context of the curricula and textbooks. The data obtained from both sources were assessed by way of document reviews, and consequently, it was seen that the orthography and punctuation topics existed as learning outcomes only in the curricula for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. No learning outcomes related to orthographic or...

Author(s): Latif Beyreli   

Participating in a high school debate program and college matriculation and completion: Evidence from the Chicago Debate League

June 2019

Prior work has demonstrated that debate is associated with academic achievement in high school. Whether debate in high school is predictive of better college outcomes beyond its established relationship with promoting college readiness as indicated by the ACT is unknown. This research examines and evaluates the impact of participating in a high school debate program on college matriculation and completion. Data come...

Author(s): Daniel T. Shackelford, Scott M. Ratliff and Briana Mezuk,

Supervision on early intervision practices for teachers of the deaf

June 2019

The objective of the present study was to examine the early intervention practices of two teachers working with infants with hearing loss and the supervision provided to these teachers to improve their practices. It was designed as a qualitative case study. Data were collected with intervention session video recordings, evaluation meeting audio recordings, session plans, the reflective journals, teacher evaluation forms...

Author(s): Zerrin Turan             

Grit, growth mindset and participation in competitive policy debate: Evidence from the Chicago Debate League

May 2019

Non-cognitive skills (NCS) contribute to variation in how students respond to challenges inside the classroom and beyond. Competitive policy debate is a co-curricular activity that both encourages cooperative learning and is hypothesized to promote NCS. The goal of this pilot was to examine the relationship between debate participation and change in four NCS among high school students over the course of an academic...

Author(s): Viktoryia Alexandrovna Kalesnikava, Gregory Paul Ekey, Tomohiro M. Ko, Daniel T. Shackelford and Briana Mezuk

Elementary teachers’ perceptions of preparedness to teach English Language Learners

May 2019

With the steady increase in the English Language Learner (ELL) population in the U.S., this case study was aimed at capturing elementary teachers’ perceptions of how well their teacher preparation program was prepared to teach ELLs. This work utilized the case study design, and included five North American elementary teachers as the subjects of the research who were teaching ELLs in a small Christian Academy...

Author(s): Barbara Wissink and Suzanne Starks  

Finnish principals: Leadership training and views on distributed leadership

May 2019

This study looks at the views of Finnish comprehensive school principals on distributed leadership and presents discussion on the leadership training required by principals and looks at it in relation to the views of principals. In Finland the qualification requirements for principals are based on their experience as teachers, and studies in educational administration. In general, studies in leadership are not...

Author(s): Tapio Juhani Lahtero, Raisa Susanna Ahtiainen and Niina Lång  

Effect of piano education on the attention skills of 7-12 year old children

May 2019

This research is aimed to determine the effects of piano education on the attention skills of 7-12-year-old children. In the research, pretest-posttest control group design is used, and attention skills of both of the groups are measured before and after the experiment. Unlike the control group (n=53), the experimental group (n=46) had private piano education an hour a week for 14 weeks with a tutor, and as a result of...

Author(s): Elnara Huseynova, Hatice Onuray Egilmez and Doruk Engur  

Impact of job searches on self-control at social media

May 2019

This study aims to investigate how job search affects self-control of students using social network. This study was conducted on students studying in different departments and  within the departments of Physical Education and Sports (BESB). A total of 600 students in the 21 ± 25 age group  participated in the employment questionnaire. The statistics of the data were evaluated using Chi-square analysis...

Author(s): Aliye MENEVÅžE  

Modeling the relationships between practitioner capacity-building practices and the behavior and development of young children with disabilities and delays

May 2019

The manner in which family-centered capacity-building practices and parenting efficacy beliefs were directly and indirectly related to parent-child interactions and child behavior and development was investigated using meta-analytic structural equation modeling. The participants were 6507 caregivers of young children with identified disabilities and developmental delays in 13 studies. Results showed that...

Author(s): Carl J. Dunst, Deborah W. Hamby and Melinda Raab  

The effectiveness of an educational program in enhancing parents’ level of knowledge about normal growth indicators in the development of children and determining the indicators which delay development in children from birth to three years old

May 2019

The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of an educational program in improving the level of knowledge of parents about natural growth indicators in the development of children and determining the indicators which delay development in children from birth to three years old. The sample of the study consisted of 60 volunteers who were randomly and equally assigned to control and experimental groups. The...

Author(s): Sabah Hasan Hamdan Al-Onizat  

An investigation into the effects of anxiety sensitivity in adolescents on childhood depression and anxiety disorder

May 2019

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of anxiety sensitivity in adolescents on childhood depression and anxiety disorder. Mood disorders and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents can be given examples of important research topics in recent years. The participants of the study consist of 670 students in Erzurum city. The data were collected through anxiety sensitivity index and anxiety and...

Author(s): Ismail Seçer, Arzu Gülbahçe and Sümeyye UlaÅŸ  

An evaluation of the teachers’ classroom management problems

April 2019

This study aims to address the problems that teachers are facing in classroom management and to find solutions to these problems. This is a phenomenologically designed qualitative research study. 28 classroom teachers, who are working in the city of Malatya in 2017-2018 school year, easy to reach with the help of the convenience sampling, a purposive sampling method and who are working at different primary schools, made...

Author(s): Önder Åžanlı

Readiness of Turkish Education system for Multicultural education

April 2019

The purpose of this study is to analyze multicultural education and evaluate the Turkish education system regarding the acceptance of diversity. In this era, cultural diversity and identities are given equal importance in the world. Multiculturalism gives the opportunity for each citizen to secure life styles with equal rights, grow in a world of cultural heritage and raise children in the same world without being...

Author(s): Eshabil Erdem PAKSOY and Sabri ÇELÄ°K

The effect of enriched creative activities program supported with Aytürk technique on creativity level in music courses

April 2019

The aim of this study is to reveal a new and unique technique that can be used in music lessons and other courses and to determine the impact of the Enriched Creative Activities Program with the Aytürk Technique, which was developed by Ertürkler, on the creative thinking abilities of students. The study was designed according to a pretest-posttest experimental model with a control group. In the spring semester...

Author(s): AyÅŸen Ertürkler and Hakan BaÄŸcı  

The effect of an innovative teaching technique on the success and attitudes of sixth grade English language students

April 2019

English language teaching is an area that the Turkish Ministry of Education (MNE) tries to enhance with utmost priority. The 21st century, also known as the Information Age, is an era during which communication is mainly established in English. The main problem encountered by students while learning foreign languages is that teachers focus mostly on correcting grammar mistakes rather than improving communication skills....

Author(s): Kamil Arif Kırkıç

Pastoral education: The missing link in Uganda education system

April 2019

Pastoralism is a production system closely linked with cultural identity that relies on raising livestock on pastures. Studies indicate that over 30 million people in the Great Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda) practice pastoralism and agro-pastoralism as a major source of livelihoods. Livestock are their social, cultural, spiritual and economic assets...

Author(s): Sidonia Angom Ochieng and David Claeve Waiswa

One-hand clapping: Gender equality and its challenges in pastoralist secondary education in Afar region: A quality concern

March 2019

One way of conceptualizing educational quality is that it is a function of effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness, equality, relevance and sustainability (Barrett et al. 2006). Quality education rejects gender discrimination and social injustice. Gender equality in Ethiopia, as an anchor of quality education, has long been explained numerically. The Annual Abstracts the Ministry of Education published each year do...

Author(s): Bekalu Tadesse Moges

The use of social networks among university students

March 2019

The changes that are experienced in technology are influencing various fields as well as educational environments. From this point of view, it is seen that the tools used in educational environments as well as those used by students are diversified depending on the change in technology. Based on the characteristics of learners in the twenty-first century, it is observed that current technology takes part in...

Author(s): Can MeÅŸe and Gökçe Sancak Aydın  

Equitable access to education and development in a knowledgeable society as advocated by UNESCO

March 2019

Any vision of knowledge societies must affirm the core aspirations for peaceful and sustainable knowledge societies in a way that acknowledges the interests of all stakeholders. It is essential to recall that knowledge societies are concerned with human development, not only with technological innovation and its impacts. This report focuses the role equitable access to education play in achieving equitable knowledge...

Author(s): Chemulwo Monicah Jemeli and Ali Muhammed Fakandu

Turkish Background Families Live In Germany and Education: In Term of Families, Students, Teachers

March 2019

The aim of this research is to determine the problems, supports and suggestions for families of Turkish background living in Germany about their children’s education. It is also intended to determine opinions of Turkish background students living in Germany and Turkish background teachers working in Germany about Turkish background families’ parents’ role. Phenomenology, which is one of the qualitative...

Author(s): MenekÅŸe Eskici  

The effect of daily sight reading studies of the guitar students on sight reading and guitar performance

March 2019

This study was conducted to analyze the effects of regular sight reading studies of classical guitar students on their sight reading and their performance of classical guitar. In the research, experimental method was used with a pretest-posttest control and experimental group. The application process was carried out with 14 undergraduate students studying Music and Fine Arts Education Department from Marmara University....

Author(s): Ajda Aylin CAN  

High school students’ seismic risk perception and preparedness in Savar, Dhaka

March 2019

People in Dhaka, where disaster risk of earthquake is the most due to its high population density and rapid urbanization, are in extreme danger of earthquake. However, the study on assessment of the real scenario of residents’ perception of earthquake risk is very little. The purpose of this cross-sectional study is to assess the seismic risk perception and preparedness about earthquake among high school students...

Author(s): Mohammad Lutfur Rahman  

English teachers’ opinions on problems encountered in English language teaching in schools: The case of Karabük

March 2019

The opinions of English teachers on the problems encountered in English teaching in the schools in Karabük Province were examined in this study, by taking a variety of variables into consideration. There are 231 English teachers in state schools in Karabük. A total of 67 English teachers serving in the primary schools, secondary schools and high schools in the central districts of Karabük Province-Turkey...

Author(s): Ä°rfan TosuncuoÄŸlu  

An investigation of pre-service basic education teachers’ learning styles in terms of different variables

March 2019

Learning process varies from student to student. In a related research, it is argued that one of the basic elements for this variation is due to student’s distinct learning styles. Planning learning situations based on the knowledge of learners’ learning styles can be more effective and efficient. With the learning-teaching process designed in accordance with the learning styles of students, it is possible...

Author(s): Osman DALAMAN, Süleyman CAN and Erdil DURUKAN  

The effect of tablet use on students’ success in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) grammar classroom

March 2019

Integration of tablets in teaching English as a Second or Foreign language has been popular in recent years. However, there is limited evidence to prove the effect of tablet use on the acquisition of specific language skills. This paper aims to investigate the impact of tablet use on students’ mastery of grammar skills. In order to answer the research questions, an experimental pretest-posttest with a control...

Author(s): Ulas Kayapinar, Sarp Erkir and Nurcan Kose  

An examination of the relationship between primary school students’ environmental awareness and basic science process skills

February 2019

The aim of the research was to examine the relationship between primary school students’ environmental awareness and basic science process skills based on various variances. Within relational research model, the research was conducted with 332 grade 3 and 4 students. Primary School Environmental Awareness Scale and Basic Skills Scale were used to collect data. Demographic features were employed to determine the...

Author(s): Nihal Yıldız Yılmaz  

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